War on America: American Education Failing, producing Ignorance of History, Socialism-loving Millennials

War on America:

American Education Failing, producing Ignorance of History, Socialism-loving Millennials

An Illustration of the Sad State of American Education

Rush Limbaugh

Mao and StalinTo me, it is a fundamental illustration of one of the problems we’ve got.

A U.K. Telegraph story. It was a survey of kids not in the U.K., here in the United States, between the ages of 16 and 24.

  • Seventy percent had never heard of Mao Tse-tung. Seventy percent had never heard of Mao Tse-tung, age 16 to 24.
  • Forty percent had never heard of Josef Stalin. And there was a third communist, murderous thug that people had not heard of.

I wasn’t surprised. I was saddened by it. It makes perfect sense.

  • The left has taken over public education.
  • They’re weeding out all of the truth.

erasing historyIn fact, if you recall during the Obama administration one of his first original aides had testified, Anita Dunn was her name, and she’s married to the guy that runs one of the big law firms, Perkins Coie. Anita Dunn testified to her admiration for Mao Tse-tung.

Remember when she got in deep doo-doo? She testified to her admiration for Mao Tse-tung in the ability he had to marshal his forces and move his country in the direction he wanted it. Never mind that he murdered 40 million people to do it. Stalin murdered 40 million people to advance his ideas.

ignoranceSo I was at an event yesterday where there were a bunch of kids. And I ran my own personal survey. I ran into 10 of them. They were all high school students, and one of them was in college. I said, “Have you ever heard of Mao Tse-tung?”

“Uhhh, the Tiananmen Square guy, right?”

The Tiananmen Square guy? None of them had heard of Josef Stalin. Not a single one of them had. And this, by the way, is a fairly elite private school. And not a one of them knew who Josef Stalin was and some of them said that Mao Tse-tung was the Tiananmen Square guy. At least they were able to associate Mao Tse-tung with China, but Mao Tse-tung was dead when Tiananmen Square happened.

fake news liesWe have two pillars or two foundational elements that are largely the most influential in creating public opinion.

  • One is the media, and the
  • other is education.

And if public education — and we know this is true — downplaying the truth of communism, why do so many Millennials think socialism is wonderful? Why do so many of them think communists — 70% of American Millennials are fascinated by the idea of socialism, and 30% say communism’s a good idea.

It has to be the result of education. It has to be the result of, talk about Russian meddling, Soviet meddling, just look at the education system.

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An Illustration of the Sad State of American Education

Socialism Explained: Permissive Parenting created Socialism as Religion for Millennials

Critical Thinking Topics

Socialism Explained:

Permissive Parenting created Socialism as Religion for Millennials

Permissive Parenting, False Self Esteem are poor Character Education

Rush Limbaugh

CALLER: Hi, Rush.  Last week you said that Alexandria Cortez is like the adult version of this everybody’s wonderful and everybody gets a trophy.  I was thinking about that, and it’s true.  I see this generation as just drowning in a self-esteem that isn’t real, because we’ve rewarded just simple participation. We’ve rewarded kids just for showing up.  I have four boys in this generation; so I know.  The real achievement that builds true self-esteem necessitates hardship and trying and failing. So when we reward kids just for showing up, I think we actually dumb them down. They don’t learn how —

RUSH:  Oh, I agree.

CALLER:  Yeah.  They don’t learn how to think critically.  I think they’re stunted character-wise.  They don’t learn wisdom through life experience.  And then we send them off to the state universities.  My third son is a second-year student in a state university, and last semester he had a self-avowed Marxist professor who had a full-fledged meltdown one day when she was teaching them about how “white males” own the majority of the wealth in the world.  So, if they go into these classrooms and they haven’t learned to think, they don’t have the character, the wisdom, the life experience —

RUSH:  Well, it’s not… You mentioned wisdom.  You’re right about all that.  It’s not just that, though.  It is that they are also taught to resent people from whom they could learn things. They are taught to resent people who have more life experiences, who have more wisdom or advice to offer

Almost Child Abuse to Promise Millennials  the lies of Socialism Utopia

RUSH: But I think it is almost child abuse to create belief systems in kids that they’ve accomplished things when they haven’t, that they’re special simply because they exist, and at any time those circumstances don’t exist, something’s wrong, not with them, but with everybody else. That’s what’s the ticket to socialism. When they are shielded and protected, when their parents become their friends rather than mentors and disciplinarians, eventually these shielded, protected kids are going to encounter obstacles. They’re going to encounter things that have to be overcome.

Millennials need to be told NO

Well, that’s not the world, that’s not life, and if they’re not equipped and not prepared for it. Hello, victimhood the moment they leave home. And once they become part of the victimology class, then they have surrendered control over their own future, over their own existence, and they then become totally dependent on the people promising to provide or take care of whatever. You know, Santa Claus is hard to say “no” to. And people promising utopia.



Millennials will encounter Adversity

They’re gonna encounter adversity. And, if they’ve never been made to deal with it, if they’ve always been shielded, if any adversity has been presented to them as unfairness or racism or sexism or bigotry, they’re not gonna know how to deal with it. That is what makes them susceptible to pitches like Crazy Bernie’s and all the rest of these Democrats, where everything’s gonna be free and everybody’s gonna be nice and everybody’s gonna be the same and everybody’s gonna be respected. And there won’t be anybody yelling and there won’t be anybody making fun of anybody and there won’t be anybody laughing at other people, none of this.

Well, that’s not the world, that’s not life, and if they’re not equipped and not prepared for it. Hello, victimhood the moment they leave home. And once they become part of the victimology class, then they have surrendered control over their own future, over their own existence, and they then become totally dependent on the people promising to provide or take care of whatever. You know, Santa Claus is hard to say “no” to. And people promising utopia.

Socialism is Failure

There has to be a reason socialism is demonstrable failure every time it’s ever been tried. It’s a demonstrable failure wherever you want to look in practice right now in the world, and yet it remains this overwhelming, attractive, alluring thing. Why? And I think it has to do with immaturity and shelter from adversity.

And, man, when we take successful people and target them and use them as examples of what not to be, when we challenge the legitimacy of successful people by accusing them of stealing it or tricking people out of it or coming by it in some unfair way, rather than inspiring people to be better than they can be, we’re doing great damage to our own society and culture.

And we are there now. I don’t know what percentage of Millennials — there are exceptions to everything. The whole generation’s not this way, obviously. We get calls from a bunch of Millennials who agree with the characterization and share with us how they’ve avoided it and the problems that they encounter by not falling in line with their peers on this kind of thing.

faith-and-freedomInoculate your Children against Socialism and Atheism HERE

Socialism as Religion for Millennials

Arthur Chrenkoff


RUSH: I got a great piece here:  “Socialism as a Millennial Religion.”  Let me read a couple of pull quotes here.

 Only 15 Percent of Millennials have Correct Understanding of Socialism

The Millennials can’t remember very much – and they don’t learn very much either. It’s easy being hot for socialism or communism when you actually have a very little idea of what it is and what it did throughout the 20th century. And the Ys have that ignorance in spades; one third of them think that George W Bush killed more people than Stalin and 42 per cent have never heard of Mao – but over 70 per cent agree with Bernie Sanders. Some research suggests that only 15 per cent actually have a correct understanding of socialism.

It’s not just politics; the Millennials are the most woefully undereducated and miseducated generation in a very long time. To be fair, that’s not strictly their fault; that attaches itself again to their Boomer grandparents who have been in charge of our failing education systems during this time. Combine the modern indoctrination-cum-dumbification taking place in schools and universities with the attention span-killing impact of information technology and social media, and you have a barely literate cohort, which is simply not equipped with the necessary mental tools to learn about the real world even if they wanted to.

Any surprises that socialism is now nearly synonymous with Gen Y?

Think of all the traits and characteristics, most of them negative, associated with the Millennials in the popular mind. They are said to be unrealistic and have both the inflated expectations of life and the inflated perceptions of selves. They think the world owes them a living – a good one too – though without necessary too much effort. Things came very easily to them when they were growing up; when that suddenly stops – when the reality finally intrudes – they get angry, frustrated, lost: the world is deeply unfair and is conspiring against them.

Millennial Narcissism

They are narcissistic, self-possessed and self-obsessed. They expect instant rewards and instant gratification. Having been told their whole lives how special they are, they tend to be over-sensitive and find it difficult to cope with criticism or obstacles. They’re lazy, flighty and easily distracted. Remember: these are all generalisations, but stereotypes stick because they ring true.

So no, no surprises here. Their collective personality makes the Millennials unusually suited for the flirtation with socialism. They are a great match; if this was Tinder, Marx would be getting super liked all the time.

Result of Permissive Parenting

Socialism is the response of a spoiled child when faced with the world that does not genuflect to its every wish the way their parents did – the world as it is must therefore be evil and has to be changed to something radically different. Gen Y, of course, did not just magically become the way they are – they were brought up like that, so we all bear the blame and the responsibility for a generation who resents not being managers in their 20s and not being recognised as special anymore by all their elders. Clearly, the capitalism has failed when I’m not showered down with money after I graduate from my double in media and gender studies.

Life is Not Fair

The world indeed is not perfect and it is not always fair, but the sensible response would be to acknowledge how good it actually is, how much better than it has ever been, and how it continues to get better – but that would actually require a decent knowledge of history, for example – and then to think of all the various practical ways we can try to make it better.~Arthur Chrenkoff

Instead, the world is hell, all the previous generations have failed us and we need to turn everything upside down. Viva la revolucion.

In November this year we will celebrate thirty years since the fall of the Berlin Wall. It’s sad and it’s terrifying that in such a short space of time socialism is cool again, but it’s not entirely unexpected – hell of a lot of suckers have been born since 1989.

Solutions for Parents

Moral Character Education Action Plan—START HERE


Truth about Net Neutrality and Freedom of Speech

Truth about Net Neutrality and Freedom of Speech

If net neutrality had been the law of the land in 2007, the iPhone could never have come to market. But because there was no net neutrality, Jobs had the option to create the best operating atmosphere and circumstances for his product — and look what happened, with zero regulation additional. ~Rush Limbaugh

Net neutrality is another liberal idea that stifles Freedom of Speech

There have been some compromises made in the “political spectrum,” and they have turned out badly. We’ve seen the Equal Time Rule and the Fairness Doctrine, for instance, create chilling effects, freducing freedom of speech.  They were supposed to produce more, and more balanced, political discussion. What we got instead was a tax on controversial speech. ~Thomas W. Hazlett, The Political Spectrum: The Tumultuous Liberation of Wireless Technology

The government does not mean cheaper. The government has never meant cheaper. The government doesn’t mean equal. The government doesn’t mean fair. It never has. What the government means, in this context, is reduced services and less competence. It is competition that makes prices lower. It’s competition that enables innovation, better services. And this is a classic example of liberals succeeding in making people believe that corporations and industry are the enemy of people, that they are out to harm people, that they’re out to financially screw people. In the case of the pharmaceutical business, they’re out to kill their customers.

“Bureaucrats are not visionaries. They reflexively deter new ideas, protecting the existing industries.” ~Thomas W. Hazlett

And the government is the great fixer, government is the tamer of these wild financial beasts who want to deprive you of your Netflix and your Hulu and whatever else you watch. It’s classic how they have succeeded in making people believe that only the government can fix problems and make things fair. When you look at anything the government has its hands in, it isn’t efficient, it isn’t cheap, and it doesn’t work!

“You want unlimited data for a cheap price? Fine. You’re not gonna get HD quality.” When that was learned, all hell broke loose and T-Mobile had to modify their plan. But speed is like anything else; it’s like anything else you buy. You pay more for the best! There’s nothing new about it. There’s no fairness about it nor equality. That’s not even a factor. They love the UPS example. They love the FedEx example and Amazon. They love pointing out that Amazon ships its packages through FedEx and they’re all treated the same.

But they’re not! They’re not… In the first place, FedEx isn’t even regulated. Number two, you can buy any kind of speed delivery you want. The faster you want it delivered, the more you’re gonna pay for it. There is no equality and sameness in terms of FedEx or UPS delivery. You pay for faster delivery. Or, if you don’t want to pay for faster delivery, you don’t pay as much, and you don’t get it as soon. Imagine if somebody proposed delivery neutrality and claimed that all packages would be delivered at the same speed.

What incentive would any company have to get your package to you quickly if there’s something called delivery neutrality, where you can’t buy faster delivery speed and you just have to deal with whatever they want to do? If there’s no competition and if there is literally no pressure on the providers to get that package to you for any reason, you may never know when it’s gonna show up! And this is what they’re proposing for internet service? I don’t know. I just… I think this is not that complicated to understand. It’s that people aren’t taking the time.

Prices are rising now.

Prices have been rising since prices were established.

Net Neutrality stifles Competition and Free Market

“It turns out that the more competitive we get, the better off we are.” ~Thomas W. Hazlett

The idea that net neutrality’s gonna stop price increases is folly. Net neutrality is not gonna mandate that Netflix can’t raise prices or throttle delivery speeds. You know, even now with Netflix you have to pay more for 4K. If you want to stream in 4K, you’ve gotta pay more per month than what you would regularly pay for standard HD picture quality. How did that happen if net neutrality is designed to stop them from doing things like that? We’re living under net neutrality now. How come Netflix charges more for 4K? I thought everything was gonna be equal.

RUSH: Look, folks, it really isn’t that complicated. Net neutrality is a liberal idea just like the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is a liberal idea, just like Planned Parenthood’s a liberal idea, just like Obamacare’s a liberal idea. What’s good in it? What’s good about it? Why not be suspicious of it? Why not let the market work? Let the market work. Why have the government — the people that don’t know anything about any of this — start regulating it? ‘Cause you know what’s gonna happen: Whoever gives politicians the most money is gonna determine how the internet operates and where the power is there, not the market.

You know something else? If net neutrality had been the law of the land in 2007, the iPhone could never have come to market. Do you know why? Many of you iPhone owners may have forgotten, but the iPhone for the first two or three years was an AT&T exclusive. You know why? Steve Jobs had demands. He was not gonna let the carrier name be on the front or back of the device. He was not gonna let the carrier put any of their own stupid, gum-up-the-works apps on the phone.

Apple was gonna control the whole process: the manufacturing, the marketing, the customer service. AT&T is the only telecom that would do it, that would give up total control. Now, if net neutrality had been the law of the land, that would not have been permitted. Apple would not have been permitted to only offer the phone to AT&T customers. That would have been discriminatory. That would have been unfair to Verizon subscribers and Sprint subscribers. But because there was no net neutrality, Jobs had the option to create the best operating atmosphere and circumstances for his product — and look what happened, with zero regulation additional.

America’s Anchorman Answers Your Questions on Net Neutrality

What You Need to Know About Net Neutrality

Sean Moran

Former FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler refused to released his proposed net neutrality regulations ahead of the agency’s vote. In contrast, current Chairman Ajit Pai released his proposed “Restoring Internet Freedom” order ahead of the agency’s vote to repeal net neutrality.

FCC Chairman Agit Pai

FCC Chairman Pai unveiled his proposed “Restoring Internet Freedom Order” that will repeal the agency’s net neutrality regulation; the agency will vote on the measure in December.

Chairman Pai once said that the internet prospered before net neutrality was enacted. Pai said, “The internet is the greatest free-market success in American history.”


History Facts: Critical Thinking for Millennials—Defining Federalism, how the Electoral College Makes Your Vote Count!

History Facts:

Critical Thinking for Millennials—Defining Federalism, how the Electoral College Makes Your Vote Count!

Why We Need the Electoral College

Rush Limbaugh

keyClass is in session, PAY ATTENTION! Here is a conversation between Rush Limbaugh and a caller, in which Rush teaches us all about the brilliance of the Electoral College. Bottom line—without the Electoral College, if you live in any of the 45 + less populated states, your vote, your voice, would never count! Once again, we can thank the Founding Fathers because they cared so much about little people like us, and because they had the brilliance to make freedom available to all of us! ~C.D.

millenial-explainer-electoral-college-cHelping Millennials understand the Electoral College

RUSH: Here’s Lynn in Noblesville, Indiana.  Great to have you.  Glad you waited.  What’s up?

CALLER:  Thank you so much.  I’m glad to finally get through to you.  I have a question on behalf of a house full of Millennials, I should say.  I have four children 18 to 24 and a plethora of their friends.  The majority of them are Bernie Sanders fans, and they’re having a hard time understanding this whole Electoral College thing, no matter how much we try to explain it.  My question is this.  What is the negative side to what looks like the positive side of distributing the Electoral College votes the same way we do in some states during the primary?

In other words, if you have 40% of the vote, then you receive 40% of the electoral votes.  Because it seems to me the pro side of that would be you would have the candidates campaigning in what are traditionally… Let’s say Trump would campaign in California, which is traditionally Democratic, because he now can get a percentage of votes I would think that you would have a greater voter turnout because now people who live in states that tend to go one way or another would have more of an impact because their votes could be contributed by percentage instead of all going one way.  And it would also seem like it would help to deter the possibility of voter fraud if they don’t know where to target like they do currently.

millennialsRUSH:  Okay.  Let me recast this, and you correct me if I get anything wrong.  She has four kids, among them some Millennials — old enough to be Millennials — and they have been questioning the value of Electoral College. Why doesn’t the popular vote matter? It seems like that ought to be the way we elect the president, not state by state.  They came up with an idea that we would apportion states like we do in primaries. In the Republican primary, if Trump wins a state, he gets whatever percentage of the delegates in that state according to the vote he got and so forth and so on. Because that would make every state count, you say. 

CALLER: Right.

CALLER:  Well, I think it’s got more to do with the fact that they’re bombarded with a lot of their friends in an education system and a media system that doesn’t give them the actual historical facts.  What I have been telling them is the purpose of the Electoral College as the Founding Fathers had put it together, was designed to make sure that heavily populated areas did not overwhelm the more rural areas or the needs of people who didn’t live in densely populated portions of the country.

And that in doing so, it ensured that everyone had a say regardless of your demographic and that the possibility of voter fraud or rigging the elections… Because they would never know where to target because they didn’t have to… You know, they had to worry about everybody, was the main concept that the Founding Fathers had in mind when they made the Electoral College a part of our election process.

RUSH:  All right, and your kids rejected that because they…?

CALLER:  Well, they don’t understand why the popular vote doesn’t matter. Especially, as I said, I think it’s more the bombardment of the media and how they’re making it sound.

RUSH:  Well, there’s no question.  But the reason the media and the bombardment of their friends is able to work is that when they were in middle school, they weren’t taught about the founding of America.

revere_book_5They Weren’t Taught about the Founding Fathers

RUSH:  They weren’t taught about the Founding Fathers. They weren’t taught about the concept of federalism.  You can’t understand the Electoral College unless you know what federalism is, and federalism is one of these terms that, in many cases, means the exact opposite of the word as it’s currently applied.

The Meaning of Federalism

The word “federalism” you might think that means federalism trumps everything; federalism means federal domination.  It does not mean that.  It means the exact opposite, in fact. 

It means the states are sovereign and the federal government cannot tell ’em what to do in so many different ways.

cartoon-electoral-collegeTwo States—California and New York—would Dictate the Rest of the Country

But I think you are very close with your assessment of population centers.  The founders did not want population centers to dictate to the rest of the country.  They had already seen that happen in Europe in their day, and they had seen the kind of people that gravitate toward various areas.  I mean, even in the early days of the country when it was largely an agrarian or agricultural, farmer-type of economy.  There were still cities; there were still elites. 

There were widely different ways of thinking, and there were various different power locations and power points, and the popular vote was considered a way of relegating a lot of people to irrelevance based on population center and the fact that the country is always changing and always shifting.  The primary purpose of the Electoral College is to maintain the power of the states and to support the idea that the election is decided by the states.  It’s not decided by the general population, and it never was.

The Electoral College has been with us since the first days of the country.  The reason for its founding… I mean, some people would even tell you that the Electoral College was established to protect the country from the votes of a bunch of ignoramuses and people uninformed out in the sticks who didn’t know what they were doing.  I mean, there were people even tell you that that was one of the original thought processes involved in establishing the Electoral College.

RUSH: But it is a way of having a flat-out popular election without calling it that.  If you didn’t do this if you didn’t have the Electoral College — we would be at the mercy of how state legislatures draw their electoral districts, and we would have electoral districts drawn strictly for the purposes of winning presidential elections and not for the purposes of state and local representation.

CALLER:  Right.

RUSH:  But the short answer to this is almost identical to why every state has two senators but a different number of members of the House based on population, and it is to make sure that there is equal representation across the board.  There are some states based on population that would not even have a senator, if the Senate were not established the way that it is.  Some practical examples.  If the popular vote elected the president today, two states —

CALLER: California and New York. Mmm-hmm.

RUSH: — California and New York — would be all you would need.  And that means campaigns would occur only there and campaigns would focus only on issues relevant to those people in those states.

RUSH:  And there wouldn’t be anything national about it.  There wouldn’t be anything that would lend anybody any evidence or enlightenment as to what candidates were gonna do as president because they’d all run in these various states — and there might be three, might be more than California and New York.  You might put Texas in there.  But the point is it’s always changing.  The population’s always changing.  Look at… North Carolina was never a battleground state until recently. Now it is, and it’s because of migration from the Northeast.

People that live in the Northeast are leaving the Northeast for a whole host of reasons.  They’re relocating in Southern states and Midwestern states — no-income-tax states, milder climate states — and it’s affecting the balance of power in those states.  North Carolina used to be reliably red.  Now it’s a battleground state.  The Electoral College guards against all of this.  The Electoral College protects state sovereignty.  It actually is one of the most brilliantly conceived electoral mechanisms ever.  Let me ask you a question here, Lynn.


What is a Democracy?

quote-democracy3RUSH:  We are not a democracy.  I think if your kids understood that — and most people don’t. We are a representative republic.  We’re not a direct democracy.

CALLER: Right. Correct.

RUSH:  And most people don’t know that, particularly young people.  They think we’re democracy.  Tell your kids this.  “If we lived in a democracy, if this house were a democracy and…?” How many are in your house?

CALLER:  Well, currently three, but I have one in the Navy.

RUSH:  Let’s pretend six people live in your house.

CALLER:  Okay.

RUSH:  And you propose that only four people get to eat every day, and you put it to a vote.  If four people vote that only four people get to eat, two people don’t, that prevails.  That’s what a democracy is.  It’s strictly majority-minority rule.  We do not have that.  We have what’s called a representative republic.

CALLER:  Correct. Well, so what would be…? For the people that are, you know, petitioning and complaining that we need to go to popular vote — and I understand the Electoral College — what would be the benefit or the possibility of, as I said, doing the Electoral College based on the number of votes, the percentage of votes an individual candidate received? For example, Pennsylvania has 20 electoral votes.

RUSH:  Because it would dilute the power of the states.  The state sovereignty is key here in the Electoral College —


quote-democracy1Don’t Destroy State Sovereignty

RUSH: — and if you’re going to start divvying up the power of each state’s elections, you are destroying state sovereignty.  You cannot —

CALLER:  Okay.

RUSH:  You cannot, in a national election… It’s not a primary.

RUSH:  Now, I mentioned earlier in the program that I found something yet again that is bubbling up, it’s effervescing out there, and it’s not yet broken the surface in a national way.  It’s about, the story, this Harvard lecturer who wrote in October out of fear that Trump would be elected, that our democracy is unstable and rife for being eroded and torn apart, and his theory is because Trump is going to just rip everything up and do it his own way.

Democracy is Fragile

obama-rejected-aHe’s an autocrat and so forth. It’s deeper than that, but this would be an ideal time to get into this, although I don’t have the time to do it right now.  But before the end of this week I’m gonna delve into this stuff.  The story is basically how stable are democracies, and this guy is a Harvard lecturer, and it’s in the New York Times They’re convinced that (sobbing), “Our democracy is so fragile! It — it — it’s only one election from being torn apart, and Trump’s gonna do it. Oh, my God!” And this article even misses the point.  Why is it the United States is the longest-lasting government of its kind in human history? 

quote-democracy2Our Representative Republic is the Most Stable Free Government in All of History

I mean, why haven’t we crumbled already?  Why haven’t we been felled by internal corruption already?  Not only longest-lasting. It’s one of the most stable governments where the population is free.  You can find eons of dictatorship and tyranny, but I’m talking about our way of life. It’s precisely because we’re not a democracy that we have survived! It’s precisely because majority rule does have checks and balances on it It’s precisely because this is a representative republic that we have survived. 

So this guy’s article is all about how stable are democracies?

Democracies are not very stable, but we don’t have one when you get right down to it.  A lot of people think that this is a conspiratorial point of order.  But it isn’t.  It’s genuine.  There’s a big difference in a representative republic and a democracy.  We do not have a democracy.  There are elements of democracy in votes here and there.

But in the actual structure of the government, we’re a representative republic.  The primary reason we’ve survived is that we have had leaders who’ve respected the Constitution, feared it and the rule of law, and we’ve been very lucky there.


Election 2016: Obama, Clinton, and Corruption, Abuse of Power

These People Do Not Deserve to Be Allowed to continue their Corruption and Abuse of Power

Rush Limbaugh

See Also:

Ben Garrison

Ben Garrison

Trump Campaign: McAuliffe’s Donation to FBI Official’s Wife ‘Deeply Disturbing’

RNC: ‘Down Payment to Influence’ Investigation

WSJ: Terry McAuliffe Sent Big Bucks to Wife of FBI Official Involved in Clinton Email Case

If Elected Hillary Will Be Literal Death to Millions of Unborn Babies


cartoon-clinton-dummies-millennialsRUSH: You wouldn’t believe how many Millennials literally believe, folks… I’m telling you, I read it in my tech blogs.  You wouldn’t believe how many of these little kids do not think that the life that they know — life itself — is gonna be livable.

The planet is not gonna be habitable when they hit 65!  They actually believe this.  Journalist, blogger tech people — 25/30-year-old Millennials — they actually believe this.  And they believe in nonsense explanations for it.  Too much carbon in the atmosphere, fracking, oil production, SUVs being driven around.  They really believe if we don’t find a way to get to Mars in 50 years, that the human race will die out.  They really believe it! I mean, this is… It’s insane!

And, of course, we don’t have an opposition party that dares speak up about any of this.  It’s left to us to do it.  And, of course, the left doesn’t want to hear any opposition to this.  They want to steamroller everybody. So we end up taking the arrows for all of this.  I don’t care, folks.  It’s just… This is near criminal what is being done to the great economy, the great health care system, and to the people of this country.

And the people who have made this mess, from the college education to health care, have no right… They do not deserve to be reelected. They do not deserve to stay in power. They do not deserve four more years or eight more years to continue this destruction of what once was the greatest country in the history of humanity, and yet it looks like they’re on the verge of being reelected.


Thanks to A.F. Branco at Legal Insurrection for his great cartoons

RUSH:  Yeah, yeah, I know.  There’s some conservatives out there who, despite all of this going on — and they know full well all of this is going on.  They know what’s happening to health care; they know what’s happening via climate change; they know the designs that the left in this country and Hillary Clinton, they know the designs these people have on power and total control, owning the Supreme Court. And even that is not enough for some them to join us in trying to beat Hillary Clinton because it involves supporting Donald Trump.  They can’t embarrass themselves to actually support or recommend Trump, so you balance things out and it apparently is judged to be better to let Hillary continue the Obama administration march on America than to stop it. 

Now, I would ask you what good is the conservative movement if that’s the choice some of its leaders make?  But that’s a subject for another day.  And, believe me, that’s gonna come up.  Whether Trump wins this or loses this, this internecine war is still in the skirmish stage compared to where these people want to take it.

Culture Wars, Millennials, and Absolute Truth

Culture Wars, Millennials, and Absolute Truth

We are losing a generation

Tim Wildmon

President, American Family Association


keyIn some important ways, a large part of this generation – even some who identify as Christians – have rejected the notion of absolute truth. We need to get busy educating and recruiting young Christians to the cause of Christ for the good of our culture.

millennialsOctober 2016 – In America we have more churches, more Christian movies, and more Christian attractions than any other time in history. And yet, Christianity is on the decline! We are losing the generation born between 1980 and 2000. Largely, they are rejecting even the most fundamental values of a Christian worldview. They need to be engaged with the gospel and with today’s burning issues.

I am speaking about the largest generation of our time – the Millennials.

Last summer, a Pew Foundation survey revealed that a startling 70% of Millennials favor allowing homosexuals to marry. That’s 25 percentage points higher than my generation, the Baby Boomers.

These are our future leaders. And I believe that unless we reach out in a very strategic way, the church in America will continue to decline.

moral-fuzzy-youthI’m deeply concerned about this generation. These young people have come of age in an American culture in which wrong is promoted as right, and tolerance claims a much higher value than truth. In some important ways, a large part of this generation – even some who identify as Christians – have rejected the notion of absolute truth. As Paul wrote in Ephesians 4:14, they are being “tossed to and fro by the waves and carried about by every wind of doctrine, by human cunning, by craftiness in deceitful schemes.”

My 27-year-old son Wesley came to work for AFA when he finished college about four years ago. His primary role is to reach out to ministry partners like you and let them know what AFA is doing. After a few months at his new job Wesley and I had this conversation:

Wesley:  Dad, I need to talk to you.

Me: Yes, what is it?

Wesley: Most of our supporters that I am talking with are 50 or older. They are wonderful people who believe in what AFA stands for, and many of them have been with us for a long time.

Me: You got something against old people?

afa-rising-generationWesley: No, no, (laughing). I understand that they are our most faithful supporters. But I think we need to look farther down the road. You are always saying we need more troops in the battle, right?

Me: O.K. I agree. What do you propose?

Wesley: I have an idea …

We continued a long conversation about how he and other Millennials on the AFA staff had already been gathering to pray regularly that God will guide them in reaching their generation with the gospel and in nurturing them in a Christian worldview. Out of those prayerful concerns, AFA has birthed a new division we are calling Engage.

Responsibility to teach Biblical Perspective

biblical-worldview2-christianBecause we have been entrusted with the truth of God, Christians – more than anyone else – have a responsibility to know what’s happening in our nation and in the world. But sadly, many Christian Millennials do not know, and we want to change that.

We want to engage Millennials with a biblical perspective on the great moral issues of our time – sanctity of life, the definition of marriage, religious freedom, sexual purity, and, yes, politics and public policy.

So here is what our team of young AFA staffers came up with to promote Engage:

▶ An online magazine at engagemagazine.net.
▶ A weekly radio program on the American Family Radio network (185 stations).
▶ An annual print magazine featuring some of the Engage website’s best articles.
▶ Regular social media content that challenges and encourages Millennials toward a biblical worldview.
▶ Engage Worldview Conference in Spring 2017. We want to take this conference on the road across America to reach thousands of young Christian people.

I hope what I’ve just shared with you is an encouragement. While AFA is standing for biblical values every day, part of our efforts are aimed at building up the next generation of Christians and getting them involved.

Wesley was right – we are going to need troops for future battles, and we need to get busy educating and recruiting young Christians to the cause of Christ for the good of our culture.

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Culture Wars: Millennials and the Entitlement Mindset

Culture Wars:

Millennials and the Entitlement Mindset

keyIt is so obvious that the great good and the terrible evil in the world today are the sweet and the bitter fruits of the rearing of yesterday’s children. As we train a new generation, so will the world be in a few years. If you are worried about the future, then look to the upbringing of your children. ~Gordon B. Hinckley

Corey Lewandowski Cleared of Assaulting Millennial Snowflake Reporter

In case you wonder why I quote Rush Limbaugh so much, it’s because he sees the big picture. He has nothing to gain by lying to you, and when it comes to cultural analysis, he’s right on. He is my age, and he has seen the same things I have seen and studied for decades. There’s no denying the cause and effect of the godless education people have received for over 50 years. ~C.D.

Rush Limbaugh


Part of the problem, says [Jean] Twenge are a culture and education system that rewards everyone just for showing up instead of hard work.  She is critical of the ‘self-esteem’ movement that swept America when Generation Me was young.  Twenge shows how the practice of giving every child a trophy, despite their effort or achievement, actually hurts children.


Quote-rush-millennialsRUSH:  She grabbed Trump first.

DAVID ARONBERG:  There is insufficient evidence to rebut these defenses.  Therefore, although probable cause exists, the state will no-file this case.

RUSH:  [T]he Palm Beach County state attorney made mention of the fact they’ve looked at video, every different angle, they looked at still photos and they have determined that she touched Trump first, that she caused all this which then followed. 

She touched Trump first while everybody’s making their exit, which is what Trump has said.  Oh, the anti-Trumpists are gonna be livid here.  [T]he state attorney just said Lewandowski could have asked the agent to do whatever was needed to be done with Michelle Fields instead of doing it himself, and that’s when I said, “If you’re not gonna charge the guy, don’t start criticizing what he did.”

Parenting-Generation-WussIn the Millennial world, the way they have been raised, when everybody gets a trophy for waking up, you get a trophy for waking up and getting out of bed, you get self-esteem left and right, you’re told every day how wonderful you are, you have this belief that nobody, no how nowhere no way can invade your space or what have you.  That was assault. 

This is absurd anyway, that this was battery, in my humble estimation. 

In the Millennial world, the way they have been raised, when everybody gets a trophy for waking up, you get a trophy for waking up and getting out of bed, you get self-esteem left and right, you’re told every day how wonderful you are, you have this belief that nobody, no how nowhere no way can invade your space or what have you.  That was assault.

conservatism1-levinThey believe in non-traditional values

I’ve got something here in the Stack I’m looking for about Millennials.  This is a story at Fox Business, by Adam Shapiro.  The headline:  “Millennials: More Miserable than Ever Before

I understand why these young people do what they do.  It’s the way they’ve been raised.  It’s the way they’ve been educated.

But traditional conservatism, traditional Burkian, Buckley, Reaganism, Hayek conservatism, there is no way there could ever be any acceptance of the climate change movement as it exists today. In the traditional world of legitimate, real conservatism, there would be no acceptance of gay marriage.  In the traditional down-the-middle world of Burkian official intellectual conservatism, there wouldn’t be any agreement with or even understanding of or accommodation of. 

But young Millennial conservatives are all-in for gay marriage.  Young Millennial conservatives are, many of them, all in on climate change.  They’ve been raised to believe the environment is a precious thing that we have stewardship over and it’s up to us to protect it and that we are destroying it.  And it would be really hard for them not to think that; that’s what their parents all believed, apparently, and that’s what they’ve been subjected to in school.

The danger is they are claiming that their view of conservatism includes all these, and it doesn’t.  But young Millennial conservatives are accepting and adopting views and opinions on science and cultural issues that are in steadfast agreement with the Democrat Party and the left.

They are the same people who, if anybody is heard saying something they disagree with, it’s painful.  It’s traumatic.  We’ve got to do something about it.  It’s not just liberal Millennials who think that.

Cultural Rot in Education System

pseudo-intellectualAt some point this was bound to happen with the rot that’s taken place in the American educational system, the corruption, the almost total takeover of public education by the American left and the worldwide left.  So what’s really happening is, we have a bunch of young Millennials, who like many young people, are very arrogant, they think they know everything. They’re smarter than adult parents, they’re more educated, they’re more tech aware. So it’s easy for them, like every generation, to tell themselves that they know more than their parents did, they know more than adults do, they’re hipper and what have you.

So there’s a combination of arrogance here, but conservatism is being diluted at the Millennial level very slowly. We’re still safe with the concept of limited government, individual liberty, and freedom and so forth.  And it’s that individual liberty and freedom that is used to find ways to agree with the left on climate change and gay marriage.  Where that is rooted that young people have no problem with homosexuals and homosexuality.  And since they have no problem with it, then whatever homosexuals want to do, that’s liberality, that’s freedom.  They want to get married, how can we say no?  They don’t see it that a tradition and an institution which has been defined by millennial years of experience is being destroyed.  They don’t see that at all.  They see it as being expanded.

Millennials have turned their parents against Conservatism

The reason I said “for those of you conservatives who do not have Millennial kids,” ’cause conservative adults who have Millennial kids tend to agree with their Millennial kids, I have found.  I don’t want to mention any names, but I could, and you would know them.

When I met some people 20 years ago and their kids were two, three, five years old, they were as rock-ribbed conservative as I am, and was.  I have not changed a bit.  Their kids have grown up and gone away to college, and I don’t recognize them anymore, the adults.  Their kids have literally turned ’em.  They’re now pro-immigration.  They are for everything happening in the culture.  They think the bakeries are wrong.  They think the states are wrong to come up with religious freedom laws. 

quote-maynes-gospel-christ-centerGenerations—Parents and their children—have no core

I’m talking about core.

I might have been able to change his opinion on what he thought of something or other that I might have known, but core principles, no way was I gonna be able to budge his.  But that is happening today.  Parents core principles, Millennial kids, it is changing.

“Dr. Jean Twenge, professor of psychology at San Diego State University, first explained the differences between Millennials and other generations in her 2006 ground breaking book ‘Generation Me: Why Today’s Young Americans Are More Confident, Assertive, Entitled and More Miserable Than Ever Before.'”

But the idea that this was battery, I don’t care misdemeanor battery, I cannot emphasize enough, folks, to Millennials, yes, it was.  And we’re talking about news media, the vast majority of them are gonna be leftists?  These are the classic examples of coddled, protected, overconfident, even arrogant young people who think they’re smarter than anybody else in the room.

narcissism2Research: Ingrained in Millennials that they are Special

Jean Twenge, professor of psychology, San Diego University.  Lots of research.  She says, “Millennials are accused of being self-centered, lazy and entitled.  While Twenge’s research validates some of these stereotypes, it also uncovers positive characteristics.:  She says the current generation of Millennials “is somewhat justified to be angry since everyone told them, while growing up, they were special.”

Hey, you can’t really blame ’em for thinking they’re special.  Everybody told ’em they were.  And then when they discover that they’re not, of course they’re gonna get mad.  They were special in school.  They were special at home.  They were special everywhere.  They get out in the real world and guys like Lewandowski drag ’em out of the way.  That’s not special.  And Dr. Twenge says this is a hard, cold reality to come up against.  You’ve been told you’re special and you’re great your whole life, and you get out in the real world and nobody thinks that of you.  Day of reckoning.

Reality: Not Special

They get trophies for waking up.  They get trophies for showing up.  They get trophies for losing.  They get trophies for not showing up because they were sick.  Now nobody cares whether they show up or not, and they feel forgotten.  And they feel offended.

Unearned “Self-Esteem”

Part of the problem says Twenge are a culture and education system that rewards everyone just for showing up instead of hard work.  She is critical of the ‘self-esteem’ movement that swept America when Generation Me was young.  Twenge shows how the practice of giving every child a trophy, despite their effort or achievement, actually hurts children.”

Denying History and Truth

moral-relativism-generalI could have told you this before it started.  You don’t need research for this.  Time-honored thousands and thousands and thousands of years of raising children told us this.  But it wasn’t good enough for the left.  No, the left had to go about it in a different way.  They had to make everybody the same. They had to make everybody with equal outcomes. They had to get rid of competition.  That’s the key. This current generation was raised on the belief that competition is ugly, it’s racist, it’s bigoted, it’s unfair, it’s mean-spirited. Competition’s horrible because there are losers, and that’s not fair.  How else can a guy like Chris Cuomo that grow up thinking communism is about making everybody rich?

Gospel Teachings: Becoming True Millennials

Gospel Teachings:

Becoming True Millennials

Russell M. Nelson

millennialsWe are thankful for your devotion to the Lord and His restored gospel. We are grateful for each time you stand up and speak up for truth—especially when it is not popular.

Many people refer to you as Millennials. I’ll admit that when researchers refer to you by that word and describe what their studies reveal about you—your likes and dislikes, your feelings and inclinations, your strengths and weaknesses—I’m uncomfortable. There is something about the way they use the term Millennial that bothers me. And frankly, I am less interested in what the experts have to say about you than what the Lord has told me about you.

When I pray about you and ask the Lord how He feels about you, I feel something far different from what the researchers say. Spiritual impressions I’ve received about you lead me to believe that the term Millennial may actually be perfect for you. But for a much different reason than the experts may ever understand.

A True Millennial is a man or woman whom God trusted enough to send to earth during the most compelling dispensation in the history of this world. A True Millennial is a man or woman who lives now to help prepare the people of this world for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and His millennial reign. Make no mistake about it—you were born to be a True Millennial.

You are living in the “eleventh hour.” The Lord has declared that this is the last time that He will call laborers into His vineyard to gather the elect from the four quarters of the earth.2 And you were sent to participate in this gathering. Again and again I have seen firsthand the powerful influence of True Millennials as they bring others to a knowledge of the truth. This is part of your identity and your purpose as the seed of Abraham!3

True Millennials know who they really are. They are devout disciples of Jesus Christ who instinctively seize every opportunity to help themselves and others prepare for the millennial reign of our Savior.

Therefore, my first recommendation is to learn for yourselves who you really are. Ask your Heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, how He feels about you and your mission here on earth. If you ask with real intent, over time the Spirit will whisper the life-changing truth to you. Record those impressions and review them often, and follow through with exactness.

I promise you that when you begin to catch even a glimpse of how your Heavenly Father sees you and what He is counting on you to do for Him, your life will never be the same!

faithjourney1Expect and Prepare to Accomplish the Impossible

My second recommendation: Expect and prepare to accomplish the impossible.

God has always asked His covenant children to do difficult things. Because you are covenant-keeping sons and daughters of God, living in the latter part of these latter days, the Lord will ask you to do difficult things. You can count on it—Abrahamic tests did not stop with Abraham.4

Opening Eastern Europe for the Preaching of the Gospel

berlinwall2I know how unnerving it can be to be asked to do something that seems far beyond your capacity. I had been a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles for only 19 months when President Spencer W. Kimball passed away. In the first meeting of the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles following President Ezra Taft Benson’s ordination, he gave specific assignments to the Twelve. His instructions to me included, “Elder Nelson, you are to open the countries of Eastern Europe for the preaching of the gospel.”

That was 1985. During those politically frigid years that we refer to as the Cold War, not only did a literal wall divide the city of Berlin, but all of Eastern Europe was under the oppressive yoke of communism. Churches were closed, and religious worship was strictly limited.

I had spent much of my professional life opening hearts to perform life-saving operations, but I had no experience that would lead me to believe I could open countries for the preaching of the gospel. And yet, a prophet had given me an assignment, so I set out to do what seemed utterly impossible.

From the outset, obstacles were placed in my way. I arrived in most countries not knowing where to go. Even when I was able to find the name of an appropriate government official, it was not unusual for a meeting to be canceled at the last minute or to be postponed. In one country, when an appointment was delayed for two days, a number of temptations were intentionally placed in my way to test me—including traps for black market money and other illicit activities. On another occasion, a meeting was opened with the demand that I depart immediately!

But the Lord is able to do His own work,5 and I was privileged to watch the unfolding of one miracle after another—always, and only, after I had brought my best thinking, my most courageous efforts, and my most fervent prayers to the task.

Recognition of the Church was granted by some of those countries before the Berlin Wall came down. Others came later. In the year 1992, I was able to report to President Benson that the Church was now established in every country in Eastern Europe!

As a True Millennial whom the Lord can count on, you will make history too! You will be asked to accept challenging assignments and become an instrument in the Lord’s hands. And He will enable you to accomplish the impossible.

How will you accomplish the impossible? By doing whatever it takes to strengthen your faith in Jesus Christ by increasing your understanding of the doctrine taught in His restored Church and by relentlessly seeking truth. As a True Millennial, anchored in pure doctrine, when you are asked to do impossible things, you will be able to step forward with faith and dogged persistence and cheerfully do all that lies in your power to fulfill the purposes of the Lord.6

Pray for Courage Not to Give Up

quote-soares-stand-firm-moral-courageYou will have days when you will be thoroughly discouraged. So, pray for courage not to give up! You will need that strength because it will become less and less popular to be a Latter-day Saint. Sadly, some whom you thought were your friends will betray you. And some things will simply seem unfair.

However, I promise you that as you follow Jesus Christ, you will find sustained peace and true joy. As you keep your covenants with increasing precision, and as you defend the Church and kingdom of God on the earth today, the Lord will bless you with strength and wisdom to accomplish the impossible.

Learn How to Access the Power of Heaven

My third recommendation: Learn how to access the power of heaven.

Every one of us has questions. Seeking to learn, understand, and recognize truth is a vital part of our mortal experience. Much of my life has been spent in research. You too will learn best by asking inspired questions.

At this very moment some of you are struggling to know what you should be doing with your life. Others of you may wonder if you have been forgiven of your sins.

Perhaps many of you are not sure how to get answers to your prayers.

Our Heavenly Father and His Son stand ready to respond to your questions through the ministering of the Holy Ghost. But it is up to you to learn how to qualify for and receive those answers.

Prayer is a Key

Prayer is a key. Pray to know what to stop doing and what to start doing. Pray to know what to add to your environment and what to remove so the Spirit can be with you in abundance.

Plead with the Lord for the gift of discernment.

forgiveness4doveThen live and work to be worthy to receive that gift so that when confusing events arise in the world, you will know exactly what is true and what is not. 7

Serve with love. Loving service to those who have lost their way or who are wounded in spirit opens your heart to personal revelation.

Spend more time—much more time—in places where the Spirit is present. That means more time with friends who are seeking to have the Spirit with them. Spend more time on your knees in prayer, more time in the scriptures, more time in family history work, more time in the temple. I promise you that as you consistently give the Lord a generous portion of your time, He will multiply the remainder.

My dear brothers and sisters, you have as much access to the mind and will of the Lord for your own life as we Apostles do for His Church. Just as the Lord requires us to seek and ponder, fast and pray, and study and wrestle with difficult questions, He requires you to do the same as you seek answers to your own questions.

You can learn to hear the voice of the Lord through the whisperings of the Holy Ghost.8 As helpful as Google, Twitter, and Facebook may seem, they simply do not provide answers to your most important questions!

My dear young friends, you can know the mind and will of the Lord for your own life. You do not have to wonder if you are where the Lord needs you to be or if you are doing what He needs you to do. You can know! The Holy Ghost will tell you “all things what ye should do.”9

rattlesnakeAround 41 B.C., many Nephites joined the Church, and the Church prospered. But secret combinations also began to grow, and many of their cunning leaders hid among the people and were difficult to detect. As the people became more and more prideful, many of the Nephites made “a mock of that which was sacred, denying the spirit of prophecy and of revelation.”11

Those same threats are among us today. The somber reality is that there are “servants of Satan”12 embedded throughout society. So be very careful about whose counsel you follow.13

Sailor w-Jesus by Warner Sallman

Sailor w-Jesus by Warner Sallman

My beloved brothers and sisters, you were born to be True Millennials! You are a chosen generation,14 fore-determined by God to do a remarkable work—to help prepare the people of this world for the Second Coming of the Lord.

Now, as an Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ, I bless each one of you, as though I had my hands upon your heads, with the ability to become the True Millennial you were born to be. I bless you to have the desire and ability to learn your true identity and purpose, that you will expect and prepare to do “impossible” things, that you will be undaunted in your efforts to learn how to access the powers of heaven to help you solve your problems and answer your questions. And I bless you to follow the prophets of Jesus Christ with exactness, to feel peace in your heart as you do so. I bless you to know and feel how much the Lord loves you and how much confidence He has in you.

Internet Services, Millennials, and Liberty

Internet Services Takeover: Ignorance of Millennials Erodes their own Liberty

keyold Therefore my people are gone into captivity, because they have no knowledge. ~Isaiah 5:13


Rush Limbaugh

millennialsMillennials are celebrating [Net Neutrality] as “massive landmark legislation” on February 26, when the Federal Communications Commission [FCC] voted to approve hundreds of pages of “net neutrality” regulations. Legislation? There was no legislation! Legislation can only come from the legislative branch of the government.

The FCC does not have the authority to do what it did. Rewriting telecommunications law falls under the rubric of Congress. It just so happens this Congress has shirked its responsibility.

I saw, across the board, American young people blindly, happily, arrogantly supporting this power grab. For one reason: they think the telecommunications companies, which they loathe, will get spanked. It’s depressing to see this kind of ignorance among supposedly educated people.

Obama does not emancipate; he restrains. He doesn’t expand; he limits. As in net neutrality, which is not, as my little tech blotters so proudly, happily said, “landmark legislation, so cool.” No, it’s a diktat, hundreds of pages of regulations, by an agency without any Constitutional legislative power.

internet-censhorshipConsider, if you will, what the Chi-Coms are doing, not that this would change one tech blogger’[s mind. China has already censored Google. Google is totally subservient to what the Chinese government will allow them to present, in their search function or anything else. The Chi-Coms last year alone shut down some 60,000 websites, because they didn’t like the content.

You don’t understand who the people are who are doing this, do you Who’s to say he wouldn’t make it very hard for a website that he doesn’t like to operate? The FCC just gave itself the power to police conduct by broadband providers on a case-by-case basis. On the basis of what will they “police” the “conduct”? Say the offending website is owned and operated by Republicans. Well, we know what will happen. Or, say the offending website is cheating people but is owned by Democrats, rich donors to Obama. We know what will happen there, too.

This is made to order for groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center, the ACLU, Media Matters for America, you name the Soros group.

And if you’re a typical know-nothing millennial, you have never heard the 1967 warning from Ronald Reagan: “Those who have known freedom and then lost it have never known it again.” (Limbaugh Letter, April 2015, 2-3.)


US Regulator Sued by Internet Services over Net Neutrality Rules

internet-censhorship3U.S. broadband providers on Monday filed lawsuits against the Federal Communications Commission’s recently approved net neutrality rules, launching what is expected to be a series of legal challenges.

Broadband industry trade group USTelecom filed a lawsuit against the FCC in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, which has in the past twice rejected the FCC’s net neutrality regulations.

The group argues the new rules are “arbitrary, capricious, and an abuse of discretion” and violate various laws, regulations and rulemaking procedures.

Texas-based Internet provider Alamo Broadband Inc. challenged the FCC’s new rules in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit in New Orleans, making a similar argument.

The rules, approved in February and posted online on March 12, treat both wireless and wireline Internet service providers as more heavily regulated “telecommunications services,” more like traditional telephone companies.

Broadband providers are banned under the rules from blocking or slowing any traffic and from striking deals with content companies for smoother delivery of traffic to consumers.

USTelecom President Walter McCormick said in a statement that the group’s members supported enactment of “open Internet” principles into law but not using the new regulatory regime that the FCC chose.
“We do not believe the Federal Communications Commission’s move to utility-style regulation … is legally sustainable,” he said.

Industry sources have previously told Reuters that USTelecom and two other trade groups, CTIA-The Wireless Association and the National Cable and Telecommunications Association, were expected to lead the expected legal challenges.

Verizon Communications Inc., which won the 2010 lawsuit against the FCC, is likely to hold back from filing an individual lawsuit this time around, an industry source familiar with Verizon’s plan has told Reuters.

FCC officials have said they were prepared for lawsuits and the new rules were on much firmer legal ground than previous iterations. The FCC said Monday’s petitions were “premature and subject to dismissal.”

The FCC’s rules have yet to be published in the Federal Register and formally go into effect, though USTelecom in its lawsuit says it filed the challenge on Monday in case the rules are construed to be final on the date of issue.

The case is U.S. Telecom Association v. FCC and United States of America, U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, No. 15-1063.
Read Latest Breaking News from Newsmax.com http://www.newsmax.com/Finance/Markets/FCC-Net-Neutrality-Broadband-Lawsuit/2015/03/24/id/634157/#ixzz3WZX6QoOl

Government Education plus Millennials equals Disaster

Government Education + Millennials = Disaster

“It’s uncanny, the inability for critical thought . . .

My point is the liberal education establishment has had hold of these kids for 15 or 20 years, and what do they have to show for it?  Zilch, zero, nada. ~Rush Limbaugh

When and why did this educational failure begin?

Rush Limbaugh

millennialsRUSH: I haven’t commented on what happened at the University of Oklahoma and that fraternity that has been banned and closed down on campus, the racist rants and so forth.  You know, it’s fascinating.  There’s another story that I think is relevant to this in its own way, and it’s going to be my job to link them. A story from Fortune magazine, here’s the headline:  “American Millennials Are Among the World’s Least Skilled.” 

Let me read the opening paragraph.  “We hear about the superior tech savvy of people born after 1980 so often that we tend to assume it must be true.”  And how many people do?  I think this is true.  A lot of people think that the Millennials, because they understand tech, are light years ahead of where we were when we were their age. They’re bright and they’re smart and they’re fast and they’re quick.

What’s happened here is that researchers at Princeton-based Educational Testing Service thought that would be the case “when they administered a test called the Program for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies (PIAAC). Sponsored by the OECD, the test was designed to measure the job skills of adults, aged 16 to 65, in 23 countries. When the results were analyzed by age group and nationality, ETS got a shock. It turns out, says a new report, that Millennials in the US fall short when it comes to the skills employers want most: literacy (including the ability to follow simple instructions), practical math, and — hold on to your hat — a category called ‘problem-solving in technology-rich environments.’

“Not only do Gen Y Americans lag far behind their overseas peers by every measure, but they even score lower than other age groups of Americans. Take literacy, for instance. American Millennials scored lower than their counterparts in every country that participated except Spain and Italy. (Japan is No. 1.) In numeracy, meaning the ability to apply basic math to everyday situations, Gen Yers in the US ranked dead last.

millennial-ego“Okay, but what about making smart use of technology, where Millennials are said to shine? Again, America scored at the bottom of the heap, in a four-way tie for last place with the Slovak Republic, Ireland, and Poland.  Even the best-educated Millennials stateside couldn’t compete with their counterparts in Japan, Finland, South Korea, Belgium, Sweden, or elsewhere.”  (interruption) Well, no, they probably are setting up home servers.  That’s the point.  The broadcast engineer snidely said to me, “Guess they won’t be setting up any home servers.”  No, they probably are.

At any rate: “With a master’s degree, for example, Americans scored higher in numeracy than peers in just three countries: Ireland, Poland, and Spain. Altogether, the top US Gen Yers, in the 90th percentile, ‘scored lower than their counterparts in 15 countries.'” The ETS researcher who worked on the study said, “We really thought [US] Millennials would do better than the general adult population, either compared to older coworkers in the US or to the same age group in other countries.  But they didn’t. In fact, their scores were abysmal.”

Now, what does this mean for US employers hiring people born since 1980?  “Goodman notes that hiring managers shouldn’t overestimate the practical value of a four-year degree.” ‘Cause all these people are going to college and they don’t have anything to show for it.  “US Millennials with college credentials did score higher on the PIAAC than Americans with only a high school diploma,” but not measurably. 

“‘But a degree may not be enough,’ Goodman says, to prove that someone is adept with basic English, can do what she calls ‘workaday math,’ or has the ability to use technology in a job.”  And what are people spending for this, 200 grand?  Your average student loan debt bill now is 200 grand to come out of there and not be able to do day to day math?

On the one hand, Obama’s the greatest guy, compassionate, he loves everybody, is the smartest guy! Over here, he’s trying to crack their iPhone, and they say, “You know, history’s not gonna treat him well on this.”  They do not have the ability to conceive, “Well, if he’s trying to crack my iPhone, what might he be doing with the health care server, and what might he be trying to do with any other program?”  They just

It’s uncanny, the inability for critical thought, and it’s right in front of your face.

millennials-twitterRUSH:  All right.  I have learned that Twitter is blowing up.  Twitter should be blown up, if you ask me.  I think some of the most repulsive hate and disgust in this country is on Twitter countless thousands, millions of times a day.  But, beyond that, Twitter is blowing up, angry as hell at Mika Brzezinski for daring to say that frat boys at OU were simply mimicking a rap song.  (interruption)  You don’t think they were?  Okay, here’s the thing. Here’s the thing. It doesn’t matter.

But I’m telling you, this stuff gets awards, and the people that sing it are portrayed as American royalty in terms of celebrity.  You can’t deny that.  Again, I want to go back to education.  Look at what Millennial kids are subjected to under the guise of being educated in the classroom.  It’s just the left-wing liberal agenda.  They have been taught — and I want to give this a little bit different perspective.  I want to talk about what happened at the OU fraternity as a total failure of the education agenda.

PC-liberal-logic-school-shirtsIt’s an embarrassing, total failure of the education agenda.

Look what happened.  These kids in this fraternity went to high school before they got to OU.  When they were in high school, when they were in junior high school, probably when they were in K school they were taught not to hate. They were taught everybody’s special. They were taught everybody gets a prize. They were taught that white people are bad because it’s unfair there are more of them than anybody else.  They were taught about white guilt.

They were taught about white rage.

They’ve been taught that white Europeans brought all the poison that affects this country today.  They have been taught that African-Americans are deserving.  They have been taught that homosexuals are as normal and free and clear and loved as anything else is.  They’ve been taught to accept it.  They’ve been taught to promote it.  They have been taught all of the minority status that feels victimized. They have been taught to accept and promote it all.

They have been taught not to bully.

They may have been bullied themselves, but they have been taught that bullying is bad.  There have been movies made about bullies.  They have been forced to watch those movies in school.  They have been told not to play rough.  They have been taught not to point your finger like a gun.  They have been taught to eat a bunch of rotgut vegetable garbage that’s considered to be health food as defined by Michelle (My Belle) Obama.  They have been treated to Black History Month every February for their entire lives.

schoolindoctrinationThey have been taught about gender, wealth, race, orientation, and equality from the first step they ever took inside a school, and… (interruption)  Oh, and social justice! Exactly right.  They have had social justice ladled out to them as part of every class.  Even mathematics is presented as social justice.  And yet, despite this indoctrination, despite the best efforts of the liberal education elite, despite this liberal indoctrination, these frat boys at the University of Oklahoma are singing a racist song at the top of their lungs? 

My point is the liberal education establishment has had hold of these kids for 15 or 20 years, and what do they have to show for it?  Zilch, zero, nada. 

When and why did this educational failure begin?