History Heroes: Immigration Quotes

History Heroes:

Immigration Quotes

reagan2resizeA nation that cannot control its borders is not a nation. ~Ronald Reagan

Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn’t an American at all. We have from for but one flag, the American flag . . . We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language . . . and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people. ~Theodore Roosevelt, 1919


Founders’ Wisdom

America’s Founders were joined in purpose: to pursue and protect individual liberty. But due to the left’s decades-long obsession with multiculturalism—because they find every other culture superior to ours—the unique, unified, successful American culture is being replaced by dysfunctional Third World attitudes. ~Rush Limbaugh

jeffersontyrannygovMay not our government be more homogenous, more peaceable, more durable? Suppose 20 millions of republican Americans thrown all of a sudden into France, what would be the condition of that kingdom? If it would be more turbulent, less happy, less strong, we may believe that the addition of a half a million of foreigners to our present numbers would produce a similar effect here. ~Thomas Jefferson, 1787

The United States have already felt the evils of incorporating a large number of foreigners into their national mass. . .it ha served very much to divide the community and to distract our councils. ~Alexander Hamilton, 1802

The safety of a republic depends essentially on  the energy of a common national sentiment; on a uniformity of principles and habits; on the exemption of the citizens from foreign bias, and prejudice; and on that love of country which will almost invariably be found to be closely connected with birth, education, and family.” ~Alexander Hamilton, 1802

alexanderhamiltonForeigners will generally be apt to bring with them attachments. . .The influx of foreigners must, therefore, tend. . .to confound public opinion; to introduce foreign propensities. In the composition of society, the harmony of the ingredients is all-important, and whatever tends to a discordant intermixture must have an injurious tendency. ~Alexander Hamilton

History Facts and History Lessons: Saint Thomas Aquinas vs. Open Borders

History Facts and History Lessons:

Saint Thomas Aquinas vs. Open Borders

Why Saint Thomas Aquinas Opposed Open Borders


by Thomas D. Williams, Ph.D.

keyEvery nation has the right to distinguish, by country of origin, who can migrate to it and apply appropriate immigration policies, according to the great medieval scholar and saint Thomas Aquinas.

thomas-aquinasIn a surprisingly contemporary passage of his Summa Theologica, Aquinas noted that the Jewish people of Old Testament times did not admit visitors from all nations equally, since those peoples closer to them were more quickly integrated into the population than those who were not as close.

Some antagonistic peoples were not admitted at all into Israel due to their hostility toward the Jewish people.

The Law “prescribed in respect of certain nations that had close relations with the Jews,” the scholar noted, such as the Egyptians and the Idumeans, “that they should be admitted to the fellowship of the people after the third generation.”

Citizens of other nations “with whom their relations had been hostile,” such as the Ammonites and Moabites, “were never to be admitted to citizenship.”

“The Amalekites, who were yet more hostile to them, and had no fellowship of kindred with them, were to be held as foes in perpetuity,” Aquinas observed.

For the scholar, it seemed sensible to treat nations differently, depending on the affinity of their cultures with that of Israel as well as their historic relations with the Jewish people.

History Lessons for Today

In his remarkably nuanced commentary, Aquinas also distinguished among three types of immigrants in the Israel of the Old Testament.

First were “the foreigners who passed through their land as travelers,” much like modern day visitors with a travel visa.

Second were those who “came to dwell in their land as newcomers,” seemingly corresponding to resident aliens, perhaps with a green card, living in the land but not with the full benefits of citizenship.

A third case involved those foreigners who wished “to be admitted entirely to their fellowship and mode of worship.” Even here, dealing with those who wished to integrate fully into the life and worship of Israel required a certain order, Aquinas observed. “For they were not at once admitted to citizenship: just as it was law with some nations that no one was deemed a citizen except after two or three generations.”

Total Integration necessary for Citizenship

illegal-immigration-difference“The reason for this was that if foreigners were allowed to meddle with the affairs of a nation as soon as they settled down in its midst,” Aquinas logically reasoned, “many dangers might occur, since the foreigners not yet having the common good firmly at heart might attempt something hurtful to the people.”

In other words, Aquinas taught that total integration of immigrants into the life, language, customs and culture (including worship, in this case) was necessary for full citizenship.

It requires time for someone to learn which issues affect the nation and to make them their own, Aquinas argued. Those who know the history of their nation and have lived in it, working for the common good, are best suited to participate in decision-making about its future.

It would be dangerous and unjust to place the future of a nation in the hands of recent arrivals who do not fully understand the needs and concerns of their adoptive home.

When facing contemporary problems, modern policy makers can often benefit from the wisdom of the great saints and scholars who have dealt with versions of the same issues in ages past.

Aquinas’ reflections reveal that similar problems have existed for centuries—indeed, millennia—and that distinguishing prudently between nations and cultures doesn’t automatically imply prejudice or unfair discrimination.

Sometimes, it’s just the right thing to do.

Why Saint Thomas Aquinas Opposed Open Borders

Obama Stranded Cubans—Everyone Silent

Flashback: Obama Stranded Legal Cuban Travelers in Airports in Last Week

Daniel J. Flynn

Remember earlier this month when Lily Tomlin compared America to Nazi Germany, Senator Chuck Schumer cried, and mobs chanted “No hate, no fear/Everyone is welcome here” at airports because the president blocked Cuban refugees from entering the country?

No, you don’t recall that happening? Well, me neither.

The federal government’s crackdown on immigrants, at least ones from a single country, certainly happened. But the protests didn’t. That fact that President Obama rather than President Trump issued the order surely muted the response. So, too, in a no-enemies-to-the-left manner, did the fact that the order helped a Communist prison-state tighten its grip on the inmates.

The TRUTH is:

“More than 1,000 Cuban migrants who endured months long treks across as many as 10 countries to reach the United States are marooned in Mexico, halted by the Obama administration’s decision this month to end special immigration privileges for Cubans who make it to the American border,” Frances Robles reported last week of Obama’s executive order in the New York Times.

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History Facts: Statue of Liberty not about Immigration

History Facts:

Statue of Liberty not about Immigration

The Statue of Liberty Has Nothing to Do with Immigration

Rush Limbaugh

statueofliberty-dec-of-independence2RUSH: It happens every time I reveal what to me is common information. I check the email, and there were a bunch of people that were shocked to learn the Statue of Liberty wasn’t about immigration. It shows you how successful left-wing-created narratives have been. The Statue of Liberty represents Libertas, Roman goddess of Liberty. She bears a torch liberty. She bears a torch and a tabula ansata. It’s a tabula that evokes the law on which is inscribed the date of the American Declaration of Independence.

That’s what words are on the Statue of Liberty, words that commemorate July 4th, 1776. A broken chain lies at the feet of the Statue of Liberty. The Statue of statueofliberty3Liberty had absolutely nothing to do with immigration. So why do people think that it does? Well, there was a socialist poet. (Are poets anything other than socialists and communists?) Her name was Emma Lazarus, and her poem was called The New Colossus, and it included the lines, “Give me your tired, give me your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”

That was not part of the creation of the Statue of Liberty. It was not delivered with the Statue of Liberty. It came later. The poem written by Emma Lazarus was written to help raise money for the statue’s pedestal. We had to build the pedestal, which is also a room underneath the statue. A bronze tablet bearing the Emma Lazarus poem was only put inside the pedestal in 1903. And yet there’s Lester Holt out there on NBC holding out the Statue of Liberty as a beacon to immigrants as so that’s what it was intended to be, fighting against Trump’s executive order of the weekend. They have nothing to do with immigration. Zilch.

Liberals Rewriting History

obama-rewrite-historyRUSH: I don’t want to make too big a deal about this, but I’m a stickler for reality and detail, and I hate liberal rewrites of things because it’s lies and it’s designed to create emotions in people that cause actions which are not helpful to the country. And that’s essentially what liberalism has done is feed off of and promote emotions over thought and fact. Lester Holt last night on NBC Nightly News:

“Behind me, the Statue of Liberty, which for nearly 130 years has symbolized the welcome arms of a country of immigrants,” is how he opened the program. The NBC Nightly News. However, he said, “But tonight she also stands as a symbolic flash point in a country in the midst of soul-searching over the limits of its generosity in an statueofliberty3-pedestalage of international terrorism. It’s total BS, folks. The Statue of Liberty was given to America by the French. Even now, I run into people that didn’t know that. It was donated by the French as a tribute to liberty and freedom and independence in 1886.

It was originally intended to be delivered to celebrate the centennial of the Declaration, the American Revolution. It was supposed to arrive in 1876, but it didn’t make it. It was 10 years late, or eight years late, depending on how you look at it. It was not until 1903 that they decided they needed to build the pedestal. They needed money for it, and they commissioned that poet, Emma Lazarus, to write what she wrote, and that line, of course is, “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,” and that’s all it’s taken.

That was not part of the gift.

The statue was not intended to recognize immigration. It was intended to recognize liberty and freedom. If you think they’re intertwined, don’t be misled. Here’s Madeleine Albright, the former secretary of state during the Clinton years — who stood by Bill Clinton during all of his womanizing, during all of his misogyny, during all of his reprobate behavior. Here’s Madeleine Albright standing by the guy. She was on CNN this morning. Chris Cuomo, who probably doesn’t know anything I just told you about the Statue of Liberty, said, “You’ve got the Statue of Liberty on your lapel this morning. What is the concern about the ban that you have, Madam Albright?”

rewrite-erase-historyALBRIGHT: Every part of it, Chris, because what it is is… In many ways it’s anti-American and what this country stands for. It is we are a country that has been, uh, created and, uhh, populated by people from other countries, and so, uhh, the Statue of Liberty’s message is, in fact, one of which open arms and welcoming people. And, umm, I, uh, do think that there are tears in the eyes of the statue at the moment.

RUSH: No. The statue doesn’t cry. The statue is a statue. It’s made out of bronze. It doesn’t cry. There aren’t any tears coming from the eyes of the Statue of Liberty ’cause there aren’t any eyes, statueofliberty2and the Statue of Liberty is not welcoming immigrants. What it represents is the beacon of liberty and freedom! It doesn’t say, “If you’re from a war-torn area, come on in.” We have laws that deal with that! The Statue of Liberty does not grant anybody entry into the United States of America. The Statue of Liberty does not say, “You want in? This is the way! Come right over here to Ellis Island, and we’ll send you through there.”

It’s not what it means. Now, I imagine some of you are saying, “Rush, did you get a little overboard on this?” No, folks. It may sound like I’m going a little overboard, but I’m a stickler for truth and fact here, and this is all being used to work up what is already deranged lunacy on the left. It’s fanning the flames of this stuff by furthering the misinformation and the lies that people are getting to keep that emotional flame supposedly burning in the minds and the hearts of these leftists who, in truth, are miserably unhappy.

The Statue of Liberty Has Nothing to Do with Immigration

YouTube Video: Refugee Resettlement Watch and National Security

YouTube Video:

Refugee Resettlement Watch and National Security

Ann Corcoran on Refugee Resettlement

Ann Corcoran points out the threat to national security in Obama’s forcing refugee resettlement in American communities without vetting refugees.


19 minute version

▶ 19:54

Donald Trump answers Questionnaire on Immigration, Obama Executive Orders, Obama Trade, Law Enforcement

Donald Trump answers Questionnaire:

  Immigration, Obama Executive Orders, Obama Trade, Law Enforcement

EXCLUSIVE– Donald J. Trump First Candidate to Reply to the ‘Sessions Test’

keyIn his response, Trump declares, “After my inauguration, for the first time in decades, Americans will wake up in a country where their immigration laws are enforced.”

On February 5th, Breitbart News exclusively reported that Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) 80% issued a list of five questions that all candidates must answer if they wish to seek the Republican nomination. In recent years, Sessions has emerged as the intellectual thought leader of the nation-state conservative movement. Sessions has articulated how mass immigration combined with reckless trade deals is compressing wages and decimating America’s middle class.

Senator Sessions and Donald Trump

Senator Sessions and Donald Trump

Sessions’ questionnaire consisted of five straightforward questions addressing immigration, trade, and crime in the United States.

The first candidate to reply to Sessions’ questionnaire was GOP frontrunner Donald J. Trump.In his response, Trump declares, “After my inauguration, for the first time in decades, Americans will wake up in a country where their immigration laws are enforced.”

Trump’s full, unedited answers to the Sessions’ test are below:

Question 1: How would you vote (or how did you vote) on fast-track, and would you support or oppose advancing a final trade agreement which enters the United States into a new international commission with binding authority on future United States trade policy?

ANSWER: I was steadfastly opposed to giving Obama his Fast-Track powers, and would have absolutely voted against it. This is one of the strongest distinctions between me and the other candidates in this race.  The Congress, apparently under the magical spell of donors, gave massive new powers to a President who has repeatedly abused his authority.  The other candidates in this race actually fought on Obama’s side to give him more power to abuse.

As for creating a new international commission with authority over United States trade policy I am, again, steadfastly opposed.  No foreign power should be given any control over the United States.  Yet the other candidates who supported Fast Track allowed President Obama to do just that.  It’s not too late to save our sovereignty: when I win the nomination, I will put America back in charge.

Question 2: If the vote on the Trans-Pacific Partnership were held today, and you had a vote to cast in Congress, would you vote for it or against it?

ObamaWreckingBall2ANSWER: I have strongly and consistently opposed the TPP.  For decades, I have warned about how our terrible trade deals are killing the middle class.  We are getting taken to the cleaners.  My message on trade has been consistent from the beginning, and if politicians had listened to me years ago we would have saved millions of jobs, rebuilt our crumbling infrastructure, and saved trillions of dollars.

My candidacy is the only way to stop this terrible deal that will send our manufacturing – including our auto manufacturing – overseas.

TPP allows foreign countries to cheat by manipulating their currency, making it impossible for American companies to fairly compete.  Yet other candidates in this race have voted in favor of the currency manipulation that is killing our middle class.

What our incompetent leaders don’t understand is that the United States holds all the cards.  Other countries need access to our markets.  Yet we refuse to use that leverage, and we negotiate one terrible job-killing deal after another.  We buy from other countries, but they refuse to buy from us.

Under my Administration, we are bringing these jobs back to America.  No more one-sided deals.

Stopping the TPP is a matter of economic security and national security.  When I am the nominee, I will stop Obamatrade in its tracks and bring millions of new voters into our party — putting new states in play in the general election.

TrumpHat-not-screw-up-countryQuestion 3: Upon entering office, will you promptly and unconditionally terminate and rescind all of President Obama’s illegal executive amnesties – which provide work permits and entitlements to illegal aliens – including President Obama’s first executive amnesty in 2012, which remains in effect?

ANSWER: I will immediately cancel both of President Obama’s illegal executive amnesties, and all other unconstitutional executive orders.  After my inauguration, for the first time in decades, Americans will wake up in a country where their immigration laws are enforced.

Question 4: A supermajority of GOP voters say immigration is too high. Every year, on autopilot, we let in another one million immigrants on green cards, 700,000 foreign guest workers, half a million foreign students, and 100,000 refugees and asylees. Historical precedent would be to reduce record-breaking immigration, rather than continuing to surge it beyond all historical precedent. Will you support legislation to reduce immigration numbers, and will you oppose legislation that would add to the number?

ANSWER: I will support legislation to reduce the numbers, and will oppose legislation to increase the numbers.  I have laid out a detailed plan to accomplish this goal on my website www.DonaldJTrump.com.  My suggested reforms include a requirement to give all open jobs to Americans first — instead of importing foreign replacements.  This plan will appeal to voters from all walks of life by making it easier for workers in this country to find jobs and support their families.  It will also help minority workers, youth, and previous immigrants who face intense job competition from waves of incoming foreign workers.

I also proposed a temporary timeout on Muslim immigration until we can figure out what is going on and get our security situation under control.

Trump-Make-America-Great-MAPQuestion 5: Today, law enforcement are under increasing scrutiny and face excessive criticism from the political elites and the media, and are being targeted by criminals and terrorists. Meanwhile, since 2011, the federal prison population has declined by over 20,000, and is on track to be at its lowest level since 2005. Since 2009, the total state prison population has dropped every year, and is over 56,000 lower than it was then. These circumstances may have contributed to a nationwide spike in crime. The FBI recently reported an overall increase in violent crime and a 17 percent increase in homicides in the nation’s 50 largest cities. At the same time, the CDC reports that heroin and opioid drug overdoses have reached an all-time record high. Do you support efforts by President Obama and some Republicans in Congress to reduce penalties for drug-trafficking and further reduce the federal prison population, or do you think government should do more to keep drug traffickers off the streets?

ANSWER: The way our cops are being treated is terrible, and our spineless politicians are not defending them.  Some politicians are mute, others are throwing fuel on the fire.

Policing saves lives, especially in our poorest communities.  Policing makes schools safe, increases property values, encourages investment and job growth.  We must stop attacks on police.  I have been the only candidate with a clear message on this issue.  As for drug traffickers, they are wreaking havoc on our communities and I oppose efforts to reduce penalties for drug traffickers: we must do more to keep traffickers out of our neighborhoods.

I have been pro-law enforcement all of my life.  The American people are crying out for safer communities, and I will bring this message of supporting law enforcement and safe communities to a general election.


Truth Zone: Stopping Islamic Immigration Is a Matter of Survival

Truth Zone: Immigration Facts—

Stopping Islamic Immigration Is a Matter of Survival

The easiest way to limit the growth of Islam in the West is to stop Islamic immigration.

EXCLUSIVE – Geert Wilders


Muslims-IslamIn April last year, the renowned nonpartisan Pew Research Center released a report on the future growth of world religions. The content was shocking. The report states that, if current trends continue, Islam will almost equal Christianity by 2050. While the world’s population is expected to rise by 35 per cent until the middle of this century, Islam will grow with a staggering 73 per cent.

Islam is not a religion like Christianity, but rather a totalitarian political ideology.

The consequences of future Islamic growth are frightening. Islam is not a religion like Christianity, but rather a totalitarian political ideology. Its goal is primarily political. Islam wants to make the whole world submit. It aims to establish a worldwide Islamic state and bring everyone, including “infidels,” such as Christians, Jews, atheists, and others, under Sharia law. This is the barbaric Islamic law which deprives non-Muslims of all rights, treats women as inferior beings, condemns apostates and critics of Islam to death, and condones terror. More Islam equals more violence, more intolerance, more terrorism.

culture-wars-Erase-The-CountryWith the growth of Islam, the world will become a less safe place. And so will America. According to Pew, the United States will see its number of Christians decline from more than three-quarters of the population today to two-thirds in 2050, while Islam will more than double in size and replace Judaism as America’s largest non-Christian faith. The consequences of the Islamic presence in America have already been visible in several murderous attacks, such last December’s San Bernardino shooting, but also the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, the 2009 Fort Hood shooting, the 9/11 terror attacks in 2001, and several other acts of terrorism. If Islam doubles in size, the threat of terrorism will only grow.

In the past, the totalitarian ideologies of Nazism and Communism have both been defeated by the common efforts of America and Europe. Without America, Europe would have been lost. But without Europe, America would have been isolated. If Europe had fallen to either Nazism or Communism, there is no doubt that America would have become the next victim. The Transatlantic alliance between Americans and Europeans has been the key to the survival of our common Western civilization. This alliance is in danger today, because the more Islamic Europe becomes, the less reliable it will be as an ally of America.

Syrian refugees entering Europe

Syrian refugees entering Europe

Though the predicted future rise of Islam in the US is worrying, the situation in Europe is far worse. The Pew figures show that Islam has already gained a significant foothold on the European continent and is growing rapidly. Europe’s Islamic population, boosted by higher birth rates and immigration, will nearly double, from 43 million people in 2010 to 71 million people in 2050. In the Netherlands, Muhammad is currently already the second most popular name among newborn boys nationwide and even the most popular name in our three largest cities, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague. This is also the case in the Belgian capital Brussels, the Norwegian capital Oslo, and the British capital London. As a matter of fact even in the whole of Great-Britain, Muhammad has become the most popular name for newborn boys.

The Islamization of Europe will profoundly influence European politics. Winning the Islamic vote will become the goal of ever more European politicians. As a result, Europe’s policies will become even less friendly towards Israel and the United States than they already are. The Atlantic alliance is in danger.

The Islamic vote has already decided at least one major European election: the 2012 French presidential elections. These were won by the Socialist Francois Hollande over the incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy by only 1.1 million votes. Since an estimated 2 million Islamic votes participated, of which 93 per cent – 1.7 million votes – went to Hollande and only 7 per cent to Sarkozy, it was the Islamic vote which gained Francois Hollande the Elysée Palace.

According to Pew, the growth of Islam in Europe is caused by several factors, including the young age of the Islamic population. However, more than half the growth can be attributed to immigration. In other words, stopping all immigration from Islamic countries would reduce the growth of Islam in Europe, but also in America, by more than half. The easiest way to limit the growth of Islam in the West is to stop Islamic immigration.



Immigration Facts: Border Wall Works!

Immigration Facts: Border Wall Works!

Some Incredible News About Refugees, Borders and Immigration

Rush Limbaugh

border-wallAnd now the American administration’s urging Turkey to seal their border to keep ISIS out, while at the same time we’re opening our borders to ISIS and whoever else wants to infiltrate the Syrian refugees (who, it turns out, do not want to be here), and that we’re not sealing off the southern border with Mexico, even though we’re telling everybody else around the world — particularly Turkey in this case — to seal their border.  And then there’s this, folks.  This is from Breitbart.

“The action-man (sic) mayor of Hungarian frontier town Asotthalom has invited ‘all active Europeans’ to visit the border fence his government created, so they can learn how to protect their own countries. Praising the remarkable success of the Hungarian border fence, which reduced daily illegal migrant incursions from some 10,000 a day to 30 in just the space of a week, Mayor Laszlo Toroczkai acknowledged the fence hadn’t actually solved the European migrant crisis. Instead, blocking Hungary off had just shifted the migratory stream westwards to Slovenia.” But at least it fixed for his country, his city.  Shazam! Look at all these stories about what works.  Got a border fence, and it’s working.

In a frontier town in Hungary where 10,000 illegal migrants a day were crossing the border, they build a fence and in a week, 10,000 becomes 30.  And what do the migrants do?  They just shift down the road to Slovenia.  They don’t try to climb the fence because the fences work.  So this is four stories in a row in the Drive-By Media, which totally destroy the administration’s position on illegal immigration and borders and fences.  It’s amazing.


Action Update: Take Action for Liberty!

Dear Concerned American,

keyPlease click on the links below to call, Tweet, or email Senator McConnell and John Boehner. You can also right-click the email link to get the address. Then copy and paste the messages below to the respective Congressmen. The Tea Party gives us the latest updates and makes it as easy as possible to make your voice heard for Liberty. Please take a moment to contact these leaders and let them hear from the American People.

Yesterday, we learned that President Barack Obama is going to announce his plans for executive amnesty this evening in a live address to the nation from the White House.

After the American people soundly rejected his policies on November 4th, he has the audacity to address us in prime time fashion to announce his plans to defiantly enact executive amnesty.

This is the moment we anticipated happening.

The American people have chosen a new path – one in which Mitch McConnell and John Boehner have been trusted to lead. Today is their moment to step up to that task.
Call to Action:

Today we are asking Senate Majority Leader-Elect Mitch McConnell to come out publicly – before the President addresses the nation – to announce that if the President moves forward against the will of the American people the Senate will reject every single nomination or appointment that the President puts forward for the next two years – except for critical national security positions.

Likewise, we are asking Speaker John Boehner to come out publicly and commit to not funding any portion of the President’s plan.
This is the moment the American people feared and this is the reason why Republicans were given control of Congress. Let’s call today and encourage them to do the right thing!

Senator Mitch McConnell

Senator Mitch McConnell


Speaker John Boehner

Speaker John Boehner








Sen. McConnell John Boehner
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In Liberty,
Jenny Beth Martin & Tea Party Patriots National Support Team

American Update: Constitution vs. Terror, Immigration, Scandal

Tea Party: American Update

1. Eric Holder Resigns to run from Scandal

Statement of Tea Party Patriots Co-founder Jenny Beth Martin on Holder resignation

Fast-FuriousFollowing the abrupt announcement of Attorney General Eric Holder’s resignation, Jenny Beth Martin, co-founder of Tea Party Patriots, issued the following statement:

“On its face, Eric Holder’s resignation is a good thing. America is a better place without such a lawless partisan occupying the nation’s top law enforcement office.

He will go down in history as the nation’s most corrupt attorney general. Americans must never forget that the blood of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry is on his hands. Eric Holder’s illegal scheme to put guns in the hands of the Mexican cartels led to that brave patriot’s death. He became the first attorney general to be held in contempt of Congress, which is fitting, given his utter and open contempt for the American people and the Constitution.

He began his tenure by dismissing the voter intimidation case against the New Black Panther Party in Philadelphia, and he slithers out of office having played defense for Lois Lerner by his refusal to appoint a special prosecutor. He is a disgrace to that honorable office.

As one chapter ends in the Obama Administration’s war on the Constitution, Americans must remain engaged and vigilant. There’s no doubt the President will try to ram through a lame-duck Senate another partisan hack for Attorney General. We cannot allow that to happen.”

2. Immigration Agent Union: Obama Admin ‘Widened the Loopholes’ for ISIS Terror to Enter U.S.

By Andrew Johnson

The Obama administration has “widened the loopholes” that Islamic State and other extremist fighters could use to enter the United States, a leading union of immigration officials says.

EGYPT-POLITICS-UNRESTIn a statement obtained by National Review Online, the U.S. National Citizenship and Immigration Services Council, a union representing 12,000 federal immigration agents, sounded the alarm that not only could jihadists “slip across our porous southern border,” but that fighters could also “exploit our loose and lax visa policies to gain entry to the United States.”

USCIS cites two main issues: a dearth of resources for Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents for enforcement and tracking and the administration’s decision to increase the number of immigrants allowed in for asylum purposes.

“Our caseworkers cannot even do in-person interviews for people seeking citizenship, they cannot enforce restrictions on welfare use, and they even lack even the basic office space to properly function,” union president Kenneth Palinkas said in the statement. “Applications for entry are rubber-stamped, the result of grading agents by speed rather than discretion. We’ve become the visa clearinghouse for the world.”

President Obama’s potential executive action to grant legal status to certain illegal immigrants, including those who have overstayed their visas, is another opportunity for people “who are being targeted for radicalization or who already subscribe to radicalized views” to stay in the country, the union said.


3. The Constitution Matters

signers3Our Founders in 1776 pledged to each other their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor in declaring independence from the tyranny of a distant, imperial government.  Eleven years later, our nation was organized as a more perfect union with the formal signing of the Constitution on September 17, 1787. Today, we commemorate this event, honor the Constitution, and reflect upon what prompted the Founders to take the risks they did in establishing the United States.

Tea Party Patriots is a national grassroots coalition with more than 3,400 locally organized chapters and more than 15 million supporters nationwide. Tea Party Patriots is a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to advancing personal freedom, economic freedom, and a debt-free future. Visit Tea Party Patriots online at www.TeaPartyPatriots.org.



4. Scandal: Has the State Department learned nothing post-Benghazi?

benghaziteapartyblogTodd Keil, one of the experts who testified at the first Benghazi hearing [1] on Wednesday told the committee that the State Department has failed to follow through on proposals that would improve diplomatic security.

“Clear the smoke. Remove the mirrors,” said Keil. He later added, “Words and cursory actions by the Department of State ring hollow absent transparency and verifiable and sustainable actions to fully put into practice the letter and the intent of our recommendations.”

Wednesday’s hearing by the Benghazi Special committee, chaired by Rep. Trey Gowdy, focused on the State Department’s implementation of the Accountability Review Board’s (ARB) recommendations to improve security.

The committee was formed and given the go-ahead to investigate on the basis that sunlight is always the best disinfectant. If something goes wrong, the only way to make sure it doesn’t happen again is to clearly and publicly make changes.

Later, Chairman Gowdy pinned down [2] witness Gregory Starr, assistant secretary of state for diplomatic security, about a pattern dating back to 1999 of the State Department not implementing recommendations from the ARB.  According to Starr, he has, throughout his career at State, heard every secretary talk about security. But as Gowdy pointed out, talking about security isn’t good enough.

It’s obvious there needs to be more accountability from the top down inside the State Department. Ultimately, actions matter and simply talking about security doesn’t protect lives. Hillary Clinton learned that the hard way in 2012. One would think that after losing four Americans in a gruesome terrorist attack, the department would have implemented some of the ARB changes by now. One would think.


Fall Training: How to Organize a Meeting

teapartywhatwestandforWho is the Tea Party? The Voice of Real Americans

American Update: Immigration, Obama Care, and Help for Ferguson

1. The St. Louis Tea Party did something remarkable in Ferguson – and you probably didn’t hear about it

flag1We all know that actions speak louder than words. And when you consider the media bias and the narrative that has been created, that sentiment is especially true for conservatives and Tea Party members in this country. Last weekend, the St. Louis Tea Party did something truly remarkable that has, quite literally, changed the hearts and minds of dozens of shopkeepers in the violence-plagued Ferguson, Missouri.

“I love what the St. Louis Tea Party did. If you are listening now, well done,” KFMB’s Mike Slater said on radio this morning. “Obviously Ferguson businesses were vandalized… So what did the Tea Party do? They sat on their couches and yelled at the television. No. They got together and decided to organize a ‘BUYcott.’”

In the aftermath of the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown on August 9, riots and violence plagued the streets of Ferguson resulting in the vandalism and looting of local businesses. In order to help these struggling businesses, the St. Louis Tea Party decided to organize a “BUYcott” on August 21.

TheBlaze reports:

The group spread the word of the “BUYcott” event on Facebook, hoping to get at least 20 people to show up and spend their hard-earned money at local Ferguson businesses on August 21. They apparently ended up with a group of about 40 “(mostly) white people” — and something amazing happened.

They reportedly targeted small businesses who “were hit hard by violence–violence committed (mostly) by out of town agitators, criminals, vandals, and hooligans.”

After the event, Tea Party member Bill Hennessy wrote about what he experienced that day. He said one business owner was particularly surprised to learn he was a member of the Tea Party, but that simple interaction that day very well may have changed the man’s mind.

“In that moment of reflection, I’m sure he was trying to reconcile ‘tea party’ with what he was seeing–four white people, ages 18 to 50, laughing, spending money, empathizing,” Hennessy wrote. “That moment made the whole event worthwhile.”
As Hennessey concluded, “you can’t change the world in your living room.”

“I said it’s essential to ‘win.’ What do you mean ‘win’? I mean a lot of things… [but] it means thinking outside the box,” Mike concluded. “I love what the St. Louis Tea Party did… Well done.”

The Blaze

2. Tea-party favorite looks to ‘shock the world’

Battling 2 GOP establishment rivals for Senate seat in Alaska, Palin territory


Support Tea Party in Key States

Garth Kant

teapartyelectionPalin-Miller1WASHINGTON – Joe Miller is a man who knows how to pull off a political miracle, and he believes he is on the verge of making history repeat in Alaska.

Four years ago, the little-known attorney from Fairbanks knocked off entrenched incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, in a major upset in the GOP primary.

As WND’s Selena Owens described last week, an alarmed GOP establishment then teamed up with the Democratic establishment, and the senator retained her seat by winning in the November general election.

This time, Miller is facing what he described to WND as two establishment candidates in Tuesday’s GOP primary, but said, “This is going to be another upset. We’re going to shock the world again.”

Although the establishment has poured millions into the race, the biggest obstacle this time around, according to Miller, isn’t really money. It has been getting the word out to Alaskans about just how popular his campaign is with top conservatives.

He has been endorsed by such conservative stars as Sarah Palin, Mark Levin, Mike Huckabee, Dr. James Dobson and retired Gen. Jerry Boykin.
Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2014/08/tea-party-candidate-looks-to-shock-the-world/#2HwUEW4vXAfG3KyW.99


3. Tea Party News Network: Paul Ryan ‘the Betrayer’

Sad News

Scottie Hughes, news director for the Tea Party News Network, gives her analysis of Paul Ryan’s new book in Politico Magazine

Maybe it was the prospect of big publishing bucks, or the adoration of national media, or maybe he genuinely believes this is his ticket to the top of the GOP presidential ballot, but Paul Ryan has decided in his new book The Way Forward to damn conservatives as the crazies behind a “suicide mission” for the country—even as he writes, oddly, that Republicans must hew to conservativism to win. It’s no secret that Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Rand Paul don’t have many friends in Washington, so I give credit to Ryan for not even feigning it. But we of the grassroots GOP are in no mood to hear that our push for defunding Obamacare and using the debt ceiling to force President Obama to curb reckless spending had all the wisdom of a Japanese kamikaze.

It’s true that Ryan’s book wasn’t the first instance of him sticking his fingers in the eyes of conservatives. Ever since the failed election, he has seemed to not want to take up the mantle of controversy that his 2012 budget placed on his shoulders. Paul Ryan didn’t seem to fancy the ads of him throwing old granny off the cliff. And who could blame him? The vicious attack ads, the smears from the New York Times editorial boards. All that wears on a person. And clearly Ryan didn’t have the stomach for it.

Read the rest of the article at Politico.com.


immigrationcameraattheborder4. Immigration: 74% Oppose Executive Amnesty, White House Threatens Anyway

The Obama Administration faced another warning sign yesterday in its relentless push for amnesty. A new poll reveals most Americans, including key voters like independents and Hispanics, oppose the President’s plan to fundamentally transform immigration laws with the stroke of his pen.

According to a new survey released by The Polling Company, an overwhelming 74% of the 1,001 likely voters said they reject the idea of Obama sidestepping Congress and acting alone. This includes “81% of independents and 75% of moderates.”[1] Surprisingly, Democrats do not favor it either with 56% disapproving of such action. The only group showing support for the unilateral efforts is liberals, 52% to 44%. [2]

Despite the Left’s claims that current policies are too restrictive, an even higher percentage approve having tougher enforcement of current immigration laws.

“75% want more enforcement of current immigration laws, including 63% of Hispanics and over 50% of Democrats,” according to a summary section of its findings…

When asked if the 90,000 or so unaccompanied child immigrants that are expected to cross the southern U.S. border this year should be returned home or allowed to stay, 65% said they should be returned, and just 22% said they should be relocated around the United States.



obamacarekillingenrollees5. Obamacare Killing Enrollees, One Glitch at a Time

The goal of Nevada’s healthcare exchange, established under Obamacare, was to enroll 118,000 residents. However, problems plagued the system, preventing people from signing up and paying for coverage. So far, it has only amassed 38,000 participants with hundreds of patients, if not thousands, falling victim to a healthcare nightmare. LaTrina Reed’s tragic story has Nevada residents questioning Obamacare’s benefits.

Suffering from a painful, debilitating ovarian condition that leaves her nearly bedridden, the single mom has been unable to undergo routine surgery to correct her problems because of technical glitches with the state health exchange website. Despite paying seven months worth of premiums to Nevada Health Link, there is no record of her coverage. She is not alone. The exchange’s failure to recognize those who have actually signed up and paid is leaving Reed and many others in pain, misery and befuddlement.

“It’s like paying for car insurance and getting into an accident to find out you don’t have coverage,” Reed said.



6. Obama and a funeral

obamagolfcourse2Last Thursday, the family of Major General Harold Greene laid him to rest[1] in Arlington National Cemetery. Greene, 52, was killed in Kabul[2] on August 5 when an Afghan soldier opened fire on a group of military officials. Greene, who is the first U.S. General to be killed in combat since the Vietnam War, was in Afghanistan to oversee the training of Afghan troops.

Noticeably absent from Greene’s funeral last week, however, was President Obama and Vice President Biden. Both were too busy vacationing to pay their respects at the funeral of Major General Greene. Obama was on the golf course as the funeral took place, playing some rounds with Valerie Jarrett’s cousin Cyrus Walker, a former lobbyist, and Ambassador Ron Kirk, among others.

The disconnect here is shocking.

We don’t think it’s too much to expect the Commander in Chief to attend a funeral like the one that took place in Arlington last week. It’s no secret that President Obama seems to begrudge his role as commander of our nation’s military. His foreign policy is, quite literally, all over the map. And the rest of the world knows it.

Moreover, with turmoil in the Middle East, Ukraine, West Africa, and Gaza, what better way to show strength and solidarity with the American people than to pay respects to the highest-ranking commander killed in decades?

What we’re calling for is not a photo-op, but rather the kind of unifying, strong presence the country needs right now. Obama’s absence was not only shocking, but downright disrespectful. We expect more from our Commander in Chief. Sometimes, it’s time to put away the golf clubs.