Judeo-Christian Beliefs: Life Questions—God as Creator; God is the Answer

Judeo-Christian Beliefs:

Life Questions—God as Creator; God is the Answer

God lives; He is our Creator. Like Rush, I have a small miracle to add to his wonderful testimony here. Last week I strained my back. This week, by being cautious and adding prayers to God for healing, I am back to normal. God has created our bodies, and souls, with the capacity to heal, if we follow His laws for repentance and good health. This is not by accident. It is by design. ~C.D.

What’s the Meaning of Life? God is Always the Answer

Rush Limbaugh


. . .what you feel about that, what the meaning of life is, so to speak, and where you’re destined to go from here. I don’t know really…

RUSH: Well, I’ll tell you I think about this constantly. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t spend some time pondering this, and it doesn’t take much to trigger it. The story that I told when I got back here to work on Tuesday of a little bird that fell from the roof at dinner on the golf vacation last week?

RUSH: When I saw that little bird, it only knew one thing: Surviving. You could tell. It didn’t want to die and wanted to live. We didn’t know whether it was hurt or not. We didn’t know at what stage of life it was. You know, it was a baby, but it was so tiny. It triggered… At that point, it triggered thoughts in the magic and the majesty of all this and the folly of thinking that it just randomly happened.

RUSH: I believe in the total complexity of it and the inability of any human being to understand it. But we’re gonna continue asking questions about it. I just believe that most of the questions human beings have about these kinds of things are questions we will never be able to answer in this life.

RUSH: But I believe we all have a soul. The soul is the animating aspects of each of us. It’s our consciousness. Our souls are what make us unique, because everything about our bodies is identical, other than size and appearance. But in terms of function, number of teeth, organs, we are 100% alike. But it’s the soul, and each one is unique, even with twins. There are no twin souls. Every one is unique.

 “How does that happen?” I ask myself, and I believe that… Well, to cut to the chase, I believe all of this is the result of — for lack of a better word — creation.

It has to be. It’s too intricate. It’s too complex. It’s too microscopic. Our sun is the perfect size. We are the perfect distance away from it to survive. Not very far or close in either direction and we’re a burning mass like Mercury or Venus, and there are none of us.

RUSH: Well, I was telling the truth. I ponder it constantly and not out of fear of anything, but curiosity. I’ll share just one example of what I’m talking about. One day last week — and nothing triggered this. It was just I was having fun with the cat, feeding my cat and so forth. Something just hit me. I have Abyssinian. The Abyssinian breed is the cat the Egyptians, the ancient Egyptians thought were gods. It is Abyssinian cats that they drew on the walls of their tombs. They were considered godly and they were guardians of the pharaohs.

Well, I’ve got one of those cats, and whatever number of thousands of years, that cat has not changed. It is exactly as the first cat was. Now, I believe within-species evolution. They can’t deny that. I don’t believe evolution as a form of creation, and I don’t want to argue with people about that. Wherever somebody wants to tell me the modern house cat came from, I’m not talking about. I’m talking the cat hasn’t changed in 5,000 years or thousands of years.

But we have. The point is we adapt; we modernize. We are able to, as human beings to improve our life circumstances, or standard of living. But animals are exactly as they were. They’re no different. They don’t live any longer than they always have. They’re just identically the same. But human beings are constantly adapting to circumstances. Well, look…. (sigh) I don’t want to get this too deep. Cats can adapt. All animals can adapt to climate and weather, but I’m talking about their intelligence, their ability to adapt.

Like, a cat cannot build a hospital and never will be able to build a hospital. A cat can’t do that. Nor can a porpoise or a dolphin and so forth. And it fascinates me. I believe that… I have a phrase: “We all only get one life.” Most people, because of the nature of life, take it for granted. It just is. It’s busy, and it’s distracting, and it’s chock-full of things so that the amount of time people actually have to contemplate what it is… What is life, how does it happen, where did it come from? I’m constantly thinking about these things.

As I say, any number of different things can trigger it, and I always resort to God. God is always the answer for me on these questions.

That’s where my faith is, and I believe there are answers to all these questions, but not here. I don’t believe… One of my reasons for believing in God is that we, as created, have this magnificent ability to be curious and dream and imagine and to want to know whatever we want to know. But much of that we will never know. You’re gonna continue to ask, but the answers are simply not here.

We’re not capable. We’re not smart enough. We don’t know enough. Yet we have these questions. What kind of a God would create beings who can ponder all these things, such as heaven, if it didn’t exist? Would be an ultimate cruelty, to create beings that can live their lives or try to live their lives in such a way to achieve these great things and at the end of it not be possible because it doesn’t exist. No way to prove any of this. To me, it’s faith.

But my faith in all this is actually the foundational root for many of my what people would think are political beliefs. Climate change. The idea that human beings (chuckles) can alter the climate of the planet to the point of destroying it to me is patently absurd. We do not have that kind of power. We’re not even close to having that kind of power! We don’t even understand where this is. The universe is somewhere. Where is it?

We’re on this constant quest for life elsewhere — And you’ll note that in every liberal pursuit of life elsewhere, guess what? It’s always superior. We’re always inferior. We’re dumb. They’re the smart ones. Life, if it exists elsewhere, has already solved nuclear war, it has solved climate change, it has solved hunger, everything. And if alien life comes here and takes a look at us, it says we’re not worth it and they leave or they plant spies…

This is asinine to me. But this is what suffices as liberal thinking about all this, the inferiority. Yet in the midst of all of this inferiority they assign to us, on the other hand they tell us we’re destroying the planet by what we invent! We’re destroying the planet by virtue of our adaptation ability, by virtue of our ingenuity, by virtue of our innovation, which is all oriented toward increasing our standard of living and quality of life. They want to tell us this is destroying God’s creation? Bohunk! It’s absolutely absurd.

RUSH: Now, one more thing. Life is everywhere, and the business of life is life. That little bird that fell off the roof, it was gonna survive. I’ve been blown away at how life makes sure it continues. There’s one place, there’s one place at least in the Democrat Party where life does not exist. You know where that is? Stop and think. Life is everywhere, is it not? I mean, everywhere you look, there is life, and it’s doing everything it can to live and to propagate and survive. Except… (interruption) Well, you’re close. You’re close. There is one place, many places in the world, if you’re a Democrat, where life does not exist, and that is — dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut — the womb.

Christians’ access to heaven is the result of belief and acceptance of Jesus Christ, our Lord and savior. [Without Him] we would never achieve heaven . . . because we’re all sinners.




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