Left wing Bias: Left wing Hypocrisy; New York Times article on Kavanaugh Smear Campaign to Destroy Lives

Left wing Bias:

Left wing Hypocrisy; New York Times article on Kavanaugh Smear Campaign to Destroy Lives

Rush Limbaugh

Cartoon New York Times SmearRUSH: In remarks to reporters yesterday, Trump pointed out that the New York Times’ latest hit job is an attempt to destroy Kavanaugh’s life, which is true — and Trump’s, too, I guess we could add. We pounded yesterday that the goal isn’t just to destroy Kavanaugh. The Drive-By Media — the Democrats and the Democrats in the media — are doing a bunch of things with this hit job on Kavanaugh. They’re warning other conservative judges, “Don’t take it. If Trump calls and nominates you for either Supreme Court, a district court, or appellate court position, don’t take it, because look what we’re gonna do to you.

“We’re gonna turn your life upside down. We’re gonna make false allegations about your sex life. We’re gonna bring women that you don’t even remember having met out of the rafters, and they’re gonna say all kinds of horrible things about you.” But it’s not gonna stop there. In addition to warning off any future Republican judge about taking an appointment, they are going to find a way to taint every ruling that Kavanaugh participates in. Kavanaugh is thought to be part of the conservative majority on the court.

So any time there’s a conservative majority ruling that Kavanaugh joins, they can now — throughout the media — include the fact, “Brett Kavanaugh, who voted with the majority, is a reputed sex offender and rapist who has been accused by…” Well, that’s all they have to do: Just include that allegation. It doesn’t have to have been true. The way journalism works is if anybody accuses you of it, and then somebody in journalism prints the allegation, then it’s in the record forever. The fact that it’s not true is irrelevant.

Left wing Hypocrisy

left wing hypocrisy wall

Thanks to A.F. Branco at Comically Incorrect  for his great cartoon

I have another example of this today. “Donald Trump Demands DNC Hold ‘Open Borders’ Convention in 2020 — President Donald Trump ridiculed the Democrat National Committee on Monday, mockingly asking them to reduce security for their 2020 political convention. ‘They just gave out a tremendous contract, you know what it’s for, they’re building a big wall around the building,’ Trump said. ‘A massive wall. We should tell them “open borders,” let anybody come in.’”

Trump protect bordersNow, there isn’t a Republican alive who would call out the Democrats like this on this kind of hypocrisy. So here are the Democrats, they don’t want any wall on the southern border. They want anybody that wants to come in the country to come in the country — criminals, reprobate, rapists, purse snatchers, muggers, NFL wide receivers, whoever wants to come in the country, let ’em come.

Then the Democrats are gonna have their convention and they’re building a security wall around the building to make sure only accredited people can get in. So here comes Trump calling ’em out on it. (paraphrasing) “You know, they just gave out a tremendous contract. They’re building a big wall, construction contract, they’re building a big wall around the building, a massive wall. We should tell ’em tear down the wall. Open borders. Let anybody in.”

Trump was talking about the Democrats’ upcoming convention in Milwaukee. It was during a political rally he had in New Mexico last night. Trump noted that he continued to face Democrat opposition to building a wall on the southern border despite Democrat support for borders in the past. They’ve all been in support of walls in the past from Obama on down. They’ve all voted for them.

And Trump says, “Now a few years later, they don’t want a wall, do you know why? Because anything I want, they want to do the opposite.” Trump said he’s gonna keep fighting for border security, gonna keep building a wall on the southern border to keep out drugs, crime, cartel violence, and NFL wide receivers.

Hispanics for Trump

He said, “We need four more years,” as the audience roared with applause. And that audience last night, folks, it was filled with Hispanics. I’ve got a tweet here of somebody describing it. Here it is. “Democrats are sweating bullets tonight. There were Latinos for Trump everywhere at the Trump rally in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, tonight.” When Trump asked if there were any Hispanics in the audience, the arena erupted in cheers. Latinos were shouting, “USA, USA” and, “Build the wall.”

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