Judeo-Christian Values: Censorship in America vs. Truth about Biblical Marriage

Judeo-Christian Values:

Censorship in America vs. Truth about Biblical Marriage

Suppressing truth has destructive consequences

Frank Turek

elephant-in-roomDecember 2016 – “People almost invariably arrive at their beliefs not on the basis of proof but on the basis of what they find attractive,” said Blaise Pascal, French mathematician and Christian philosopher in the 17th century.

Indeed, attraction – not reason – is the engine of the LGBTQ movement. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be riddled with contradictions such as:

▶ There are no differences between men and women, except when we demand the right to marry people of the same sex because people of the opposite sex are just too different than people of the same sex.

▶ You ought not judge me for what I do, except I can judge you for what you do. You’re an ignorant, intolerant bigot for supporting your political goals rather than mine, and for refusing to celebrate my same sex wedding.

▶ People should be tolerant, except me when I’m intolerant of you and your position.

▶ Discrimination is wrong, except when I discriminate against you. After all, I can refuse to bake a cake that’s against same sex marriage, but you can’t refuse to bake one that’s for it. I’ll sue!

PC-feelingsUnfortunately, LGBTQ apologists are not concerned with the inherent contradictions in their positions. They are not on a truth quest but a happiness quest. Truth is being suppressed, sometimes intentionally and sometimes unintentionally, because it gets in the way of what they find attractive, what they perceive will make them happy.

This is understandable. In fact, all of us are apt to suppress the truth on occasion to get what we want. Most of our problems are self-inflicted and exacerbated by our unwillingness to follow the truth where it leads.

Suppressed truth has terrifying implications because power rather than reason is the currency of influence for those unwilling to follow the truth. If you don’t think so, just begin to articulate a rational case against LGBTQ political goals. You won’t get any rationality back, just hysterical cries that you must be forcibly silenced because you are the next Hitler!

That’s what we see out of many in the LGBTQ movement – from the bullying by the misnamed Human Rights Campaign on corporate and sports America all the way to the Supreme Court, which has ignored its oath to uphold the true meaning of the Constitution.

HRC bullying is bad enough, but the illegitimate use of power by the Court is even worse. Five lawyers adopted legislative power from the bench to impose their own political views on over three hundred million Americans. Along the way, they charged opponents of their views with “animus,” i.e. prejudice, against homosexuals.

Animus? That’s not true. But even if it were, why does the Court think voter motivation has anything to do with constitutionality? Even the Court succumbs to the tendency to impugn motives and call people names when it’s short on reason. In fact, when your position isn’t true, you can distract attention from your contradictions by yelling louder and bullying all opponents, as the LGBTQ movement is doing.

PC-TruthRegardless of your political party, it’s time to stand up to the bullies with truth.

If you don’t, those with increasing power will use it someday to silence you on something you care about. Then the ultimate contradiction will be complete – your right to freedom of speech, religion, and association (guaranteed by our Constitution) will not be guaranteed for you anymore either.

This commentary is condensed from noted apologist Dr. Frank Turek’s “LGBTQ Contradictions” posted on The Stand (afa.net/the-stand), where readers can see more of Turek’s examples of the hypocrisy of the LGBTQ activist agenda.

Turek’s radio program, Cross Examined, is heard on American Family Radio Saturdays at 9-10 a.m. CT.

His informative website is crossexamined.org.


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