Government Education Agenda vs. American Parents

“ObamaEd” Government Education Agenda is Coming to a School Near You

It’s enough that we have Obamacare.  Now we’re getting ObamaEd

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No Longer Absolute Truths

Common-Core-Math “The math standard focuses on investigative math, which has been shown to be a disaster… With the new math standard in the Common Core, there are no longer absolute truths. So 3 times 4 can now equal 11 so long as a student can effectively explain how they reached that answer.”

Common Core is, undeniably, the regime’s baby. Obama’s regime has turned everything it has nationalized into a hot mess. Now leftist takeover of indoctrination has officially come out of the closet.

Do you know what the Common Core Curriculum is? Whether you have children or not, unless you live in Alaska, Texas, Nebraska or Virginia, it behooves you to become familiar with it before it kicks in, full-bore, in 2014.

Forty five states have adopted the entire Common Core Curriculum. One might ask why that is so dangerous. After all, Federal standards have been around since Jimmy Carter made the Department of Education a bona fide arm of the federal government in the 1970s. Simply put, Common Core is the federal government’s takeover of education.

It means the federal government now decides what children learn. Neither parents nor local school districts will have any say in what is being taught. Education is being nationalized.

Take, for example, the mathematics component of the program. Glyn Wright, Executive Director of Eagle Forum told Fox News: “The math standard focuses on investigative math, which has been shown to be a disaster… With the new math standard in the Common Core, there are no longer absolute truths. So 3 times 4 can now equal 11 so long as a student can effectively explain how they reached that answer.”

Professor James Milgram of Stanford University is the only mathematician on the Common Core Validation Committee. Fox News reports that he refused to validate the math standards. The whole thing is “in large measure a political document.” He advised the state of Texas not to adopt the Common Core standards.

Texas took Professor Milgram’s advice. Early adherents, such as high rent district Fairfield, Connecticut, instituted Common Core mathematics last year. Their students’ test scores plummeted. Destroying mathematical certainties in favor of experimental clap-trap doesn’t raise mathematical aptitude in American students. The playing field is not being made level. It is being buried.

schoolindoctrinationTampering with the English program is even more chilling. Who decides what is appropriate to be taught and what is considered PC to read is now in the hands of the federal government, affecting every aspect of every subject.

Joy Pullman of The Heartland Institute spoke to Breitbart at length. She argued that proponents of Common Core are, as always, trying to fabricate value out of garbage: “(T)he standards (that) are being used to write the tables of contents for all the textbooks used in K-12 math and English classes . . . may not technically constitute a curriculum, but it certainly defines what children will be taught, especially when they and their teachers will be judged by performance on national tests that are aligned with these standards.”

College acceptance will be based on test results of what the government dictates will be taught. SAT and ACT testing will be revised based upon Common Core. And because of that, home-schooled students are not exempt.

Advocates of the Common Core program are eager to place responsibility for the Common Core Curriculum entirely with the National Governors Association and the Council of Chief State School. But Common Core is, undeniably, the regime’s baby.

Obama’s regime has turned everything it has nationalized into a hot mess. Now leftist takeover of indoctrination has officially come out of the closet. Joy Pullman cuts through the fertilizer: “People who characterize Common Core as anything other than a national takeover of schooling are either unaware of these sweeping implications or are deliberately hiding this information from the public.”

It’s no wonder that there is a marked increase of parents pulling their children out of government schools.


High School Teaching Favors Terrorism

Dinner Topics for Tuesday

Another Reason to Home school …

Lesson plans for terrorists-as-freedom fighters pulled

But lawmakers still approve oversight of controversial system.

John Griffing

schoolindoctrinationCSCOPE, a controversial school curriculum management system in Texas that once included a description of the Boston Tea Party as an act of terror and has called Islamic terrorists freedom fighters, is withdrawing its lesson plans for schools.

But state lawmakers still are insisting on close oversight, because they are uncertain exactly how much of the remaining services will be resurrected.

When asked about the discussion of letters going out to school districts admonishing them to save lessons, and asserting a continued a vital role for CSCOPE in schools, Patrick contended, “Rogue schools need to be dealt with by parents and local school boards, because the lesson plans are gone.”

CSCOPE has faced heavy criticism by parents, teachers and legislators, culminating in legislative hearings that revealed serious academic deficiencies in the areas of math, science and English, as well as what many critics believe is an agenda-driven bias in social studies content that promotes a negative view of America.

WND has reported on lessons claiming the Boston Tea Party was a terrorist act, and lessons requiring students to design flags for a new communist country. The latter lesson was created in October 2012.

Teachers also have told WND:

  • Lessons are not matched to grade level; a ninth-grade lesson asks students to circle capital letters in a sentence.
  • One social studies lesson teaches that capitalism is obsolete and communism is the best economic system, using a diagram that shows a man climbing a ladder toward communism.
  • A third-grade lesson defines American “equality” as “fair share.” Competing definitions that include “equality under the law” or “equal opportunity” are not discussed.
  • Muhammad is portrayed as a social justice crusader. There is no mention of his marriage to a young girl or his beheading of indigenous population groups.
  • Political parties are taught from what critics claim is a subjective and left-leaning perspective, e.g. Democrats “benefit each individual” while Republicans “favor big business.”

WND has also recently acquired lessons covering the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights, teaching students that “medicine” and “food” are “rights,” and not a matter of personal responsibility.

Students who do not answer that “medicine” and “food” are “rights” have their answers marked as incorrect, sources report.

Other controversial lesson content includes a science lesson that instructs students to set things on fire in the middle of class and also lessons that promote anorexia and mercy death, according to Bowen.

CSCOPE also has come under fire for its secrecy and lack of transparency, forcing teachers and districts to sign “user agreements” – what whistleblowers say amount to “gag orders.”

Teachers are exposed to legal liability if they share lesson content or other class materials with the general public, and threats of termination have been reported by teachers who attempt to engage parents about controversial CSCOPE content.

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High School, Freedom of Religion, and Pledge of Allegiance

Yet another reason to Home School …

The American version of the pledge of allegiance is as follows:

pledgeofallegiancechildrenI pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, with liberty and justice for all.

Islamic Sharia Law does not allow liberty, or freedom of speech and religion, for all. Sharia law suppresses opposition. Sharia Law and the United States Constitution are total opposites.

The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (in the Bible) has a divine plan for us: He gives us freedom to choose our actions. He will force no person to heaven. Murder is forbidden by God’s Ten Commandments. Satan has a plan, too. It is based on force. Satan would have forced everyone to do his will. That is what the war in heaven (Revelation 12) was about—free will. The God of Israel commands us not to kill, but Mohammed was not opposed to murder. Was he a false prophet? What are the fruits of Islam? Jesus Christ said: “by their fruits ye shall know them.” You decide.

Allah is the god of the Koran. Does the Koran justify murder? Click here for more information.

Apparently, according to our state religion,  political correctness, if you are Christian, you are prejudiced. All others–atheists, Muslims, etc.– are tolerant of everyone else, except Christians.

US High School Recites Pledge In Arabic: “One Nation Under Allah”

Tim Brown
schoolindoctrinationWell now, here is evidence of what I’ve been saying all along and that is that you cannot be religiously neutral. It just can’t happen. Religion is at our very core and if we will not honor the true and living God as God, then we will fill that vacuum with a false god. Exhibit A: Rocky Mountain High School in Colorado. Outrage is building over the fact that students were encouraged to recite the Pledge of Allegiance over the loudspeaker in Arabic replacing “one nation under God” with “one nation under Allah.”

The school’s principal, Tom Lopez, is standing by his decision to allow the pledge after receiving a flood of complaints from parents outraged over the incident. He claims to not be pushing and Islamic agenda.

Lopez told Fox News, “These students love this country. They were not being un-American in trying to do this. They believed they were accentuating the meaning of the words as spoken regularly in English.”

Danielle Clark, communications director of the Poudre School District, said “We understand not everybody would agree with the students’ choice. We’ve heard there are some who are upset.”

On the other hand, she said she received one email from a person who “thought it was a great thing.”

Catch that? In all of those that responded, Clark got one email that thought this was a “great thing!” Is this action backwards or what? Parents in Colorado, I’m warning you to get your children out of the public school system. This will continue to happen more and more.

As for the pledge, well look I’m not necessarily against it, but understand that it was composed by Francis Bellamy, a Socialist, who used Christian language to promote the idea of distribution of economic resources. That’s redistribution of wealth by government friends. That is the enemy of freedom in this country and that is what Barack Obama promotes.

As Christians, we are to have only One God and our King is King Jesus, not Allah.

The Coloradoan reported:

“(Nuha) Kapatayes is one among a couple dozen members of the student-initiated Cultural Arms Club, which seeks to “destroy the barriers, embrace the cultures” that exist at not just Rocky Mountain High School, but also within the community. Members in November recited the Pledge in Spanish, sparking intense debate about whether saying the words of the Pledge in any language other than English was unpatriotic.

Despite “rude” comments from classmates who disagreed with the November recital and anticipated “resistance” this week, Cultural Arms Club members decided to go forward with translating the Pledge into Arabic. They have plans for translating it into American Sign Language, Korean and possibly Chinese.

“No matter what language it’s said in, pledging your allegiance to the United States is the same in every language,” said sophomore CAC member Skyler Bowden.”
Technically Skyler is correct. The language doesn’t matter. The substance does. Allah has not been a part of the founding of the United States, except to be a thorn in our side from the very beginning, which we attempted to deal with during the Barbary Wars.

“I’ve been shocked with prejudicial statements that have been made,” said Lopez.

Principal Lopez referred to the parents’ outrage as having “suspicion and fear expressed” in their minds, along with “some hate.”

“When they pledge allegiance to United States, that’s exactly what they’re saying,” Lopez said. “They’re just using another language as their vehicle.”

He claims that when one cites the pledge in Arabic that Allah is the word used for God, but that is not true. It is a proper name for their false deity, much like the God of the Bible’s is Yahweh. In other words, this is not a generic rendering of the word “God.” It is specific. Principal Lopez is simply naïve.

I’ll just remind you that the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) are the ones demanding that Muslims get special treatment in public schools, even granting that their students be allowed to pray and be excused from class for it. They have also passed out literature to teachers on the Islamic ideology and bashed schools for promoting off campus Bible studies. Yes, my friends, Islamists have an agenda here, whether Lopez does or not.

The parents were right to be outraged and if they truly love their children, they should do everything they can to get them out of the indoctrination centers of public “education” and teach them at home.
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Muslim, Christian, and Prayer

Yet another reason to Home School—

Muslims Demand (& Get) Prayer In Public Schools – Attack Off Campus Bible Studies

Tim Brown

schoolindoctrinationSo about that “religion of peace” and tolerance, this is how it really works. Muslim supremacism is at the top, everything else is at the bottom. The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is leading the charge by pushing for public school policy, and they’re getting it.

CAIR’s impact in the public school system is now being seen in two cases in Michigan.

The first comes from one of CAIR’s press releases, dated October of 2012, in which CAIR had bullied a local school system because of passing out information about a private Bible Study class (something, by the way, that use to actually be part of the public education system in this country). According to the Press release:
The Michigan chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-MI) said today that a Detroit-area school district has apologized for handing out permission slips for Bible study classes to elementary school students.

CAIR-MI sent a letter to Roseville Public Schools after receiving a complaint from two parents of children who attend Huron Park Elementary School about distribution by teachers of permission slips for the Bible classes at a local Baptist church.

In his letter to the school district, CAIR-MI Executive Director Dawud Walid wrote in part:

“School staff and teachers are not to serve as advocates for one particular religion or congregation within a religion by passing out slips inviting parents to give permission for their children to attend religious instruction. . . According to the United States Supreme Court, the First Amendment clearly requires that public school students and their parents are never given the impression that their school/school district prefers a specific religion over others or sanctions religion in general.”

A school district official today apologized to CAIR-MI for the distribution of the permission slips and said district principals will discuss the issue at an upcoming meeting.

A woman who identified herself as Nayet, wearing a burqa, leaves the police station after her release in Paris“We thank school district officials for taking quick and appropriate action once this violation of religious neutrality was brought to their attention,” said Walid.

He said CAIR offers a booklet, called “An Educator’s Guide to Islamic Religious Practices,” that is designed to help school officials provide a positive learning environment for students of all faiths.
First of all, let me make one thing crystal clear for anyone espousing the nonsense that education, or anything for that matter can be “religiously neutral.” Everything, education, work, home, community and anything in life boils down to being viewed through one’s worldview, or belief system (which we usually refer to as “religion”).

Second, notice the hypocrisy and downright deceptiveness of CAIR. They scream and decry permission slips to attend a Bible study, but have no problem providing these same facilities, which they want to be religiously neutral, with “An Educator’s Guide to Islamic Religious Practices.”

There is a direct attack on Christianity, as if the Islamic anti-Christian doctrines found in their Qur’an and Hadiths, along with the mass murders of Christians world-wide they engage in weren’t enough.

In another article from April 2013, CAIR shows just how religiously neutral they really are:
The Council on American Islamic Relations of Michigan (CAIR-MI) staff recently met with Dearborn Public Schools Superintendent Brian Whiston to discuss concerns from some parents regarding prayer accommodations in Dearborn Public Schools.

Dearborn Public Schools has implemented a policy which fully accommodates student-led prayer in all the schools, as well as unexcused absences for students who leave early on Fridays for Jumu’ah prayers. CAIR-MI is currently in discussion with Melvindale Public Schools to get similar accommodations for students that are now in place for Dearborn Public Schools.

They want to cry that they are the victims, but the reality is that they are the aggressors. They complain about a permission slip for an off campus Bible study, saying it was a “violation of religion neutrality,” and within months they push the school board to accommodate Islamic prayers in public schools, even granting excused absences for student who leave early for Jumu-ah prayers.

Michigan is the testing grounds for Islamic takeover in the U.S. It seems to be working there.
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Dinner Topics Newsletter: Parents, Fathers, and Christian Traditions

Dinner Topics Newsletter: Parents, Fathers, and Christian Traditions

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We hear so much about the so-called “War on Women;” but is there also a War on Men?

Fathers—Another Victim of Abortion

Teach Your Children the Truth

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1. New Priority: Be on guard against indoctrination in the schools. It’s hard to control national and even state politics. However, we can still do what is best for our children. It is going to become increasingly difficult to counteract the insidious influences pervading our society. Indoctrination is becoming increasingly blatant. If it is not possible for you to home school, try to teach your children Judeo-Christian values at home. The easiest way to do this is to tell stories and discuss principles at the family dinner table. I hope these dinner topics help you with this vital effort. Just don’t give up! Our precious children are worth fighting for.

2. Study the U.S. Constitution! It is the last remaining safeguard of our precious freedoms!

3. The Supreme Court did rule that the states cannot be forced to implement Obamacare on a state level

Please continue to pursue nullification bills, for your own good. I will also post action alerts from time to time. I am pleased to see Faith and Freedom Coalition spearheading this process. I will be posting more information on this. Remember this is not about us—it’s about our children and grandchildren.

With all the taxation without representation, and other threats to the Constitution, a very hot topic is “Nullification Bills.” This gives the states the option of nullifying bills which are not constitutional. If states are fiscally solvent, why should they bankrupt themselves with the onerous regulations of Obamacare?

Another continuing threat is to our 2nd amendment. Now, I am not a zealous hunter or gun owner. But I am concerned about the safety of myself and my family on two counts:

1. I don’t want to be a victim of crime.

2. I don’t want my liberties taken away from me.

So this is another application for Nullification Bills. I will be posting a sample letter that you can use to send to your own state governments, to urge them to do the job you elected them to do: abide by the Constitution and protect your states’ rights.

For more information on nullification, refer to this post:

U.S. Constitution, President Obama, Obamacare, and your State

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Happy Fathers’ Day!

Christine Davidson

Parents, Students, and Gender Insanity

Yet Another Reason to Home School

It looks like if we want our children to have Judeo-Christian values, we’ll have to teach them ourselves. Unless you want to burden yourself with an almost impossible task of de-programming, keep them out of government schools altogether.


schoolindoctrination2WND EXCLUSIVE

Official Cross-Dressing Day for kids sparks outrage

It was part of a week of school spirit festivities in Milwaukee that included theme days such as Crazy Hair Day and events were routine for students and parents until the schedule hit “Gender-Bender” Day.

Then parents reacted.


“I do not want to send my son to school dressed like a girl,” one parent told Fox 6 News, which reported on the dispute.

The fight focused on the idea that school officials should not be telling students of grade school age to dress like the opposite sex.

The report from Fox said the school, when confronted by concerns about a “gender-bender” day, did decide to alter the name to “Switch it up.”

But the focus remained the same, said critics.

One mother who held her son home from school that day suggested it created an impossible situation for students – either to go along and dress up as the opposite sex, or to refuse to participate and be pointed out as someone who did not do anything.

Terrence Falks, a member of the school board, defended the activity, saying his own son-in-law remembered similar events in a church school.

But parent Sam Ward said it just teaches children the wrong lesson about gender.

According to the station’s report, it happened at Milwaukee’s Tippecanoe School. The event was held Friday.

Fox 6 reported members of the student council picked the themes for the various days.

But one mother, who asked the station not to provide her identification, said she was, “Speechless.”

Milwaukee Public Schools issued a statement that taking part was limited to those who volunteered.

There is a long history of introducing and teaching highly charged sexual material to children in America’s public schools. Probably the biggest promoter of such concerns is the public school industry in California.

In fact, California parents were urged to keep their children home from school on May 22, the state’s official day for conducting “exercises” to honor the notorious homosexual activist and reported pedophile Harvey Milk.

In 2009, then-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed into law a day for schools to commemorate the San Francisco activist, who was California’s first openly homosexual man to be elected to public office. Earlier that year, President Obama posthumously awarded Milk the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

But, a non-profit pro-family organization founded by Randy Thomasson, warns Milk is no “role model” for schoolchildren.

Citing a biography of Milk by homosexual San Francisco Chronicle writer Randy Shilts, which served as the basis of a film about the activist, points out Milk “repeatedly engaged in adult-child sex [and] advocated for multiple homosexual relationships at the same time.”

In fact, the book describes Milk’s romantic relationship with 16-year-old Jack Galen McKinley (when Milk was 33) and explains the activist “always had a penchant for young waifs with substance abuse problems.” consequently urged fathers and mothers to demand that teachers, principals and school board members refuse to honor Milk or else they’ll keep their children home that day or exit the government schools entirely.

schoolindoctrination“Parents who hear about ‘Harvey Milk Gay Day’ are disgusted that this teen predator and sexual anarchist is now the new role model for their children, and schools aren’t even notifying them that this happening,” Thomasson said in a statement. “Parents must keep their children home from public school on May 22 to guard their kids from the bad influence of ‘Milk Day.’”

Yet warns “Harvey Milk Day” is only one example of how “progressive” politicians are advancing a sexual agenda in California schools.

Among other Democrat-led initiatives was the recent strategy that requires schools to let boys play on girls’ athletic teams and utilize the ladies’ locker room if they gender identify as girls – or vice-versa for girls identifying as boys.

The bill’s author, openly homosexual San Francisco Democrat Tom Ammiano, has been an activist for lesbian, “gay,” bisexual and transgender, or LGBT, issues for decades and reportedly became in 1975 the first San Francisco public school teacher to make his homosexuality public. Ammiano later co-founded an LGBT organization with Milk.

Ammiano told the Los Angeles Times some parents may be uncomfortable with their children sharing bathrooms with students of a different sex, but he said, “It’s also important to protect our children from prejudice.”

Read more 

College Students, Scandal, and Big Government Abuse

schoolindoctrinationSee what your tax dollars are paying for? Answer: Brainwashers R Us

Solutions: Home school, Christian schools and colleges

College Students Sign Thank You Card to IRS for Anti-Conservative Discrimination

On Thursday, the Centennial Institute released a video from Caleb Bonham, a conservative pundit, touring a local college campus and asking the students to sign a thank you card to the IRS for targeting tea party groups. Predictably, the geniuses that represent the future of our country were quick to sign off on IRS discrimination against conservatives.

“I think it’s a fake scandal and it makes sense to prosecute the 501(c)3s or whatever it is,” says one bike-riding, bearded, long-haired torch-bearer for American values. “I think this is pretty rad,” says another Phi Beta Kappa member. “I read about that, I thought it was pretty funny because the IRS is actually doing the right thing but the wrong thing at the same time, you know what I mean?” babbles one behatted female student.

irsthankyoucard“I love discrimination!” says one student. “Support Obama, target the tea party!” says another.

A huge number of student loans are subsidized by taxpayers.

Ben Shapiro is Editor-At-Large of Breitbart News and author of the New York Times bestseller “Bullies: How the Left’s Culture of Fear and Intimidation Silences America” (Threshold Editions, January 8, 2013).


President Obama, Terrorism, and Homeschool

Dinner Topics for Friday

US Grants Asylum to Muslim Terrorists but Not to Christian Homeschoolers

By Dave Jolly

See video

muslimobamaAbout ten years ago, the Tsarnaev family was granted political asylum in the United States. Curiously over the past 10 years family members have made frequent visits back to the country they fled from. A month ago two members of the family set off pressure cooker bombs at the Boston Marathon as an act of Muslim terrorism.

The United States government received warnings about one of the Tsarnaev boys from Russia. The warning included possible links to terrorist activities in the United States, but after a botched FBI investigation nothing was done. The US government even learned that Saudi Arabia had denied a visa to Tamerlan Tsarnaev and yet they still did nothing.

Now the Obama administration is pushing to allow 11 million illegal aliens to remain in the US and eventually be granted citizenship. It seems that our government is bending over backwards to allow Muslims and illegals access to America.

However, in a clear demonstration of President Obama’s war on Christians, his administration has targeted a Christian family and is hell bent on deporting them back to Germany.  The Romeikes family fled Germany in 2008 because the German government outlawed homeschooling and was about to arrest the parents and make the children wards of the government.
In 2010, the Romeikes were granted asylum by immigration judge Lawrence O. Burman.  The family settled in rural Tennessee and began homeschooling their children so they could teach them Christian values along with their lessons.  The family believed that they had found a new home that accepted them and their Christian faith and life was good.

With so much attention being given to the millions of illegal in our nation and how the Democrats were getting thousands of them to vote illegally in elections, you would think the government would be too busy to worry about one family that was causing no problems.  But you would be dead wrong.

In 2012, the Obama administration appealed the immigration asylum status of the German family and requested that the family be deported back to Germany, where they would face charges for their homeschooling.  The administration argued that Romeikes family’s problems in Germany were insufficient to allow for them to be granted asylum in the US.  Yep, that’s right!  Obama’s people claimed that although the parents face possible arrest and the loss of their children if they returned to Germany, this was not sufficient persecution to warrant being granted permission to stay in America.

On April 23, 2013, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals heard arguments in the case.  This Tuesday, the three judge panel ruled unanimously to revoke the family’s asylum status which would mean their certain deportation back to German persecution.  In their decision, the court refused to acknowledge that the persecution of German homeschoolers for their religious and philosophical differences with the government qualified as actual persecution under the US asylum laws.

Michael Farris, Founder and Chairman of the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) said:

“We believe the Sixth Circuit is wrong and we will appeal their decision.  America has room for this family and we will do everything we can to help them.”

“While we will continue to fight in the courts over the issue of whether our law requires the Administration to give this family asylum, there is no doubt of the ability of the Obama Administration to use its discretion to immediately grant this family permanent asylum. We urge the Administration to do so at once.”

“If our Administration is willing to explore a policy of leniency for millions of immigrants, it is simply inexplicable why they cannot find room for one homeschooling family from Germany.”

Mike Donnelly, Director of International Affairs for the HSLDA also commented about the court’s ruling, saying:

“Germany continues to persecute homeschoolers.  The court ignored mountains of evidence that homeschoolers are harshly fined and that custody of their children is gravely threatened—something most people would call persecution. This is what the Romeikes will suffer if they are sent back to Germany.”

characteredSomeone please explain to me why our government is spending so much time, money and effort into deporting a family who has done nothing wrong except wanting to give their children a Christian education. At the same time, our government is working hard to allow over 11 million criminals, (every illegal alien is a criminal because they broke federal law when they entered our country illegally), to remain in our nation.  There is no justification for this, but it does clearly demonstrate Obama’s hostility to Christians and to homeschoolers.

I’ll continue to follow the HSLDA appeal and keep you posted, but in the meantime, you need to be contacting your Representatives and Senators and demand that they get involved to keep the Romeikes family here in the US because they will certainly be persecuted and their family destroyed if they are returned to Germany.

See Video about Romeike family

College Student, Yale University, and Morality

Immorality at Yale

Another case for homeschooling. Before you spend your life savings on a famous university, watch out! You may want to do some homework! There are a lot of courses you can take online, save money, and your child’s soul as well. If you want a classic education, Hillsdale College is excellent, offering courses online as well as on campus.

yaleSitting for my final exam in International Relations, I found myself next to Hashemi, whose comrades were fighting and killing my fellow citizens in the mountains of Afghanistan at that very moment. The fact that the Taliban publicly executes homosexuals and infidels, and denies girls and women the right to go to school, gave no pause to the same Yale administrators who pride themselves on their commitment to gay rights, feminism, and academic freedom. In an interview, Hashemi boasted to the New York Times: “I could have ended up in Guantanamo Bay. Instead, I ended up at Yale.”

By Nathan Harden*
In 1951, William F. Buckley Jr., a graduate of Yale the year before, published his first book, God & Man at Yale. In the preface, he described two ideas that he had brought with him to Yale and that governed his view of the world:

I had always been taught, and experience had fortified the teachings, that an active faith in God and a rigid adherence to Christian principles are the most powerful influences toward the good life. I also believed, with only a scanty knowledge of economics, that free enterprise and limited government had served this country well and would probably continue to do so in the future.

The body of the book provided evidence that the academic agenda at Yale was openly antagonistic to those two ideas – that Buckley had encountered a teaching and a culture that were hostile to religious faith and that promoted collectivism over free market individualism. Rather than functioning as an open forum for ideas, his book argued, Yale was waging open war upon the faith and principles of its alumni and parents.

Whether God & Man at Yale had any effect on Yale’s curriculum is debatable, but its impact on American political history is indisputable. It argued for a connection between the cause of religious faith on the one hand, and the cause of free market economics on the other.

This idea, later promoted as “fusionism” in Buckley’s influential magazine National Review, would become the germ of the Reagan coalition that united social conservatives and free market libertarians – a once-winning coalition that has been lately unraveling.

I graduated from Yale in 2009, 59 years after Buckley. I had a chance to meet him a couple of years before his death, at a small gathering at the home of a professor. Little did I know at the time that I would write a book of my own that would serve, in some ways, as a continuation of his famous critique.

Encouraging moral anarchy
My book – which I titled Sex and God at Yale – shows that Yale’s liberals are still actively working to refashion American politics and culture. But the devil is in the details, and it’s safe to say that there are things happening at Yale today that Buckley could scarcely have even imagined in 1951.

While the Yale of Buckley’s book marginalized or undermined religious faith in the classroom, my book tells of a classmate who was given approval to create an art object out of what she claimed was blood and tissue from self-induced abortions. And while the Yale of Buckley’s book was promoting socialist ideas in its economics department, my book chronicles Yale’s recent employment of a professor who publicly praised terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Hezbollah.

My, how times have changed!
There is clearly a radical sexual agenda at work at Yale today. Professors and administrators who came of age during the sexual revolution are busily indoctrinating students into a culture of promiscuity. In fact, Yale pioneered the hosting of a campus Sex Week – a festival of sleaze, porn and debauchery, dressed up as sex education. I encountered this tawdry tradition as an undergrad, and my book documents the events of Sex Week, including the screening in classrooms of hard-core pornography and the giving of permission to sex toy manufacturers and porn production companies to market their products to students. And again, these things happened with the full knowledge and approval of Yale’s senior administrators.

As might be expected, many Yale students were offended by Sex Week, but university officials defended it in the name of “academic freedom” – a sign of how far this noble idea, originally meant to protect the pursuit of truth, has fallen. And the fact that Yale as an institution no longer understands the substantive meaning of academic freedom – which requires the ability to distinguish art from pornography, not to mention right from wrong – is a sign of its enslavement to the ideology of moral relativism, which denies any objective truth (except, of course, for the “truth” that there is no truth).

Enrolling enemy of America
Indeed, Yale administrators have taken their allegiance to cultural relativism so far that they invited a sworn enemy of America to be a student, admitting Sayed Rahmatulla Hashemi, a former diplomat-at-large for the Taliban, in 2005. Talk about diversity!

Sitting for my final exam in International Relations, I found myself next to Hashemi, whose comrades were fighting and killing my fellow citizens in the mountains of Afghanistan at that very moment. The fact that the Taliban publicly executes homosexuals and infidels, and denies girls and women the right to go to school, gave no pause to the same Yale administrators who pride themselves on their commitment to gay rights, feminism, and academic freedom. In an interview, Hashemi boasted to the New York Times: “I could have ended up in Guantanamo Bay. Instead, I ended up at Yale.”

It’s hard to overlook the paradox: By enrolling Hashemi in the name of diversity, Yale abandoned the principle of human rights – the very principle that allows diverse individuals, including those of different faiths, to coexist peacefully.

It was my aim in writing Sex and God at Yale to bring accountability to Yale’s leaders in hopes of reform. Yale has educated three of the last four presidents, and two of the last three justices appointed to the Supreme Court. What kind of leaders will it be supplying in ten years, given its current direction?

Unfortunately, what’s happening at Yale is indicative of what is occurring at colleges and universities across the country. Those events are, after all, only symptoms of a deeper emptiness in modern academia. Our universities have lost touch with the purpose of liberal arts education, the pursuit of truth. In abandoning that mission – indeed, by denying its possibility – our institutions of higher learning are afflicted to the core.

The political freedom that makes a liberal arts education possible requires an ongoing and active defense of liberty. Try exercising academic freedom in a place like Tehran or Kabul! Here in the U.S., we take our liberty far too much for granted.

*Nathan Harden is a 2009 graduate of Yale University. He edits The College Fix, a higher education news website, and blogs for National Review Online.


Liberal reviewer slams Harden

Nathan Harden edits The College Fix, a higher education news website, and blogs for National Review Online. Predictably, the liberal elite panned his critique of Yale’s ultra-liberal leaning. Consider Hanna Rosin’s acerbic and condescending tone in her August 23, 2012, NY Times review:


The conservative movement loves an innocent. Better yet if he has attended an Ivy League college and witnessed the debauchery of the elites firsthand. For this particular position, Nathan Harden … possesses impeccable credentials. He was home-schooled, was already married when he got to college and had worshiped the institution so blindly that he was bound to be disappointed.

Like many home-schoolers, Harden is a true American eccentric. He quit before he finished high school, got a GED, and spent his interim years drifting, [working at manual labor] and volunteering with a medical relief charity.

Home school, manual labor, married young, GED, charity volunteer … eccentric!? Apparently Harden and Rosin espouse worldviews that are … well, worlds apart. ~Randall Murphee, AFA Journal

Government, Beast, and Homeschool

Dinner Topics for Tuesday

Starve the Beast — Homeschool Your Children

Not to mention that most schools, including expensive universities and colleges, are woefully inept at teaching critical thinking. ~C.A. Davidson

Whoever controls the schools rules the world.~ Gary DeMar

by Gary DeMar

characteredStarve a fire of fuel and oxygen, and the fire will go out. Starve cancer cells of what they need to grow, and you will eliminate the cancer.

The State feeds on people. It needs people to function, to survive. The money that the State spends comes from people. Judges, teachers, reporters, and journalists have mostly been educated by the State. Why are we surprised when they support the State?

Americans have a love affair with public education, mainly because they are not paying full price. It’s misplaced. You get what you don’t pay for.

Lowering taxes and cutting spending will not happen as long as we continue to feed the beast with our children. Both parties are intoxicated with power and the use of other people’s money.

The way to stop the madness is to stop the supply of people educated by the State. We wouldn’t need everybody to yank their children out of the State indoctrination centers, although that would be the best of all possible words. If 20 or 30 percent did it, we would see a dramatic power shift take place in America. Parents would control what their children would be learning, and the State would lose a lot of its needed fuel.

The tax base supporting government education would shrink as non-government school parents banded together to vote against taxpayer funding of public schools.

Liberals would be in a panic. They know that their ideas don’t have a rational or a historical basis. They would no longer control the flow of information or the claim that government can do it better.

The results are in, children educated at home and in school settings where there is competition with other schools, do better. There are a number of reasons for this as a new study reveals:

Private religious schools perform better than public schools, and public charter schools performed no better than regular public schools, according to a new study by William Jeynes, professor of education at California State University at Long Beach and senior fellow at the Witherspoon Institute at Princeton.”

There’s another reason why starving the State by abandoning government schools is needed. Government schools are funded with confiscated money. Money taken from the “community” of property owners is to educate the collective.

Conservatives are railing against Melissa Harris-Perry’s comments about how children belong to the “community,” and yet a vast majority of people in America use the community’s money to educate their children in the community ideal. We say one thing but act against what we say we believe.

Children from a very early age are taught that it’s OK to take money from some people and give it to other people if the cause is a good one. That’s taught by example in the use of public (community) schools.

There are numerous options available, especially with homeschooling. Parents can purchase an out-of-the box curriculum for every grade. The costs are minimal, and parents control the school day. What takes eight to ten hours for a government-education day (much of it wasted), a homeschooling family can do in four hours and accomplish more.

There are homeschool co-opts to help parents with high-level math, science, music, and foreign language studies.

If parents took their anti-Statist worldview seriously, they would not be sending their children to the one institution that is determined to turn your children into soldiers for the State.

Whoever controls the schools rules the world.
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