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 jesus-rock2Stress Relief Tip of the Month, plus Quotes: Act, Don’t React

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New Age Music by Jordan~ Taking you to an added dimension ~ An oasis of calm in the stress of your daily life.

I am using this “Solace” album in my Stress Management presentations. ~Madlyn, Stress Management Instructor, Bridgerland Advanced Technology College

YouTube Music: “Solace”

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keyoldBe still, and know that I am God. ~Psalms 46:10


Character Education in “Byte-size” Dinner Topics. Keep our precious Judeo-Christian traditions alive! It’s as easy as eating dinner. Add Peace of Mind to Your Lifestyle this Year

All thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children. ~Isaiah 54:13

 Good Character brings peace of mind.

Biblical parent Rebekah rescued the sacred birthright from destruction. Can we rescue the “birthright” of families—our culture of liberty—in time?  Parents can protect their families from unholy influences. Rebekah rescued traditional moral values at dinner time. You can, too.

Is Stress Getting on Your Nerves?

1. B Complex 100—Time-Tested vitamin for helping you cope with stress.

2. Omega 3 (Fish oil; capsules or liquid) Great mood lifter!

3. Calcium/MagnesiumGreat for calming the nerves, aiding sleep

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