Judeo-Christian Worldview: Parable Story of Two different Parenting Life Styles

Judeo-Christian Worldview:

Parable Story of Two different Parenting Life Styles

Dinner Topics for Thursday

Parenting Styles: A Parable of Two Families

Lighthouse & ships lgeOnce upon a time there was a huge fleet of ships.  The mission of the fleet, as set forth by the Admiral of the Fleet, was to travel the Great Waters to the Promised Land. The Admiral wanted to make sure that each ship reached its destination safe and sound with its precious cargo— a family.

The Admiral gave each family the necessary resources for success: one compass, one complete set of navigational charts, plenty of food and money to sustain them throughout the voyage, and plenty of time to finish the course, for the Admiral never issued a command unless he provided a way for his fleet to accomplish the task.

Each family could have the size and type of ship that would meet their needs. They were allowed extras as well, such as computers and television. The Rutt family decided to get a very large new ship, to have plenty of room for all the elegant new furniture Mrs. Rutt had just purchased to impress Mrs. Neighbors.  Mr. Rutt and the children also had many possessions they wanted to be sure not to leave behind. The Rockwell family decided to use the ship they already had, and save their funds for the future. They did, however, bring along their library of the greatest and best books. Soon all was ready, and. . .

The Great Adventure Began

A long time passed.  When they set out on their journey, the families did not realize how long it would take.  But all the ships sailed together, and there was great community among them, making the journey enjoyable.

The Rockwell family enjoyed their many friends, served families in other ships, and used their computer to increase their knowledge and exchange information with other ships.  But every night the entire family would eat dinner and converse together.  The family studied and learned the navigation charts thoroughly so they would be prepared for whatever lay ahead, and checked the compass many times each day.

compass liahonaNow, the compass was very special.  It only worked according to their diligence and faith, and to the heed they gave to their Admiral’s words.  After their Dinner Talk, they used the television for a family video, a symphony, or a class.  No member of the Rockwell family would think of missing dinner and Dinner Talk.  It was a sacred time for the family.  The Rockwell family kept a steady course, and were happy.

The Rutt family also enjoyed their many friends. They were glad there were so many parties to attend, because they had  become quite bored with the passage of so much time without reaching the Promised Land. When there was not a party, they ate in front of the television, so they wouldn’t miss their favorite sitcoms, and so they wouldn’t fight with each other during dinner.  They passed the daytime hours watching television.  They chatted by the hour on the Internet, so they wouldn’t have to talk to each other.

Then a Great Storm Came


All the ships were tossed about on the waves by powerful winds blowing from changing directions.  Many ships were losing their way.   The Rutt family panicked.  Mrs. Rutt finally dug out the charts from under boxes and piles of stuff they had accumulated over time.  But they didn’t understand the charts.  And the compass didn’t work.   The TV broke, so there was nothing to do.  Then the computer broke, so they couldn’t communicate with other ships.  They looked out and saw no other ships around. They were lost.

litehouse2The Rockwell family followed the compass very carefully.  At last, through the darkness, they could see the welcome beam of the lighthouse that was shown on the chart.  They made it to a safe harbor at the Promised Land.

Dinner Talk Topic: *Family, Choices

Dinner Topic Questions

Two families each choose a different course in life.

1. Who does the Admiral make you think of?

2. What in our lives does the compass relate to? The navigational charts? The storm? The promised land?

3. If your TV, computer, and smart phones broke and could not be fixed or replaced, what would you do instead?

4. Make a list of books you could read together as a family, and take turns reading aloud on Sunday afternoon.

5. Classical music stimulates creativity.  Each month, listen to different selections of classical music and encourage family members to write a story or render artistically as inspired by the music they hear.


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