Abuse of Power: Internet Censorship of Conservatives is Like Censorship under Stalin

Abuse of Power:

Internet Censorship of Conservatives is Like Censorship under Stalin

Who’s Always Trying to Silence Their Critics?

Rush Limbaugh

Go through history and look at the people who have sought to silence their critics, and you’ll find a specific type of leader.

You go through history, folks — it’s all I’m asking you to do — you start reviewing history, go through history and look at the people who have sought to silence their critics, and you’ll find a specific type of leader. And it’s not a leader that believes in constitutional republics or elected democracies in any shape, manner, or form. And that’s who the Democrat Party today is becoming. They are transforming into — you know, people call it fascist. They’re not fascist. This is more Stalinist, the way the social justice warriors and the snowflakes on campus are behaving and the people in Philadelphia attacking Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens.

RUSH: On this subject of banning websites and individuals from Twitter and Facebook. Take a look at who’s behind it, who’s urging this. You know, this is something that doesn’t often get mentioned. What we hear is that somebody somewhere has decided, in a fit of morality and justice, that certain sites are dangerous and must be limited in their distribution capabilities. And our social media companies must not participate in the wide distribution of such hate-filled, dangerous rhetoric.

Who is urging this to happen? That is to me as much of the story as the actual banning or limiting or what have you. And if you take a look at who’s suggesting this, it’s elected officials, Democrats in the House, Democrats in the Senate, and if you listen closely, you’ll hear people on CNN suggest that some of these sites should be banned from social media.

Who’s Always Trying to Silence Their Critics?

10 Conservatives Who Were Silenced By Twitter


Political Cartoon: Internet Censorship of Conservatives

Political Cartoon:

Internet Censorship of Conservatives

Thanks to A.F. Branco at Comically Incorrect  for his great cartoon

Tech giants Facebook, Twitter, Apple Inc, Google among others are on an all-out assault to silence conservative and libertarian speech. Political Cartoon by A.F. Branco ©2018.


Truth Matters: Facebook Censorship of Conservatives

Truth Matters:

Facebook Censorship of Conservatives

The Top 7 Things Facebook Doesn’t Want YOU to See


Between Facebook actively helping the Obama campaign and suppressing conservative voices, we know where they stand. To prove it, we’ve assembled a list of times when the social media giant censored conservatives, both small and large.

1.) Phil Robertson

Phil Robertson-Torchbearer movie

Phil Robertson became a household name because of his show, “Duck Dynasty” and for being a proud Christian, conservative voice in a popular culture that is hostile to those ideals. The excuse liberal techies used to censor his video in October 2017? Graphic violence. What on earth was he doing? Field stripping ducks to eat; so apparently, meal prep triggers Facebook’s city slickers.

2.) Pro-Life Movie Produced By Obama Critic

Dr. Alveda King is a pro-life activist and Christian evangelist that was critical of Barack Obama and has ties to President Trump. She is also the niece of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. She partnered with Indiegogo, to crowdfund a pro-life movie. Together, they launched a petition and a donation page for a film chronicling the history of Roe v. Wade and highlighting the racism of Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger. Facebook blocked them for “misusing” the site.

3.) Libertarian Tide Pod Memes

Tom Champlin, who owns the libertarian news website “The Liberty Review” and runs its associated Facebook page, was banned for 30 days from Facebook for posting a Tide pod meme. Facebook claims to, “allow humor, satire, [and] social commentary,” but this meme violated the site’s “community standards” by showing a Darwin award winner and possible future Democratic Congressman biting into a packet of laundry detergent. Triggered, much?

4.) Gun Range Owner Blocked

Jeff Sanford, the owner of Shiloh Gun Range, felt compelled to do something after an Islamic extremist murdered 50 people at Pulse Night Club in Orlando. Sanford offered free concealed carry handgun classes to gay people in his community. After the local news reported on his generous offer to empower others, Facebook disabled his account.

5.) Diamond and Silk ‘Unsafe’


Diamond and Silk became YouTube stars when they went viral for supporting Donald Trump in their sassy videos. Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for Facebook to start messing with the reach of their videos. When confronted, the company sent them an email stating that “they deemed our content and our brand unsafe to the community” according to the pair. In what parallel universe are these videos unsafe?

6.) Facebook Becomes ‘Fake News’ Police


By 2017, Facebook’s hubris had reached a new level. The platform attempted to tell us (intelligent, rational human beings) who we could believe and who we should ignore. They endorsed the New York Times and other established outlets – even with their track record of lying about Joseph Stalin’s state-managed famine in Ukraine, claiming 7-10 million lives, and Jayson Blair’s prolific plagiarism – and called smaller outlets untrustworthy. Unsurprisingly, many people bristled at the idea of being told what to think by a bunch of millennials in Silicon Valley. In 2018, Facebook tried another way, by using algorithms to deprioritize pages associated with specific (right-of-center) ideas and organizations, meaning that unless you are an individual, you won’t show up in someone’s newsfeed like before.


Thanks to A.F. Branco at Comically Incorrect  for his great cartoons


7.) Facebook Caught Suppressing Conservative Stories


As Senator Cruz referenced, Gizmodo reported in 2016 that the “Trending” bar on Facebook is a joke. They suppress conservative stories about the Conservative Political Action Conference, Rand Paul, Mitt Romney, and others. They also force stories that aren’t “trending” into the slot, so that you will pay attention to them. There have been multiple reports of reach being stopped cold so it never makes it into your newsfeed. Zuckerberg defended the algorithm as if it was utterly impartial, but the reality is that liberals are programming the algorithm to suppress conservative views.


The Top 7 Things Facebook Doesn’t Want YOU to See

Christian News: Abortion in Ireland; Censorship of Conservatives; God Definition Survey

Christian News:

American Family Association News

Abortion in Ireland; Censorship of Conservatives; God Definition Survey

Ireland citizens choose abortion in landslide vote


August 2018 – Citizens of Ireland voted May 25 to repeal a 1983 constitutional amendment that restricted abortion to rare cases involving endangerment of the mother’s life.

In the recent referendum, more than two million voted, with 66% in favor of revoking the amendment. According to the Irish Times, the state will now work to legalize abortion at less than 12 weeks gestation.

The results of the citizen vote reflect a 2017 Pew Research poll, which revealed that 66% of Irish adults supported legalization of abortion in all or most cases. The Pew poll response from Christians in Ireland was nearly identical, at 65%.

foxnews.com, 5/25/18; pewresearch.org, 5/29/18 (including graph)

Social media sites censor Christian, conservative posts


Above, Prager U features five-minute mini-lectures from a conservative perspective.

August 2018 – U.S. District Judge Lucy H. Koh has dismissed a suit filed by conservative nonprofit PragerU against YouTube for censoring the organization’s educational videos. Koh ruled in March that, inherently serving as a private company, Google, parent company of YouTube, has no obligation to equally apply its services, or in this case, its ostensible penalties.

PragerU argued that although YouTube is a private entity, Google operates as a public forum and is thus liable to First Amendment oversight. Koh disagreed.

War on Christianity

Similarly, the Lutheran-run Concordia Publishing House says Google will no longer allow its ads due to seeming breaches of the tech giant’s user privacy protection. The publishing house, however, says it was told to remove any references to Jesus or the Bible to use Google ad products.

Facebook Censorship

Also, conservative media personalities Diamond and Silk charge Facebook with censorship. The two women testified before Congress in April, alleging that “Facebook …has taken aggressive actions to silence conservative voices such as ourselves.”

dailysignal.com, 3/29/18; christianheadlines.com, 4/25/18; cbn.com, 4/26/18

Americans divided over definition of ‘God’

August 2018 – Belief in God or gods has steadily declined in America in the past decade or more, and according to a study conducted by Pew Research Center, Americans differ on their definitions of God, whether they believe in God or not.

Of those asked if they believe in God, 80% said yes, and about 20% said no. Of those who said yes, 56% said they believe in God as described in the Christian Bible. Of those who said no, 10% said there is no spiritual force or higher power in the universe. Interestingly, there was overlap between the “yes” and “no” camps: 23% of those who said yes and 9% of those who said no both believe in some other higher power or spiritual force acting in the universe.

pewforum.org, 4/25/18