US Constitution Series 12: Democracy Attacks American Republic

US Constitution Series 12: The United States of America shall be a Republic

There are many reasons why the Founders wanted a republican form of government rather than a democracy.

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democracyjeffersonThe Founders’ Basic Principles: 28 Great Ideas that changed the world

The practical application of this book review of Skousen’s educated wisdom is to leverage “We, The People’s” knowledge to easily expose ignorance, anarchy and tyranny, and hold the government accountable.


From The 5,000 Year Leap—A Miracle that Changed the World

By W. Cleon Skousen

How the American Constitutional Republic became known as a Democracy

Modern Emphasis on “Democracy”

In spite of efforts to clarify the difference between a democracy and a republic, the United States began to be consistently identified in both the press and the school books as a “democracy.”This transformation of our Constitutional republic into a “Democracy” began with the Progressives in the early 20th century. President Wilson, a leader in the Progressive movement, helped contribute to this confusion when he identified World War I as the effort to “make the world safe for democracy.” ~Skousen, 158


Socialists use a Front Group to mask their true purpose

Definition: (A Front Group is an organization that uses a false name to deceive people about their true purpose)

Two leftists, Harry Laidler and Norman Thomas, set up an organization called the Intercollegiate Socialist Society. (ISS)They spoke at campuses from coast to coast, calling America a democracy. The ISS adopted a snappy (socialist)slogan for the times: “Production for use, not for profit.”

By 1921, with the violence and brutality associated with the Communist revolution, “socialism” became repugnant to people. So ISS changed their name to “The League for Industrial DEMOCRACY.”


“Democracy” Loses Its Identification with Socialism

Following World War II, an interesting semantic transition began to take place in the American mind with reference to the use of the word “democracy.”

To begin with, the Communists, the National Socialists of Germany, and the Democratic Socialists throughout the rest of Europe had all misused the word “democracy” to the point where it had become virtually meaningless as a descriptive term. As a euphemism for socialism, the word had become totally innocuous.

The word “democracy” used to cover up the abject worldwide failure of “socialism”

obamaSocialistDemWOrkersPartyFurthermore, socialism, whether spelled with a capital or small “s”, had lost its luster. All over the world, socialist nations—both democratic and communistic—were drifting into deep trouble. All of them were verging on economic collapse in spite of tens of billions of dollars provided by the United States to prop them up. Some had acquired a notorious and abhorrent reputation because of the violence, torture, starvation, and concentration-camp tactics they had used against their own civilian population. All over the world, socialism had begun to emerge as an abject failure formula. To the extent it was tried in America (without ever being called “socialism”), it had created colossal problems which the Founding Fathers’ formula would have avoided. (Skousen, 160)


The Attack on the Constitution

With the preceding historical picture in mind, it will be readily appreciated that the introduction of the word “democracy (to describe the United States) was actually designed as an attack on the Constitutional structure of government and the basic rights it was designed to protect.

signers3As Samuel Adams pointed out, the Founders had tried to make socialism “unconstitutional.” Therefore, to adopt socialism, respect and support for traditional constitutionalism had to be eroded and then emasculated. In view of this fact, it should not surprise the student of history to discover that those who wanted to have “democracy” identified with the American system were also anxious to have Americans believe their traditional Constitution was outdated, perhaps totally obsolete. (Skousen, 160)


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A Constitution should be Structured to Permanently Protect the People from the Human Frailties of their Rulers.

US Constitution Series 11: Liberty of the People vs. Government Force



Abuse Report: Obama at Play while Liberals, Russia, Islam attack American Safety

Abuse Report: The abuses of power against the American People Continue …

1. Obama at Play while Liberal Immigration policy attacks American Safety

Rush Limbaugh

Does Anybody Care? With Country in Chaos Obama Shoots Pool, But Turns Down Doobie

pool-rush-barackObama was offered some choom out there in wherever. I can’t keep up with him. (interruption) He was in Denver? He’s out there playing pool. We got a border crisis and he’s out there playing pool. Somebody offered him a hit, a doobie. He had to be tempted. You know he had to be tempted. ‘Cause he’s out there, the last thing this guy can afford to look like is the president right now. He’s got to look like anything other than the president in order to stay in tight with the low-information pop culture crowd.

I mean, ladies and gentlemen, that is part and parcel the Limbaugh Theorem. When all of this chaos is visiting the country, he can’t act in charge of it. He’s gotta act like he’s just one of the guys and he’s upset by it, too, and this is how he’s dealing with it. He’s hanging around with the peeps. He’s running around shooting pool. He’s going to bars. Some loco weed actually offered the president of the United States a hit!
In fact, we have the sound bite. It’s the very last one. Grab number nine, it’s only three seconds. You’re gonna have to listen fast to this. It’s in a bar where they sell adult beverages. There’s a pool table, and Obama’s in there shooting pool. He’s relating to the people, and he was asked whether he wanted to smoke marijuana by a fellow patron in the bar.

ObamaTapsDenverduringbordercrisisMAN: Do you want to hit this? (laughter)

RUSH: “Do you want to hit this?” And Obama laughed. Imagine being asked — well, Clinton, yeah. “Hey, hey, you want to inhale? You want to inhale tonight? Hey, you want to hit this?” Can you imagine? The guy knows, the patron knows, Obama’s a choomer. Anyway, folks, you gotta find things to make you smile. You have to find things that you can somewhat chuckle and laugh at. It’s what we do here each and every day.

Ted Cruz has — you know, the big controversy over Obama not going to the border, and a bunch of Democrats are getting really worried about the optics here. They’re getting really worried that this is going to be Obama’s Katrina moment. Now, to refresh your memory, Bush’s Katrina moment was when he flew over New Orleans after the hurricane had gone through there. He was looking out the window of Air Force One and a photographer snapped a picture of Bush looking out the window, flying by New Orleans.

2. Regime Refuses to Sell Fighter Jets to Iraq, Sends Them Running into the Arms of Russia

ISIS=Islamic State of Iraq and Syria

treasonaidabetenemyIn his first interview with any media since the ISIS invasion began in Iraq, the prime minister there, Nouri al-Maliki, has announced that he is giving up, giving up on trying to get fighter jets from America, because the United States is delaying the process too long.

So Nouri al-Maliki is going to buy fighter jets from Putin instead. He’s going to buy fighter jets from Russia. Nouri al-Maliki even says that Iraq was deluded, deluded when they signed the contract with the US. Deluded, what does he mean? Fooled, delusional, stupid, betrayed. Whatever, it sure sounds to me like the Regime is trying to keep the Iraq government from being able to defend themselves. The first thing that Iraq asked for is just some fighter jet cover, just some bombing raids on the ISIS bad guys.

I mean, we’re sending the Iraqis right into the waiting arms of the Russians. Could it be, ladies and gentlemen, that what we’re doing here is actually just giving Iraq to the Russians? Maliki is all excited now. He’s gonna get the Russian jets. He’s saying that the Russian jets are gonna turn the tide. He’s really hopped up here. He thinks that the jets that the Russians are gonna send him are gonna do bombing raids on ISIS and are gonna turn the tide and stop this onslaught and maybe even reverse it.

Now, the Russians have always wanted Iraq. I mean, there’s a lot of oil there. And unlike Obama, Putin actually appreciates it. Putin sees the value in having as much of it as he can get and controlling as much of it as he can. The Russians have always wanted Iraq. In fact, this is not widely known, and it might even be disputed by some who are not aware of it, but one of the reasons way back in the 1980s that the Russians invaded Afghanistan was to get to Iraq. It was a steppingstone.

So apparently al-Maliki offered to buy some jets from us and Obama wouldn’t even sell ’em. Not just wouldn’t send any to provide cover, but wouldn’t sell any jets to al-Maliki. (interruption) Who, Obama? (interruption) Yeah. He wants Regime change. He wants al-Maliki out of there and that’s what he’s holding out for, and he’s gonna get it.
The Russians. Iraq is gonna — (interruption) Yes, they are friendly with Iran already. So if you have Iraq pending as a puppet client state of the… We know what Putin wants to do. He wants to reconstitute the Soviet Union. It doesn’t have to be the same countries.

3. Report: ICE Knew in Advance of Child Immigrant Surge

By Drew MacKenzie

illegal_alien_borderImmigration authorities were aware months ago there was going to be a massive surge of immigrant minors this year despite the “surprise” influx causing a humanitarian crisis, National Review reports.

Tens of thousands of unaccompanied alien children from Central America have poured across the border into Arizona and Texas in recent months, overwhelming Border Control agents and resulting in a critical situation at makeshift immigrant detention centers.

The Department of Homeland Security said last week that it has been processing 52,000 minors who have arrived at the U.S. border with Mexico between last October and June this year, twice as many than the previous 12 months.

However, earlier this year, data showed that Immigration and Customs Enforcement, a division of Homeland Security, knew that southwestern states faced an onslaught of underage migrants and appeared to be preparing for it, the National Review said.

The first request seeking “escorts” for 65,000 unaccompanied children was posted in January on a website that displays federal contracts, and was recently noticed by the conservative website Weasel Zippers.

Asked whether the request showed that ICE was anticipating an influx of illegal child migrants months before it happened, ICE spokesman Carl Rusnok said the number of unaccompanied children caught along the southwest border has increased significantly for each of the past three years.

The second posting came this month, but appeared to minimize the significance of immigrant children, saying that “among the groups of aliens transferred from [Customs and Border Patrol] to ICE are unaccompanied alien children.”

But the request was posted alongside a Statement of Work, with several references to unaccompanied minors, making it apparent that the job consisted primarily of escorting children, according to the National Review.

The work order said that children must receive three meals a day and “seconds” if they wish, plus vegetarian meals would be given if needed. Contractors were instructed to demonstrate “cultural sensitivity and age-sensitive conduct.”

The potential “escorts” were also informed that they were not allowed to “handcuff juveniles during transport unless there is evidence or a perceived threat of violent behavior, a history of criminal activity, or other reasons to believe the alien is an escape risk.”

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4. Oh, the “Poor” Clintons!

HIllaryBillMoneyArticleStudent Leaders Ask Hillary To Return ‘Outrageous’ $225,000 School Speaking Fee — Two top student government leaders at the University of Las Vegas are requesting Hillary Clinton return the ‘outrageous’ $225,000 speaking fee she reportedly will receive for an upcoming speech at the school in October.
“In a video circulated by the national Republican Party Friday, Elias Benjelloun, the UNLV student body president, and Daniel Waqar, the student government’s public relations director, slammed the university’s foundation for paying Clinton so much for the event.” All was fine until they found out what she makes. She gets $225,000 for a speech, and the students are making moves on getting the money back.

5. “Crony Capitalism” is fascism.

In Communism, bureaucratic government owns and controls business. In Fascism, businesses are privately owned, but controlled by a dictator. Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary, 2003: Fascism exalts race above the individual.

Rush Limbaugh

Welfare is not welfare. Welfare does not equal poverty. It’s become a lifestyle. That’s not by accident. This is all the result of policy. It is policy that has long been the dream and desire of the Democrat Party. Sadly, many Republicans, rather than fight this, have sat by idly and let it happen, because they’re afraid of fighting it. Then you add in the crony capitalism or crony socialism that we were talking about last week. American business no longer has to innovate in order stay ahead of its competition. Some American businesses only need a sugar daddy relationship with the administration, and that relationship alone makes it impossible to compete against them. Their competitors can’t keep up with a company that has a sweetheart relationship with the federal government.

fascismwndFor example — and this is a good one. I don’t mean to harp on them, but it’s an example that was published in a piece about this I saw. How many of you were shocked like I was when you read early on that Walmart was on board for Obamacare? Instinctively it doesn’t make any sense. The instinctive, traditional understanding is that Walmart is an American major corporation, and, as such, doesn’t want anything to do with government. This is the natural assumption people would make. You add to it the Walmart history and tradition, Arkansas, thought to be Republican, conservative, free market, free enterprise, leave government, get ’em away from me, don’t want any part of ’em.
And then all of a sudden, out of the blue, Walmart — and they’re not the only one, just a great example — are supporting Obamacare. Well, why? Probably simple. They can afford the pain. They can afford whatever new costs. And because of their relationship with Obama, they’ve got waivers or exemptions. But their competitors can’t afford it, and their competitors don’t have the waivers.

So Walmart — without having to innovate, without having to lower prices, without having to really compete with its competitors — can win. Costco is another example. Costco all of a sudden one day comes out in favor of the minimum wage. It makes no sense. The minimum wage doesn’t do anybody any good. It causes the loss of jobs. It does not raise anybody’s standard of living.

But Costco’s right there supporting the Regime and the minimum wage. Why? Because they formed a relationship! It’s easier to be with somebody like Obama than to have him angry at you and targeting you. Plus you can afford a minimum wage increase, arbitrary though it is. Your competitors can’t. Therefore your alliance with the government results in your competitors being harmed, not anything you’ve done in a competition sense.

Well, you have all this crony socialism,
Or as defined, FASCISM.