Election 2016 Alert: Religious Freedom in the Balance—Vote for America

Election 2016 Alert:

Pray for America


Religious Freedom in the Balance—Vote for America

Alert to All Americans

See Also this National security Alert on Hillary’s treasonous connections :

Hillary’s ‘surrogate daughter’ tied to terrorists, 9/11 funders

Chilling video of Huma Abedin every American voter must see


Friends, Readers, and Fellow Americans:

afa-vote-carryweight                Since the purpose of this blog is to restore Judeo-Christian values, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of voting. This election is critical to the survival of our nation.

You may not feel totally confident about voting for Donald Trump. However, for the sake of our beloved country, we must keep all this in perspective. We must remember how Obama’s policies have brought us to the brink of destruction, and a term of Hillary would get us past the point of no return, for she would appoint immoral, anti-American Supreme Court justices who will be in there for 40 years!

Beware! This is what happens when Christians don’t vote!

anti-hillary-pac-postcard Christian Values at Stake; Vote for America, or lose  Religious Freedom


Defining moments of history: Worth considering is this pastor’s thought-provoking message—

Check out this post:

Churchill was far from politically correct, but he was the man for the times.

History Facts: Trump, Churchill, and Future of America


Know your History! Beware of the Trojan Horse!


Election 2016: Religious Freedom in the Balance—Vote for America

The Don’t Trust the”Fact Checkers”—They Are Really Opinion Journalists


culture-war7-truthRead more about testimonials from Christian Leaders:

Election 2016: Christian Leader urges Evangelicals to support Trump

Faith and Freedom Coalition— Judeo-Christian Culture at stake—Vote, make a difference


Whatever his faults, Donald Trump is not a criminal and a traitor like Hillary. Trump is better, even if you have to hold your nose to vote for him!

Then, if you don’t vote for Trump, your vote will default to the corrupt Hillary, and you will be accountable for the accelerated destruction of America, God’s covenant nation. You don’t want to be responsible for that, do you?


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