Malcolm Muggeridge Quotes on God, Life

Malcolm Muggeridge Quotes on God, Life

Thomas Malcolm Muggeridge (24 March 1903 – 14 November 1990) was an English journalist and satirist.


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 “God, stay with me, let no word cross my lips that is not your word, no thoughts enter my mind that are not your thoughts”.

There is no such thing as darkness; only a failure to see. Malcolm Muggeridge

People do not believe lies because they have to, but because they want to. Malcolm Muggeridge

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I can say that I never knew what joy was like until I gave up pursuing happiness, or cared to live until I chose to die. For these two discoveries I am beholden to Jesus. Malcolm Muggeridge

Bad humor is an evasion of reality; good humor is an acceptance of it. Malcolm Muggeridge

History will see advertising as one of the real evil things of our time. It is stimulating people constantly to want things, want this, want that.

Malcolm Muggeridge