Culture Wars: Lion Pride saves victims of Christian Persecution in Easter Modern-Day Miracles

Culture Wars:

Lion Pride saves victims of Christian Persecution in Easter Modern-Day Miracles

Miracle? This time, the lions save the Christians

‘Losing all hope, we thought for sure this was our last day’

Bob Unruh

The chief of a Christian ministry that works underground because of its outreach into Muslim-dominant communities in the Middle East is reporting a startling claim – his rescue from Islamic “militants” by a pride of lions.

Pastor Paul Ciniraj is the director of Bibles for Mideast, which delivers Bibles, preaches the Gospel and plants house churches in the strife-torn region. He says, while Islam remains dominant, “thousands upon thousands of people now secretly believe in Jesus Christ as their Savior.”

House churches the group establishes are under the banner of the nondenominational Assembly of Loving God Church. A convert from Islam, pastor Paul founded the work some four decades ago and has survived a battle with leukemia. A nine-member board of directors governs the ministry.

Paul Marshall, Lela Gilbert and Nina Shea have collaborated to create “Persecuted: The Global Assault on Christians,” which confirms that groups like Pew Research, Newsweek and The Economist also identify Christians as “the world’s most widely persecuted religious group.”

In a new report he delivered this week to WND, he says he was recovering from injuries he received in an attack by Islamic jihadists when the rescue occurred.

It was Easter Sunday, and he was recovering in the home of friends in a forested area near where his group has been working.

“Suddenly, a group of militants reached the house, armed with steel bars and other weapons,” he reported to WND.

In the home with him were others, including a woman aged 80, several children under the age of 4 and a woman seven months pregnant.

“Losing all hope, we thought for sure this was our last day,” he said.

But while the group was praying, he reported a strange occurrence.

“Completely unexpectedly, a lion ran from the forest, leapt toward the militants, and seized one by the neck. When other combatants tried to attack the lion, two other lions bounded toward them. The terrified militants fled the site, and the lions left us completely alone,” he said.

“Equally astonishing, records show no lions are supposed to live in that forest,” he said.

He reported he had been approaching the closing of a 21-day period of fasting and prayer.

“As that drew to a close, more than 3,000 former Muslims were baptized in many of our churches in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. The Lord enabled me to baptize many people during this time,” he said.

But while he was at one of the church locations, “militants began stoning me and our group.

“My head was severely injured and bloodied, and a number of others sustained injuries as well,” he said.

He was hospitalized, but he feared for his health and life there, so he went to the forest home of a local pastor, he said.

Teach your children why Religious Freedom Matters


WND reported in February on another unusual development the Christians in the ministry reported.

Bibles for Mideast at that time said Muslims who carried out forced female genital mutilation on a Christian teen in Northern Africa were reporting being tormented by visions of blood after the near-fatal attack.

WND reported a 14-year-old girl in the undisclosed country had been left in a coma after being attacked and mutilated by Muslims upset with her conversion to Christianity.

After at least two physicians had declared her dead, she stunned doctors and hospital workers by getting up from her bed and going home.

Paul Marshall, Lela Gilbert and Nina Shea have collaborated to create “Persecuted: The Global Assault on Christians,” which confirms that groups like Pew Research, Newsweek and The Economist also identify Christians as “the world’s most widely persecuted religious group.”

After local physicians had given up and declared her dead, she suddenly sat up.

The girl said her soul “left my body and I was dead.”

“Angels came to receive me to heaven. But Jesus appeared before me and said, ‘I cannot turn back from the prayers of my children. My eyes are upon my children and ears are open to their prayer. So I give you your life back, for the issues of death belong to me. You go, and be my witness.’ Then he put his face right against and right into mine. He breathed into my nostrils, and my soul went in. Then he moved his nail-scarred hands over my body and healed me completely!”

The ministry reported Muslims who carried out the attack were frantic.

The ministry learned of the circumstances when the attackers visited Lydia and her father, pleading for help.

“The visitors explained that for the last three days and nights, all of the women who had been involved in the procedure seemed to have gone mad. Some shrieked that they saw blood everywhere, even when sitting alone. Attempting to prepare meals, they would scream, again seeing blood, and throw the food out. Given water, they would do the same. Knives in hand, some were approaching children, explaining the youngsters’ need for circumcision, and promising to do it carefully this time,” the ministry reported.

See the hand of God in your life. Read Birthright Covenant trilogy with your family.


Alert Warning to America: Threat of Communism Real Today, warns Survivor

Alert Warning to America:

Threat of Communism Real Today, warns Survivor

Wake Up America! Warnings from a Survivor of Communism


by Dr. Jerry Newcombe

She reached out to me through Facebook—to commend me for a recent column I had written about how Communism, despite its deadly track record, seems to be gaining some support among the young and naïve of the West.~ Dr. Jerry Newcombe


“It was a ‘Prisonland’ because everything about us was supervised. The government wanted to make sure that we didn’t have any knowledge about the outside world. We were surrounded by the Iron Curtain. I remember my parents being very, very submissive. They were ‘politically correct’ outside of home, but whispering their feelings inside of home.” ~Virginia Prodan


Lenin, communist tyrant

“I should be dead. Buried in an unmarked grave in Romania. Obviously, I am not. God had other plans.” So declares a lady who grew up under Communism.

Her name is Virginia Prodan. I had not heard of her until she reached out to me through Facebook—to commend me for a recent column I had written about how Communism, despite its deadly track record, seems to be gaining some support among the young and naïve of the West.

I have come to learn her story, to read her book, and to interview her on the radio. She has an important message for our time, when religious freedom is at risk.

She described the Communist regime of Nicolae Ceauşescu thus: “I called that land a land of lies and a ‘Prisonland’ because we were not allowed to criticize or even to ask questions about the government or his regime.”

She adds, “It was a ‘Prisonland’ because everything about us was supervised. The government wanted to make sure that we didn’t have any knowledge about the outside world. We were surrounded by the Iron Curtain. I remember my parents being very, very submissive. They were ‘politically correct’ outside of home, but whispering their feelings inside of home.”

Christian Persecution

One of her clients was the victim of anti-Christian persecution and difficult circumstances. However, through all he suffered, he managed to maintain his internal peace and joy. The barrister said to him in effect, “I want what you have.” So he invited her to church—not a common experience in those days.

When Prodan was in the church, the pastor got up and read the statement from Jesus (John 14:6): “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.”

She writes in her memoir, Saving My Assassin (Tyndale, 2016), “Did I hear right? Someone was claiming to be ‘the truth’? The woman next to me handed me a Bible opened to John 14:6. I read the verse myself and then listened carefully. As the pastor continued to describe the truth of Jesus Christ, I felt as though he were speaking directly to me, that the Bible verses he was sharing were written specifically for me. Could it really be this simple?”

Led to Christianity

Her heart was touched, despite the atheistic government doing everything it could to discourage any kind of Christian influence in Romania.

She writes, “For the first time in my life, everything made sense. I had spent years searching for the truth, but I had been looking in the wrong places—law school, the government, the justice system—when the answer was here all along. I suddenly realized that the truth was not something that came from law books, but from God himself: the Creator of the universe—my Creator; the source of all life, peace, and happiness. When the pastor asked if anyone wanted to accept Christ as Lord and Savior, I accepted his invitation. It was the culmination of a lifelong search that went back as far as I could remember.” (pp. 108-109).

After the service, they even gave her a copy of the forbidden book: “‘You do realize,’ the pastor cautioned, ‘that the Romanian government can arrest you for having a Bible in your home.’ I was vaguely aware of this fact, but I had never really given it much thought—until now.” (p. 109).

Converts Her Would-Be Assassin

Virginia Prodan went on to defend Christians in the courts of Romania, and eventually was targeted for assassination by the Communist authorities, whose views were summed up by the Romanian police one day: “You need church? We will educate you on that! Ceauşescu is god, not that lunatic [Jesus]” (p. 154).

But the Lord saved the very man sent to kill her, when Prodan shared the gospel with him while he held her at gunpoint. In her book, she even has a chapter written by that man.

He writes, “I was a man empowered to commit unthinkable atrocities upon people. But then God, in his amazing love, sent me to her office. My intention was to kill Virginia, but God’s intention was to breathe life into me through her” (pp. 290-291).

Eventually, because of pressure from the West, Virginia Prodan and family were able to emigrate from Romania, a year before Ceauşescu was judged by his own people and executed on Christmas day 1989.

Defends Freedom of Religion

Today in America, she is an attorney for God (affiliated with the Alliance Defending Freedom), fighting for Christian liberties in the courts of America and in the courts of public opinion. She and her would-be assassin offer a timeless warning to those who think Communism and the war against religious freedom have something positive to offer.

Young people who have grown up with freedom and convenience tend to take it for granted —even to be lured by tyrannical “utopian” doctrines—because they don’t know what it’s like to be without God, and without freedom.~C.D.

Why Young Adults need to know about Judeo-Christian Heritage and Freedom of Religion


Trump First 100 Days: America First for Economy; Help Stop Christian Persecution

Trump First 100 Days:

America First for Economy; Help Stop Christian Persecution

Donald Trump Invites Conservative Media to White House for Exclusive Briefing

Charlie Spiering

President Donald Trump met with a group of conservative media reporters, columnists, and radio hosts to discuss his first 100 days as president, speaking about trade issues, foreign policy, and infrastructure spending.

Trump announced that he wanted to levy a 20 percent tax on Canadian soft lumber and suggested he wanted to address milk imports as well.

“It means we’re going to start doing lumber in our country, it’s going to mean that farmers are going to start selling milk in our country,” Trump said.

A senior administration trade official said that the issue was a “long simmering problem” with Canada, accusing them of charging lumber companies low subsidized rates.

“We love Canada, wonderful people, wonderful country, but they have been very good about taking advantage of us through NAFTA,” Trump said.

Trump said that he would explore allowing more logging on federal lands with the Department of Interior and the Environmental Protection Agency.

“We’re actually having some of those horrific fires because this stuff is sitting there, virgin stuff for so long, and it’s in very bad shape,” he said.

He also discussed the ongoing crisis of persecuted Christians in the Middle East.

“Nobody’s been treated worse, it seems to me, than Christians in the Middle East,” he said, arguing that it was easier for Muslims to come into the United States as refugees than Christians, although it was far more dangerous there for Christians.

“We’re going to be helping the Christians big league,” he said.

Teach your children why Religious Freedom Matters

Christian News: Religious Freedom is Why Billy Graham’s Granddaughter is voting for Trump

Christian News:

Religious Freedom is Why Billy Graham’s Granddaughter is voting for Trump

A Graham explains why she’s voting for Trump

She’s the granddaughter of evangelist Billy Graham and the daughter of Franklin Graham – and she’s voting for Donald Trump.

key“Christians right now want to say they can’t vote for either candidate, [but] we can’t afford to sit out. This comes down to the Supreme Court and who’s going to protect my rights as a Christian and my religious freedoms.”


Cissie Graham Lynch says for her, it comes down to who sits on the Supreme Court – and that that’s why she says her brothers and sisters in Christ have to vote. “If there is only one reason for Christians to vote, this is it,” she writes. (Editor’s note: Well over half of 3,000 OneNewsNow readers who participated in a poll earlier this week agree, saying that vacancies on the Supreme Court will be foremost in their minds on Election Day.)

Following are excerpts from Lynch’s interview this morning on FOX News as well as a video of the program segment.

“Christians right now want to say they can’t vote for either candidate, [but] we can’t afford to sit out. This comes down to the Supreme Court and who’s going to protect my rights as a Christian and my religious freedoms.”

“This isn’t just an election for four to eight years – this is generational when it comes to the Supreme Court. Christians are being persecuted here; my faith is in Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ alone – and Christians are being persecuted every day. We need people who are going to stand firm for our religious beliefs, not attack the faith-based institutions; and who are going to fight for the unborn.”

“I look at who Trump has surrounded himself with. He has surrounded himself with some godly men [like] Ben Carson. But he’s chosen not just the counsel of Mike Pence but as his running mate. Mike Pence doesn’t just talk about his faith, he talks about his faith in Jesus Christ – and he is not ashamed of it. And I think Trump and Pence together will fight on behalf of the Christian voice.”

anti-hillary-pac-postcard“To listen to [Hillary Clinton] in those first five minutes [of the final debate] just candidly talk about [late-term] abortion. This is murder – and we are on a national stage just talking about it, [and she’s saying] that it’s okay and defending it. To me it was so vulgar.”

Similarly, Dr. Robert Jeffress of First Baptist Dallas says “staying at home” on Election Day isn’t an option for Christians – and like Cissie Graham Lynch, he cites the future makeup of the Supreme Court as a major reason.


A Graham explains why she’s voting for Trump


Culture Wars: Catholic Nun warns of Muslim violence and Christian persecution

Culture Wars: 

Catholic Nun warns of Muslim violence and Christian persecution

Syrian Nun Warns ‘Europe Has Let in Wolves’ With Migrant Policies

christian-persecution-hatuneA Syrian Orthodox nun, hailed as a “modern Mother Theresa” in the German media, has warned that Europe’s refugee policy allows “wolves” in and that devout Muslims pose a threat to the continent.

Sister Hatune Dogan, who has worked for 26 years helping Christians and Yazidis, said: “Europe has admitted the wolves, the sheep are still [in Syria and Iraq].”

“Wolves”, the nun explained, are the Muslim migrants living in Europe who despite courses in “European values” and integration continue to live according to the Koran.

wolf-in-sheeps-clothing-150x150Speaking of “sheep”, the nun said she was referring to persecuted Christian and Yazidi minorities in Muslim-dominated countries, and spoke of “mothers, the children and the orphans who haven’t enough money” to leave.

“I do not think that people who live [the values of the Koran] can be good for us,” she said, adding: “79 verses alone call for infidels to be killed”.

Noting that 96 per cent of people across the Middle East were Christians until the eighth century and that the figure is now just six per cent, Sister Hatune urged politicians to “wake up” and look more closely at the beliefs of the asylum seekers.

Women in Islamic societies have no value

In a recent lecture in Germany, Sister Hatune said women in Islamic societies “have no value. They are just there for the pleasure of the man, and even more so if they are unbelievers.”

slave-trade-ISISSpeaking about her years of aid work in Muslim countries, the sister recalled how she’d listen as women cried about wounds to their breasts and genitals. “All atrocities committed in the name of Allah,” Sister Hatune told the audience, adding: “Not since yesterday but for centuries.”

Dr Phyllis Chesler has written for Breitbart News about some of the work the sister and her charity, the Hatune Foundation, have done rescuing Christian and Yazidi girls from the clutches of Islamic State in Iraq.

Syrian Nun Warns ‘Europe Has Let in Wolves’ With Migrant Policies


Moral solutions: High School Football Coach fights persecution; High School sings Star-Spangled Banner; Hungary rejects Immigration quotas

Moral solutions:

High School Football Coach fights persecution; High School sings Star-Spangled Banner; Hungary rejects Immigration quotas

1. Coach ramps up fight for prayers on 50-yard line

Bob Unruh

“They put me on suspension and then at the end of the year they gave me an adverse write-up of how well I did my job. I didn’t change anything for eight years,” Kennedy told Trump in front of the other retired service members. “Always prayed after every game. And they just really slapped me on it. Said what a horrible person I was. Ended up just not renewing my contract, so ultimately firing me.”

Joe Kennedy, former assistant football coach at Bremerton High School in Washington state.

Joe Kennedy, former assistant football coach at Bremerton High School in Washington state.

NFL players are using the playing of the national anthem to promote a social agenda, and it’s already spread to college and high school athletes.

There have been no serious repercussions.

But let a high school coach, on his own initiative, kneel in prayer at midfield after a game and watch out.

That’s the substance of the legal argument developing for Joe Kennedy, an assistant football coach for Bremerton High School in Washington state until he was fired for taking a knee on the field before and after games and praying.

A district court denied his request to halt the school district’s discrimination against him, and now he has notified the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals of his plan to appeal

“I’ve attended the games this season as a spectator, but it’s been a punch in the gut to be in the stands,” Kennedy said in a statement released by First Liberty Institute, which is working on his case.

Kennedy sued after Bremerton High School terminated him for offering a brief, quiet prayer at the 50-yard line after football games. In the lawsuit, Kennedy’s attorneys claimed the Bremerton School District violated Kennedy’s First Amendment rights.

“If the Constitution protects the right of a football coach to kneel in protest, it should certainly protect the right of a football coach to kneel in prayer,” said Mike Berry, the institute’s senior counsel.

Kennedy wants only to get his job back; he is seeking no monetary damages.

His original lawsuit was filed Aug. 9 in the Western District of Washington. The next month he asked for a preliminary injunction. His notice of appeal to the 9th Circuit came this week after his request was rejected.

“Effective immediately,” Superintendent Aaron Leavell wrote in a letter to the coach, “pending further district review of your conduct, you are placed on paid administrative leave from your position as an assistant coach with the Bremerton High School football program. You may not participate, in any capacity, in BHS football program activities.”

Shortly later, during the 2015 football season, the school dismissed him.

In an appearance on Fox News, Kennedy described his reasons for praying: “It’s something that I kind of made an agreement with, my personal faith in God, that this is something I was going to do – give Him the glory after every single game and do it on the 50 and I’m kind of a guy of my word.”

As WND reported, he said he prayed both before and after games for years for the safety of all the players. Often, players on both teams would join him on the field to bow their heads.

Trump decries ‘absolutely outrageous’ attack on ‘religious liberty’

church-state3-first-amendmtRepublican presidential nominee Donald Trump mentioned Kennedy’s “outrageous” plight while speaking about religious liberty during the Retired American Warriors PAC gathering on Monday in Herndon, Virginia.

“The other day, just to add to your list, I was watching one of the news programs and they had a, I think high school football coach, you know, they’re going into battle,” said Trump.

Audience members then interrupted Trump, saying “he’s here,” referring to the coach.

Trump, who said he had no idea Kennedy was in attendance, then asked the former Marine Corps gunnery sergeant to stand.

“So you’re not allowed to pray before a football game?” Trump asked.

“They put me on suspension and then at the end of the year they gave me an adverse write-up of how well I did my job. I didn’t change anything for eight years,” Kennedy told Trump in front of the other retired service members. “Always prayed after every game. And they just really slapped me on it. Said what a horrible person I was. Ended up just not renewing my contract, so ultimately firing me.”

Trump responded that Kennedy’s termination was “absolutely outrageous. I think it’s outrageous. I think it’s very, very sad and outrageous. Hey, it’s about religious liberty.”


2. Silent Pro-Life Protesters Disrupt Bill Clinton Rally In Ohio

Charlie Spiering

STEUBENVILLE, OHIO – Former President Bill Clinton is feeling the effects of a polite protest.

abortion-pro-life-silent-protestHe was on stage at a middle school gym on Tuesday evening, speaking to a small group of supporters at a middle school in Steubenville, Ohio. As he spoke, some of the attention in the crowd turned to a handful of young people standing silently with red tape over their mouths.

Written on the tape was the word “LIFE.”

They stood silently during the entire rally, as Clinton-supporting Democrats shot annoyed glances their direction.

After Clinton was finished speaking, they turned to the media cameras and continued to stand silently.

Afterwards, Salvador, one of the protesters, revealed that they are pro-life activists who attend the Franciscan University of Steubenville, a Catholic college about a mile from where Clinton held his rally.

“The stance on life can’t be ignored,” he said, pointing out that it was telling that Clinton supporters tried to cover up their message.

Salvador said they were “witnessing to the voice that will never be heard of the unborn children.”

He explained that a silent protest was an effective way to get out their message, without being rude.

“We don’t need anger in here, we can do it in a peaceful way,” he said.

Silent Pro-Life Protesters Disrupt Bill Clinton Rally In Ohio


3. Voters Reject Obama’s Internet Surrender…

by Joel B. Pollak

cartoon-obama-yard-saleA new Breitbart/Gravis poll released Wednesday shows that more than two-thirds of registered voters oppose President Barack Obama’s surrender of control over the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to a multi-stakeholder group that includes foreign governments.

The transfer happened last weekend, on Oct. 1, despite vocal opposition from Congress and concern that regimes such as China, Russia or Iran could eventually censor free speech on the Internet.

The poll question asks: “The United States will relinquish its administrative control over the Internet to a private organization where other countries, which could include China, Russia and Iran, will have influence for the first time on the management of the Internet. Do you think this is a good idea or not?” 71% called the policy a “bad idea,” while only 7% called it a “good idea,” and 21% were “unsure.”

Asked whether “this [is] an example of America’s weakening leadership in the world,” 51% of registered voters agreed, 36% disagreed, and 13% were unsure.

The poll was conducted Oct. 3 among 1,690 registered voters with a 2.4% margin of error.

…Voters Reject Obama’s Internet Surrender…


4. Students Break Out in ‘Star-Spangled Banner’ When Sound System Fails at High School Volleyball Game

Warner Todd Huston

american_flagIn a break with the recent attacks on our national anthem, when a sound system broke down just as a high school volleyball game was set to begin, instead of ignoring the national anthem, the whole gym full of teenagers raised their voices to sing “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

We have become accustomed to seeing stories with athletes, both professional and amateur, indulging in anti-American protests when the national anthem is played before games, but one high school in Troy, New York, is bucking that trend.

As students at Troy’s Lansingburgh High School prepared for a girls’ volleyball game, the gym sound system broke down and was unable to play the national anthem. Not to be denied their patriotism, instead of remaining quiet as the technicians tried to fix the sound system, the students erupted in song.

Students Break Out in ‘Star-Spangled Banner’ When Sound System Fails at High School Volleyball Game


5. Hungary Referendum: EU Humiliated as 95 Percent Say NO to Migrant Quotas

Chris Tomlinson

hungary-no-to-immigrationHungarian Prime minister Viktor Orban has delivered a huge blow to the European Union after 95 per cent of the Hungarian public soundly rejected EU migrant redistribution plans.

The Hungarian referendum on the redistribution of migrants and asylum seekers by the European Union has faced an almost unanimous result among Hungarian voters. An overwhelming majority of those who cast their ballot agree with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban that Hungary should not be forced by the European Union to accept migrants via redistribution.

The victory could set in motion the Orban government’s plans to create laws that may be even more stringent toward asylum seekers who enter the country and possibly those who are residing there today. Spokesman for Orban, Zoltan Kovacs, told press in Brussels last month that he expected the result to affirm the position of the government and be used as a stepping stone to create more laws.

Hungary Referendum: EU Humiliated as 95 Percent Say NO to Migrant Quotas


6. Brunell Donald-Kyei: If Journalists Only Told One Side of the Story During Slavery, ‘Black People Would Still Be Slaves’

John Hayward

Brunell Donald-Kyei, vice-chair of Diversity Outreach at the National Diversity Coalition for Trump, was a guest on Friday’s Breitbart News Daily with SiriusXM host Matt Boyle and discussed her support of Donald Trump for president.

brunell-donald-kyei-trump-diversityShe explained her focus was on bringing the Trump campaign’s message to all minority groups, including African Americans, women, Asians, Arabs, and “every single person of color, whether it be color or no color.

“What I will say is this: Donald Trump is saying, ‘America first.’ That is exactly why I am voting for him,” she said. “I’m a lifelong Democrat. I’ve always voted Democrat. I voted for our President two times, Mr. Barack Obama.” She added, “You know, I believed in him when he said, ‘Yes, we can,’ and ‘You know there’s hope. We can do it together,’ and here it is eight years later; nothing happened.”

Donald-Kyei described her disillusionment with Obama’s failure to live up to his promises, saying she was a Bernie Sanders supporter who decisively broke with the Democrats for the way he was treated in the 2016 primary:

Donald-Kyei said there are many other disillusioned Democrats who might be ready to climb aboard the Trump Train:

Let me tell you what’s going on: we all voted for change, for hope, from President Obama, and basically what happened is, I know with black people – I’m not trying to be funny – there were black people that we all voted together, and they were like, “Oh, we know he’s not gonna do anything. He’s a puppet. He’s not going to do anything. I don’t believe him.”

And this was black people across the table, saying it in their homes, in quiet, not really in the public. I was one of those people that actually believed hope and change was gonna come, and so that first four years, like many black people, especially the ones in poverty, we thought, okay, well, he did have a lot of wealthy donors that put him in office and stuff, too.

Now, you’re gonna get a lot of black people that will say, because they want to vote emotionally and not really look at the facts on the ground with poor people, they’ll say, “Well, you know, the Republican Congress, they blocked him. That’s why he couldn’t do anything for black people.” And that’s rubbish.

“In Donald Trump, we have a presidential candidate who is thinking about the little guy on the bottom, who’s making no money, who’s unemployed,” she argued, while rejecting the notion that life is improved for that little guy merely by punishing the rich.

“They’re putting money into our country. You shouldn’t be punished because you’re living the American Dream,” she said. “We all want to live the American Dream. That’s why Donald Trump is so important. He’s saying, ‘Look, I don’t care about your race. I don’t care about your color. I care that you really have a real shot at the American Dream.’”

“His policies that he’s coming out with, he’s laying them out for a common-sense person to understand. He’s not trying to talk over any American’s head.” She declared, “He’s talking directly to America, and that’s why he is, I believe, the candidate that should go into office and that we should have the inauguration for on January 20th, 2017.”

Read more of Ms. Donald-Kyei’s comments here:

Breitbart News Daily — Trump Diversity Director Calls Out Establishment Press: ‘We would still be slaves’ if We Had Today’s Media in 1800s


7. Black man who dislikes cops stunned by white trooper’s action

mark-ross-cop-helps-black-manMark Ross – a black man in Indiana who says he dislikes cops – tragically learned his 15-year-old sister was killed in a car accident and was determined to get to his mother in Detroit on Sept. 25, but Ross was dumbfounded by a white state trooper’s kind act after a traffic stop.

Ross had begged a friend to drive him to Detroit at 3 a.m. According to his Facebook post, he and his friend sped through Ohio, hoping to reach Ross’ mother as quickly as possible. That’s when Ohio State Trooper J. Davis pulled over the car and discovered that the driver had both a suspended license and an outstanding warrant. The driver was taken into custody, and his car was towed, according to Cleveland’s WJW-TV 8.
That meant Ross was stranded in Ohio without a ride to his mother’s house and sister’s funeral.

That’s when Ohio State Highway Patrol Sgt. David Robison showed up.

“I broke down crying and he saw the sincerity in my cry,” Ross wrote.


“He offered to bring me 100 miles further to Detroit because they towed the vehicle. Everybody knows how much I dislike Cops but I am truly Greatful (sic) for this Guy. He gave me hope.”

After praying for Ross, Sgt. Robison drove him more than 100 miles to Detroit. He took Ross to a coffee shop to meet his cousin.

It was just so overwhelming,” Ross told Inside Edition. “They were trying to help us.”
Ross and his family say they are grateful for Robison’s kindness, and Robison has indicated he plans to attend the teen girl’s funeral.




Truth Zone: America First— Donald Trump Foreign Policy

Truth Zone:

news_flag_hdr5America First— Donald Trump Foreign Policy

7 Most Important Declarations in Trump’s ‘America-First’ Foreign Policy Speech

On Wednesday, Donald Trump delivered a remarkably nationalist, pro-Western foreign policy speech titled “America” in which the presidential candidate set out his defense and foreign policy goals.

keyWe’ve made the Middle East more unstable and chaotic than ever before. We left Christians subject to intense persecution and even genocide. We have done nothing to help the Christians, nothing, and we should always be ashamed for that, for that lack of action. ~Donald Trump

If you want to know whether or not Trump’s speech yesterday was a hit with the voters that he has energized, all you have to know is Trump said the following:  ‘We will no longer surrender this country or its people to the false song of globalism.’ That line, as far as Trump supporters are concerned, was all they needed to hear.” –Rush Limbaugh

Aaron Klein

JERUSALEM – On Wednesday, Donald Trump delivered a remarkably nationalist, pro-Western foreign policy speech titled “America-First” in which the presidential candidate set out his defense and foreign policy goals.

Here are the seven most important declarations in his speech, enumerated in no particular order.

1 –Trump declared he “will always put the interests of the American people and American security above all else.”

It has to be first. Has to be. That will be the foundation of every single decision that I will make. America First will be the major and overriding theme of my administration.

2 – Trump made clear that Western civilization is at war with radical Islam as opposed to the dangerously obtuse “violent extremism” rhetoric that President Obama has deployed, largely ignoring the Islamic extremist motivations of our enemies.

trump-foreign-policy-speechOur actions in Iraq, Libya, and Syria have helped unleash ISIS, and we’re in a war against radical Islam, but President Obama won’t even name the enemy, and unless you name the enemy, you will never ever solve the problem. …

Hillary Clinton also refuses to say the words radical Islam, even as she pushes for a massive increase in refugees coming into our country.

Trump used the occasion to call for NATO, which includes terror-supporting Turkey among its ranks, to fight Islamic terrorism. “Containing the spread of radical Islam must be a major foreign policy goal of the United States and indeed the world,” he added.

3 – The billionaire singled out for reassessment “senseless” immigration policies that likely help to import Islamic extremists.

The struggle against radical Islam also takes place in our homeland. There are scores of recent migrants inside our borders charged with terrorism. For every case known to the public, there are dozens and dozens more. We must stop importing extremism through senseless immigration policies. We have no idea where these people are coming from. There’s no documentation. There’s no paperwork. There’s nothing. We have to be smart. We have to be vigilant. A pause for reassessment will help us to prevent the next San Bernardino or frankly, much worse.

reagan-quote-appeasement4 – Trump understands that U.S. “military dominance must be unquestioned,” and that under Obama, our once great military has been perilously weakened, with critical defense programs slashed.

We will spend what we need to rebuild our military. We will spend what we need to rebuild our military. It is the cheapest, single investment we can make. We will develop, build, and purchase the best equipment known to mankind. Our military dominance must be unquestioned, and I mean unquestioned, by anybody and everybody.

He alluded to progressive plans, backed by Obama, to convert segments of the U.S. military into forces directed to fight so-called global warming.

President Obama has proposed a 2017 defense budget that, in real dollars, cuts nearly 25 percent from what we were spending in 2011. Our military is depleted and we’re asking our generals and military leaders to worry about global warming.

5 – Trump used clear language to declare a war on the “false song of globalism,” a tune that Obama has been singing since he came to office in 2008.

We will no longer surrender this country or its people to the false song of globalism. The nation-state remains the true foundation for happiness and harmony. I am skeptical of international unions that tie us up and bring America down and will never enter. And under my administration, we will never enter America into any agreement that reduces our ability to control our own affairs. … Under a Trump administration, no American citizen will ever again feel that their needs come second to the citizens of a foreign country.

ObamaHillaryLyingtoAmericaWhistleBlower6 – Trump used his speech to indicate he will go after Hillary Clinton regarding her role in the September 11, 2012 Benghazi attacks.

After Secretary Clinton’s failed intervention in Libya, Islamic terrorists in Benghazi took down our consulate and killed our ambassador and three brave Americans. Then, instead of taking charge that night, Hillary Clinton decided to go home and sleep. Incredible. Clinton blames it all on a video, an excuse that was a total lie, proven to be absolutely a total lie.

Our ambassador was murdered and our secretary of state misled the nation. And, by the way, she was not awake to take that call at 3 o’clock in the morning.

war-on-christianity7 – Trump rightfully slammed the Obama administration and international community for ignoring the plight of Christians in the Middle East, where they are being persecuted by the Islamic State and other radical Islamic groups.

We’ve made the Middle East more unstable and chaotic than ever before. We left Christians subject to intense persecution and even genocide. We have done nothing to help the Christians, nothing, and we should always be ashamed for that, for that lack of action.

Christian News: Voter Guide; Pope Francis defends Abortion?

Christian News:

Christian Voter Guide

afaactionvoter-guideAFA Action releases 2016 voter guide

March 2016 – Many Christians want to vote but aren’t sure who to vote for. It’s difficult to sift through the vast amounts of information coming through television, radio, and Internet.

In fact, one study revealed that only 10% of voters feel they have enough information on candidates to be an informed voter in primary or general elections.

Now AFA Action ( can help with its 2016 Voter Guide.

The guide provides an in-depth, web-based, and nonpartisan perspective on the candidates. It allows voters to identify where the candidates fall on a scale from “very liberal” to “very conservative” and everywhere in between.

The voter guide looks at the history of each candidate so voters can see for themselves how candidates have voted in the past; to whom the candidates have given money; from whom the candidates received money; how the candidates answered questions on critical issues; and who endorsed each candidate.

“Changing presidential candidate poll numbers indicate that many voters are uncertain about who they’ll vote for,” said Randy Sharp, AFA director of special projects. “Our voter guide provides them with reliable and factual content so they can be informed and not misled by slickly-produced campaign ads that often hide the truth.”

In addition, AFA Action provides voters with critical tools, such as instant access to contacting elected officials, voter registration helps, apps, and a pledge that supporters can sign to continue receiving updates from AFA Action.

“We encourage our supporters to share the voter guide with friends and family,” Sharp said. “They can also follow us on Facebook at AFA Action or Twitter at @AFAAction.”

Pope Francis defends Abortion?

Has the Pope Fallen Off the Pro-Life Wagon?

Alan Keyes

abortion5-jesus-pro-lifeLittle children it is the last hour: just as you have heard, Antichrist is come, and even now many Antichrists have come to be, by which we know that it is the last hour. 1 John 2:18

Thus sinning against your brothers, and wounding their conscience when it is weak, you sin against Christ. 1 Corinthians 8:10

Since Christ made it clear (Matthew 24:36) that even he does not know the day and hour when heaven and earth will pass away, I have never wasted much time on people who think they have figured it out. Yet Christ also made it plain to his disciples that they should always be on guard, so “that day will not come upon you suddenly like a trap.” It seems best to heed the familiar motto and “Be Prepared”.

Be that as it may, every now and then something happens that sorely tries my determination to forego the search for certainty about eschatological things. I experienced such a moment this weekend, as I read a story with the headline “Pope calls Italy’s foremost abortion promoter one of nation’s ‘forgotten greats’.” As I read the story I couldn’t repress a rueful sigh. Sometimes it seems as if Pope Francis is determined to purge all humor from the phrase “more Catholic than the Pope.” Will we see the day when any Christian person who refuses to praise those who practice or lure others into practicing the wicked slaughter of innocents (I think they qualify as what the Bible calls “workers of iniquity.”) will fit that description?

What a falling off is there! From one supposed to be the Vicar of Christ, comes praise of one who represents those whom God hates (Psalm 5:5). Emma Bonino has been called the Margaret Sanger of Italy.

Young people positive on everything but …

AFA-millennialMarch 2016 – The Millennial generation (born 1980 or later) has a more positive view than any other generation on every societal institution except church and religious organizations. Compared to older generations, Millennials have a more favorable opinion on the positive effects of small and large businesses, financial institutions, labor unions, the energy industry, national news media, colleges and universities, and the entertainment industry. Millennials’ rating of most types of institutions has grown more favorable in the time between the last poll on the subject in 2010 and Pew Research’s most current poll in 2015.

Only two institutions received a more negative rating by Millennials in 2015 than in 2010 – the news media (still regarded more favorably than by other generations), and the church and religious organizations. In 2010, 73% of Millennials said churches and religious institutions have a positive effect on the way things are going in America. Now, only 55% of Millennials agree with that statement. The change means Millennials have gone from polling with an opinion of the church eight points higher than any other generation to polling six points lower than any other., 1/5/16;, 1/4/16;, 1/6/16

Tune in to your teens with listening ear

teenagerSonAndMomMarch 2016 – “When your teenagers are talking about their concerns, stop what you’re doing and listen,” said parenting expert Mark Gregston. “When you pay attention with your eyes … it shows you care about them.”

Gregston, founder of Heartlight Ministries, also suggested that moms and dads ask follow-up questions, letting teens know their words are being heard.

Heartlight ( began in 1988 when Gregston and his wife Jan began building a place of hope for parents and restoration for struggling teens. Today, the ministry’s East Texas campus offers a residency program with a rigorous spiritual component to help teens integrate Christian faith into all aspects of life.

Mark Gregston’s radio commentary, 1/1/16

Parenting Today’s Teens by Mark Gregston is a 30-minute weekly radio program heard on more than 1,500 stations, including Saturday evenings on American Family Radio.

Fewer clients, more funding for Planned Parenthood

AFA-Planned-Parenthood-chartMarch 2016 – The 2014-2015 annual report from Planned Parenthood reveals that, while the abortion industry giant received a $25 million increase in federal funding, it saw nearly one million fewer clients come through its doors.

In the 2013-2014 report, Planned Parenthood recorded $528.4 million in government health services grants and reimbursements and 2.7 million patients. In 2014-15, those numbers changed to $553.7 million and 1.5 million patients. The total number of services Planned Parenthood reported for 2014-15 was 9,455,582 – of which 324,000 were abortions – and in the year before, 10,590,433 total services with 327,000 abortions. Of Planned Parenthood’s total revenue of $1.297 billion for 2014-15, $309.2 million came from its non-government funded health services., 1/7/16

Terrorism concern highest since 9/11

AFA-islam-concernMarch 2016 – Political correctness and media bias continue to disallow any connection, but the American public continues to see the parallel between terrorist attacks and radical Islam. For the first time since 2006, Americans worry about terrorism more than the economy. A CBS News poll in December 2015 found that 14% of voters say terrorism is their top concern, compared to 12% who say the economy.

In addition, 44%, the highest percentage since 9/11, fear another terrorist attack. That fear has been heightened since the November massacre, when a woman (who publicly pledged to the Islamic State) and her husband murdered 14 and injured 21 others in San Bernardino, California., 12/13/15;, 12/10/15; Chart source:, 12/5-7/15

CDC: gay lifestyle more violent

March 2016 – In the National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey measuring violence according to sexual orientation, Centers for Disease Control found that those in homosexual and bisexual relationships experience more violence from their partners than do heterosexuals. While 26% of homosexual men and 37% of bisexual men experience rape, physical violence, or stalking, women experience even more violence in same sex relationships. Forty-four percent of lesbians and 61% of bisexual women encounter sexual violence.

In comparison, 16% of heterosexual women have felt endangered or threatened by stalking, 9% experience rape, and 35% experience at least one of the three types of sexual assault from a male partner., 12/13/15

Global responses to persecution vary

AFA-christian-persecutionMarch 2016 – At the December conference “Under Caesar’s Sword” in Rome, Italy, researchers from University of Notre Dame and Georgetown University examined how Christians respond to persecution in countries around the globe. Estimates indicate that 80% of instances of religious persecution are carried out against Christians, but Christian responses vary depending on the form of persecution.

In places such as Syria and Nigeria, where Christians are openly attacked, they are more likely to flee, whereas they may try to live quietly and cope under unfriendly state governments in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, or Afghanistan.

While there have been instances of terrorized Christians taking up arms in self-defense in places such as Nigeria, researchers note that these examples have been remarkably few. Far more often, Christians do not retaliate with violence.

“In 2013, dozens of Christian churches were burned down, and the response was to paint on their crumbling walls: ‘Love your enemy,’” said Egyptian Coptic Christian Bishop Anba Angaelos.

In Western Europe and countries such as the U.S. and Indonesia, where persecution is largely faced in attempts to exclude Christian faith from the public arena, Christians actively seek to advocate for themselves by addressing social, cultural, and political issues., 12/11/15;, 12/14/15

Truth Zone: Obama’s Christian Persecution; Liberal Hypocrisy

Truth Zone: Obama’s Christian Persecution; Liberal Hypocrisy

Obama’s Christian Persecution: Regime Turns Away Christian Refugees

Rush Limbaugh

obama-vs-christianityRUSH: May I remind everybody, the United States of America shut down the immigration of everybody from 1924 to 1965.  Everybody.  Everybody!  It didn’t matter who; nobody legally got in, 1924 to 1965.  A, we’ve done it. There’s precedent.  B, we can do it, because we did it. C, do you know why we did it? Because there had been so much immigration prior, we needed to assimilate all those immigrants who were here to become Americans. That’s what’s not happening now. FDR was Trump on steroids. FDR actually did what Trump’s talking about with the Japanese and some others, and he’s one of the greatest guys in Democrat Party history to this day, FDR. And then, ladies and gentlemen, can I read a headline to you from If I were Trump, I’d get this story and I’d turn it right around on Obama and Loretta Lynch, and I’d do it today while everybody’s focusing on what he supposedly said that’s outrageous. “No Room in America for Christian Refugees.”, right there it is, folks. Want to hear the first paragraph? You’re staring at me like you can’t believe it. The Obama administration is not allowing Christian refugees into the country. Two stories.

jewish-refugees“At the end of World War II, the Jewish survivors of Europe’s Holocaust found that nearly every door was closed to them. ‘Tell Me Where Can I Go?’ was a popular Yiddish song at the time. Decades later, the Christians of the Middle East face the same problem, and the Obama administration is keeping the door shut.

This is not National Review. This is not Breitbart. This is Standard, ordinary, everyday Drive-By Media membership card. “America is about to accept 9,000 Syrian Muslims, refugees of the brutal war between the Assad regime and its Sunni opposition, which includes ISIS, Al Qaeda, and various other militias. That number is predicted to increase each year. There are no Christian refugees that will be admitted.

“Why? Because the Department of State is adhering with all the rigidity of a Soviet era bureaucracy to the rule that only people at risk from massacres launched by the regime qualify for refugee status.

christian-persecution-syriaThe rapes of Christian women and the butchery of Christian children do not count. No matter how moved Americans were this Christmas season by the plight of their fellow Christ followers in Syria and Iraq, no matter how horrific the visuals of beheadings, enslavement, and mass murder, the Christians fleeing death do not engender the compassion of this president,” and do not qualify for refugee status.

You know why? “The Christians are being raped, tortured, and murdered by militias, not by the Syrian government.” The Syrian government is not the source of the discrimination, if you will. “This technicality condemns them to continue to be victims without hope. And this technicality is being adhered to with all the tenacity with which President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s State Department manipulated quotas and created subterfuges to keep out the Jews fleeing the oppression of Nazi Germany.

“We have seen in the last several weeks that President Obama has no difficulty using his ‘phone and his pen,’ as he dramatically boasts, to circumvent the law. When it comes to immigration, he had no difficulty enacting an amnesty that a federal judge subsequently ruled unconstitutional. He has had no problem circumventing Congress to change the relationship with Cuba. This president has shown that he will push back on the constraints of law when he wants to get something done.”

No room in America for America’s Christians. Another story. San Diego Union Tribune: “Iraqi Refugees to be Deported,” according to ICE.

RUSH: “Twelve of the 27 Iraqi Christians being detained at the Otay Mesa Detention Facility are set to be deported in coming weeks, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement said Monday. An immigration judge ordered their removal in the last two weeks, ICE spokeswoman Lauren Mack said. She declined to provide specific information about why the immigrants are being deported.”
They’re Iraqi Christians, Chaldeans is what they’re known as. Twelve Iraqi Chaldean Christians who fled ISIS are going to be deported. story, just to close the loop on this, it’s from January of this year. And it’s even more true today than when it was written. January 7th of this year, this Regime not permitting Christians from Syria among the refugees. It’s even worse today than when that story was written. Meanwhile, Trump says we’ve gotta stop the immigration of Muslims for a while, get a handle on this, and you have seen the panicked conniption fit that’s taken place.

Liberal Hypocrisy

hypocrisyObama doesn’t have any moral authority.  Obama can’t condemn anybody or he can’t praise anybody.  Obama’s lost the moral authority to have credibility and believability. 

Our president has created… There’s a moral vacuum, folks, a moral vacuum at the highest levels of our government and leadership.  There is a moral vacuum, there is a leadership vacuum, and there is a common-sense vacuum. 

There is so much that appears obvious that is not being acted on, so much that is obvious and is happening that we are told isn’t happening. But we can see it.  Some of our fellow citizens are being killed right before us and we’re told, “No, no, no, no, no, no, no.  You’re racist if you think that! You’re bigoted if you think that.  No, no.”  It’s inexplicable.

National security has even been corrupted because politics that comes from liberalism is by nature corrupt.  Liberalism is corrupt.  Liberalism is a lie. It’s a series of lies. 

It does not rely on truth. In fact, can’t coexist with the truth.

So if Obama believes that all he has to do is say something is or isn’t and that makes it is or isn’t, the media has fed that. The media’s never challenged Obama. The media has never questioned, the media has never investigated, the media has never exposed. The media has done nothing but lapdog it up.  So after seven years, if you were Obama you would think you could get away with anything you want to say.  “That’s not terrorism. That’s gonna violate our values.”  Our values?  That’s another thing that just continued to grate on me. 

These people speak of “our values.”

obama-hypocrisyThey’re butchering babies in Planned Parenthood, and we’re supposed to listen to them talk about American values?  I’m sorry, folks, it just doesn’t wash with me.  None of this does.  But with national security being compromised and nobody able to apparently do anything about it, it’s why the presidential campaign has become what it is.  

“The religion of peace would never engage in activity like this. In mass murder? No. As a religion of peace, Islam, there is no terrorism in Islam.”  I don’t care why. Political correctness, I don’t care if there’s a solidarity that we don’t understand or know.  What I do know is that none of this is working to fool or to calm the American people.  They’re not falling for this.  And the evidence is abundant all over the country.


History of Immigration in America

Islamist immigration against the law

Islamists, Communists and other Totalitarians are Prohibited by Law from Immigrating to the US


Truth Zone: Whistleblower on Obama Immigration violations; Hitler Youth Groups are back

Truth Zone:

Look at What Obama’s DHS Tried to do to this Whistleblower and Her 1-Year-Old Daughter!

YouTube Video: Whistleblower Taylor Johnson testifies of government criminal activity by Obama Immigration Department

Tim Brown

The Obama administration is certainly known for its criminal activity and its Chicago ties, as well as those tied to the Muslim Brotherhood. They are a thug organization. There is nothing lawful about the Obama’s or the Obama administration. This was on display as senior special agent with Immigration and Customs Enforcement Taylor Johnson told the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs about how Homeland Security had gone after her when she revealed irregularities in the EB-5 visa program in June.
The Daily Caller reports:

A Department of Homeland Security agent testified Thursday that she nearly lost custody of her 1-year-old adopted daughter and was told that she could not own a personal firearm after she voiced concerns about a little known federal program that grants green cards to foreign investors.

Taylor Johnson, a senior special agent with a division of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), testified at a Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs hearing alongside several other whistleblowers who claim they’ve faced retaliation for reporting wrongdoing in their agencies.

Johnson, an 11-year veteran of ICE, said she began investigating a U.S. Customs and Immigration Services (USCIS) program called EB-5. The program grants green cards to foreigners who invest at least $500,000 in U.S. companies.

Johnson testified that during her investigation she uncovered and disclosed gross mismanagement and public corruption that posed “national security risks” and threatened public safety.

Among some of the violations that surrounded the project, Johnson pointed to “bank and wire fraud, and I discovered ties to organized crime and high-ranking politicians and they received promotions that appeared to facilitate the program.”

She also “discovered that EB-5 applicants from China, Russia, Pakistan, Malaysia had been approved in as little as 16 days” and that case files “lacked the basic and necessary law enforcement queries.”

“I found over 800 operational EB-5 regional centers throughout the U.S.,” Johnson said. Consider this a disturbing fact, since the US only allows 10,000 EB-5 applications per year. Could this have something to do with the orchestrated flood of illegals across America’s southern border in 2014? Probably. However, the retaliation by the criminal administration against an American citizen for pointing out their criminal behavior is downright criminal in and of itself.

The retaliation against Johnson was pretty severe. She was removed from her job and denied access to her case files. On top of that, the feds informed adoption workers that Johnson was no longer employed due to alleged criminal activity, though all she had done was expose the criminal activity of the government.

“When an adoption social worker tried to contact and verify employment, she was told that I had been terminated for a criminal offense,” Johnson said. “I almost lost my 1-year-old child.”

That’s not all. She also had her rights violated by not being permitted to carry a firearm.

“I was told I couldn’t even carry or own a personal weapon which is a constitutional rights violation,” she testified.

Why is Congress not stopping intimidation of Whistleblowers?

Frankly, I want to know why someone in Congress is not putting an end to the intimidation of whistleblowers. Why are whistleblowers the ones who are treated like criminals for exposing the government actual criminal activities against the Constitution and the American people? Is it because they are complicit in some of the criminal activity? I can tell you that when all they do is have hearings and bring no justice to bear, they are indeed complicit by their inaction!

Taylor Johnson falls in a long line of whistleblowers exposing the crimes of America’s government.

Bill Gates Unveils His Very Own Hitler Youth Movement

David Hodges

“For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world, and forfeit his soul? ~Mark 8:36

HitleryouthOur youth are in danger. Parents can no longer count on the fact that society will be sending the same messages of morality to Christian children when they venture away from their homes. Children are being bombarded with messages that the NWO and climate change initiatives are good, while freedom and individual expression of opinion are bad.

Any takeover of any nation would have to consist of a detailed plan to entrap the youth of the targeted nation. By propagandizing the youth of a new nation that the goals of the new elite are noble and worthy of support, the new establishment would target the youth with incessant messages that deviate from the messages imparted at home. Every youth program is predicated on the banner phrase “out with the old and in with the new.

The reason behind the undermining of parental authority in America has to do with I have come to call a “post-collapse” strategy, which will be ushered in following the demise of the dollar. If the NWO can convince children to buy into the new Agenda (21), then there will be fewer dissidents to deal with when the ultimate crackdown begins.

In service to this agenda, America can expect to see a series of Hitler Youth Movement type of organizations springing up with messages that espouse the belief that conformity is good and individual expression of liberty is undesirable.

John Whitehead Weighs In On This Topic

Freedom-fighting attorney John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute has weighed in on this subject in an article he wrote almost 18 months ago. Rutherford broached the subject of the brainwashing of our American youth in the following quote:

How do you persuade a nation of relatively freedom-loving individuals to march in lock step with a police state? You start by convincing them that they’re in danger, and only the government can protect them. Keep them keyed up with constant danger alerts, and the occasional terrorist incident, whether real or staged. Distract them with wall-to-wall news coverage about sinking ships, disappearing planes and pseudo-celebrities spouting racist diatribes. Use blockbuster movies, reality shows and violent video games to hype them up on military tactics, and then while they’re distracted and numb to all that is taking place around them, indoctrinate their young people to your way of thinking, relying primarily on the public schools and popular culture.”

In his book, A Government of Wolves: The Emerging American Police StateRutherford states the following:

“…extracurricular activities such as the Explorers program, which trains young people—”ages 14 to 21 who have a C average”—to be future agents of the police state. Explorers meet weekly, train for competitions and spend their weekends working on service projects. In one Border Patrol training exercise, teenagers as young as 14, suited up in military gear with lethal-looking airsoft guns, were “instructed on how to quiet an obstreperous lookout,” reports the New York Times. “Put him on his face and put a knee in his back,” a Border Patrol agent explained. “I guarantee that he’ll shut up.”

Leading the charge in the creation of Hitler Youth Movements, are Bill and Melinda Gates.

Bill and Melinda Gates and Their Version of America’s Version of the Hitler Youth Movement

PC-new-hitler-youth-global-citizenBill and Melinda Gates have initiated an offshoot of Agenda 21 programs known as Global Citizen Nights.  Global citizen nights are designed to lure in children and have them engage in some kind of community service with regard to the globalist agenda (e.g. biking vs driving, water conservation, etc.). In exchange for their good deeds, the participating teens will earn points and then be able to exchange their “globalist points” for high valued items such as concert tickets. Personal servitude to society sends the message to the young that your life does not belong to you. Charity towards one’s own community should be borne out of a desire to help or heel in the name of some cause that has personal appeal to a young person. Mandatory compliance to these “volunteer programs” conditions the youth that their lives do not belong to them and that the state has the final authority of one’s actions.

When one joins this globalist propaganda program, they are told that “Bill Gates recognizes that individuals have diverse passions and offers the Global Citizen network as one where, ‘some people…will pick women’s reproductive rights, some will pick agriculture. And then there are NGOs in each of those areas that you can volunteer for, give money to, and feel connected.”

hoaxglobalwarmingTeens are sent tweets, emails and Facebook messages encouraging them to get involved in these UN mandated programs. The targeted teens are given choices to be involved in such “worthy” endeavors as

  1. Sustainability
  2. Food and hunger
  3. Water and Sanitation
  4. Health (i.e. vaccines)
  5. Women and Girls (i.e. reproduction issues and negative population growth)
  6. Education (i.e. Common Core)
  7. Ebola Action Center (author’s note: And you thought we were done with Ebola). 

On one positive note, the Global Citizen Nights are intended to replace the drug-infested raves. However, rather than destroying their bodies with drugs such as ecstasy, the youth are destroying their minds with globalist propaganda.  One of the central themes of the Global Citizen Nights is the deliberate denigration of national sovereignty (e.g. “sovereignty is so 20th century) and the adoption of the globalist agenda at an age when young people’s minds are prone to extremist thinking.

The Biggest Threat to Our Youth

“For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world, and forfeit his soul? Mark 8:36

The biggest threat to our children is not the loss of the appreciation for the values of this country. This biggest threat to our young people is the loss of their soul. Agenda 21 so disparages the Christian religion, we Christians may soon be forced underground in order to continue with our worship. The Agenda 21 bias shows up in many of the leaders statements about Christianity. For example, President Obama has made the following statements regarding Christianity:

“Whatever we once were, we are no longer a Christian nation”
“We do not consider ourselves a Christian nation.”


global-war-on-christianityAs Christians make a threat assessment with regard to the implementation of Agenda 21 policies, it is important that we, as Christians, come to know our enemy. This is best exemplified by the following:

“Among other things, the agenda called for a Global Biodiversity Assessment of the State of the Earth. Prepared by the UN Environmental Programme (UNEP), this 1140 page document armed UN leaders with the “ecological basis, and moral authority” they needed to validate their global management system. The GBA concludes on page 863 that “the root causes of the loss of biodiversity are embedded in the way societies use resources. 

This world view is characteristic of large scale societies, heavily dependent on resources brought from considerable distances. It is a world view that is characterized by the denial of sacred attributes in nature, a characteristic that became firmly established about 2000 years ago with the Judeo-Christian-Islamic religious traditions. Eastern cultures with religious traditions such as Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism did not depart as drastically from the perspective of humans as members of a community of beings including other living and non-living elements.” In other words Christians are to blame for the sorry state of the world because their religions do not involve worshiping “sacred nature.”

Christian parents need to perform their due diligence and assume responsibility for the development of the Christian spirit within their children. This begins by educating them about the evils of Agenda 21 and keeping them away from the Hitler Youth Movement type of organizations such as the Bill and Melinda Gates organization known as the Global Citizen Nights. When you hear the phrase “they are coming for your kids,” you need to take heed.