Political Cartoon: Baltimore Rats jump Democrat Blue ship of Fools

Political Cartoon:

Baltimore Rats jump Democrat Blue ship of Fools

Political Cartoon: Baltimore Rats, Democratic Party Hypocrisy—A whole New Racist Meaning

Political Cartoon:

Baltimore Rats, Democratic Party Hypocrisy—A whole New Racist Meaning

Democratic party Hypocrisy

Some say thing are so bad in Elija Cummings District most of them would rather live in a detention center at the southern border. Political Cartoon by A.F. Branco ©2019.

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True Racist Meaning

CALLER TO RUSH LIMBAUGH SHOW: I thought I would help define a little bit for the young people what racism truly is. Racism is about excluding individuals based on their race. It’s about denying something from someone because of their race. To say that you think Koreans smell is not racist. It’s rude. To say to someone who’s Chinese that you don’t like their facial features is not racist.

It shows you are offensive, but not racist. To deny these same people access to something all other people have access to because they are Asian is racist. There’s a huge difference between being rude, prejudice, pejorative, impolite, offensive, uncouth, and being racist. I think that needs to be clear to young people, because they think that if you say, “Oh, I hate Italian food. I don’t like the Italian food,” it makes you a racist.


RUSH: We had a caller yesterday who make a brilliant point. If you hear the words “infested” or “infestation” and “vermin,” and you think “racist,” then you’re the racist. When did this happen? When did this definition of “vermin” become racist? When did using the word “infestation” become racist? It isn’t, except to these people. These people are the racists. The racists are the people in the media and the people on the left who are out there accusing everybody else of being racist. It’s finally gotten to our old buddy Brit Hume. I don’t think he can handle it anymore.


Brit Hume

Last night on Fox News, Sandra Smith said to him, “The media are saying the word infest, infestation, is racist.”

HUME: Sandra, for Pete’s sake he’s talking about animals! He’s talking about rodents! He isn’t talking about people. Look, we cannot possibly be at a place now in America where you cannot criticize the condition of somebody’s congressional district who happens to be African-American without being accused of racism. You know, for a long time if you were critical of someone who was of darker skin color — uh, black or brown — you were accused of racism. Now you’re talking about the rodents in their districts and that’s racism. My own view of that is it’s positively absurd.

Democratic Party Hypocrisy

Lynne Patton: AOC’s District Is Riddled with Rats and Maggots

Jul 31, 2019

democrat squadRUSH: Oh, my goodness. This is happening in the Ocasio-Cortez district?

Anyway, the question is being asked of the administrator for HUD, regional administrator Lynne Patton, “All these attacks on Trump, he’s actually been very good for minority communities, hasn’t he?”

PATTON: I am in Ocasio-Cortez’s district more than she is. She’s more concerned about conditions at the border than conditions in her own backyard. This past week I had to shut down a children’s day camp because dead rats were falling through the ceiling and hitting the ground and falling on children’s desks, so infested with maggots that they broke apart when they hit the ground causing staffers to throw up. That’s what’s happening in New York.

Lynne Patton: AOC’s District Is Riddled with Rats and Maggots