History Facts: Poland rejects Refugees, Prevents Terror Attack

History Facts:

Poland rejects Refugees, Prevents Terror Attacks

Rush Limbaugh

RUSH: In France…. this Macron guy, the 39-year-old guy married to the 64-year-old woman, is threatening Poland with future sanctions. If he becomes the president of France, he’s gonna put sanctions on Poland because they are refusing to take migrants, and that’s not fair! I mean, the burden of taking migrants and refugees and all that’s gonna be spread throughout the European Union. If you don’t play ball, this guy is gonna sanction you.

Well, I have a little map here that shows by virtue of color-coded dots how many terrorist events have occurred in European Union countries. France, Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria.

You get to Poland, there aren’t any dots. There isn’t any terrorism in Poland!

In every other one of these countries, there are lots of dots representing lots of them. So maybe this Macron guy thinks it’s not fair that Poland isn’t suffering any terror events, and so they want to make sure that some migrants end up in Poland so that there are terror events. That’s exactly what the map looks like.


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