Abuse of Power: Communist Party Propaganda Indoctrination in Schools causing Young Americans to defend Communist Totalitarianism

Abuse of Power:

Communist Party Propaganda Indoctrination in Schools causing Young Americans to defend Communist Totalitarianism

We Mal-educated Young Americans Like LeBron on Communism’s Evil

Rush Limbaugh

What I’m talking about is the degree of mal-education. I’m talking about, what does communism do to the heart, to the mind, to the soul of human beings? That’s not taught anymore.

LeBron James is a classic example of just sheer uneducation inside a body and mind who thinks he’s a genius. He doesn’t know diddly-squat.

left wing indoctrinationMost of the people on the left who are out there espousing communism, supporting communism, defending communism have simply been poisoned. They’ve not been properly educated. And it’s a problem. When Thomas Jefferson becomes a bigger problem in America than Hugo Chavez was in Venezuela, we’ve got a problem. That has not been something that every generation assumed growing up in America, but there are young people today who believe that Thomas Jefferson is a scourge on the United States, and we need leaders more like Hugo Chavez or Fidel Castro or, you name it.

Chinese communismNow we’ve got people defending the most repressive, punitive, brutal regime on the planet, the communist Chinese. And they think that they are being valorous. They think that they are doing the Lord’s work. They think they are defending honor. They’re defending their back pockets and their bank accounts, obviously. But it goes beyond just people being loyal to money.

They have been mis-taught. It’s not that they’re uneducated. It’s that the people we consider the best and brightest or the elites don’t know anything that is correct. They have been taught over the course of their lives a bunch of gibberish. And because they are elites, and because they are from the upper strata of society, what they think is given some weight. And it’s never examined in a fact-based analytical way.

indoctrination in schoolsI’m talking about, what does communism do to the heart, to the mind, to the soul of human beings? That’s not taught anymore. In fact, it’s lied about. Communism is held out as a great promise, it’s a great equalizer. It’s the elimination of all sadness and unhappiness because it eliminates competition. Therefore, it eliminates losing. Therefore, it eliminates disappointment. Therefore, communism eliminates feeling inferior because nobody is superior. All of this rotgut.


We Maleducated Young Americans Like LeBron on Communism’s Evil

Biblical Values vs. Cultural Marxism Bias, Indoctrination in Schools; How to Protect Family

Common Core

Achievement Gap in Education

Biblical Values vs. Cultural Marxism Bias, Indoctrination in Schools; How to Protect Family

Protect Family values— Defeat Cultural Marxism. We on the Right need to “cultivate a new mindset. We have  to break up this monopoly of information.  We have to open up new space for rival and dissenting viewpoints. We have to create rival cultural institutions. ~Dinesh D’Souza

Common Core Indoctrination in Schools Increases Achievement Gap in Education

Dr. Carolyn Reeves

Amazingly, the research also revealed that a student’s religious faith (specifically Christianity) has the greatest impact on reducing achievement gaps. An intact family structure is the second most important factor in effectively narrowing the racial and socioeconomic gaps.

“Perhaps most interestingly,” Jeynes said, “when the two factors were combined (if low socioeconomic status children of color were religious and came from intact families), the achievement gap totally disappeared.”6

Rescuing the one

Rescuing the One Sheep; vintage oil by Wilhelmena Davidson

Rescue your children from Cultural Marxism: Click here

You don’t have to be a professional teacher. Just be a parent! Click here.  It’s easier than you think!


Is the achievement gap closing?
Achievement gaps between groups of students have been a major challenge in education for decades. Common Core made narrowing those gaps an ambitious goal and predicted that by 2017, the gaps would be greatly narrowed.

It didn’t happen.

Common Core Bias Documented:

Focus on education
“Common Core is clearly hostile to Christianity, to the Founding Fathers and the Constitution, to traditional ideas of manhood and womanhood, to marriage and the family, to the idea of America’s unique example in the world, to any lesson about life and liberty that could be taught to us by a ‘dead white man.’”

Dr. Terrence O. Moore, former history professor, Hillsdale College
The Story-Killers: A Common-Sense Case Against Common Core

Is bias real?
Columnist Robert Knight wrote that there is an increasing animosity toward America and free market capitalism among many younger Americans. He references author William J. Federer, who says this is no accident.

Rather it is the result of conditioning in both elementary and secondary schools that continues into universities – tactics such as being hypercritical of America’s history and failing to appreciate the genius of our Constitution.

“Deconstructing Young Minds,”
Washington Times, 6/10/18

Is change possible?

If parents would like to see Common Core repealed or altered in their state, they should contact their state legislators and ask for open hearings or surveys on the standards, with input from local and state educators, parents, and students.

Signs of problems
Almost immediately, there were signs of problems from unhappy parents, students, and teachers. Angela Hill, a parent, former teacher, and Mississippi state senator, has been an opponent of the program from the beginning. She reported in debates about Common Core in the state legislature that she had “heard from numerous parents, teachers, and students complaining about the English language arts and math standards, as well as the recommended teaching methods.”

In 2016, as Donald Trump campaigned in the presidential elections, his promise to help get rid of Common Core was greeted with enthusiastic cheers and applause.

TIMSS math, science trends
The Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study is given every four years to sample groups of fourth- and eighth-grade students. Results of the fourth-grade math scores from 2003 to 2011 showed a gradual increase for all student groups. From 2011 to 2015, the top quartile continued to increase, but the average and the lower percentiles decreased. Overall, U.S. fourth graders dropped from 11th in the world in 2011 to 14th in 2015. 5

Faith, family factors
Interestingly, faith and family come into the big picture in a big way. That is no surprise to those who hold to the traditions of the Founding Fathers.

Dr. William Jeynes, His study stunned many educators

Amazingly, the research also revealed that a student’s religious faith (specifically Christianity) has the greatest impact on reducing achievement gaps. An intact family structure is the second most important factor in effectively narrowing the racial and socioeconomic gaps.

“Perhaps most interestingly,” Jeynes said, “when the two factors were combined (if low socioeconomic status children of color were religious and came from intact families), the achievement gap totally disappeared.”6

With increasing approval of post-modern philosophies, some schools no longer support traditional family structure, and others try to eliminate all references to Christianity in such things as Christmas music selections, classroom writing assignments, and graduation speeches – falsely claiming there must be “separation of church and state” in schools. These self-defeating policies arguably make the achievement gap problem worse, not better.

Leaders’ perspective
The 2016 ACT National Curriculum Survey is given to thousands of K-12 teachers and college instructors to determine which skills and knowledge in English/writing, mathematics, reading, and science are being taught and which are considered essential for students to be ready for college and career. One result was that in general, college professors found that recent incoming students were able to analyze and summarize the opinions of others, but were often not able to generate and write original, sound ideas of their own. 7

Epic Stories of Western Civilization taken away

Dr. Terrence O. Moore, former professor of history at Hillsdale College and national leader in the classical school movement, states, “[T]he standards take away the ‘great stories’ of our heritage of Western civilization and Christianity, and replace them with post-modern cynicism and political correctness.”

Moore is concerned about what are on the “exemplar texts” for the Common Core English standards, as well as the large number of traditional classics that are not on the list. He maintains that the classic articles and books are a huge influence on students in shaping morals and character.

He sadly notes that selections of the classics, when included in a lesson, are often no more than a few selected pages that are covered in one day; if they present a conservative viewpoint, they may be compared with a modern author who has a liberal viewpoint.

Common Core is clearly hostile to Biblical Values

Moore’s frank conclusion is, “Common Core is clearly hostile to Christianity, to the Founding Fathers and the Constitution, to traditional ideas of manhood and womanhood, to marriage and the family, to the idea of America’s unique example in the world, to any lesson about life and liberty that could be taught to us by a ‘dead white man’.”8

States revise, repeal
A number of states have repealed their Common Core agreement and are in the process of writing new state standards and finding new achievement tests. Some states seem to be happy with the Common Core standards as they are. Others have found ways to override the copyright that only allows a 15% change in the standards, and some have made numerous adjustments that are more in line with their state values.9

Although schools in conservative communities can, and do, reject many of the more liberal selections, Moore sees Common Core as a vehicle that can influence students to accept anti-Christian, anti-American beliefs.

Teaching in the Home is the Solution.

You don’t have to be a professional teacher. Just be a parent! Click here.  It’s easier than you think!

Restoring U.S. public schools to a foundation of moral principles and values of the Founding Fathers – if not already too late – will be a daunting task that demands the efforts of concerned parents, educators, and politicians alike.

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Carolyn Reeves, Ed.D. (undergroundparadigm.com), is a retired science teacher and co-author of a series of elementary science textbooks.

History Facts, World War 2 Heroes vs. Revisionist History, Indoctrination in Schools

History Facts, World War 2 Heroes vs. Revisionist History, Indoctrination in  Schools

A Case for America’s Goodness

By Lloyd Marcus

               WWII veteran Edgar Harrell who survived the torpedoing of the USS Indianapolis. The ship sank in 12 minutes, and 300 boys died on the ship. Nine hundred went into the water.

Sharks devoured hundreds. Mr. Harrell entered the water with a group of 82. By the fourth day only two were alive.

Mr. Harrell thanked God for rotten potatoes to eat and a few drops of rain water to drink. He wept recalling hearing a boy pray, “God, I don’t wanna die! I’ve got a son back home!” Mr. Harrell spent four and a half days in the water; his skin covered in oil.

A technical problem forced a military plane to lower its altitude. Miraculously, a crew member spotted boys in the water. He radioed, “Ducks on the pond!” Another plane arrived witnessing the horror of boys attacked by sharks. Because the plane was not designed for a such a risky water rescue, the plane was ordered not to land. The crew unanimously decided to disobey. Tearing up a motor on impact, the plane rescued 56 boys, tying seven to the wings. Mr. Harrell attributes his survival to divine providence.

Revisionist History

   I welled up hearing Mr. Harrell express his sadness over “the revision of military history today.”

In 1835, French sociologist and political theorist Alexis de Tocqueville perceived that “America is great because America is good…” Mr. Harrell’s generation knew America was good because they were taught U.S. history without leftists’ bias, distortions, and lies.

Indoctrination in Schools

               For decades, passive Christians, conservatives, and Republicans have allowed Democrats/leftists to indoctrinate our kids, shamefully teaching them that America is not good. Far too many youths believe leftists’ outrageous lie that America is the greatest source of evil on the planet. America’s leftists say we have no moral authority to lead the world or say who should or should not have nuclear weapons. Thank God Trump nixed Obama’s insane deal that gifted the world’s leading sponsors of terrorism a nuclear bomb.

Leftists love to throw America’s sin of slavery into the faces of each new generation of whites; cruelly teaching white kids that they are born racist. These evil instigators of racial division and hate ignore the truth that Godly good white Americans fought, suffered and died to liberate blacks; 360,222 union soldiers died in the Civil War to end slavery.

In 2008, white Americans ran to the polls to vote for the first black president, naively believing it would heal our racial divide; ending the left’s branding of Americans as racist. American voters had no idea Obama would use his skin-color to bludgeon Americans into surrendering to his extreme anti-God and anti-America agendas. Still, Americans awarded leftists’ Trojan Horse president a second term. Americans are good. After eight years of Obama administration race-baiting, Americans were polarized along racial lines.

In 1948, my friend Peg was around seven years old when her retired Army colonel dad took the family to dinner at their favorite restaurant. After the waitress took their orders and returned with drinks, Peg’s dad noticed a black couple seated before them had not been served. Peg’s dad asked the waitress why. She said they were hoping the couple would leave as they were not wanted there. Peg’s dad replied, “Well, if they are not wanted then we aren’t either!” Peg’s family left and never went back. Peg said her dad taught them respect for all people with that dinner encounter. Americans are good.

According to a report, America is the most generous nation in the world where its citizens give the most to charities. 

Remember the leftists’ evil lie that Americans did not care about the victims of hurricanes Katrina and Rita because they were black? The truth is 26 million Americans donated $4 billion. Americans are good.

Cultural Marxism

                Folks, my greatest beef with Obama was him relentlessly lowering the cultural and moral bar and dignity of what it means to be an American. Obama ran ads encouraging Americans to get on welfare. He thrived on instilling class envy (the sin of covetousness). He threw away the joy and honor of becoming a legal U.S. citizen by opening our borders to illegal invaders; shockingly courting them with food stamps and freebies.

Today, Mr. Harrell travels the country speaking to young people; mentoring young men to live clean lives. He says he must tell his story because of the revision of military history. America is good.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American

Help Lloyd spread the Truth



A Case for America’s Goodness

Culture Wars: Indoctrination in Schools + Millennial Mindset= beyond Moral Relativism

Culture Wars:

Indoctrination in Schools + Millennial Mindset= beyond Moral Relativism


keyThese are the fruits of the godless institutions that came into being as a result of the Supreme Court decree in 1963 that kicked God out of the schools. ~C.D.

We are to judge righteously, never self-righteously, never unrighteously. ~Jeffrey R. Holland


Rush Limbaugh

Students refused to say anything was wrong

discernment-christianRUSH: The video I was referencing . . . about a guy who went out to the University of Washington, Washington state, and started engaging students and could not get them to say that anything he was doing or saying was wrong, it was fascinating to watch this. 

It answered some questions for me about the culture — what I call cultural rot, cultural decay, some people call it cultural evolution.  But there are many factors that combine to produce the phenomena where we are like students that are afraid of anybody that disagrees with them. This new concept called microaggressions, where we got students afraid of the word “Trump” written in chalk on a sidewalk that they have to pass. 

Unearned Self-Esteem

narcissism2You read these stories, “This is kind of exaggerated, it has to be.”  And it’s not.  Then you remember everything that has happened to college-age kids today growing up. They got trophies for just waking up. They got trophies for going to bed on time. They got trophies for participating in a sport, didn’t have to win diddly-squat. The self-esteem movement told them they were excellent, superb, special and the greatest ever when they hadn’t done anything to warrant any such thing, and it’s all led somewhere. 

You add the average, ordinary daily dose of liberalism to all of this, and you have the phenomenon, really, where nothing except Republicans and conservatives are wrong.  Everything else is to be tolerated.  And this whole instance of tolerance has been bastardized now into acceptance of virtually anything because it’s just not right to judge anybody.  I don’t have the right to say what you think or do is wrong.  I don’t have the right to think it. 

No Moral Absolutes

And what we end up losing is truth. 

It’s impossible for there to be true.  It’s impossible for there to be objective right and wrong.  Now, this is the first in what’s planned as a series of videos from the Family Policy Institute of Washington.  And in the video that I saw, the director of the Family Policy Institute has exchanges with students at the University of Washington.  And the context, the reason for this taking place is a law in Washington state allowing transgender people to use restrooms and locker rooms of whatever gender they happen to identify with that moment, that day, that month, however it is they decide to present on a given day.

So the guy conducting the interviews with the students on the video is named Joseph Backholm.  He’s Caucasian.  For those of you in Rio Linda, that means white guy.  He’s about five nine, and he walks up to these students and says, “What would you say if I told you that I’m a –”  Now, remember what got this going is people who one day, you know, “I feel like a woman, I’m gonna go to the women’s bathroom,” and it’s a guy.  It could be a 25-year-old six foot four-inch guy, wants to go to the women’s bathroom because he says he feels like a woman that day, and anybody who tries to stop this is ridiculed for not being tolerant.

Gay indoctrination in schools by one-tenth of 1% of the population

And it’s all happening under the rubric of the LGBT movement, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender movement, which exactly I predicted, by the way.  Once the gay community accomplished much of their agenda, they had to transfer it somewhere.  They can’t allow the agenda of the movement to die.  So the next group of victims became transgenders, one-tenth of 1% of the population.  But now we are having to right law and make adjustments as a society to accommodate that one-tenth of 1% of the population.

Nobody will say it’s wrong

quote-soares-stand-firm-moral-courageAnd the reason we’re doing it is because nobody will condemn it, nobody will say that it’s wrong, nobody has the guts because what happens to them when they do, as you can see happening in the state of Georgia, you can see happening in the state of North Carolina, in Indiana.  Whenever a society, via its elected representatives, attempts to pass legislation which it shouldn’t be needed to, by the way, that does not permit wanton use of opposite-sex restrooms just ’cause you feel like it, all hell comes down on you.

And it’s a very active movement that is very much into intimidation, threats of violence and so forth.  And people who have been trained to avoid confrontation, “Oh, that’s bad, it’s bad, we shouldn’t disagree at all. We should all be getting along.”  Then people that avoid confrontation cave, and the aberrants triumph yet again.

“I’m not comfortable judging you”

So that’s what starts this.  The guy asks young male students, young female students, and he says to one female student, “Okay, I walk up to you, I tell you right now I’m a 6 foot 5 Chinese male, what is your reaction?”  And the girl says, “Well, you know, like, if you, uh, it’s not for me to say that you’re not. I mean, if that’s how you feel then it’s not for me to tell you that that’s not who you are.  If that’s how you feel, fine.”

moral-fuzzy-youthAnd he comes up with other examples, not just how he looks, but invents behavioral things that he has engaged in.  “Well, if that makes you happy.  I’m just not comfortable judging you.” And you can tell with each example this guy gives them, they get more and more pained.  But they will not, in no instance do they tell the guy he’s wrong. In no instance do they tell the guy he’s not who he says he is.  And from this you can learn why it is, then when somebody says that they are 24 years old and they’re five nine, five ten, six two, and they feel like a woman that day and want to use the women’s restroom, “Why, if that’s who you are that’s fine. We all have to be who we are. If that’s what you have to do it’s not my job to say no.”

Beyond Moral Equivalence

And this video’s filled with example after example of this.  And, you know, this takes moral equivalence and just obliterates it.  This goes so far beyond moral equivalence. This is an obvious inability to stand for anything.  It’s an inability to condemn anything.  It’s an inability to have any notion of objective right and wrong.  So it’s bye-bye morality. It’s bye-bye right and wrong. It’s bye-bye value system. It’s bye-bye virtue, and it’s not just this one campus.  This is happening more and more, and particularly younger generations ’cause this is how they’ve been taught.

Rooted in Anti-Christianity

war-on-christianityA lot of this is rooted in anti-Christianity, because Christianity has been portrayed as the premiere judgmental religion, the premiere condemnatory religion, that all they do is judge and condemn and put people down and deny people the freedom to be who they are, and so we’re raising kids in certain sectors of the country that simply will not stand for anything.  And, by the same token, they use this as a license to do anything themselves, because none of their friends or colleagues or peers condemn what they do.

They sit around, they praise each other for their openness, and they praise each other for their tolerance while condemning others who are closed-minded and bigots.  One of the students on the tape says, a female student says, “I feel like it’s not my place as, like, another human being, to say someone’s wrong or to draw lines or draw boundaries.  It’s not my place.  I don’t have that right. I don’t have that right to say that you’re wrong.”  Think of what breaks down.  By the way, this didn’t just happen.  We have been trending in this direction for years.  I can think off the top of my head, think of countless examples. 

Plague of Permissiveness

“Vice is a monster of so frightful mien
As to be hated needs but to be seen;
Yet seen too oft, familiar with her face,
We first endure, then pity, then embrace.”

Alexander Pope

Parents condone fornication, but no smoking!

moral-relativism-generalI remember back in the nineties when the subject was condoms, and we had to make condoms available everywhere. We had to give ’em away — had to instruct people in their usage in junior, middle school, high school and so forth — on the theory that we can’t stop kids from having sex.  “They’re gonna have sex! You can’t stop ’em, Rush. I don’t care what you do, you can’t stop ’em.” So I’d take calls from parents who would agree with that premise.

“No, we can’t stop them.” I had calls from parents in Long Island who’d actually say, “Yeah, I let my daughter and her boyfriend spend the night in one of our guest rooms, ’cause it’s cleaner than the back of his car.” I’m sitting here as host, incredulous as what I’m hearing.  They think it’s virtuous, and they can’t stop them anyway. “So since they’re going to do it, let’s make sure that they have condoms and a clean bed.” 

So I suggested, “Well, how about a pack of cigarettes on the nightstand?” 

“What do you mean?” 

“Well, isn’t that what everybody does? After you have sex, you light up a cigarette?” 

“No, no, no! They can’t smoke in my house!”

“What do you mean? You think you can stop ’em from smoking?”

“Damn right! They’re not gonna smoke in my house.” 

“Really?  You can stop ’em from smoking — you’re not gonna permit that — but they can have sex like a bunch of minks, and there’s nothing you can do about it?” 

“That’s right, Mr. Limbaugh. That’s right.”


isaiah-good-called-evilSo this isn’t anything new.  It’s been trending in this direction.  And by the way, this is made to order for the left, because the left can only survive when they’re not being judged.  The left can only survive and prosper when they have bullied everybody into tolerating whatever behavior they want to engage in — and good behavior doesn’t require any tolerance. So we’re talking about aberrant behavior to begin with.  Good behavior, you don’t have to any tolerance for that.  Good behavior is laudatory.  Good manners, good behavior, that’s becoming an exception.

But, I mean, in the old days you wouldn’t need tolerance for it.  You would have appreciation for it, maybe, but you would have to tolerate it.  You build up tolerance for abnormal, destructive, and any other kind of behavior you want to describe.  But on this campus, University of Washington… I mean, I’m just giving you one example when he told ’em, “I’m a six-foot-five Chinese male.”  But he gave ’em a bunch of other examples about, you know, differing types of physical appearance and things that he says that he had done or wanted to do.

Some of it was reprehensible stuff, and nobody would condemn it. No, and they got tense. You could see them get tense.  You could see these kids getting all stressed out at the thought of condemning it.  They weren’t getting stressed out at the kind of behavior.  They weren’t getting stressed out at the fact that they were talking to some five-foot, nine-inch white guy who thought was like a six-foot, five-inch Chinese male.  That didn’t bother ’em.  They were getting stressed out over the notion that, “Oh, I might have to say something!”

Bottom, folks?

We’re in deep doo-doo is the bottom line here.