Young Adult Book Series Helps Parents Impart Biblical Values

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Young Adult Book Series Helps Parents Impart Biblical Values

Why are Faith and Liberty Relevant Today?

Timeless Allegory Helps Parents Impart Biblical Values

Atlanta, Georgia. The Bible was banned from schools in 1963. In Escape to Faith and Freedom, Book 1 of her creative historical fiction series,  C.A. Davidson shows families how to preserve biblical values, even in a hostile environment, by honoring their covenant with God.

In a 20th century Cold War setting, C.A. Davidson uses a metaphor of two brothers—Benjamin and Ruben—to show the conflict  between two clashing cultures in history. The brothers escape the atheistic Kohor Empire to enjoy freedom in the Judeo-Christian land of Yeshurun.

The theme moves front and center at the beginning, when Benjamin asks his father why the rulers are burning Bibles. His father explains that the regime is afraid of the Truth in the Bible, because it sets people free from tyranny.


“As a volunteer teacher in ministry, I find it hard to find a good Christian book that can excite my teenage students. I’m glad I found C.A. Davidson. Hopefully, she can release the second and third book soon.” —Lawrence J. Williams, Jackson Mississippi

“Utilizing an interesting premise, a fascinating parallel history, and a profound message on morals, this book manages to weave an entertaining story filled with action and romance while also giving the reader something to think about.” — US Review of Books

Escape to Faith and Freedom

Written by Christine A. Davidson

E-book | $2.99

Paperback | $13.99

Book copies are available at LitFire Publishing, Amazon, Barnes& Noble, and other online book retailers.

About the Author

C.A. Davidson has seen the assault on Judeo-Christian culture during the Cold War. The Birthright Covenant trilogy was inspired by Davidson’s love of family, faith, and freedom. She wants to help parents restore the biblical values of Western Civilization.

More information about the author and her work is available at


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