Capitalism vs. Socialism Definition: Capitalism Benefits are Freedom; Socialism Fails because of Its Selfishness

Capitalism vs. Socialism Definition:

Capitalism Benefits are Freedom; Socialism Fails  because of Its Selfishness

Rush Limbaugh

Capitalism Benefits are Freedom

“Our booming economy can still overcome progressive misinformation, propaganda and myth.”~Andy Puzder

Because Capitalists meet needs of others

Andy Puzder, chief executive officer of CKE Restaurants for more than 16 years following a career as a lawyer, nominated by President Trump to serve as U.S. labor secretary. In 2011 he coauthored Job Creation: How It Really Works and Why Government Doesn’t Understand It.

 “To be a successful capitalist, you have to shift your focus outward, to the needs and wants of others – your consumers. The only way to succeed is by knowing what your customers want and offering it to them at an affordable price.”

I think this is brilliant because it stands the popular definition of capitalism — selfishness — on its head. You have these birdbrains like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her cohorts, who all think capitalism is this bastion of selfishness and greed and nobody shares anything. They say it’s trickle-down, but it doesn’t trickle. Nobody gives anything away in capitalism. It’s mean-spirited and extreme.

Socialism Definition: Selfishness, So it Fails Every Time

And it’s just the exact opposite. Capitalism requires reach-out. Capitalism cannot succeed in any other way. The only way you improve yourself in capitalism is by satisfying the needs of others! Not giving them things, obviously, but providing services and products they want so much that they will pay for them. And then you have to be able to do that at a price that people can afford.

“Capitalism empowers consumers as businesses compete” for them. Capitalism makes consumers wealthier, it makes consumers stronger, because it features competition. In capitalism, all kinds of people are competing for the dollars, i.e., the support of customers. This results in variations in quality, it results in variations in price, it results in providing the best service or product at a price that people will pay.

It’s kind of like empowering people for their votes, their support.

“In a form of economic democracy, consumers vote with every dollar they spend, determining which businesses succeed and which fail. Henry Ford built cars for commoners, not the nobility. Steve Jobs created iPhones for all of us, not government elites. This is because the success of each business is determined by how well that business meets the needs of the masses – consumers.”

RUSH: Andy Puzder, and his definition of socialism.  His definition of capitalism here is just right on the moneyIn capitalism, you have to look outward. You have to compete. You have to provide people with products, services, what they want that they will pay for at an affordable price.  It’s not selfishness.  It isn’t greed.  It’s the exact opposite.

Socialism… In a socialist economy, rather than focusing on the needs of others, you improve your life by focusing on your own needs.


Socialism is what’s selfishness.

Socialism is greed.

Socialism is unsharing.

You succeed in socialism by getting more for yourself than others get from the limited supply of goods or services or benefits that government makes available.


In capitalism, the market is making things available, and they’re trying to get you to buy them.  They’re trying to get you to purchase the service or the product by making it affordable, by making it the best.

Yeah, there’s some people trying to scam you.Yeah, there’s some people trying to trick you.  But you’ve got options.  People are reaching out.  People are trying to provide good things to you.  You have the choice. 

In socialism, you are on your own — and there’s a limited, finite supply of stuff that the government makes available, and everybody’s trying to get their hands on as much of other people’s money as they can, other people’s stuff.  Socialism is pure selfishness.

Socialism, it’s not fairness.

  • It’s not equality.
  • It’s not sameness.
  • It’s the exact opposite of that.
  • People in socialist countries standing in the inevitable bread line or in line for gas or government-rationed health care?
  • They’re not thinking about the needs of others.
  • They’re trying to figure out how to get as much as they can for themselves from a limited supply.


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