Christmas Movies: PTC launches family-friendly movies Christmas classics list

Christmas Movies

PTC launches family-friendly Christmas classics list

Bill Bumpas (

christmas-charlie-brown-classic-movies-listThe Parents Television Council (PTC) has compiled a list of Christmas classics – wholesome and inspiring television shows and movies that the families can enjoy together.

The television watchdog admittedly spends most of its time alerting parents to content that is detrimental to children, but things are different around Christmastime.

Dr. Christopher Gildemeister, who heads Parents Television Council‘s research operations, insists that Christmas is a perfect time to focus on some of the great content available for families. He gives two main reasons for this.

capra-wonderful-life“Number one – it’s the one time of year when there’s a bunch of good stuff you can talk about,” Gildemeister stressed. “The rest of the year – maybe once in a while – there’s a good program you can point to, but at Christmas, there’s all kinds of good stuff that’s perfectly safe for kids and positive and upbeat … and has good messages.”

According to the programming expert, the second reason is not as uplifting.

“Isn’t it sad that [only] one month out of the year, TV is safe for kids?” Gildemeister pondered. “Why can’t it be every month of the year? Why do you have to wait until Christmas and get all your good stuff then, and nobody bothers to do anything family-friendly the rest of the year?”

Classics such as A Charlie Brown Christmas, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and It’s a Wonderful Life, all made PTC’s list.

More on the list — as well as other additional options for holiday viewing – can be found on PTC’s blog.


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