Judeo-Christian Culture: War Stories—Soldier owes his survival to Faith in God

Judeo-Christian Culture:

War Stories—Soldier owes his survival to Faith in God

Retired Lt. Gen. Rick Lynch on How Faith Sustained Him Through Years of War

Dan Riehl

Lt. Gen. Rick Lynch (U.S. Army Ret.) joined Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Alex Marlow on Thursday to discuss his new book, Work Hard, Pray Hard: The Power of Faith in Action.

The Amazon preview of his book states in part:

In trying times, where can we turn to find true strength and peace of mind? If you think God might be the answer, you’re off to a pretty good start. But know this—believing is only step one. From his harrowing personal journey on the battlefields of Iraq to dealing with the everyday stresses of life at home, retired Army General Rick Lynch shares his thirty-plus years of experience that proved to him the power of faith in action.

Bolstered by history and backed by the Bible, Work Hard, Pray Hard explores seven steps that will put the true power of faith into action, in your life, every day.

Lynch said Thursday, “I was in the Army thirty-five years, ten years as a general officer. I fought in Iraq on three different occasions: Desert Shield, Desert Storm, and Kosovo. I personally don’t know how I could’ve done that without my personal relationship with God. Every day I turned to God in prayer and asked Him for strength and courage and wisdom to do the things that He wanted me to do.”

Lynch went on to cite a few examples of when his faith sustained him during his time in the Army, including on the battlefield.


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