Political Cartoon: Left Wing Moms vs. Unborn Baby

Political Cartoon:

Left Wing Moms vs. Unborn Baby

A.F. Branco Cartoon – Wrong Womb

Unalienable rights in the Declaration of independence gives all humans by their creator “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”, but what about a human in a liberals womb? Political Cartoon by A.F. Branco ©2019.

More A.F. Branco cartoons at FlagAnd Cross.com here.


Abortion Facts: Abortion leading Cause of Death in 2018

Abortion Facts:

Abortion leading Cause of Death in  2018

Abortion was the number one cause of death worldwide in 2018, with more than 41 million children killed before birth, Worldometers reports.

As of December 31, 2018, there have been some 41.9 million abortions performed in the course of the year, Worldometers revealed. By contrast, 8.2 million people died from cancer in 2018, 5 million from smoking, and 1.7 million died of HIV/AIDS.

Worldometers — voted one of the best free reference websites by the American Library Association (ALA) — keeps a running tally through the year of major world statistics, including population, births, deaths, automobiles produced, books published, and CO2 emissions.


Abortion Leading Cause of Death in 2018: 41 Million Killed

SCOTUS may hear appeal of Indiana law that directly challenges Roe
Jan 06, 2019 01:00 am
Should it be illegal for women to have an abortion on the basis of race or sex?

Abortion at the Core of Both Left and Right

Abuse of Power: Leftist Propaganda Posters normalize Abortion; Leftist Intolerance, Mob Rule Paid Off

Abuse of Power:

Leftist Propaganda Posters normalize Abortion; Leftist Intolerance, Mob Rule Paid Off

Susan B. Anthony List

Susan B. Anthony vs Abortion

A pro-lifer captured this ATROCIOUS billboard on camera:

So social media corporations can censor the free speech of pro-life voices for defending millions of innocent unborn babies, but this pro-abortion billboard treating the termination of life like it’s a trip to the spa is perfectly fine?

This propaganda is LITERALLY deadly.

We’re calling on 1 MILLION AMERICANS to join us in denouncing this despicable billboard. Will you be the FIRST one to start the petition?

Remember when we said that the abortion lobby’s goal is to completely normalize abortion in our culture until the point that it’s as ordinary as getting a manicure or a haircut?

This billboard is all the proof you need.

We can see it in the phrases “women’s health,” “reproductive rights,” “choice,” and now even “self-care.”

Susan B. Anthony List exists as an organization to stand tall as a loud pro-life voice in America. We fight non-stop to protect the lives of the unborn, counter the pro-abortion propaganda in our culture, and mobilize pro-life Americans to end abortion in our country.

But with the abortion lobby getting nastier, we need to stand our ground now, more than ever.

Please add your name to our petition to DENOUNCE this HEINOUS billboard.


Emily Buchanan
Executive Vice President
Susan B. Anthony List


Kavanaugh Hearing Attendees Saw Liberal Protesters Paid Off With THIS

I didn’t dare use the term “leftist bullies” in the subject line. Google would likely censor it. ~C.D.

Supreme Court pick Judge Brett Kavanaugh continues to face unprecedented protests and interruptions during his questions before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Turns out, we may know what’s motivating at least some of Kavanaugh’s liberal detractors. (Gateway Pundit)
Now, this…

Several doctors from Texas attended the hearing today and told interviewer Adam Schindler that they witnessed organized activists with a literal bag of cash paying the rent-a-mob protesters.

RealClearPolitics has a complete transcript of the doctor’s claims to author Adam W. Schindler.
Read more at http://americanactionnews.com/articles/kavanaugh-hearing-attendees-saw-liberal-protesters-paid-off-with-this/

Kavanaugh Hearing Attendees Saw Liberal Protesters Paid Off With THIS

Rent-a-Mob [SEE THE PHOTO]

Discipline needed for Leftist Intimidation (bul lies)


If officials/citizens act like children – they need to be treated (heavily fined) accordingly and removed.

A new norm needs to be established because of the interference from the left in our government.

Something as important as the hearing for Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court should not end up as a travesty. Each person who attends these hearings should sign a “waver of conduct.”

This should also apply to the Senators who disrupted the hearings and the citizens. Being arrested and then being dismissed at the end of the day is not good enough. There has to be consequences for their actions (at least a fine). Also, the senators who misbehave should be heavily fined for not following the established decorum.


Bible Stories, Symbolism, and Abortion Facts

This gallery contains 2 photos.

Dinner Topics for Thursday Bible Stories: Shiphrah, Ancient Activist on Infanticide Prevention And the king of Egypt spake to the Hebrew midwives, of which the name of the one was Shiphrah, and the name of the other Puah: And he … Continue reading


Pro-Life Facts: Unborn Child Rights Supported by New Evidence in Castaways Book

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Pro-Life Facts: Unborn Child Rights Supported by New Evidence in Castaways Book The Castaways: New Evidence Supporting the Rights of the Unborn Child Dear Reader, this is a brief excerpt from Sarah Hinze’s amazing book. It is a little book, … Continue reading

Abortion Facts: Roe v. Wade Film vs. Pro-Abortion Protest

Abortion Facts:

Roe v. Wade Film vs. Pro-Abortion Protest

Roe v. Wade Film Begins Shooting amid Mounting Protests and Backlash

Dr. Susan Berry


Roe v. Wade Trailer



Actor and producer Nick Loeb is filming a movie about the highly controversial 1973 Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade amid rejection by pro-abortion advocates.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Loeb and his production partner Cathy Allyn are co-directing the film and have been keeping it under wraps – even to the extent of using a fake title for locations – for the sake of the security of the cast and crew.

Loeb, who is shooting the movie in New Orleans, explains the secrecy by telling the story of a woman wearing a headset approaching him and asking if he was the director of Roe v. Wade.

“When I told her I was, she told me to go f*** myself,” he told the Hollywood Reporter. “Then she threw her headset on the ground and walked off. I found out later she was our electrician.”

The report continues:

Even with the secrecy, it’s been a challenging shoot. At Louisiana State University, Loeb says, “we were told we were rejected due to our content, even though it will be a PG-rated film. They refused to put it in writing, but they told us on the phone it was due to content.” At Tulane, where Loeb is an alum, the film shot one day, but after the school newspaper reported on the nature of the project, producers were denied a second day of shooting, according to Loeb. (Both Tulane and LSU say logistics were the problem, not the content of the movie.)

And then there was a synagogue in New Orleans that producers rented for catering and as a place for extras to hang out. “Once they found out what the film was about, they locked us out. We had to call the police so that the extras and caterers could retrieve their possessions,” Loeb says.

Some actors reportedly walked away from the movie as well when they discovered Loeb was not supportive of abortion.

“We had to replace three local actors, including one who was to play Norma McCorvey, even after she begged for the role,” he said.

Roe v. Wade History

McCorvey was known as Jane Roe in the landmark legal case, in which the high court created a right to abortion when none every existed in the Constitution. She ultimately became a pro-life advocate, stating she was manipulated into signing on to the case.

Even the film’s original director quit on the first day of shooting, necessitating Loeb and Allyn to step in to co-direct the film.

Facebook Blocked Film’s Crowd Funding Site

In January, Loeb told Breitbart News his film is “the first movie ever about the true story” of the controversial Supreme Court case. The film’s Indiegogo crowdfunding site had been blocked by Facebook, he reported, at that time.

The film’s cast includes outspoken conservative stars Jon Voight and Robert Davi as two Supreme Court justices, with Corbin Bernsen, John Schneider, Steve Guttenberg, William Forsythe, Wade Williams, and Richard Portnow also as justices.

Jon Voight, Stacey Dash, Robert Davi, stars of Roe v. Wade film

Former Fox News commentator Stacey Dash, star of Clueless, plays the role of Mildred Jefferson, the first black woman graduate of Harvard Medical School and the former president of pro-life organization National Right to Life.

Pro-life activist Dr. Alveda King – niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. – is serving as executive producer of the movie.

Loeb himself made headlines when he filed a lawsuit against his ex-fiancée, actress Sofia Vergara, for full and sole custody of the former couple’s embryos, which had been residing in a state of cryopreservation in California.

In a case that was the first to bring awareness to the rights of embryos, Loeb filed a petition with the District Court for the Louisiana parish of Plaquemines.

The producer told Breitbart News he became pro-life in his 20s “when I went through having two abortions.”

Now, Loeb and Allyn say the timing is perfect for their film, with the resignation of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy and President Donald Trump’s anticipated choice of a replacement for him.

No One Has Told the Truth about Roe v. Wade in a Film

“But even without that news, it’s one of the most controversial political decisions in history,” he told the Hollywood Reporter. “It divides us and makes us uncomfortable. I have my own pro-life issue going on with my fight over embryos, but no one has really told the whole truth about Roe v. Wade in a film.”

“When I delved into this, I discovered conspiracy theories, fake news, made-up statistics and a whole lot of people involved who switched their positions from pro-choice to pro-life, including Norma,” he said.

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History Facts: Margaret Sanger, Racism, and Planned Parenthood

Roe v. Wade Film Begins Shooting amid Mounting Protests and Backlash


Pro-Life Film Plagued With Pushback From Cast, Crew, Shooting Locations

American Family Association Issues at hand: Bible Giveaway, Keys to Happiness, Beware of wolf

AFAissueshandAmerican Family Association Issues at Hand:

Bible Giveaway, Keys to Happiness, Beware of wolf

AFR, Truth for Youth give 63,174 Bibles

afa-truthforyouthOctober 2016 – For 15 years, American Family Radio has partnered with Revival Fires Ministries for one week each fall to provide free New Testaments for students to give to unsaved friends at school. In August, AFR listeners broke their own record (62,800 Bibles in 2015) by providing 63,174 Truth for Youth Bibles for Christian teens to give away.

“It’s a creative and effective way to get Bibles in the hands and hearts of unsaved teens,” said AFA president Tim Wildmon.

In evangelistic services he leads throughout the year, RFM president Tim Todd raises funds to print and ship the Bibles. Learn more at revivalfires.org.

Worship positive for health and Keys to Happiness

christian-worshipOctober 2016 – Marripedia, an online social science encyclopedia of research, found that nearly 100 studies show that 81% of the time there is a “positive association between religious involvement and greater happiness, life satisfaction, morale, positive affect, or some other measure of wellbeing.” People who highly value their religious faith and frequently participate in it have reduced incidence of depression or suicide.

In addition, those who attend services at least weekly have lower mortality rates, and a reduced risk of infectious disease, diabetes, and cancer. They live an average of seven years longer than those who are not active in religion.

Regular church attendance also correlates with higher levels of happiness and sexual satisfaction in marriage. Those who attend weekly are seven times less likely to have a sexual partner outside marriage. And teens who are in church at least once per week are more likely to abstain from sex; only 51% of those 17-year-olds had had sex, compared to 70% of those who never attend.

marripedia.org, 6/15/16


Muslim employee infiltrates, defrauds World Vision

Beware of wolf among the sheep! Christian groups are not immune to infiltration.

afa-worldvision-infiltratedOctober 2016 – Mohammed El Halabi, director of World Vision’s Gaza branch since 2010, confessed to siphoning off $7.2 million a year from donations given to the humanitarian aid organization, according to Israeli authorities who arrested Halabi on June 15. Prosecutors said the money was used to fund Hamas, of which Halabi is a member who was was recruited for the purpose of infiltrating World Vision. Israel estimates that in the last six years, Halabi diverted 60% of World Vision’s Gaza budget, intended for work among children in the region and agricultural projects. Germany and Australia suspended funding for World Vision in Gaza after the allegations.

sheep-and-wolf“[Halabi’s crime] massively damages the trust necessary for aid work for the people in Gaza,” said German politician Volker Beck.

“Any diversion of the generous support of the Australian and international community for military or terrorist purposes by Hamas is to be deplored and can only harm the Palestinian people,” Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade said in a statement.

jpost.com, 8/7/16; world.wng.org, 8/5/16


Planned Parenthood: one million deaths in 2015

abortion-planned-parenthood-fadedkidsOctober 2016 – Planned Parenthood global affiliates killed 964,325 babies in 2015, according to International Planned Parenthood Federation.

“If you were to read off the names of IPPF’s tiny victims – without sleeping, breaking, or pausing – it would take you almost two years,” LifeNews.com stated. “In fact, you would never finish. By the time you finished reading the list of all the lives lost in 2015, IPPF’s abortion facilities would have added another two million lives to be accounted for.”

IPPF plans to escalate that endeavor. In Ghana, for example, advertising campaigns led to a 25% increase in clients in the country in 2014. And IPPF takes credit for influencing more than 800 policy and legislative changes in the last decade that push “sexual and reproductive rights” around the world.

onenewsnow.com, 7/17/16

Culture Wars: Abortion Facts, Stop Abortion vs. Barbarian Planned Parenthood

Culture Wars:

Abortion Facts, Stop Abortion vs. Barbarian Planned Parenthood

Remembering the Aborted

What do you do with an aborted baby?

Do you send the child’s body to a power plant where he or she is burned to generate energy?

stop-abortionThat’s what was happening when the British Columbia Health Ministry admitted in 2014 that it shipped aborted babies to Oregon, where a “waste-to-energy” plant used them to produce electrical power for a local utility.

Do you store the aborted baby’s remains in the kitchen?

That’s what abortionist Kermit Gosnell did. When investigators raided the now-convicted-murderer’s Philadelphia clinic in 2010 on drug related charges, they found babies’ dismembered feet inside jars and their bodies stashed in milk jugs, orange juice cartons and cat food containers.

Do you sell the baby’s heart, liver and brain for research?

That’s the practice in abortion clinics that has first uncovered in 1997. This year Congress has launched an investigation that is still ongoing.

But if you don’t consider aborted babies to be a renewable energy source, collectables, or troves of salvageable organs you can use to “diversify” your “revenue stream,” what do you do with them?

You treat them as the humans they are.

That’s what Texas and other states are trying to do.  And it’s what the upcoming National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children on September 10 — an event I co-founded — is all about.

abortion-quoteTexas’s Health and Human Services Commission has proposed rules that would require aborted babies’ bodies to be cremated or buried, just like the remains of born people. A spokesman for the commission said that the new regulations will ensure that: “Texas law maintains the highest standards of human dignity.”

Naturally, the nation’s leading degrader of human dignity — the abortion industry — opposes the move. Planned Parenthood, which is already suing Indiana over its new statute governing fetal remains, has announced its objections to the Texas regulations. The abortion business says that the babies it kills should continue to be treated as medical waste — incinerated or ground up and dumped into landfills. The Center for Reproductive Rights, one of the legal arms of the pro-abortion movement, has already threatened a lawsuit.

The abortion industry opposes the burial or cremation of aborted babies because such acts, by acknowledging the humanity of these tiny children, highlight the inhumanity of abortion.

Media bias on abortion

Media bias on abortion

The National Day of Remembrance, on the other hand, is an annual observance that affirms the humanity of little ones who were unwanted and responds to them appropriately, by holding simultaneous memorial services at gravesites where aborted babies are buried. Such an observance points to a Culture of Life, in which mourning such children is the dominant response to their violent deaths — rather than ignoring them or rationalizing those deaths.

A project of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society, the Pro-Life Action League, and the organization I lead, Priests for Life, the National Day of Remembrance was born after many years of ceremonies across the country memorializing babies whose bodies had been relegated to the status of trash by the abortion industry.

abortion3-pro-lifeAs one of the co-founders of the National Day, Priests for Life has always acted on the truth that you don’t stop treating a person with respect when they die. On behalf of Priests for Life, I have participated in burial and memorial services for aborted babies across the country, such as in 2008 when I conducted the funeral for three aborted babies at the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament that EWTN’s Mother Angelica built in Hanceville, Alabama.

On last year’s National Day of Remembrance, I participated in a memorial service at the gravesite of 16,431 aborted babies. Yes, you read that number correctly.

Back in 1982, the remains of more than 16,000 unborn children were found in the repossessed storage container of a Los Angeles area pathologist. The pathologist had received the bodies from several abortion clinics and kept them in a container at his residence. Three years after the discovery, and over the objections of the abortion lobby, the babies were finally allowed to be interred at a secular cemetery in what is the largest such burial spot for the unborn in the country.

abortion-2-pro-lifeGravesites for the aborted, while not common, are not unusual either. On September 10, National Day of Remembrance ceremonies will be held at 50 such sites and over 135 other memorial spots nationwide. In total, more than 560 locations have been created to honor the tens of millions who have lost their lives to the abortionist’s lethal tools.

Participation in these services is meaningful and important. Standing beside the marker for an unnamed child brings home the reality, brutality and finality of abortion. At the grave, it becomes clear that the premature ending of a baby’s life is not an abstraction, but a physical reality. It’s also a call to action to protect those still in danger.

Abortion propagandists want us to treat the unborn as anything but human, so they fight tooth and nail to stop any effort like Texas’s proposed regulation on the disposition of aborted babies. They want babies treated like cancerous tumors.

Our acquiescence to abortionists’ lies keeps them in business, fills mothers with regret, and destroys lives.  Instead, let us treat each other, including the unborn, as we would want to be treated. By mourning the babies who have been killed, let us advance a culture of life.

Fr. Frank Pavone is National Director of Priests for Life. For more information on the National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children, please go to www.abortionmemorials.com.

Abortion Facts: Planned Parenthood selling baby parts

Abortion Facts: Planned Parenthood selling baby parts

Evil Incarnate—

Limbaugh: We Cannot Ignore the Sickening, Evil Depravity of Planned Parenthood

Rush Limbaugh Radio

keyCALLER:  Okay, let me tell you why I’m calling.  Talking about the Planned Parenthood video, we’re talking about fetal waste.  My daughter was born 25 years ago.  She was born in 1990 at 23 and a half weeks gestation.  She was a pound and a half at birth.  She’s a living, breathing, creative, working, a real person. We love her, she’s our child, she’s successful in life, and I just want people to know that.  She teaches in a yeshiva, a Jewish school, and that’s what she is. These are not body parts.  These are people.

Obama Track Record

abortion5-jesus-pro-lifeWhoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck … ~Jesus, in Matthew 18:6

RUSH:  Okay.  So there’s a brochure explaining what Planned Parenthood’s doing, doing it for profit. Everything’s great, they say. Yes, they’re doing everything they can to find cures for diseases!  Fine and dandy.  Folks, I know this is gruesome, but hang with me.  Let’s ask to see how much money Planned Parenthood made, say, for livers in 2014, and then let’s ask to see if there’s a breakdown for how much profit they made in harvesting and selling hearts and heads.  Let’s see the spreadsheet.  I mean, they’re bragging here about profits.

It has to be that.  I mean, if it’s all legal, it’s all aboveboard, let’s see the details!  Let’s find out how much they make. If it’s so wonderful here, let’s see the data. Let’s find out how many cures there have been. Let’s find out what advances in medical research have taken place as a result of this, and let’s see the amount of money that’s involved in this.  Is it a major American business? (interruption) No, no.  I know, it’s barbarism.  It’s shameful.  And it’s all underwritten with taxpayer money, folks.

BOEHNER: This week at my request our committees have begun looking at some of the gruesome practices embraced by Planned ParenthoodI’m also demanding that the president denounce and stop these practices.  Now, if you’ve seen this video, I don’t have to tell you how sickening it is.  So rest assured we’re gonna get to the bottom of this and protect the values that we hold dear.

RUSH:  Now, does anybody expect that Obama will denounce Planned Parenthood?  I know Boehner probably doesn’t expect Obama to denounce it, but he’s demanded that he do so.

Can I remind you about Barack Obama as a state senator in Illinois. Long before he became a United States senator, and many moons prior to his running for the presidency in 2007 and 2008, in Illinois — paraphrasing this — they struggled with all kinds of abortion law.  And at the end of it all, it would be entirely accurate to say that Barack Obama voted for infanticide. 

The bill in question dealt with botched abortions, what to do if the baby survives.  The bill that Obama supported gave the doctor permission to finish the job outside the womb.  So expecting Barack Obama to denounce what has been seen in this Planned Parenthood video is a misguided expectation.  And I don’t expect that Boehner really thinks he will.  But Barack Obama is right in there with these people, and so is every other elected Democrat.

I mean, ladies and gentlemen, it has been said countless times and it remains true, abortion is, for all intents and purposes, the sacrament to the religion of liberalism.  And there will be nothing, no time, any time, anywhere, by anybody that is going to change that nor denounce the practice, in any form.  I mean, you remember how difficult a job it was to get even some of those people to speak out against partial-birth abortion, which, what’s partial-birth abortion?  That means the baby is born and then — we use the word “aborted” rather than “kill.”

Huckabee: Planned Parenthood must be defunded

Calling it “grotesque and utterly disturbing,” GOP candidate Mike Huckabee told WND, “The apparent selling of aborted body parts by Planned Parenthood is just the latest disturbing news out of the abortion industry.”He added, “This underscores my desire to defund Planned Parenthood, as I have pledged to do in my ‘Pledge to the People. The sanctity of every human life, both born and unborn, is a value we must always fight for.”


huckabee_14WASHINGTON – Republican presidential candidates and other pro-lifers are sickened and outraged after an apparent admission that Planned Parenthood is selling body parts from aborted babies.

Calling it “grotesque and utterly disturbing,” GOP candidate Mike Huckabee told WND, “The apparent selling of aborted body parts by Planned Parenthood is just the latest disturbing news out of the abortion industry.”

He added, “This underscores my desire to defund Planned Parenthood, as I have pledged to do in my ‘Pledge to the People.‘ The sanctity of every human life, both born and unborn, is a value we must always fight for.”

An undercover video released Tuesday showed Planned Parenthood’s senior director of medical services, Dr. Deborah Nucatola, describing how her organization sells the body parts of aborted unborn children – a felony punishable by imprisonment – and admitting she uses partial-birth abortions to harvest intact body parts.

abortion3-pro-life“Planned Parenthood’s goal has always been about making hundreds of millions of dollars a year off the troubles of young pregnant women,” said the retired congresswoman from Minnesota.

“Planned Parenthood makes money on birth control, on youth sex education (which doesn’t discourage underage sexual activity), on abortions (as the largest abortion provider in the United States), and now on the illegal trafficking of aborted fetal parts.

GOP presidential candidate and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson tweeted, “Planned Parenthood and their enablers must be stopped from these barbaric practices.”

And another GOP candidate, Carly Fiorina responded: “This latest news is tragic and outrageous. This isn’t about ‘choice.’ It’s about profiting on the death of the unborn while telling women it’s about empowerment.”

However, Democratic Party presidential candidate Hillary Clinton likely won’t be sounding off any time soon.

She and President Obama are among the top recipients of Planned Parenthood contributions, according to InfluenceExplorer.com.
When Clinton announced her candidacy, Planned Parenthood gave her a warm welcome and a ringing endorsement.

Funding shelved

abortion-againstA statement from the Family Research Council applauded House Republican leadership for cancelling a vote scheduled Tuesday on H.R. 2722, the Breast Cancer Awareness Commemorative Coin Act.

The group said the measure that “would have poured up to $4,750,000 into the Susan G. Komen Foundation, a major donor to Planned Parenthood, America’s largest abortion provider.”

In a statement, Family Research Council President Tony Perkins said, “It is past time for the federal government to stop funding Planned Parenthood, an organization that has provided cover for sex traffickers, engaged in gender targeting, and is known for dirty, bloody clinics.

“Congress must investigate these charges to ensure that unborn babies are not being aborted to harvest their organs and body parts.”

Facebook blocks video comments

obama-internet-censorThe website Twitchy is reporting Facebook is blocking posts about the Planned Parenthood video, and published tweets from people whose posts have been banned.

With the mainstream media managing to avoid reporting the story so far, Twitchy said it apparently was not deemed newsworthy, at least, “not according to Facebook.”

Federal crime

In the video released by the Center for Medical Progress, Nucatola is at a business lunch with a man and a woman posing as buyers from a human biologics company. As head of Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s Medical Services division, Nucatola has overseen medical practice at all Planned Parenthood clinics since 2009. She also trains new abortion doctors and performs abortions herself at Planned Parenthood Los Angeles up to 24 weeks, Life News reports.

The commercial trafficking in any kind of human body parts is a federal crime punishable by up to 10 years in prison, a $500,000 fine, or both.

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2015/07/huckabee-selling-unborn-body-parts-grotesque/#JIj0p3lFyuGkmIhI.99