Western Culture Center

In Escape to Faith and Freedom, Governor Nobles  founded the Zion Culture Center, to preserve the Birthright Covenant for rising generations. 

More about the Birthright Covenant path HERE:

Here’s our Motto:

Battered but not beaten, Western Culture wins the day!

Stronger than ever, Western Culture’s here to stay!



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Birthright Covenant Trilogy Book 1:  Escape to Faith and Freedom

“Ben, this is spiritual warfare—for the souls of those we love,” Rebekah said. “If we don’t teach you the truth, the world will teach you its lies. You must write about our way of life before it is lost.”

Our sacred way of life will not be redeemed in the capitols of the world, but within the walls of our own homes. Politically, we are weak, but we will prevail by outlasting them. We must never, ever give up. ~Zephan Benamoz, Birthright Covenant Trilogy, Book 2 (Coming)


Meet the memorable characters of 

Escape to Faith and Freedom



A Book Everyone Should Read!~Reader’s Review

See Reviews, praise for Escape to Faith and Freedom HERE


300-year-old Ceiba tree
300-year-old Ceiba tree, coming in Book 2

Here we design our strategy and make preparations to overcome the dark forces of the world with the Most Powerful Weapon of all—the light of Truth!



quetzal1The Quetzal bird is a symbol of liberty, because it cannot live in captivity.



knightandladyOther resources for defenders of the faith:

Epic Heroes Quest

Epic Heroes in Training


One thought on “Western Culture Center”

  1. Grateful for the picture of the Ceiba tree. Having read your great novel, the picture of the tree makes it even more meaningful! And your book is definitely a book for our time. We certainly need to know what the history of that day foretold regarding our great American Culture and how it is being decimated by false prophets and tyrants whose only desire is to gain total power over others. God bless you for all of the effort and research it must have taken to write this epic story.

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