Epic Heroes Quest

Epic Heroes Quest

keyold The Battle of Good vs. Evil is ongoing

Christ has not called us to be nice but to be good. Nice people never confront evil, but good people do. ~Bryan Fisher

What do Epic Heroes do? They save nations, and people. Do you doubt you can do that? Well, every generation has had its heroes, so you are our heroes for your generation. You can do it. In fact, you must. We are counting on you. And God has sent you here at this time in history for this very purpose.

First —Discover who you are:

Ode to the Epic Hero

Epic Hero resize medYour epic quest begins at birth

To find your purpose here on earth.

Along the way your heart will learn

How good from evil to discern.

Moments in time will come to define

Trials of your soul, to test and refine.


Discover things that will be treasured,

Perhaps not always in money measured—

Gems of knowledge, virtue, truth,

Eternal standards for families and youth—

To strengthen, protect, and to prepare

A way to escape the enemy’s snare.


biblicallampThe journey of life demands your part—

Courage, faith, and a willing heart.

You need not fall, though you may stumble,

For angels fail not to help the humble.

Your lone small flame may not seem bright,

Yet it reveals the way to greater light.


Day by day, big and little—

Answers await life’s every riddle.

Just when you think you can’t continue,

You’ll find the epic hero within you.

Honor and virtue will be your choice.

Return home triumphant, and rejoice.


Now that you are discovering the epic hero within you, it’s time for the next step—

To prepare for the journey:

Daily Keys

Preparing for your Epic Journey

1.  Outfitting for the Epic Journey

2. Map

3. Guide Book

4. Compass

5. Power Source

Epic Heroes in Training


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