History Facts vs. Millennials Education Failure —Ignorance of History on Communism and Socialism, Society without God-2

History Facts vs. Millennials Education Failure— Ignorance of History on Communism and Socialism, Society without God

Therefore my people are gone into acaptivity, because they have no bknowledge. ~Isaiah 5:13

Ignorance of History Comes Home to Roost: Communism and Millennials

Dr. Jerry Newcombe

Part 2

Entitlement Attitude of Society without God

I also interviewed Bishop Harry Jackson, pastor of a large church in the greater D. C. area. He told our viewers, “[T]hings like socialism are attractive because in a secular society without God, folks see that culture as being the provider of all things. I don’t think young people are looking beneath the ‘gimmies,’ the benefits, the promise.”

The pollster George Barna also told our viewers recently, “37% of Americans say they prefer socialism to capitalism. When you look at the millennial generation, it’s a significant majority of them who prefer that.”

Millennial Ignorance of History

Millennials don’t seem to know this history. Perhaps they’ve never heard of The Black Book of Communism. The publisher is Harvard University Press (1999).

This book documents in no uncertain terms the brutality that the Communists inflicted on the world. The authors write of Communism’s death toll in the 20th century: “The total approaches 100 million people killed.” (p. 4, emphasis added). The tolls are staggering: nearly 20 million killed in the Soviet Union under Stalin (which is frankly a low estimate), 65 million in China under Mao, and millions more in Cambodia, North Korea, and Ethiopia, among others.

Scholars Have Neglected Communist Crimes

They point out: “One cannot help noticing the strong contrast between the study of Nazi and Communist crimes…. scholars have neglected the crimes committed by the Communists.” (p. 17)

We do not even know the exact number of Ukrainians Stalin killed. He reportedly had the census workers shot, so that history would never know how many he forced into starvation. Perhaps at least 3.5 million human beings died just in the Ukraine in the 1930s, in what Robert Conquest has called “the harvest of sorrow.” Some estimate it was as many as 8 million killed.

Young People in the West Today Need to Learn the Truth about Socialism and Communism

Young people in the West today, including America and Great Britain, need to learn the truth about socialism and Communism. I highly recommend two easy-to-read novels exposing the truth by a former Communist, British writer George Orwell, Animal Farm (a parable on the Russian Revolution—where the revolutionaries turned out to be worse than the czar) and 1984.

To think that young people today could long for a resurrection of “full communism” just reflects how little they know about history. “History repeats itself,” writes British poet Steve Turner. “It has to. No one is listening.”


Young people who have grown up with freedom and convenience tend to take it for granted —even to be lured by tyrannical “utopian” doctrines—because they don’t know what it’s like to be without God, and without freedom. 

Why Young Adults need to know about Judeo-Christian Heritage and Freedom of Religion

See Ignorance of History, Part 1




Church and State Issues: Responsibility of Government—law enforcement against Illegal Immigration; Christians— give Humanitarian Aid

Church and State Issues:

Responsibility of Government—law enforcement against Illegal Immigration; Christians— give Humanitarian Aid

Christians are to give aid, Responsibility of Government is Law Enforcement

“I’m commanded to help those who are hungry and those who are thirsty – as a Christian. And it’s also my responsibility to insist as a citizen that my government enforce the law.”~Richard Land

Right on! This is what I’ve been saying all along. ~C.D.

Christians are to give Aid

The Bible says to care for the downtrodden … to love the least of these … to be hospitable to all … to welcome the stranger. But according to one evangelical leader, that doesn’t mean America should have an “open borders” immigration policy.

Evangelical supporters of illegal immigration often point to Matthew 25 when the discussion turns to those for whom they advocate. How can you turn them away – they ask – when the Bible so clearly says to feed them, to give them drink, to invite them in?

Speaking yesterday on American Family Radio, Richard Land of Southern Evangelical Seminary said they are exactly right.

“Let’s say that someone comes to my door and they are asking for some food or they’re asking for some water,” he suggested. “It’s not my responsibility to inquire into their immigration status before I give them a glass of water and before I give them food.”

Responsibility of Government: Law Enforcement

The Bible is clear, he says: just serve them. But when it comes to setting policy for the country, Land explained, the U.S. government has a different scriptural mandate.

“The government is there to enforce the law,” he stated. “One of the biggest problems we have with our immigration situation in the United States is that for the last half-century, the American government has not enforced the law.”

“We have encouraged and aided and abetted law-breaking. We’ve had two signs up at the border: one sign says No Trespassing; the other sign says Help Wanted.”

It’s the government’s job to protect the nation’s citizens, to guard its borders, to “wield the sword,” he added.

“I’m commanded to help those who are hungry and those who are thirsty – as a Christian,” Land concluded. “And it’s also my responsibility to insist as a citizen that my government enforce the law.”

Christians are to give aid, gov’t is to enforce laws

Planned Parenthood facts: Parents’ Walkout Protests Indoctrination in Public Schools, Corruption in Education

Planned Parenthood facts:

Parents’ Walkout Protests Indoctrination in Public Schools,  Corruption in Education

Rush Limbaugh

Public Education Needs to Be Disinfected

But it’s actually part of a much larger objective, which is simply to erase Western civilization and the largest population utilizing it. That would be us, the United States. And they are proceeding apace. And, of course, whether he knows it or not, Donald Trump’s campaign was standing up and saying “no” to this as well as everything else, economically and psychologically. It was serving to depress, destroy, lower expectations for everybody.

RUSH: “Parents Stage Walkout Over Planned Parenthood’s Graphic, Violent Sex Ed in Public Schools.” This is at PJMedia.com. “Sex education in public schools has gone off the deep end. Gone are the days of handing out birth control and practicing putting condoms on bananas. These days your kid is more likely to come away from school with more sexually deviant knowledge,” than some of the world’s worst perverts in history, “thanks to Planned Parenthood’s comprehensive sex ed program that has somehow made it into public school curriculums.

They’re teaching masochism. Well, somebody has to be going along with it. “Planned Parenthood has already been caught on video … advising a girl they think is 15 years old to allow her boyfriend to beat, whip, and gag her. ‘On April 23rd, parents around the nation will be pulling their children out of school for the day in protest of dangerous and graphic sex education and uniting at various locations to hold press events and field media questions,’” to try to explain to people exactly what is going on with all this.

You know when I read stuff like this and the two previous stories today, there’s a part of me that thinks the entire education system just needs to be torched, burned to the ground, and rebuilt. It is so insidiously tainted. I don’t know what the way out of this is, other than a reboot. It needs to be disinfected. It needs to be bleached.





Political Cartoon: Truth about FaceBook

Political Cartoon:

Truth about FaceBook

Thanks to A.F. Branco at Legal Insurrection.com for his great cartoons

THE FACTS: It’s true that Facebook doesn’t sell your data directly to third parties, but it clearly profits from it. Thanks to user data, Facebook made $40 billion in advertising revenue last year, second only to Google when it comes to the share of the global digital advertising market.

Facebook can make the match internally to select the users to be shown the ads. In this case, Facebook isn’t technically selling data, as it’s all done internally. But without your data, Facebook wouldn’t be able to offer such targeted advertising.

This doesn’t mean data never leaves Facebook. In fact, the latest privacy scandal grew out of the revelation that a Trump-affiliated consulting firm, Cambridge Analytica, managed to get data on tens of millions of Facebook users through an app that was purportedly a research tool. With apps, Facebook isn’t selling data — it’s giving the data to apps for free. (Breitbart)

Concrete Examples of Google, Facebook and Twitter Violating ‘Net Neutrality’

Pro-Life Definition: Children are Blessings; Planned Parenthood Facts

Pro-Life Definition:

Children are Blessings;

President Donald Trump: “Children are Blessings From Our Creator, Endowed From Conception With Human Dignity

In a March 29, 2018, Presidential Proclamation, Pres. Donald Trump declared April as “Child Abuse Prevention Month,” that referenced children from “the moment of conception.”

Included in the proclamation was the following statement:

We must always remember that all children are blessings from our Creator. They are endowed from conception with value, purpose, and human dignity. They are a source of unmatched joy, and they represent our Nation’s future. It is thus our civic and moral responsibility to help every child experience a childhood free from abuse and mistreatment, guiding them toward a future full of hope and promise.

“Child abuse is a horrendous problem in our nation, which has been worsened by the callous practice of abortion. When one can kill a baby for any reason prior to birth, it devalues the lives of all children,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “The least we must do is stop tax payers from funding Planned Parenthood, the largest child abuser there is. That will go a long way toward restoring a respect for all human life – born and unborn – in our nation.”

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The proclamation: an excerpt:

Every child is a precious and unique gift who deserves the security of a loving and nurturing home.  When supported by encouraging families and safe, strong communities, all children have the chance to reach their full potential and access the unlimited opportunities that our great Nation has to offer.  To realize this truth, we must dedicate ourselves to the noble cause of protecting and caring for our children.

National Child Abuse Prevention Month is an annual reminder that not every home is a haven of acceptance and unconditional love.  Too often, childhood is marred with pain, violence, neglect, and abuse, which can have lifelong psychological, emotional, and physical consequences.  At no fault of their own, some children are subjected to the most depraved forms of child abuse and neglect, without reprieve and, sometimes, without any knowledge that they are being maltreated.  The statistics are shocking:  a quarter of all children experience some form of child abuse or neglect in their lifetime.  The financial consequences of this depravity are dire.  By some estimates, the lifetime cost of child abuse and neglect is $124 billion per year.  The human cost — measured in lost development, potential, and flourishing — is incalculable.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, DONALD J. TRUMP, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim April 2018 as National Child Abuse Prevention Month.  I call upon all Americans to invest in the lives of our Nation’s children, to be aware of their safety and well-being, and to support efforts that promote their psychological, physical, and emotional development.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this twenty-ninth day of March, in the year of our Lord two thousand eighteen, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and forty-second.


Read full proclamation here:

How to teach your child—every day—that he or she is precious to our Creator Click Here

Planned Parenthood Facts

PJ Media: Parents Stage Walkout Over Planned Parenthood’s Graphic, Violent Sex Ed in Public Schools

 Wisconsin governor signs bill banning abortion insurance coverage for state employees

Supreme Court Won’t Let David Daleiden Release More Videos Exposing Planned Parenthood Selling Body Parts

Take heart! Even though Planned Parenthood is still funded, pro-life victories are everywhere else

Here’s how Trump can defund Planned Parenthood

‘It’s time to start thinking creatively’

Here’s How to Create a Million Barack Obamas

Rush Limbaugh

OBAMA: The Obama Foundation could potentially create a platform. If I could do that effectively, then, y’know, I would create a hundred or a thousand or a million young Barack Obamas or Michelle Obamas or the next group of — of people who could —

RUSH: But he wants clones, millions of clones of him and Michelle. What about Snoop Dogg? Why not clone Snoop Dogg? How about P. Diddy? How about cloning LeBron? How about cloning Michael Jordan? How about cloning Clarence Thomas? Well, anyway, I have a solution. President Obama, you want a million more of you? You want a million more Michelle (My Belle) Obamas?

All you have to do is join the pro-life movement.

On average, 900 black babies are aborted every day in the United States, according to this website here, RTL.org. That means 2.5 million black babies were aborted during the Obama regime. You have 900 black babies a day times 365 equals 320,400 times eight equals 2,563,200, and they could each have their have their million right there plus some extras. And all it would take is for the Obamas becoming pro-life. And inside of a year, inside of one year you’d have two million more Not necessarily Obamas. But, I mean, you might have some Snoop Doggs in there.

I mean, take the good with the bad.


Biblical Truth, Moral Character, the Pope, and Hell

Biblical Truth, Moral Character, the Pope, and Hell

If you take hell out of that equation, if any religion officially took hell out of the equation, then you would, in a psychological, maybe even a realistic sense, you would eliminate one of the greatest deterrents to living a moral and just life that there is in religious life today. If it makes no difference, if there is no eternal life, if there is no heaven, if there is no hell, then what difference does it make what you do in your life?~Rush Limbaugh


RUSH: You hear what Pat Buchanan said when he learned that the pope said that there’s no hell? Buchanan said, “Well, then what did Jesus die on the cross for if not to save us from going there?” Which is a brilliant and very simply logical question to ask. Buchanan, by the way, is a devout mainstream Catholic. Now, as far as the controversy is concerned, the pope, even before this — I’m not Catholic, so let me get that stated up front. I have great admiration for many people who are. Do not misunderstand. But I’m not Catholic.

And the pope said (paraphrasing), “No, there is no hell. Those souls just cease to exist. There is a giant nothingness. Nothing happens. They just die. That’s it. But there is no hell.” So this gets reported, and like many other things that this pope says, the Vatican then began an immediate race to correct this and to suggest the pope was not saying this officially as pope. He was engaged in a private conversation and the journalist happened to leak it, but it was not even a journalist interview.

It was a simple conversation between two human beings, one of whom happened to be the pope, but he wasn’t pope that day, essentially. Not the words they used. But he was not the pope that day. He was this guy’s friend and they were chatting about things. He was not, in other words, the Vatican says articulating anything new in terms of church doctrine.

But it’s easy to see that with this pope, the left is even corrupting the Catholic Church. I can remember 25 years ago on this program when Cardinal O’Connor was cardinal of New York City. I met him on a pro-life cruise, actually, around New York harbor shortly after my arrival there. I’d been invited by people I didn’t even know who had heard this new guy on the radio in town who was actively, proudly, publicly pro-life. And that was my first introduction to some really powerful people in New York.

This pope comes along, and I tell you, not just this. This pope is left-wing politically active on things like climate change. The whole left-wing agenda, the whole liberal agenda, this pope articulates it, and this pope is doing what he can to intermingle his own personal political beliefs with church doctrine. I never thought I would see that. I mean, I know there are leftists and liberals all over every organization, I’m not being naive, but the church is the church. What it believes is what it believes. It doesn’t change because public opinion changes, and yet it is, at least this pope seems to be doing just that.

So this controversy over the pope saying there is no hell, he apparently was having a conversation with a good friend of his who happens to be an atheist, who then happens to be a journalist. And those two things kind of follow on each other. A journalist who is an atheist makes perfect sense. And this pope talking to this guy, he’s a friend before he’s a journalist, that also makes sense as well.

Now, I’m not objecting to the pope, Il Papa, talking to atheists. In fact, that might be a great mission for a pope to deal in, try to help somebody through their atheism. That would be the mission of the church. But what is reported to have happened by this atheist journalist is that the pope was asked by the journalist, what happens to fallen souls? And do they go to hell? Do they spend eternity rotting in hell?

But the Vatican is hustling now, and they’re doing everything they can to walk this back. Because if this, for example, were an official papal bull, so to speak, or a proclamation, well, this would blow everything up sky-high. I know this is gonna sound really old-fashioned and dated, but the existence of hell in religious doctrine and teachings is as a deterrent. For believers, the last place you would ever want to end up anywhere is hell.

And so hell is presented as what happens if you fail to seek forgiveness for your sins, however your religion says that must be done. And if you fail to repent — and it’s not a matter of doing good works. This gets me in trouble every time I say it. You know, getting to heaven versus getting to hell is not a matter of good works, because there’s nobody who could get to hell if good works were the requirement, because we are all sinners, according to religious doctrine.

So the way to accommodate the sin is Jesus Christ died on the cross in this day for our sins, and if we accept him and accept that, this is the very, very CliffsNotes short version, then we can gain acceptance to the house of the Lord, heaven, and eternal life. If we don’t, we don’t seek the forgiveness, we don’t seek absolution for our sins, we go to hell.

If you take hell out of that equation, if any religion officially took hell out of the equation, then you would, in a psychological, maybe even a realistic sense, you would eliminate one of the greatest deterrents to living a moral and just life that there is in religious life today. If it makes no difference, if there is no eternal life, if there is no heaven, if there is no hell, then what difference does it make what you do in your life?

What possible thing can happen, what’s the worst thing that can happen to you if there is nothing after you die? And that’s the risk that people don’t want to take with removing hell. And I know people say, “Come on, Rush, nobody can prove it, even the fact that it’s a deterrent, it never stopped anybody.”

Oh, it does when they’re about to die. Many people have a, quote, unquote, “come to Jesus” moment as they age and get older. But, anyway, without getting into more detail on that and the psychological or sociological aspects, just the pope even flirting with this is causing a whole bunch of trouble and a lot of trouble. But to me it’s not a surprise at all, given this pope’s previous political statements that the Vatican has then had to run around and fix and try to restate, and so forth.

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What the Hell? Vatican Scrambles to Correct Pope


CDC report: Suicide rates of Youth Skyrocket 70% Over Last Decade. Here’s Why.

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CDC report: Suicide rates of Youth Skyrocket 70% Over Last Decade. Here’s Why. ByBen Shapiro Crisis of Meaning. There seems to be a crisis of meaning taking place in America. And that crisis of meaning is heavily linked to a … Continue reading