History Facts: Liberal Lies re-write American Heritage; French Election a repeat of Election 2016?

History Facts:

Liberal Lies re-write American Heritage;

Liberals Re-write History on Declaration of Independence


Danielle Allen says that this copy where the signers are not grouped by state and are just applied randomly to the document illuminates the politics of the 1780s in a flash. Yes, you see, the list of signatories is not grouped by states. That supports the notion that the Declaration’s authority rested on one united people, not a collection of states.

Let me translate. The Harvard researcher is suggesting the second copy blows to hell the whole premise of federalism and establishes an all-powerful command-and-control one unitary central governing authority. And the states, to hell with ’em, all because in this copy the signers did not group themselves by state nor are the states from which they hail mentioned.

She says, “This parchment manuscript eliminates in one stroke how the Federalists and the anti-Federalists debated the question of whether the new republic was founded on the authority of a single united, sovereign people or on the authority of 13 separate state governments.” You ever heard of the Constitution, Danielle? For crying out loud, it’s a copy. Look what they’re trying to do here. Where has this thing been, anyway? In some whaler’s cabinet over on the coasts near the white cliffs of Dover in the U.K.? Well, what are we talking about here?

Look, you have a bunch of leftists searching everywhere they can for evidence that socialism and one giant, big government everywhere is the answer. And they would love it if they could find evidence or convince you that they have found evidence that even the Founders of the United States knew of the greatness and the potential of a single all-powerful government.

And one of the ways they’re going about it is prohibiting any speech they think undermines their cause, which happens to be speech that would happen here on this show or on Fox News or in conservative magazines. We have the New York Times actually publishing an op-ed yesterday which explained this, justified this, made the case for the explicit censorship of political speech.

RUSH: This story about the Declaration today, it’s exactly why we wrote the five series Rush Revere Time-Travel Adventures with Exceptional Americans. They are history books for young people to counter this cockamamie BS students are inundated with every day, literal lies about the founding of the country.


Stop the drive to re-write history and erase Western Civilization

French Election a repeat of Election 2016?

French Election Mirrors U.S. 2016 Vote

The big difference is that Marine Le Pen is not Donald Trump. And the guy that came in number one in the runoff, Macron or whatever his name is, do you know that his wife is 25 years older than he is? He was a student at age 15 and some teacher of his, they got married. She’s 25 years older. She’s 64, he’s 39, or something like that. He’d be the youngest president, prime minister, premier, whatever they call ’em, dictator of France. I’m just joking about dictator. If he wins, he’s gonna be the youngest ever.

But the establishment in France lost. It’s kind of two anti-establishment candidates running there, Marine Le Pen and this guy. This guy edged her out by two points, 23% of the vote, she got 21. The experts are all saying it’s over then, he wins the runoff on May 7. Not so sure about this. And, by the way, Obama called this guy, Macron and weighed in and helped him. And Macron turned the phone call into a campaign ad. I thought the Democrats were opposed to foreign intervention in elections?

RUSH: Now, ladies and gentlemen, on the French election, I’m gonna get to it in due course. I’ve spent a lot of time — I don’t know why — over the weekend I wanted to find out about this. In most cases, you know, you learn enough to be able to be conversant in it, but I wanted to find out what was really going on, because I wanted to get beyond the American media coverage of this and find out what the real truths on the ground are in France about this election. ‘Cause I just don’t trust media.

Everything is written through the prism of how it can hurt Trump, how it can help Obama, how it can help the Democrat agenda. For example, what I’m talking about is this. Macron, the young wunderkind that’s supposed to be the next winner, leader of France, is described as a moderate centrist independent. That’s how he is constantly referred to in the American media.

A bird flies in front of the Eiffel Tower ,which remained closed on the first of three days of national mourning, in Paris, Sunday, Nov. 15, 2015. Thousands of French troops deployed around Paris on Sunday and tourist sites stood shuttered in one of the most visited cities on Earth while investigators questioned the relatives of a suspected suicide bomber involved in the country’s deadliest violence since World War II.(AP Photo/Daniel Ochoa de Olza)

Marine Le Pen, who would be for our purposes here the Donald Trump comparison, is always referred to as the extremist right-winger. Every Drive-By article about the French election describes Emmanuel Macron as an independent centrist and Marine Le Pen as an extreme right-winger.

Now, let me tell you, the only reason — and I want you to file this away for later in the program when I circle back to the French election, ’cause there are things here I want to get to first, but I just want to get a little foundation built here. The only reason that Emmanuel Macron is pretending to be a centrist is because his real party is the Socialist Party, which is the American equivalent of the Democrat Party there.

But it is so unpopular, the Socialist Party in France is so unpopular that Francois Hollande, the current president and socialist, didn’t dare run for reelection. Fifty percent of the electorate is opposed to the European Union. You will never learn that when you watch coverage of the election from Saturday in France, or Sunday. You will think because this guy won that France is gonna reject Brexit and wants to go all-in on a unified Europe, and it’s not the case.


Stop the drive to re-write history and erase Western Civilization

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