Western Culture Newsletter: Judeo-Christian Values

March 2017 Western Culture Newsletter: Judeo-Christian Values

Culture Wars

Dear Friends,


culture-wars-Erase-The-CountryIn America’s glorious history, we won great wars for freedom—the Revolutionary War, World War II. And in the Cold War—a battle of the minds—America prevailed as well. But all during the World Wars and the Cold War, another conflict was seething. This was cultural Marxism, a stealth invasion of political correctness beginning in our schools, and subsequently into our government, our media, and yes, even our churches, with the goal of destroying Western Civilization.

war-in-heavenToday’s culture wars confront us with an unprecedented type of warfare which military might, though important, cannot win alone. This is a war for minds and souls—ours, and our children’s. This war began in heaven, and will continue until the 2nd Coming. It will not be won in a few months, or even years.

Long before America fought the four-year Civil War to end the abomination of slavery, William Wilberforce was waging his own war to abolish slavery in England. It was not a war with conventional weapons. It was a battle for spiritual freedom, to persuade Parliament, and the people—one soul at a time. It took him 46 years. He dedicated his entire adult life to it, but he succeeded in abolishing slavery without a physical war. (Oh, that America had been so wise.)

Because America sold her birthright of Judeo-Christian values for a mess of multiculturalism, we are now faced with a similar unending battle against lies and devilish doctrines bent on destroying Western culture, which has provided most of the world’s knowledge, progress, food, medicine, technology, quality of life, representative government, and liberty.[2]

Do What It Takes

quote-soares-stand-firm-moral-courageWhat will it take to turn this around? It will take courage, a willingness to stand for what is right, even if we stand alone.  The First Lady was  bashed for reciting the Lord’s prayer. Someone who simply posted a quote from George Washington on his Facebook page was confronted by an anti-Christian, anti-American tirade. It’s only going to get worse, so we might as well brace ourselves. To give up or give in is to perish. A friend once reminded me that to be reviled for our Christian beliefs is to wear a badge of honor.

passing-torchMaybe right living is hard. Maybe at times it is even excruciating. But the reward of knowing you’ve lived with integrity makes the sacrifice all that much more fulfilling. [3]

Of course we start with ourselves, by living Judeo-Christian values day by day.  But we cannot afford to keep this to ourselves. We must pass this birthright  on to our friends and loved ones, one soul at a time.

What matters most is what lasts longest, and our families are for eternity.[4]

bible-quote-god-for-usWhenever I feel outnumbered and alone, I remember the story of Elisha and the servant boy. The boy was frightened by the massive hosts of Assyrian troops which loomed on every side. But Elisha opened the boy’s eyes, and he saw the hosts of heaven arrayed in battle. The Lord is on our side. Never forget Who is at the helm.


So from now on, we are sharpening the focus of Epicworld Dinner Topics on what matters most— to continually define and defend Judeo-Christian values, more about Israel, our spiritual  brother in the house of Israel,  and to know our enemy, so as not to be deceived.

Joshua and his Grandpa

Joshua and his Grandpa

As Joshua Benamoz  taught us,

Battered but not beaten, Western Culture wins the day!

Stronger than ever, Western Culture’s here to stay!

Thanks for visiting. Come often, stay late.

Onward Christian Soldiers,

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birthright_cvrNow Available in digital. Print version coming soon. Thank you for your patience.

A  novel by C.A. Davidson—Christian fiction on Cultural Heritage. A historical novel so relevant it pops like today’s news! A wholesome classic to share with your children and grandchildren.

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Western Culture Center:


knightandladyMeet the memorable characters of Birthright, join the Crusaders’ Council, with our motto—

Battered but not beaten, Western Culture wins the day!

Stronger than ever, Western Culture’s here to stay!

Knowing that truth matters and ideas have consequences, come meet with us in the arena of ideas at Nobles’ Western Culture Center as we work together to restore Judeo-Christian values to their rightful place in our society.

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Judeo-Christian Values Theme Quotes

seal-of-the-united-states-originalFor I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth. ~Romans 1:16

The commandments of God are like signposts on the road of life; they keep you out of the danger zones. ~C.D.

Obedience to God is the habit of a free man. ~James Talmage

You don’t have to believe in God for Him to exist. ~Rush Limbaugh

This nation of immigrants was bound together by a spirit. Although one cannot become French or Chinese or Russian, one can become an American by embracing that spirit. Becoming a naturalized American citizen therefore meant more than passing the federal government’s screening process. It meant an  implicit and heartfelt agreement to abide not just by the nation’s laws, but by its hidden, unwritten “laws” as well—the principles that made up the invisible fabric of Western civilization. ~David Kupelian

Multiculturalism is “a philosophy of antagonism to America and the West.” ~Robert Bork

Stress Relief Tip:  What to do if people lie about you

DELIVER ME NOT OVER UNTO THE WILL OF MINE ENEMIES: for false witnesses are risen up against me, and such as breathe out cruelty. ~Psalm 27:12

covenant2In these times of moral and political upheaval, sooner or later, we may find ourselves at the receiving end of the smear—that is, when someone spreads lies about us because they don’t agree with our Judeo-Christian worldview.

We have no control over other people’s choices, or their use or abuse of their free will. Under such circumstances, what can we do?

The Psalmist offers a wise solution to this dilemma:

Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord. ~Psalm 27:14

Yes, I know this is easier said than done. If you continually stress over how to react to such attacks,  no matter how hard you try, the attackers will not believe the truth. You only become exhausted and discouraged. Then is the time to place it in the hands of the Lord, the only One whom you can trust without reservation.

Our only course is to remain “steadfast and immovable”, in keeping the commandments of God. Our covenant with Him will protect us.


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1. Let Us Educate Ourselves

constitution1Start your free Constitution 101 course today.

The U.S. Constitution is the key to securing liberty for all Americans — yet very few know exactly what it says, and what freedoms it protects. Hillsdale College is dedicating this year to educating millions of Americans about this critical document. That’s why the College is offering its most popular course, “Constitution 101” for free, when you sign up now, and receive first lesson by email. 

2. Home Education—Let’s Teach our Children!

culture-war3-reagan “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.”–Ronald Reagan

Seeing the widespread injury done in any given week, (many incidents go unreported), stay aware of important news and insights at Epicworld Dinner Topics.

Traditional Bible-believing parents may have to consider withdrawing their children from public schools to protect your family spiritually and financially from the rising tide of persecution and ruinous lawsuits by anti-Christian fascists.

judeo-christian1If it is not possible for you to home school, try to teach your children Judeo-Christian values at home. The easiest way to do this is to tell stories and discuss principles at the family dinner table. I hope these dinner topics help you with this vital effort. Just don’t give up! Our precious children are worth fighting for!

3. Study the U.S. Constitution!

It is the last remaining safeguard of our precious freedoms! A good way to do this is to study the monthly Constitution series from The 5,000 Year Leap. To access this series of posts, type US Constitution Series in this site’s search bar. Also, look for posts that refer to the Constitution in current events.

[1] Ephesians 6:12

[2] David Kupelian, World Net Daily

[3] Jody Hedlund, Newton and Polly, 324

[4] M. Russell Ballard


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