New Historical Fiction: Classic Literature to share with Rising Generations

New Historical Fiction:

Classic Literature to share with Rising Generations

Mission to Rescue the Birthright


See the raw power of truth in a world of deceit.

Coming soon . . . a new novel for the whole family by C.A. Davidson. Watch for press release any day. Share this wholesome classic from generation to generation. 

Christian fiction on Cultural Heritage: A historical novel so relevant it pops like today’s news!

Orphaned by the brutal tyranny of the Soviet Empire, teen-aged Benjamin Benamoz and his twin brother flee for their lives. However, Ben soon discovers that although he is now outside the Iron Curtain, he has not escaped his old enemies.

Bent on wiping out western culture, powerful and ruthless Alger Rotcraft unleashes an army of deadly agents, led by a murderous pirate named Ramses, to rob children of their birthright and crush the minds and souls of Americans.

In a valiant attempt to confound this treacherous enemy, Ben takes up a desperate quest: to rescue and restore the ancient birthright to its sacred place in the chosen land.

The dark forces continue to advance, surpassing all boundaries of time and space. Finally, Ben’s home town remains the last stronghold of resistance against utter destruction. To give up is to perish.

As hate-driven mobs invade unsuspecting homes, schools, and churches, hijacking control of children’s minds, Ben races to alert the people to their danger. Will he wake up his community in time to protect their families, save the birthright, and preserve their liberty . . . before it’s too late?

bible1What is the birthright?

The birthright embodies special blessings which God gives to those who keep His commandments and obey His word. It is God’s plan of salvation, Biblical values, covenants, and heritage. The overall blessing of the birthright is happiness, because it is a culture of liberty, which frees us from the bondage and sorrow of sin.


The Story of the Birthright

Jacob-and-EsauIn Biblical history, it was customary for the eldest son to receive the birthright blessing, but he had to be righteous and worthy.

Rebekah, mother in Israel, had twin boys; Esau, the eldest, cared so little about the birthright that he sold it for a hot meal. Turning his back on God, he continued making immoral choices. Too late he realized that he had squandered the most blessed gift anyone could receive in this life. Rebekah, prompted by the Holy Spirit, rescued the Birthright blessing for her descendants by ensuring it was bestowed upon Jacob who, although the younger brother, had kept himself worthy of it. Jacob went on to become Israel.

Because of his righteousness, the choice covenant blessings of Abraham transcend the centuries,  preserved  for us, unto this day, if we will but choose to look to God, and obey His word.

America Sold Her Birthright to the State

In 1963 the Supreme Court ruled a ban on Bible and prayer in the schools. After the June 17, 1963 ruling the Wall Street Journal commented that atheism was now “the one belief to which the state’s power will extend its protection.”

On this day America sold her birthright and turned her back on God.

moralstandards1What have we received in return?

After that fateful day when Supreme Court judges shut God out of our schools, violent crime increased 700 percent, including riots, bombings, soaring drug abuse and the highest immorality rate in the industrialized world.

family5prayingdinnerThe simple, time-tested tradition of families eating dinner together has all but slipped away, along with the traditional family.

Today, 50 years later, the Birthright, with its Judeo-Christian values, is rapidly disappearing from our society.


A Record for Posterity

lark-rise6-illust-bookBorn in 1878, Flora Thompson lived in the English countryside before it was changed by the Industrial Revolution. Publishing her trilogy Lark Rise to Candleford in the 1930s, she was able to capture this simple but rich life before it vanished forever. (It is now a very popular TV series, so perhaps it won’t be forgotten after all.)


Birthright, upcoming historical novel for the whole family,  by C.A. Davidson, shares a similar mission: to record the Judeo-Christian culture in America before the infamous Court ruling changed our society forever . . .

rising-generation. . .and to Rescue the Birthright for the Rising Generation

It is hoped that this story, which in many ways the author has lived and seen for herself, will also serve to keep bygone days in remembrance for the rising generation, so that perhaps our cherished Biblical values won’t be forgotten, either.

For an excerpt from Birthright, please visit

Why the Bible Matters




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