Book Reviews: Young Adult Literature Relevant to Today, will Strengthen Faith and Family

Book Reviews:

Young Adult Literature Relevant to Today, will Strengthen Faith and Family

“Ben, this is spiritual warfare—for the souls of those we love,” Rebekah said. “If we don’t teach you the truth, the world will teach you its lies. You must write about our way of life before it is lost.”

Novel Urges Parents, Youth to Value Religious Freedom

The story of a boy’s quest to reclaim faith and freedom for his people

Atlanta, Georgia. Young people who have grown up with freedom and convenience may take it for granted because they don’t know what it’s like to be without God and without freedom. In C.A. Davidson’s Escape to Faith and Freedom, teenager Benjamin Benamoz flees from tyranny. In the New World, he finds freedom and faith in Christ. But in his new homeland, faith and freedom are taken for granted.

Based on the biblical story of the birthright, the book is about two ways of life that sprang from the choices of two brothers. Ben learns that the birthright is a great blessing of peace and liberty that comes from keeping a covenant with God. When the court bans the Bible from schools, he realizes that the birthright blessing has been taken away. Ben’s epic quest is to reclaim the birthright for families and future generations.

Escape to Faith and Freedom is the first book in Davidson’s Birthright Covenant trilogy. This trilogy offers multigenerational relevance today. Parents concerned about dystopian worldly culture will find renewed courage in this timeless allegory of hope and deliverance.

Davidson’s goal is to help parents teach their children the vital truths of the Judeo-Christian heritage. “I believe a key point that makes this series unique is that it is educational in an engaging way, helping parents transmit Judeo-Christian values to their families as a way of life,” she says.

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Praise from Readers:

This book has been nominated for the Eric Hoffer award.

A Need to Restore Christian Values

“A book that reflects our society today. As religion and faith are constantly attacked, we need to restore the values that Christ has taught us.” —Alfred L. Ly, Hartford, Connecticut

Great for Teens

“As a volunteer teacher in ministry, I find it hard to find a good Christian book that can excite my teenage students. I’m glad I found C. A. Davidson. Hopefully, she can release the second and third book soon.”—Lawrence J. Williams, Jackson, Mississippi

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Birthright Covenant Trilogy, Book 1:

Escape to Faith and Freedom

Written by C.A. Davidson

Kindle | $2.99

Paperback | $13.99     

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About the Author

C.A. Davidson has seen the deadly assault upon Judeo-Christian culture during the Cold War era. The Birthright Covenant trilogy was inspired by Davidson’s love of family, faith, and freedom. She wants to help parents restore the biblical values of Western Civilization.




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