Biblical History Timeline: Birthright Bible Story to Today and American Covenant with God

Biblical History Timeline:

Birthright Bible Story to Today and American Covenant with God

Genesis (Bible)—the Birthright Covenant

Rebekah rescued the birthright covenant blessings from the wayward Esau.  Righteous Jacob becomes Israel, passes on the birthright covenant.

1492—The Promised Land Discovered

Christopher Columbus, a Jewish convert to Christianity, seeks lost tribes of Israel, discovers America.

1776-1787—America’s Covenant with God

George Washington and Founding Fathers create the Constitution and establish America as a covenant nation.

1860-1865—Covenant Restored

Abraham Lincoln restores the covenant which has been broken by the evil practice of slavery.

1860—Tares among the Wheat

Charles Darwin publishes his book on evolution in 1859. It goes on to influence powerful individuals like Karl Marx, Adolf Hitler, and Margaret Sanger (racial supremacist and founder of Planned Parenthood).

1930—Cultural Marxism

Ideas have consequences. When Karl Marx’s workers’ revolution failed to conquer the world, his followers devised a new strategy—Cultural Marxism. Whereas they sought to capture and subdue the human soul, Judeo-Christian Culture became the new enemy. Under the guise of “Multiculturalism”, the Marxists invaded the realms of Western Culture, starting with the schools and spreading through science, media, government, entertainment, and even some churches.

1963-2015—America’s Birthright is stolen

  • Supreme Court decisions led to banning the Bible and prayer from public schools.
  • Violent crime increased 700%, including riots and bombings; drug abuse also soared.
  • America has been plagued with one of the highest immorality rates in the industrialized world.
  • The Supreme Court decreed abortion on demand.
  • The Supreme Court toppled the sacred institution of marriage between a man and a woman. (2015)

Reclaim our Culture


Inoculate your Children against Socialism and Atheism HERE

Birthright Covenant trilogy, bk 1

Rebekah gripped Ben’s arm with urgency. “Ben, this is spiritual warfare—for the souls of those we love. If we do not teach you the truth about your biblical heritage, do not doubt me, the world will teach you its lies. Someone must write about the way we live before it is lost.” ~Escape to Faith and Freedom, 100

Book 2

Culture War Games“The people of Yeshurun now face off in a war of ideas, risking their lives to defend their faith.”

Culture War Games


Action Plan: Start Today—It’s Easier Than You Think.

The dinner talk method is time-tested, because it is what built our culture and made America great in the first place.

  1. Tonight, tell your family the stories of our culture. For example, the original fable of chicken little, and how it compares to the family praying at dinnerdoomsayers of our day. That is, tell the story of the little chicken that got hit on the head by an acorn, then went around telling everyone that the sky was falling. While Chicken Little was away, spreading the false alarm, the fox got into the hen-house and glutted himself on a fresh chicken dinner.

Or a Bible story about how God is helping fight our battles.

  1. Teach your children diligently—at dinner time, in all that you do— to live the covenant with God, as a way of life. We make it easy. Sign up here for the Dinner Talk newsletter.
  2. Spread the word. Please share this newsletter with everyone you can. Keep in mind that the solution is not political. It must be at the grassroots level. It’s up to us to defend our way of life. And it’s a way everyone can push back. So Go For It!

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