Guide Book

The Guide Book

Without a heritage, every generation starts over. ~Heritage Foundation

KJV BibleWe are all familiar with the expression, “When all else fails, read the instructions.” This is usually said in jest, but it carries for us a subtle warning.  Of course, people who cannot read can be excused if they do not read.  However, those who are capable of reading, but choose not to, are subject to harsher consequences.

It is uncomfortable to imagine being stuck somewhere in the middle of a vast wilderness without a guide book.  The guide book is an integral part of the security which our preparations provide for us, because its very name indicates that it was written by someone who has been there before.

Long ago when the Tower of Babel was used to diversify and expand the human population over the face of the globe, there was one group of family and friends, descendants of Shem, whose language was not confounded.  They traversed the sea to Central America and established a massive nation.  How do we know?  They left a record.

Ironically, the remains of this nation were discovered by a people who were themselves lost— physically lost in the wilderness and spiritually separated from their identity as children of God.  At the time that Zedekiah, king of Judah, was carried away captive into Babylon, all his sons were slain.  All, that is, except one, whose name was Mulek.  This man led a group to the “isles of the sea,” just after the demise of the last Semite dynasty.  Mulek and his people, however, had brought no records with them.  Their language had become corrupted, and they denied the existence of their Creator.  No one could understand them.  They were overwhelmed with gratitude when they were found by yet a third group, who were distant relatives of the house of Israel— descendants of Joseph, brother of Judah.  After all the records which had been preserved and discovered were compiled, only then could the historical loop be closed and the identity of all confirmed and verified.

One ancient prophet of Israel migrated with his family to the western hemisphere about a century after the time of Isaiah, and they did bring sacred records, kind of like the Family Bible, including writings of Isaiah.  So important to them were those family records that their leader had to slay an enemy to obtain them.

compass liahonaWhy would anyone go to such drastic measures to obtain such writings?  It is a fact that wars, earthquakes, and other cataclysmic events have had a devastating effect on families.  Among the most heart-rending conditions are those of children separated from their parents and siblings due to no fault of their own.  When our roots are missing, we feel shaken, vulnerable, and un-whole. It’s kind of like what is referred to in our day as “identity theft.”

So it is when we as children of God become separated from him.  Those “letters from home” have been preserved at great sacrifice. Forefathers, who have been there before, wrote a guide book, that upon reading the instructions, we and our own children can avoid getting lost.

knightladyKnights and Ladies at the Round Table

Dinner Topic: Our roots are found in the scriptures, and our posterity needs us to preserve both.*Scriptures, Family History

1. As you study scriptures, keep a record in your journal of insights gained and lessons learned.

2. How might your journal benefit others?

3. How can ancient scriptures and words of modern Christian leaders be a guide in our life?

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