Character Education Defining Moment: Biblical Values and Moral Compass vs. Liberal Hypocrisy

Character Education Defining Moment: Biblical Values and Moral Compass vs. Liberal Hypocrisy Morality Is NOT Determined by Individual Choice! Rush Limbaugh                The left mocked “family values” for fifty years and now they’re stunned to discover brutes among them. They … Continue reading

Culture Wars: Liberal Hypocrisy on Chain Migration, DACA

Culture Wars:

Liberal Hypocrisy on Chain Migration, DACA

These revolutionists are using a technique that is as old as the human racea fervid but false solicitude for the unfortunate over whom they thus gain mastery, and then enslave them. ~David O. McKay

Trump Blasts Bipartisan DACA Proposal as ‘Big Step Backwards’

PRESIDENT TRUMP: The so-called bipartisan DACA deal presented yesterday to myself and a group of Republican Senators and Congressmen was a big step backwards. Wall was not properly funded, Chain & Lottery were made worse and USA would be forced to take large numbers of people from high crime….countries which are doing badly. I want a merit based system of immigration and people who will help take our country to the next level. I want safety and security for our people. I want to stop the massive inflow of drugs. I want to fund our military, not do a Dem defund….

.Because of the Democrats not being interested in life and safety, DACA has now taken a big step backwards. The Dems will threaten “shutdown,” but what they are really doing is shutting down our military, at a time we need it most. Get smart, MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

Liberal Hypocrisy: Phony “Compassion”

DURBIN: When it came to the issue of, quote, “chain migration,” I said to the president, “Do you realize how painful that term is to so many people? African-Americans believe that they migrated to America in chains and when you speak about ‘chain migration,’ it hurts them personally?” He [Trump] said, “Oh, that’s a good line.”

Chain Migration Definition

Rush Limbaugh

RUSH: Chain migration is a specific term that specifically and correctly identifies how one illegal immigrant arriving can create a chain of migration for four or five or more others. It is an official term. It has never been associated with Africans arriving as slaves.

And it’s key to  understand what he [Trump] meant by that question. Why do you people want to continue to import people that are going to end up placing a burden on our population? Why? If we’re going to have an immigration policy, why don’t we seek the best?

Why do you people purposely want to go out and bring people in who are gonna end up being a burden? Now, you can define that as not learning English, not being able to have a job, being on the social safety welfare net, however you want to define it.

But that’s what he means, because that’s precisely what the Democrats want to do. That’s exactly what they want to do, because they’re not humanitarian. This is not about compassion. This is not about love and a soft spot for people from these horrible places and wanting to give them a better life. This is about registering a bunch of future Democrat voters that are never gonna be able to fend or provide for themselves. This is about flooding this country with people who are going to be forever dependent on a government-run by Democrats.

That’s all it is to them.

That’s why this phony sanctimony over being offended by the use of a word that they disagree with and say is unpresidential… It wasn’t unpresidential what Bill Clinton was doing the Oval Office. No, no, no. They all tried to cover that up, and they all tried to say that was nobody’s business. And of course, when Barack Obama is lying through his teeth to the American people about their health care plans and systems and when he’s lying to the American people about not wanting to make sure the Iranians get nuclear weapons?

History Facts: Media Bias, Boy Scouts of America, and Liberal Hypocrisy

History Facts:

Media Bias, Boy Scouts of America, and Liberal Hypocrisy

Rush Limbaugh

THE PRESIDENT: In order to succeed, you must find out what you love to do. You have to find your passion, no matter what they tell you. If you don’t — I love you too. I don’t know. Nice guy. (cheers) Hey, what am I gonna do? He sounds like a nice person. He. He, he, he. Thank you. I do, I do love you. (crowd chanting “we love Trump”) By the way, just a question. Did President Obama ever come to a jamboree? (crowd booing)

RUSH: I’m counting here. I’m counting, 14 seconds, and that’s where we cut it, 14 seconds of boos, Barack Hussein O who never once in eight years accepted the invitation from the Boy Scouts to speak to their national jamboree. And this is what Newsweek has described as a Hitler youth rally conducted by Donald Trump. It totally, totally shook them up. In their minds they’ve destroyed this kind of appreciation for Trump.

So what’s Trump talking about here? I think when he says that he learned this tremendous lesson of never losing momentum, what he means is you don’t stop. You don’t rest on your laurels. You don’t take time off to assess. You just keep going. This man lost his momentum when he sold the company and changed his lifestyle to cruising the Mediterranean on his yacht. He got bored with that, wanted to go back to his business, but he’d been there and done that and just wasn’t able to recapture the momentum.

Trump is saying, once you find out what you love, just keep doing it because it isn’t work. He said that in the next bite. I don’t have time to play it right now, but that’s right out of my playbook. If you do what you love, it will never be work. There may be arduous days, but you’re never gonna get up wishing you didn’t have to do it. As I say, there may not be days where certain things are gonna happen, but when it’s what you love, it’s not work.

And I can’t tell you what kind of motivating characteristic that is and what kind of freedom that that creates. Loving what you do, having a genuine passion for it. Most people, a lot of people never discover it. They force themselves. I knew when I was eight what I wanted to do. I knew why I wanted to do it.

Media Bias and Smear Campaign

RUSH: I went back, I printed out these Google search headlines on Trump Boy Scout. I got three pages of ’em here. I’m just gonna randomly read some. “Trump Boy Scout Speech is Nazi Hitler Youth Rally.”


Truth: Where is the Real Nazi Propaganda?

School Kids Taught to Praise Obama


Democrat Liberal Hypocrisy about Boy Scouts of America


This is August 18th in 2000, Washington Times: “Democrat delegates boo the Boy Scouts of America at their convention.” The Algore Democrat convention of 2000, the Boy Scouts of America were booed. And now these people come up and claim to be holier-than-thou supporters of the Boy Scouts. It’s all a big lie.

Even after they had been forced to admit homosexuals, he never once accepted the invitation, because I’m telling you, folks — and particularly you Millennials — the Democrat Party has had no use for the Boy Scouts. They have no use for valor and honor and manners and morality. God? That was the big obstacle for the left is the Boy Scouts’ roots, R-O-O-T-S, in the God of the founding of the United States. They just couldn’t abide it. As I say here, this is from the Washington Times, August 18th of 2000. This is during the Algore Democrat convention:

Democrat Delegates Boo the Boy Scouts of America.They hated ’em, and I’m not saying that with any exaggeration. To the left, hard-core leftists, the Boy Scouts represent an obstacle and a threat. They would not admit women. They had to go to the Girl Scouts. They would not admit homosexuals. They would not admit transgenders. Now those two groups have been forced in via pressure brought by the left, and even after that Obama would not deign to accept an invitation to go speak at the national jamboree. Trump did, and he went out and he gave them who he is. They asked Donald Trump to come speak, and President Donald Trump showed up.

And the left has flipped a gasket, now comparing it to a “Nazi youth rally” in Newsweek magazine. It’s not Trump who’s unhinged.

RUSH: No, no, it’s in Newsweek. “Trump Boy Scout Speech is Nazi Hitler Youth Rally.” And they even have pictures of Hitler speaking to his brown shirted youths in the story. Meanwhile, who was it that organized little school kids singing songs of devotion to “Barack Hussein Obama, yay, yay, yay, Barack Hussein Obama, we love him.” It was all over the place in 2009. Kids out there being forced to sing these Obama anthems.

History Facts

RUSH: My grandfather, my maternal grandfather was devoted to the Boy Scouts, was actively involved in the Boy Scouts of America. I was a Boy Scout. I was a tenderfoot for a year. You’re a tenderfoot when you join. That means I accomplished nothing. The only award I won was a gold brick as the most useless guy in the troop on a campout. (interruption) Well, I didn’t want to be there. I wanted to… I didn’t want to be there. But nevertheless, I had the uniform, and I became an expert in tying the handkerchief. You know, all the outdoor appearance things, I had ’em down pat.

The meetings were at the church. It was always a church-related organization, and when the Boy Scouts were founded — and there have been many presidents who were deeply involved. I think Teddy Roosevelt was and some others. But before it, in the earliest days of the Boy Scouts, they always… The Boy Scouts of America named the president of the United States as the honorary president every year that he was in office. Barack Obama never once accepted the invitation from the Boy Scouts to go speak.

Culture Wars: Social Experiment, Immigration Ban Protesters, and Liberal Hypocrisy

Culture Wars:

Social Experiment, Immigration Ban Protesters, and Liberal Hypocrisy

Refugee in House (Social Experiment) at Muslim Ban Protest


Trump immigrant-ban protesters asked if they’d let refugees live with them. Here’s how they respond.

Well-known video prankster Joey Salads — who also performs self-described “mind-blowing social experiments” — said he conducted a mock solicitation on hidden camera at Los Angeles International Airport amid protests against Republican President Donald Trump’s temporary immigrant ban.

So, arming himself with spectacles and a “Feel the Bern” T-shirt, Salads went “undercover, as a leftist” to ask the question: Would protesters be willing to put their money where their mouths are and offer to let refugees live with them?

Approaching a group of protesters sitting on a ledge at LAX, Salads introduces himself as a member of an outfit that “just got approved by the commissioner of naturalization.”

He then asks if any protesters would be willing to “give donations or to possibly offer shelter.”

Salads’ first victim says, “I have no resources. Sorry.”

A second guy writes in a “small donation” on the clipboard, Salads notes in the video, but declines to offer shelter.

Another guy says he’s “not able to do that” when asked to provide shelter to refugees.

“I live with a man who is a Trump supporter,” one woman replies, “so I don’t think he’d go for it.”

“I’m very interested in helping,” one guy answers. “I’m a little apprehensive, and I also have a female roommate who’s, like, a very nervous girl … but I’m very interested.”

“How many refugees will you be willing to hold?” Salads asks him.

The guy says he has only a couch to spare.

When Salads tells him that would be enough — in addition to providing “food and water” — the guy wonders how long he’d have to keep that up.

“Until legislation passes,” Salads replies.

“I don’t know that I could commit to that,” the guy answers.

A female who told Salads she lives by herself and is “also apprehensive” did request to be added to an email list — but another who says she lives in a studio with her boyfriend indicates she doesn’t have enough space.

One guy standing on a ledge with signs around his neck gets a little miffed with Salads’ continued pressing: “I already answered you, OK?”


Trump immigrant-ban protesters asked to house refugees—oops!

Critical Thinking: Liberal Intolerance vs. Christianity, Freedom of Speech

Critical Thinking:

Liberal Intolerance vs. Christianity, Freedom of Speech

The Verse the Culture Misquotes Most Regularly in an Effort to Quiet Christians

As a Christian, I’m often at odds with the culture around me. As our society embraces a growing number of unbiblical behaviors and attitudes, I find myself becoming more and more vocal in my opposition. I’m not alone; many other conservative Christians are also taking a stand for what the Bible teaches, particularly when it comes to moral behavior.

Liberal Intolerance and Judgment vs. Discernment

Maybe that’s why I seem to hear Matthew 7:1 tossed around so frequently by those who want Christians to quiet down:

“Do not judge so that you will not be judged.”

discernment-christianWhenever we, as Christians, speak out against something in the culture, one of two labels is immediately employed in an effort to silence us: we are either branded “intolerant” or “judgmental”. To make matters worse, the second label is often attached to the teaching of Jesus Himself. Are we Christians defying the words of our Master when we speak against the behaviors, attitudes or worldviews affirmed by others? Did Jesus command us to be silently non-judgmental?

This selective use of scripture by the opposition is perhaps the finest example of what we at Stand to Reason are addressing when we caution people to “never read a Bible verse.” Matthew 7:1, when read in isolation from the larger context of the Sermon on the Mount, may seem to command a form of silent acceptance and tolerance advocated by the culture, but a closer examination of the verse reveals Jesus’ true intent. If Jesus was advocating some form of quiet tolerance, how do we explain the following statements?

“Do not give what is holy to dogs, and do not throw your pearls before swine, or they will trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.” (verse 6)

“Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it. For the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and there are few who find it.” (verses 13 and 14)

“Beware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves.” (verse 15)

war-on-christianity-free-speech“Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father who is in heaven will enter. Many will say to Me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name, and in Your name cast out demons, and in Your name perform many miracles?’ And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness.’” (verses 21, 22 and 23)

Wow, Jesus seems vocally judgmental in these passages. Some people are dogs and swine, unworthy of our efforts. Some people are wrong about the path they choose. Some people are false prophets. Some people are true disciples and some are not. Jesus sure seems comfortable making judgmental statements about people in these passages. How could Jesus say such things when he began this part of the sermon by saying, “Do not judge so that you will not be judged”? Maybe we should revisit the first verses of Matthew 7:

“Do not judge so that you will not be judged. For in the way you judge, you will be judged; and by your standard of measure, it will be measured to you. Why do you look at the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ and behold, the log is in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.” (Matthew 7:1-5)

Liberal Hypocrisy

hypocrisyIt turns out that Jesus is not prohibiting vocal discernment in these passages, but is cautioning against a certain kind of unbecoming behavior: hypocritical judgmentalism.  We are called to live differently so that we can effectively identify and address unbiblical behavior in our culture. I cannot be a practicing thief and effectively caution against thievery. I cannot be an active adulterer and effectively advocate monogamy. I’m going to have to “first” stop and assess my own behavior (take out my own “log”) before I can “then” caution others about their behavior (help them take the “speck” out of their eye). This is a “first / then” commandment. Both sides of the directive are important; Jesus is commanding two equally critical actions.

First, we must change our behavior; become people of God who are above reproach. Second, we must actively engage others about their behavior. Some ideas are good and some are bad. Some prophets are true and some are false. Some people are right, some people are wrong. We are called to make statements about such things after we eliminate hypocrisy in these areas of our own lives. We, as Christians, are called to (1) live righteously, and (2) speak out about unrighteousness. We are less likely to do this, however, if we allow folks misquote Jesus in an effort to silence us.

J. Warner Wallace is a Cold-Case Detective, a Christian Case Maker, and the author of Cold-Case Christianity, Cold-Case Christianity for Kids, and God’s Crime Scene.

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American Family Association Issues at Hand: Target Boycott, Christian Movie review, Liberal Hypocrisy, Media Bias

American Family Association Issues at Hand:

AFAissueshandTarget Boycott, Christian Movie review, Liberal Hypocrisy, Media Bias

Sequel to Christian Movie hit opens #4 in box office

AFA-Christian-movie2-God-not-deadChristian movie review

June 2016 – God’s Not Dead 2 came in fourth in box office sales during the first weekend of its April 1 release. It was out-grossed by Batman v. Superman (in its second week in theaters), Zootopia (fifth week), and My Big Fat Greek Wedding (second week). Miracles from Heaven, another Christian film in its third week at theaters, came in fifth.

God’s Not Dead 2 grossed $7.6 million in its opening weekend. Its forerunner opened to $8.6 million in 2014.

Other Christian movies opening in spring 2016 grossed the following amounts during their first weekends: Risen, $11.8 million; Young Messiah,$3.2 million; and Miracles from Heaven, $14.8 million.

At press time, GND2 has grossed $19.2 million., 4/8/16;, 3/30/16

Target Boycott

AFA-targetwarningJune 2016 – On April 21, AFA called for a boycott of Target stores after the retail giant publicized its policy to allow transgender individuals access to opposite-sex bathrooms and fitting rooms.

On its website, Target stated, “[We] welcome transgender team members and guests to use the restroom or fitting room facility that corresponds with their gender identity. … Everyone deserves to feel like they belong.”

“Target’s policy poses a threat to women and children,” said AFA president Tim Wildmon. “We think many customers will agree.”

AFA pointed to the very real danger posed by predators and voyeurs who would take advantage of the policy to prey on those who are vulnerable.

“We want to make it very clear that AFA does not believe the transgender community poses this danger to the wider public,” Wildmon said. “Rather, this misguided and reckless policy provides a possible gateway for predators who are out there.”

AFA also criticized the policy for ignoring customers who are simply uncomfortable with the presence of strangers of the opposite sex in such a personal setting.

At press time, more than one million people had signed the boycott pledge in its first eight days. Find more information at



Liberal Hypocrisy: Stars peg hypocrisy gauge

AFA-hypocrisy-scaleJune 2016 – North Carolina and Mississippi both passed landmark legislation this spring to protect citizens’ rights. North Carolina House Bill 2, commonly called the “bathroom bill,” overturned a previous ordinance in an effort to prevent individuals from being victimized by people of the opposite gender in public restrooms, locker rooms, and changing areas.

Mississippi HB 1523 seeks to protect business owners’ liberty to decline service based on religious convictions (such as a bakery not being fined by the state for declining to bake a cake for a gay wedding). Both bills have been lambasted by media stars as “anti-LGBTQ.” In addition, they have apparently prompted a number of businesses and entertainers to withdraw performances from the two states.

For example, in North Carolina, PayPal cancelled plans to open a payment center in Charlotte, and singer Bruce Springsteen cancelled a Greensboro concert. Following suit, singer Bryan Adams cancelled a show in Biloxi, Mississippi. In each scenario, the “discriminatory” bills were cited as reason for cancelling.

“Apparently, business can be refused on personal convictions only if those convictions are in line with the left-wing agenda,” observed AFA VP Buddy Smith., 4/11/16;, 4/12/16

Media Bias: Big 3 big on bias

AFA-abortion-media-biasJune 2016 – In 2014 and 2015, ABC, CBS, and NBC avoided any mention of abortion as dangerous or harmful to women, according to Media Research Center. After compiling data on news coverage of abortion by the three networks, MRC found that their focus was on abortion as a necessity for women’s health.

However, they gave no time to abortion clinic abuses and emergencies reported by sources such as LifeSiteNews and LifeNews. Only the scandal surrounding the videos on Planned Parenthood’s sale of baby body parts got a total 25 minutes of coverage among the three networks.

“They’ll report certain dangers … that make the abortion industry look good and the pro-life movement look bad,” MRC’s Katie Yoder said. “But they won’t talk about how abortion harms women.” (See related story here.), 3/29/16;, 3/23/16;, 1/14/16


Pope issues statement on families and life

June 2016 – In early April, the Vatican released Pope Francis’s 256-page exhortation to the church called Amoris Laetitia (Latin for “the joy of love”). This landmark document comes as a tour de force of the Pope’s practical theology regarding issues of sex, marriage, and family life. While Pope Francis has been seen by many as ushering in a new, more inclusive chapter for the Catholic church, this document makes no official changes to doctrine. It does, however, point to a less rigid relationship between the strict religious parameters of Catholic leadership and personal responsibility of laity.

“I understand those who prefer a more rigorous pastoral care which leaves no room for confusion,” Pope Francis noted. “But I sincerely believe that Jesus wants a church attentive to the goodness which the Holy Spirit sows in the midst of human weakness. We have been called to form consciences, not to replace them.”

Interestingly, Amoris Laetitia provides greater grace and inclusion to divorcees (who are often denied communion). However, the document repeatedly notes marriage as a union between a man and a woman and affirms the traditional and foundational pro-life view of the Catholic church: “So great is the value of a human life, and so inalienable the right to life of an innocent child growing in the mother’s womb, that no alleged right to one’s own body can justify a decision to terminate that life.”, 4/8/16;, 4/8/16

All that’s left is the stink

AFA-stinky-mediaJune 2016 – In a study examining TV ratings and content, Parents Television Council found that in a sample two-week stretch in 2014, there were zero hours of TV-G programming, a 100% decrease from 1997. On the other hand, TV-14 shows increased 160%, while TV-PG shows decreased 39%.

While the rating labels imply that both TV-PG and TV-14 ratings are suitable for children at different ages, PTC found the content of both is often equally unsuitable for children. Between 1997 and 2014, there was a 156% increase in sexual situations and coarse language in shows labeled TV-PG.

“The industry should have to answer why TV-G rated primetime series are extinct, why the lines between TV-PG and TV-14 shows are blurred, why more adult content is being shown on TV-PG shows, and why nudity and violence are increasing on broadcast TV overall,” said PTC president Tim Winter., 4/6/16

Culture Wars: Liberalism vs. the Ten Commandments

Culture Wars:

Liberalism vs. the Ten Commandments

Trashing the Law

How the left revels in violating the Ten Commandments

keyIs it any wonder a society rooted in Judeo-Christian values produces more clear-thinking, moral, competent people than a society based on Marxism, which breeds dependence, envy, blame, theft, sloth, immorality and violence?

By David Kupelian

hypocrisyOne of the supreme ironies in understanding what we call “the left” is that, while self-righteously posing as protectors of women, gays, blacks, immigrants, the poor and other societal “victims”—and simultaneously demonizing conservatives, Christians and Republicans as hateful, greedy, anti-science, bigoted gun-nuts—in reality the political and cultural left is the cause of most of the misery, suffering and injustice it claims to oppose.

[I]f we care to delve just a little deeper into the subject, we’ll see that the left’s “fundamental transformation of America” couldn’t possibly have any other effect on America than to corrupt, deceive and break countless human beings. That is simply because the radical left—we’re talking about the worldview, motivations and policies of people like President Barack Obama—cannot operate, indeed cannot even exist, without violating virtually all of the Ten Commandments.

churchill-on-socialismThe great British leader Winston Churchill (whose bust was ejected from the White House immediately after Obama took office in 2009) described socialism as “the gospel of envy.” This short but magnificent phrase encapsulates two truths: one, socialism is like a religion to its adherents, and two, it appeals to and institutionalizes the lowest part of human nature—envy. In thus glorifying and ennobling covetousness, socialism profoundly violates the 10th Commandment, “Thou shalt not covet.

What about “Thou shalt not steal” (the 8th Commandment)? What is “wealth redistribution” but a pompous euphemism for stealing from one person and giving to another? Socialism literally ceases to exist if it cannot forcibly take your stuff and “redistribute” it.


obama-hypocrisyHow about the 6th Commandment, “Thou shalt not kill” (or “Thou shalt not commit murder”)? Putting aside the 100 million to 200 million people killed during the 20th century as a result of the imposition of the far left’s insane utopian system, just look at today’s America. over 3,000 beautiful unborn babies are killed in their mother’s womb every single day—the same number that died in the September 11, 2001 terror attacks. The left, largely having abandoned the fundamental sacredness of human life once cherished by Judeo-Christian America, has become hauntingly comfortable with this sanitized slaughter.

The 7th Commandment is “Thou shalt not commit adultery, and were it widely observed, the ever-metastasizing sexual revolution, brought to us entirely by the left, would disappear. And the Pandora’s Box of morality-related problems unleashed by normalizing and glorifying extra-marital sex—including over a million abortions per year, astronomical levels of out-of-wedlock births and a corresponding epidemic of fatherlessness, a staggering 110 million Americans with sexually transmitted diseases, today’s wild sexual anarchy in all its forms including the ever-expanding LGBT movement and the outrageous redefinition of marriage by the Supreme Court—would all cease to exist.

The left and its political fortress, the Democratic Party, constantly violate the 9th Commandment, “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.” The left relies on demonizing, vilifying—and increasingly, suing and prosecuting—conservatives, Christians and others who oppose it.

  • Expose Planned Parenthood’s outright evil practices of aborting children and then maximizing the resale value of the babies’ body parts and you get prosecuted.
  • Form a conservative organization with traditional values and gt targeted by the IRS.
  • Decline to participate in a homosexual wedding and get sued, jailed or lose your business.
  • President Obama never ceases to “bear false witness” against the Republican-led Congress, portraying them and their supporters as irresponsible people with perverse ulterior motives—in other words, exactly what he is.
  • Or Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail complains that Republicans lie constantly. (It’s called “projection”—literally accusing others of the evil you do.)

What about the First Commandment, “Thou shalt have no other gods before me”? Marxism is inherently atheistic because utopian government is a jealous god that countenances worship of no other.

Likewise, the long-time far-left ambition (particularly obvious in the radical feminist movement) of breaking up the nuclear family is at war with the 5th Commandment, “Honor thy father and mother.”

There’s a good reason Judeo-Christian principles, crystallized in the Ten Commandments, have been singularly successful in the laboratory of world history: They encourage the good side of human nature and restrain the bad, whereas Marxism-socialism and the rest of the cultural left agenda are based on elevating and glorifying everything ignoble about human nature.

judeo-christian2-10-commandmentsSo, whereas the Ten Commandments say don’t kill, steal, commit adultery, lie, covet and so on, people’s own conscience, a little bit of divine understanding tucked into each person by the Creator, communicates exactly the same thing—that killing, stealing, committing adultery, lying and coveting are wrong.

Unlike Marxist political correctness, whether promulgated by the tyrant Mao Zedong in China or by leftwing activists in the United States, the Bible does not create some alien new moral code that makes no sense and forces people into conflict with their true nature. To the contrary, it beckons everyone to embrace an inborn standard already residing with them, which they know deep down to be right. There is no conflict between the two.

Is it any wonder a society rooted in Judeo-Christian values produces more clear-thinking, moral, competent people than a society based on Marxism, which breeds dependence, envy, blame, theft, sloth, immorality and violence?

Truth Zone: Obama’s Christian Persecution; Liberal Hypocrisy

Truth Zone: Obama’s Christian Persecution; Liberal Hypocrisy

Obama’s Christian Persecution: Regime Turns Away Christian Refugees

Rush Limbaugh

obama-vs-christianityRUSH: May I remind everybody, the United States of America shut down the immigration of everybody from 1924 to 1965.  Everybody.  Everybody!  It didn’t matter who; nobody legally got in, 1924 to 1965.  A, we’ve done it. There’s precedent.  B, we can do it, because we did it. C, do you know why we did it? Because there had been so much immigration prior, we needed to assimilate all those immigrants who were here to become Americans. That’s what’s not happening now. FDR was Trump on steroids. FDR actually did what Trump’s talking about with the Japanese and some others, and he’s one of the greatest guys in Democrat Party history to this day, FDR. And then, ladies and gentlemen, can I read a headline to you from If I were Trump, I’d get this story and I’d turn it right around on Obama and Loretta Lynch, and I’d do it today while everybody’s focusing on what he supposedly said that’s outrageous. “No Room in America for Christian Refugees.”, right there it is, folks. Want to hear the first paragraph? You’re staring at me like you can’t believe it. The Obama administration is not allowing Christian refugees into the country. Two stories.

jewish-refugees“At the end of World War II, the Jewish survivors of Europe’s Holocaust found that nearly every door was closed to them. ‘Tell Me Where Can I Go?’ was a popular Yiddish song at the time. Decades later, the Christians of the Middle East face the same problem, and the Obama administration is keeping the door shut.

This is not National Review. This is not Breitbart. This is Standard, ordinary, everyday Drive-By Media membership card. “America is about to accept 9,000 Syrian Muslims, refugees of the brutal war between the Assad regime and its Sunni opposition, which includes ISIS, Al Qaeda, and various other militias. That number is predicted to increase each year. There are no Christian refugees that will be admitted.

“Why? Because the Department of State is adhering with all the rigidity of a Soviet era bureaucracy to the rule that only people at risk from massacres launched by the regime qualify for refugee status.

christian-persecution-syriaThe rapes of Christian women and the butchery of Christian children do not count. No matter how moved Americans were this Christmas season by the plight of their fellow Christ followers in Syria and Iraq, no matter how horrific the visuals of beheadings, enslavement, and mass murder, the Christians fleeing death do not engender the compassion of this president,” and do not qualify for refugee status.

You know why? “The Christians are being raped, tortured, and murdered by militias, not by the Syrian government.” The Syrian government is not the source of the discrimination, if you will. “This technicality condemns them to continue to be victims without hope. And this technicality is being adhered to with all the tenacity with which President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s State Department manipulated quotas and created subterfuges to keep out the Jews fleeing the oppression of Nazi Germany.

“We have seen in the last several weeks that President Obama has no difficulty using his ‘phone and his pen,’ as he dramatically boasts, to circumvent the law. When it comes to immigration, he had no difficulty enacting an amnesty that a federal judge subsequently ruled unconstitutional. He has had no problem circumventing Congress to change the relationship with Cuba. This president has shown that he will push back on the constraints of law when he wants to get something done.”

No room in America for America’s Christians. Another story. San Diego Union Tribune: “Iraqi Refugees to be Deported,” according to ICE.

RUSH: “Twelve of the 27 Iraqi Christians being detained at the Otay Mesa Detention Facility are set to be deported in coming weeks, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement said Monday. An immigration judge ordered their removal in the last two weeks, ICE spokeswoman Lauren Mack said. She declined to provide specific information about why the immigrants are being deported.”
They’re Iraqi Christians, Chaldeans is what they’re known as. Twelve Iraqi Chaldean Christians who fled ISIS are going to be deported. story, just to close the loop on this, it’s from January of this year. And it’s even more true today than when it was written. January 7th of this year, this Regime not permitting Christians from Syria among the refugees. It’s even worse today than when that story was written. Meanwhile, Trump says we’ve gotta stop the immigration of Muslims for a while, get a handle on this, and you have seen the panicked conniption fit that’s taken place.

Liberal Hypocrisy

hypocrisyObama doesn’t have any moral authority.  Obama can’t condemn anybody or he can’t praise anybody.  Obama’s lost the moral authority to have credibility and believability. 

Our president has created… There’s a moral vacuum, folks, a moral vacuum at the highest levels of our government and leadership.  There is a moral vacuum, there is a leadership vacuum, and there is a common-sense vacuum. 

There is so much that appears obvious that is not being acted on, so much that is obvious and is happening that we are told isn’t happening. But we can see it.  Some of our fellow citizens are being killed right before us and we’re told, “No, no, no, no, no, no, no.  You’re racist if you think that! You’re bigoted if you think that.  No, no.”  It’s inexplicable.

National security has even been corrupted because politics that comes from liberalism is by nature corrupt.  Liberalism is corrupt.  Liberalism is a lie. It’s a series of lies. 

It does not rely on truth. In fact, can’t coexist with the truth.

So if Obama believes that all he has to do is say something is or isn’t and that makes it is or isn’t, the media has fed that. The media’s never challenged Obama. The media has never questioned, the media has never investigated, the media has never exposed. The media has done nothing but lapdog it up.  So after seven years, if you were Obama you would think you could get away with anything you want to say.  “That’s not terrorism. That’s gonna violate our values.”  Our values?  That’s another thing that just continued to grate on me. 

These people speak of “our values.”

obama-hypocrisyThey’re butchering babies in Planned Parenthood, and we’re supposed to listen to them talk about American values?  I’m sorry, folks, it just doesn’t wash with me.  None of this does.  But with national security being compromised and nobody able to apparently do anything about it, it’s why the presidential campaign has become what it is.  

“The religion of peace would never engage in activity like this. In mass murder? No. As a religion of peace, Islam, there is no terrorism in Islam.”  I don’t care why. Political correctness, I don’t care if there’s a solidarity that we don’t understand or know.  What I do know is that none of this is working to fool or to calm the American people.  They’re not falling for this.  And the evidence is abundant all over the country.


History of Immigration in America

Islamist immigration against the law

Islamists, Communists and other Totalitarians are Prohibited by Law from Immigrating to the US