History Facts vs. Liberal Lies: Leftist Antifa Hate Groups did NOT win World War 2

History Facts vs. Liberal Lies

Truth about Charlottesville

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Leftist Antifa Hate Groups did NOT win World War 2

The following liberal lies which Mr. Delingpole calls out really bother me.  My parents and their generation lived and fought during World War 2. They saw history for themselves, and the World War 2 Facts are: World War 2 Allies were NOT Leftist Antifa Hate Groups; Fascism and Communism are on the same side—Left. For more than 50 years, leftists have been rewriting  history and teaching liberal lies in the schools. Now politicians and delusional people are spreading these lies all over Twitter, tearing down the greatest nation on earth.  It turns my stomach.  ~C.D.

Being opposed to Antifa is no more a sign of being pro-Nazi than being opposed to Stalin automatically meant you were pro-Nazi. Anyone who doesn’t get this basic and obvious point seriously needs his head examined. ~James Delingpole

In order to defend America, which I believe is incumbent upon all of us, in order to defend America, you have to begin knowing our history. ~Rush Limbaugh


Delingpole: No, D-Day Wasn’t Won by Masked Leftist Thugs

by James Delingpole

Here’s a tweet to turn your stomach:

D-Day Omaha Beach

Liberal Lie #1: World War 2 Allies  who fought and defeated Germany  were Alt-Left “Thugs” fighting against the Alt-right

“Alt-left thugs” who battled Nazis

“Alt-left, violently coming at the alt-right, circa 1944.”

Liberal Lie #2:  Courageous Vets were Alt-Left “Thugs” fighting Nazis, (who they imply are alt-right)

And here – dry heave, now, I fear – is a particularly smug and noisome offering from the deputy editor of what used to be a men’s style magazine, Esquire.

“Alt-left thugs” who battled Nazis

Did you see what they all just did there? Let me explain.

Albanian history after the Great Patriotic War scarcely got a look in either because, hey, what history are you ever going to be capable of making when your economy is frozen in aspic by your Stalinist regime and your only engagement with the Western world is shooting up passing British naval ships?

Fascists and Communists are all Leftists

Why do I mention all this? Because the game Communist Enver Hoxha played in Albania and the game Stalin played in the Soviet Union during and after the Second War War was exactly the same game the regressive left is playing now.

It’s a game whereby, according to their warped rules — which they invented — you can imprison or immiserate or tyrannize or even murder as many people as you like with impunity, because however awful you are, it’s OK because you’re not Hitler.

The people on their side of the political argument — first Occupy, then #blacklivesmatter, now Antifa: all of them in fact just different incarnations of the same, hard-left Black Bloc insurgency — have done some very ugly, violent, dangerous things and are certainly no friends of Western liberal democracy. But whenever they’re in any danger of being shown up for the nasty, freedom-hating, totalitarian thugs they are, they just use the same distraction technique that Hoxha and Stalin and other evil leftists have used for decades: “Everyone who disagrees with us is Hitler.”

This line has become such a commonplace of modern leftist propaganda it has become a meme:

Jonah Goldberg discusses this in some detail in his book Liberal Fascism. It wasn’t because of their dissimilarities that the Nazis and the Communists so hated one another, but rather — see the bitter split between the People’s Front of Judaea and the Judaean People’s Front — because they had so very much in common. (The red in the Nazi swastika flag was a reflection of the party’s Socialistic leanings).

Communist Stalin branded everyone he disagreed with as a Fascist

The reason that today we think of Hitler’s National Socialists and other fascistic movements as belonging to the right rather than the left is, Goldberg demonstrates, because Stalin branded them that way. Any rival movement of which Stalin disapproved — and that included everyone from Roosevelt’s Democrats to Trotsky — he branded “fascist.”

Useful Idiots of a Vicious National Socialist Mass-Murderer

So every time a left wing person today spits out the term “fascist” and imagines that they are taking the moral high ground — what he or she is actually doing, unconsciously — is acting like just another useful idiot of a vicious, bloodthirsty, ruthless dictator who was responsible for killing millions more innocent people than even Hitler did.

Donald Trump told the truth about Charlottesville

Donald Trump has understood this perfectly well in his measured and reasonable responses to Charlottesville.

Ignorant Politicians using Fatal Dishonesty

A politician of lesser conviction would have done what the likes of John McCain and Mitt Romney are doing in the U.S. and which politicians including Prime Minister Theresa May and Communities Secretary Sajid Javid are doing in Britain.

Sajid Javid


Neo-Nazis: bad
Anti-Nazis: good
I learned that as a child.
It was pretty obvious.

Mitt Romney


No, not the same. One side is racist, bigoted, Nazi. The other opposes racism and bigotry. Morally different universes.

Virtue signaling through the medium of fatal dishonesty, in other words.

It’s depressing enough when the regressive left plays this game. But when self-professed conservatives follow suit, we should really start to worry.

To Socialists and Fascists, the End justifies the Means

After all, the idea that organized groups of masked thugs with baseball bats and pepper spray should be given a free pass to do as much damage as they like, be it vandalizing statues or attacking people, just because they claim to be fighting against Nazis or against fascism ought to be offensive to the intelligence of anyone with even half a brain.

Yet the entirety of the MSM, vast swathes of our political class, and a significant chunk of the public appears to have fallen for it.

How Vulnerable our Civilization is to the Lies of the Dangerous Left

Thanks to A.F. Branco at Legal Insurrection.com for another great cartoon

This isn’t just a sign of how gullible and/or ill-informed many people are, thanks to a combination of poor education, endless brainwashing, and relentless media bias. It’s also an indication of how fragile our civilization is and how vulnerable to the lies of the extremely well-organized and dangerous left.

Being opposed to Antifa is no more a sign of being pro-Nazi than being opposed to Stalin automatically meant you were pro-Nazi.

Anyone who doesn’t get this basic and obvious point seriously needs his head examined.

Delingpole: No, D-Day Wasn’t Won by Masked Leftist Thugs

If You Really Know True History, You Deeply Appreciate America

You have to know American history. You have to know the purpose. You have to know America’s place in history. You have to know why 56 men risked their lives and their fortunes and their sacred honor to declare independence from the tyranny of the day. You have to know why they did that. You have to know what they faced. You have to have a deep appreciation for your individual personal liberty.

You have to have a deep appreciation for the history of the world — which is that until the United States came along, [freedom] didn’t exist as a charter of government. ~Rush Limbaugh

MORE History Facts


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  1. “Right on, Right on, Right on!!!!! Not only necessary to know this history, it is IMPERATIVE. Wake up America and let not these get above us! Thank you C Davidson!

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