Judeo-Christian Worldview: God as Creator vs. Left wing Ideology

Judeo-Christian Worldview:

God as Creator vs. Left wing Ideology

Rush Limbaugh

This is one of the reasons despise believers, and especially the so-called religious right. The fact is, leftists and socialists do not like the competition God represents. In their world, everyone must turn to government for everything.

There is a God.~ Rush, “35 Undeniable Truths of Life,” 1988

God in the BeginningWhy have I never bought into the global warming claptrap? How is it that from the beginning, it has been so simple for me to recognize that “manmade climate change” is bogus? And why do so many fall for it?

According to NASA, since 1880 the global temperature has increased by 1.4 degrees F—plus or minus several tenths of a degree. Which amounts to, basically, squat. Yet a one-degree fluctuation in global temperature over almost a century and a half has people whipped into hysteria, thanks to the left. No mention is ever made of the much larger historical weather swings such as the Little Ice Age and the Medieval Warming Period—because the modern American lifestyle, fossil fuels, and capitalism can’t be blamed for that.

But even though there is no real evidence that recent human activity is destroying the climate, people do believe it. I have concluded there is a root cause: if you do not accept or believe in the majesty of God and creation, then you are ripe to be propagandized by the superstitious drivel that your barbecue grill is an existential threat to the planet, or your SUV is making hurricanes bigger.

If your view of creation—the earth, the planets, the solar system, the universe—is that it’s some random, haphazard, accidental thing, you can be swayed into buying the notion that even slight changes can destroy it.

But that sort of fear-mongering is a very hard sell to people who have been raised with a belief in, respect for, and understanding of God and creation. People of faith do not think the universe is accidental or random. They see its complexity and power as sustained by the Almighty. They see it not as fragile, but as majestic.

A Pew Research study bears this out. A third of evangelicals agreed that climate change is a result of natural weather patterns, compared with only 13 percent of the religiously unaffiliated.


The Left’s god is Government; they don’t like the competition God represents


Von Mises every socialist disguised dictatorThis is one of the reasons despise believers, and especially the so-called religious right. The fact is, leftists and socialists do not like the competition God represents. In their world, everyone must turn to government for everything. Not church, not God, not the Bible. People of faith hold to these sources for the important questions of life, which makes them natural skeptics (“deniers,” even) when leftists declare the world is ending in 12 years.

Ironically, it’s the atheistic leftists who are now preaching hellfire and brimstone sermons. If you don’t believe in God, if you don’t believe in divine creation, if you believe this is all just some gigantic accident—and it is precariously, dangerously imbalanced and fragile—then you will easily fall for this apocalyptic nonsense.

Having been raised in this tradition and having a solid belief in God, the Creator, it is easy for me to instinctively reject every bit of propaganda that leftists try to attach to the existence and the sustainability of the planet.

Leftists assert that from 1980 to the present day, SUVs and air-conditioning have been able to destroy this planet that has been around for four billion years. Who the heck do they think we are, as mere human beings, that we could even begin to impact the destiny of a world hurtling through space?

Which explains the ideology behind the climate change hysteria. It has been brought to us by leftists, who cannot conceive of any power greater than themselves. The left ahs done a darn good job of squelching awareness that there’s anything larger than yourself, anyityhing larger than the Democrat Party, anything larger than their political movement. There is no God in their world, and there is no Creator.

They try to prove it each and every day in the education system, so young people will hear nothing but predictions of environmental doom.


Free Enterprise interferes with Democrat Goal of Socialism


cartoon-socialism work this time

Thanks to A.F. Branco at Legal for his great cartoons

Look, this is all about the Democrats gaining control of the means of production. You can’t have socialism or communism without that. So you blame farmers, you blame SUVs, you blame fossil fuels, plastic, whatever. You blame the manufacture of goods, the production of energy, and the methods of transportation. The free market is destroying the planet! Capitalists are destroying the planet! Only the government can save us. Only liberal Democrats have the answers. Stop eating meat, stop driving, stop using plastic (except in your smartphones).

Bottom line, they are seeking control—and that’s their objective. Along the way they’re scaring people who have not had, sadly for them, exposure to religion growing up. They’re exploiting the fears of those who have not been taught of the powerful, loving God of creation.


Life on Earth— a Gift from God

creationBut if you have a grounding in faith that God is Creator of this magnificent universe, and that this Creator is imbued with love, you tend to view your life on earth as a great gift. As our Founding Fathers said, we are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights—among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. And for that we have a tremendous gratitude. Since everything we have is God-given, all we can do is give thanks for our existence and adapt to the environment as we find it. Which we do one heck of a job of in the United States.

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