Critical Thinking Skills

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Critical Thinking Skills with Literary Fiction

Teach Life Lessons from the Biblical Big Picture

Critical thinking skills are taught in very few public schools—even less in colleges. Some of the best resources for character education and critical thinking are found in literary fiction. The following questions, grouped by topic, are taken from the  Birthright Covenant series by C.A. Davidson.


Topics include:

  • Biblical Worldview and Judeo-Christian Culture
  • Character Education
  • Civics, Issue of Church and State
  • History
  • Literary Motifs, Symbolism, and Semantics (Meanings of Words)
  • Political Correctness and Moral Relativism
  • Scientific Method (Empiricism) and Academic Freedom
  • Truth–
    • How to Know What is True
    • Discerning Right and Wrong
  • Western Civilization

Biblical Worldview and Judeo-Christian Culture

Volume 1 of Birthright Covenant Trilogy:

Escape to Faith and Freedom


 Leadership Training

Critical Thinking Skills for Parents and Young Adults  Click Here


Topics include:

  • Character Education
  • Biblical Worldview
  • Church and State


3 thoughts on “Critical Thinking Skills”

  1. Very nice write-up. Is there anything else I could read to learn more about this?

  2. This is a beautiful website. And I have read the book Birthright. It is most assuredly most timely. A book for our time.

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