Election 2016: Republican, Democratic Party Platforms

Election 2016:

Republican, Democratic Party Platforms

afa-politicalparties10 key issues … taken directly from official party platforms*


Rusty Benson

Associate Editor, American Family Association Journal

Human Life

liberal-compassion-abortionDemocratic Party
Democrats are committed to protecting and advancing reproductive health, rights, and justice. We believe unequivocally that every woman should have access to quality reproductive health care services, including safe and legal abortion – regardless of where she lives, how much money she makes, or how she is insured. We believe that reproductive health is core to women’s, men’s, and young people’s health and wellbeing. …We will continue to oppose – and seek to overturn – federal and state laws and policies that impede a woman’s access to abortion, including by repealing the Hyde Amendment. (p.37)
abortion3-pro-lifeRepublican Party
The Constitution’s guarantee that no one can “be deprived of life, liberty or property” deliberately echoes the Declaration of Independence’s proclamation that “all” are “endowed by their Creator” with the inalienable right to life. Accordingly, we assert the sanctity of human life and affirm that the unborn child has a fundamental right to life which cannot be infringed. We support a human life amendment to the Constitution and legislation to make clear that the Fourteenth Amendment’s protections apply to children before birth. (p.13)

Planned Parenthood

Democratic Party
We will continue to stand up to Republican efforts to defund Planned Parenthood health centers, which provide critical health services to millions of people. (p.37)
reagan-quote-abortionRepublican Party
We oppose the use of public funds to perform or promote abortion or to fund organizations, like Planned Parenthood,
so long as they provide or refer for elective abortions or sell fetal body parts rather than provide health care. (p.13)



Democratic Party
We will appoint judges who defend the constitutional principles of liberty and equality for all, protect a woman’s right to safe and legal abortion, curb billionaires’ influence over elections because they understand that Citizens United has fundamentally damaged our democracy, and see the Constitution as a blueprint for progress. (p.25)
judicialtyrannyRepublican Party
We support the appointment of judges who respect traditional family values and the sanctity of innocent human life. We condemn attempts by activist judges at any level of government to seize the power of the purse from the people’s elected representatives by ordering higher taxes. (p.13)

Religious Liberty

Democratic Party

election-quote6-dem-vs-godDemocrats know that our nation, our communities, and our lives are made vastly stronger and richer by faith in many forms and the countless acts of justice, mercy, and tolerance it inspires. We believe in lifting up and valuing the good work of people of faith and religious organizations and finding ways to support that work where possible. (p.19)
church-state3-first-amendmtRepublican Party
We value the right of America’s religious leaders to preach, and Americans to speak freely, according to their faith. Republicans believe the federal government, specifically the IRS, is constitutionally prohibited from policing or censoring speech based on religious convictions or beliefs, and therefore we urge the repeal of the Johnson Amendment. (p.11)

Education/School Choice
Democratic Party
commoncoreDemocrats are also committed to providing parents with high-quality public school options and expanding these options for low-income youth. We support democratically governed, great neighborhood public schools and high-quality public charter schools, and we will help them disseminate best practices to other school leaders and educators. Democrats oppose for-profit charter schools focused on making a profit off of public resources. (p.34)

common core opponents

common core opponents

Republican Party
We support options for learning, including home-schooling, career and technical education, private or parochial schools, magnet schools, charter schools, online learning, and early-college high schools. We especially support the innovative financing mechanisms that make options available to all children: education savings accounts (ESAs), vouchers, and tuition tax credits. (p.34)

Sex Education

abortion-pp-moneyDemocratic Party
We recognize that quality, affordable comprehensive health care, evidence-based sex education, and a full range of family planning services help reduce the number of unintended pregnancies. (p.37)
abstinence-mychoiceRepublican Party
We renew our call for replacing “family planning” programs for teens with sexual risk avoidance education that sets abstinence until marriage as the responsible and respected standard of behavior. (p.34)



obamacaresocialismDemocratic Party
Thanks to the hard work of President Obama and Democrats in Congress, we took a critically important step towards the goal of universal health care by passing the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which has offered coverage to 20 million more Americans and ensured millions more will never be denied coverage on account of a pre-existing condition. (p.34)
repeal-obamacareRepublican Party
Any honest agenda for improving health care must start with repeal of the dishonestly named Affordable Care Act of 2010: Obamacare. …To simplify the system for both patients and providers, we will reduce mandates and enable insurers and providers of care to increase health care options and contain costs. (p.36)


Democratic Party
Democrats applaud last year’s decision by the Supreme Court that recognized LGBT people – like every other American – have the right to marry the person they love. But there is still much work to be done. … Democrats will fight for the continued development of sex discrimination law to cover LGBT people. We will also fight for comprehensive federal non-discrimination protections for all LGBT Americans … . (p.19)
familydefendmarriage1Republican Party
We condemn the Supreme Court’s ruling in United States v Windsor, which wrongly removed the ability of Congress to define marriage policy in federal law. We also condemn the Supreme Court’s lawless ruling in Obergefell v Hodges. … In Obergefell, five unelected lawyers robbed 320 million Americans of their legitimate constitutional authority to define marriage as the union of one man and one woman. (p.11)

Biomedical Research

abortion-embryoDemocratic Party

Democrats believe we must accelerate the pace of medical progress, ensuring that we invest more in our scientists and give them the resources they need to invigorate our fundamental studies in the life sciences in a growing, stable, and predictable way. …We recognize the critical importance of a fully funded National Institutes of Health to accelerate the pace of medical progress. (p.36)
anti-cloningRepublican Party
We call for expanded support for the stem cell research that now offers the greatest hope for many afflictions – through adult stem cells, umbilical cord blood, and cells reprogrammed into pluripotent stem cells – without the destruction of embryonic human life. We urge a ban on human cloning for research or reproduction, and a ban on the creation of, or experimentation on, human embryos for research. (p.37-38)


cartoon-obama-Iran-ATM-600Democratic Party

We support the nuclear agreement with Iran because, if vigorously enforced and implemented, it verifiably cuts off all of Iran’s pathways to a bomb without resorting to war. (p.43)
obama-treasonRepublican Party
We consider the Administration’s deal with Iran, to lift international sanctions and make hundreds of billions of dollars available to the Mullahs, a personal agreement between the President and his negotiating partners. … Because of it, the defiant and emboldened regime in Tehran continues to sponsor terrorism across the region, develop a nuclear weapon, test-fire ballistic missiles inscribed with “Death to Israel,” and abuse the basic human rights of its citizens. A Republican president will not be bound by it. (p.46)


Heritage and American update: Obamacare Congress Exemptions; Barack Obama Executive Actions

1. Tea Party Update:

Stop the Hypocrisy! Congress Exemptions from Obamacare

Watch the Tea Party’s  new ad and then pitch in to help us get the ad on the air!

ObamacareCapitol3RangelFor far too long, the “Ruling Class” politicians have lived above the law while the American people suffer. Help us end the special Obamacare exemption that Washington politicians and their staffs enjoy by airing this ad in key districts across the country. It’s time for the “Ruling Class” to live under the same laws as everyone else!

Help us put this ad on the air! Will you please consider pitching in a generous gift of $10, $25, $50, $100, or more to Tea Party Patriots today to help us pass Senator Vitter’s bill that would end this special exemption for Congress? You can donate $25 through the video above or click the button below to donate whichever amount you prefer. No donation is too small!

Thank you so much for your support!



2. Tea Party update

mike-lee-bookMike Lee: Our Lost Constitution


Dear Patriot,



You know Senator Mike Lee as one of our staunchest allies on Capitol Hill who stands up time and time again for personal freedom, economic freedom, and a debt free future. Today Mike Lee launches an eye-opening and highly entertaining new book called OUR LOST CONSTITUTION, which tells the dramatic stories behind the rise and fall of crucial constitutional provisions that the D.C. establishment routinely ignores.


Like you and me, Mike recognizes the complete ignorance and disregard for our Constitution that permeates our government—in every branch, and on both sides of the aisle.  Tea Party Patriots like you work every day to change that by battling against unconstitutional policies like Obamacare and the President’s abuse of executive power.  Now, with OUR LOST CONSTITUTION, you and I will have a powerful and fascinating narrative to use in our fight to change how our nation thinks about the Constitution.


I urge you to pick up a copy, read it, and pass it along to any concerned citizen — conservative, liberal, or libertarian — anyone open to learning more about the heroes who inspired and wrote our Constitution, as well as the villains of history who have defied and ignored so many parts of it.


Once you have read the book, be sure to tweet us @TPPatriots or @JennyBethM to let us know what you think of the book.


In liberty,

Jenny Beth Martin

Co-Founder, Tea Party Patriots


Have you thanked the Senators and Congressman who have been fighting for our values on Capitol Hill? Let’s give them some encouragement when they get back to Washington next week by sending them a letter or a tweet to let them know we’ve got their backs. They are under constant pressure and scrutiny from the D.C. establishment. So let’s show them that if they keep fighting for our values, then we will continue to stand with them.

3. Stop Barack Obama Executive Action



King-Barack-ObamaThis Executive Order allows Obama to hijack our country, run roughshod over Congress and stick it to Patriots. It’s a frightening abuse of power that must be stopped—that’s why we need you to support the Tea Party with a donation without delay.

This is a violent assault on our personal liberty, privacy rights and the rule-of-law. I’d like to give you a few examples of what this means to you, to me, our children, grandchildren and loved ones.

With the stroke of his pen Obama gave himself the power to:

✔   Bailout any person or company he wants
✔   Break existing labor contracts
✔   Cut back health care for citizens
✔   Fix food prices
✔   Force the production of electric cars
✔   Halt consumer production and replace it with government work
✔   Increase airfares
✔   Raise gas prices to any level
✔   Reduce our pay and dictate pay scales to employers

There’s so much more, too. Don’t you see? This is Obama’s communist utopia—the dreams of his father. Those dreams were meant to kill capitalism, create a society of “fair share” and income equality no matter whether or not you are deserving of it or whether you earned it. Patriots, this is oppression at its worst.

If you want to know what’s driving this madness just look to Obama’s shady past

Obama grew up with a deep-seated hatred of America and everything she stands for. His mentors were Bill Ayers and Frank Marshall Davis—known extremists and terrorists. Think of his support for the Muslim Brotherhood and his continued reverence to terrorists.

We’re up against a mighty force that’s bigger than all of us. Despite the fact that the Supreme Court handed down a decision in 1983 that states Congress cannot pass a law that rescinds a Presidential Executive Order, we can still stop Obama’s plan to takeover America and fundamentally transform our country into a socialist state.

There is another way for Congress to crush this thing

GOPStopObamaPIXCongress can vote to refuse Obama the money to implement his diabolical plan and fulfill his desire for complete and utter tyranny.


There’s no time to waste. Anti-Americans in the Middle East and Latin America are getting ready to pour into our country in droves, run rampant and lawlessly through our backyards.

I have watched in shock and disgust as Obama has decimated our military—taken out the highest ranking generals and officers, drastically cut their pay, benefits and the Pentagon budget.

He’s replacing our military’s finest with his own loyalists—those who plan to pry our guns from our cold dead hands. With his actions in his second term he has indeed weakened America and is purposefully making us vulnerable to attack.

He’s conducting psychological warfare on US citizens and our military as he demoralizes and degrades them, leading society into thinking the situation is so overwhelming we just tune out—and many are doing just that.

It is up to us—you and me—true red-blooded Americans—to unite and let our voices ring out loud and clear. Obama already has the support of elites in the boardrooms and union shops, within activist groups and on Wall Street. They’re ready to seize control and strip our country of any remaining assets.

I cannot stress enough how important it is that as Patriots we band together, rise up and push back with all our might…fight like never before.

teapartywhatwestandforAs God is my witness, the Tea Party is the only group with America’s best interests at heart—the only group that still believes in our fundamental freedoms as set forth in the Constitution.

With your contribution we can DERAIL OBAMA’S PLANS TO RADICALIZE AMERICA you’re demonstrating the greatest allegiance in the history of America, showing your true Patriot colors, and your willingness to stand and fight to take her back

We must do this. Obama’s power grab is unprecedented, unconstitutional and illegal. We have to stop him, get ahead of him, before he sees the writing on the wall and unleashes his wrath on our nation. You know all too well that we cannot count on liberals or the mainstream media. It’s up to us.

I have no idea what kind of roadblocks or obstacles they’ll throw in our path or what kind of bullets we’ll have to dodge. I do know whatever happens it will be worth it knowing we succeeded in making sure Obama never unleashes his stolen powers.

Don’t delay! Time is running out and we must act now. With your donation we can mobilize millions of Americans at marches, rallies, protests and demonstrations. What’s more, we can get the word out through massive letters, emails, faxes and call campaigns.

Please help us intensify our fight TO DERAIL OBAMA’S MARTIAL LAW EXECUTIVE ORDER today. Be sure to make a contribution to support the Tea Party.

Heritage Update:

obama-irancartoonWhistling to Armageddon: Obama’s Pact With Iran

John Kerry: Nuke Deal with Iran “If Allah Wills it”


Though Iran’s pattern of behavior these past decades epitomizes the worst of tyrannical regimes, the agreed-to framework would leave in place all of its nuclear infrastructure.



Opinion: My Father Was Gay. Why I Oppose Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage.

Dawn Stefanowicz

I did not see my father and his partners valuing, loving and affirming women. My father’s preference for one gender (male) created an inner sense of inequality for me.

Action Update: Stop Congress Corruption, Double Standard on Obamacare

Action Update: Stop Congress Corruption, Double Standard on Obamacare

The Party of Plunder is at it Again

ObamacareCapitol3Rangel Right now, Members of Congress and their staffs are receiving a $5,000 to $10,000 health care insurance subsidy paid for by taxpayers like you and me. They don’t have to live under ObamaCare like ordinary Americans. And they are fighting to protect this lavish subsidy with everything they have.

Senator Vitter’s Bill: No Washington Exemption from Obamacare

Here at Tea Party Patriots, we have TV ads, phone banks, and a national grassroots campaign ready to go to help pass Senator David Vitter’s No Washington Exemption from ObamaCare bill.

However, we don’t yet have the funding on hand to launch an all-out 90-day campaign. And that is what Senator Vitter needs in order to pass his bill and end this ridiculous double standard.

Senator David Vitter is counting on Tea Party Patriots to help him pass this bill. But we don’t yet have the funding on hand to pay for all the TV ads, phone banks, and grassroots toolkits we need.

This is an emergency.

Here is why the No Washington Exemption from ObamaCare bill is CRITICALLY important.


Right now, members of Congress and their staffs receive a special taxpayer-paid subsidy for their health insurance. It’s $5,000 for an individual and $10,000 for a family.

obamacaresocialismUnder ObamaCare, ordinary Americans can’t get this subsidy. Instead, they have had to pay higher premiums and higher deductibles And if they can’t afford the increased costs, they’re forced to pay a penalty to the IRS!

This Double Standard  is unfair, and it is wrong.

We must help Senator Vitter pass the No Washington Exemption from ObamaCare bill. We must FORCE the politicians and their aides to live under the law that they helped pass.

Please make the very best donation you can right now. This is a critical step on the path to repealing Obamacare.

If we can force Congress and their minions to live and suffer under this law like the rest of us, it’s only a matter of time before they scrap this disastrous program entirely.

Right now we have a TV ad featuring Senator Vitter ready to go in targeted areas of the country. We have online ads ready to run as well.

We’ve even prepared a special grassroots toolkit for local Tea Party volunteers to use going door-to-door in the home states of on-the-fence Senators.

However, we simply don’t have the funds on hand to pay for the airtime, phone banks, and other activities we need. This is a MASSIVE undertaking.

Senator Vitter needs us to launch a sustained 90-day campaign in support of his bill. And we can’t let this great patriot down!

Please, please donate whatever you can today.

King-Barack-ObamaCongressmen and their staffs already live like kings. They understand ObamaCare is a nightmare, and they don’t want to give up their health-care perks.


They have been battling Senator Vitter for years over this issue.

That’s why the good Senator turned to Tea Party Patriots for help. He knows we have a national grassroots network that is big and powerful enough to turn up the heat on Congress and help him pass his bill.

Now all we need are the funds to air our ads and run our phone banks.

Please do what you can. Today.

Thank you in advance for all your help and support.

For Liberty,

Jenny Beth Martin

Co-Founder and National Coordinator, Tea Party

Victory for Liberty vs. Barack Obama

The Victory Mandate: Republicans Were Elected to Stop Barack Obama, Not to Work with Him

Work for American Liberty, for a change …

keyIt is incumbent on Republicans to stand up and lead. It is incumbent on us to deliver that bold, positive, optimistic agenda. You know, the fact that the people rose up and voted the Democrats out of power doesn’t necessarily mean they trust the Republicans. They’ve given us another chance. But we’ve got to earn that trust, and the way to earn that trust is to listen to the priorities of the people.

And I hope come January Republicans stand united, we stand as one, and we systematically — one after the other — vote on positive, pro-growth ideas. We vote on tax reform. We vote on regulatory reform. We vote on embracing the American energy renaissance. We vote on going after and stopping Obamacare. We deliver on the promises that Republicans campaigned on. ~Ted Cruz



GOPStopObamaPIXSpecial Report – the 2014 Election

We Won!

Democrats were routed across the country, losing not only control of the U.S. Senate, but three governors’ races. Democrats also lost 13 seats in the House of Representatives.

We gave Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi a strong message.

But that doesn’t mean we’re done. Far from it.

We have to remain ready to respond to — and fight – politicians who pose a threat to our freedom and liberty. And that means Republicans as well as Democrats.

It’s our job to make sure they follow the Constitution . . . honor their oaths of office . . . and spend their time and effort making the lives of every American better and more free.

“Here are some election highlights . . .”

2014electmapRepublicans win seven Senate seats outright.

Republican winners ran far better than the polls showed, calling into question whether pollsters need to go back to the drawing board before the 2016 presidential election.

Republican governors had an outstanding night, as Wisconsin’s Scott Walker overcame a nasty Democrat/Big Labor effort to beat him. This is Walker’s third statewide win in two years.

Republicans also won in Maryland, which is a blow to outgoing Democrat gov. Martin O’Malley’s presidential aspirations, and Illinois, where Democrat Pat Quinn’s corrupt regime was soundly beaten.

In the House of Representatives, GOP pick-ups in Harry Reid’s Nevada, Georgia, and Utah – where Mia Love cruised to victory – all point to a more conservative House GOP majority.

Again, the numbers are good. The Democrats took it on the chin.

But just because Mitch McConnell and john Boehner control Congress doesn’t mean we can let up. Our liberty is too precious, and bought at too high a price, for us to rely on politicians to respect it.

Enjoy this moment . . . but always be prepared to fight!

Scandal: Obama Government Death Panel vs. Veterans

You Must Make This Clear to People: This Veterans Hospital Death Panel Is a Preview of Life Under Obamacare

Join the private sector to help our veterans

Donate to Wounded Warrior Project.org


Rush Limbaugh

ObamacareVAHospitalThe VA, as I say, I get calls here, we have every year for 25 years, and the horror story here or the horror story there.  And this is just the latest.  Now we learn of these deaths by attrition, secret waiting lists, and this is the real bad thing of it.  People on these lists assume that they’re being moved ahead of the line.  That’s the purpose of the secret list, that they’re going to really be taken care of.  Because the backlog is so jammed, the line for treatment at the VA is so long that they’ve come up with this secret list business, and the people on that list think that they’re essentially being moved to the top of the class, or the head of the line, in front of the line.  And they’re just being ignored.

Now, over a hundred people, if you add the Dayton Daily News story today, over a hundred people have died while on these lists.  It’s simply unconscionable.  So you have to ask, the natural assumption is that nobody wants these people to die, even if you add the death panel component, nobody wants these people to die, yet they are.  At the very least what we’re dealing with here is a total inability to deal with this.  And at worst it’s the death panel being done on purpose.

ObamaDoctorsWhiteCoatsBut no matter how you come down on this, I mean, some of you are not gonna want to believe the death panel aspect, even though the evidence is pretty clear. When you have government employees receiving salary bonuses for ostensibly saving money by virtue of shrinking the number of people on the list, how does that happen?  How do people end up off the list and not treated?  They pass away.  And if you’re gonna have government employees bonused on that basis, then you would be not that far out of whack to assume there might be some death panel at work here. 

CALLER:  I wanted to talk to you a little bit more about Obamacare and why the implications of this VA scandal, well, they’re not reserved for when we go to single payer, God help us.  They’re already here under a system called Pay-for-Performance.  This VA standard of giving a vet an appointment in 14 days was more than likely one of the quality standards that providers are expected to meet now.  And bonuses resulted when the VA hospital met that standard a high percentage of the time.  But because they couldn’t meet that standard they had to get those vets off the books if they wanted their bonuses.

In the field this is called Pay-for-Performance, or P4P.  Providers are being reimbursed for meeting certain pre-established standards as they phase out traditional fee-for-service reimbursement.  So this is what we can expect in any of the new structures created by Obamacare like accountable care organizations.  And what happened here with our dear veterans was spread across the country because providers that can’t meet those standards in many cases ’cause they’re swamped already with Obamacare’s onerous reporting requirement, if they can’t meet those quality standards, they’ll have to fudge the data or move us off the books.

RUSH:  Okay.  So, given all of that, explain to me how 40 veterans just die while on this list.

CALLER:  How they died?

RUSH:  How they were allowed to die.  I mean, if the whole point here is to get ’em expedited treatment, they can’t find a provider to take ’em and these people need to get their bonus so they find a way to get them off the list and that happens by virtue of them dying —

Read More on Vet Scandal

Report: 100 Veteran Deaths Linked to ‘Delay in Treatment’ at VA Hospitals


death-panelsAs the Department of Veterans Affairs faces an increasing amount of scrutiny over allegations of “secret” waiting lists that left veterans at VA hospitals untreated for months, a new report shows that the VA settled several claims that appear related to treatment delays.

The Dayton Daily News, in a story published Sunday, says its investigation of a database of paid claims shows that since 2001 the words “delay in treatment” were used 167 times. The VA paid out $36.4 million to settle the claims, the Daily News reported.

In one case the newspaper found the Dayton VA paid out $140,000 in 2009 on a 2006 claim described as “Failure/Delay in Admission to Hospital or Institution; Medication Administered via Wrong Route; Failure to Order Appropriate Test.”


Read Latest Breaking News from Newsmax.com http://www.newsmax.com/Newsfront/veteran-deaths-delay-treatment/2014/05/18/id/571963#ixzz32DVD5ew2


Obama tries to blow off the VA scandal

obamacaresocialismIt’s shocking to learn that the President who booted World War II vets out of their own memorial during Shutdown Theater would have a blase attitude about the outrage at VA clinics.  Confronted with reports of veterans left to languish on secret lists until they died, Barack Obama yawned and assigned a White House aide to look into it.  The obviously overwhelmed Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Eric Shinseki, staggered in front of a Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee to read some talking points and claim he was “mad as hell,” while cries for his resignation fell upon the President’s numb ears.  That’s not how it works in ObamaLand, my friends.  Nobody gets fired.  Ever.  (As is typical of Obama scandals, a few faceless bureaucrats have been placed on temporary “administrative leave” by Shinseki.)

Obama’s not even putting much effort into looking “outraged” by the story, the way he pretended to be outraged for a couple of days when the IRS scandal exploded.  He seems, if anything, mildly annoyed by yet another unpleasant story to be papered over.

The story, which began at the VA hospital in Phoenix, has expanded to include similar secret death lists at a half-dozen additional facilities.  At the Phoenix hospital, veterans seeking treatment were actually deleted out of the official computer system, and their documentation was shredded, when they were shoved onto the secret “ignore” list.  It was a systemic effort to break the rules and cover up malfeasance, and it claimed at least 40 lives just at that one hospital… while highly-paid administrators claimed fat “performance” bonuses.  A similar story of falsified records emerged from a clinic in Ft. Collins, Colorado.  A new story has surfaced from Southeast Texas about thousands of veterans denied access to simple colonoscopies until, as one doctor with VA experience put it, they were bleeding out of the rectums – a delay long enough for colorectal cancer to progress from easily treatable, to inoperable and fatal.

Meanwhile, the Department of Veterans’ Affairs was blowing $500 million – enough to cover colonoscopies for every veteran with a stomach ache – on office furniture and curtains, with nearly $7 million spent on building a single conference room.  This is bureaucratic incompetence, malfeasance, and deception on a scale we haven’t seen since… well, ObamaCare, which is dragging us toward a hellish single-payer future in which everyone enjoys the death-panel treatment given to vets.  The VA scandal is a disturbingly exact mirror of ObamaCare, demonstrating precisely the same management characteristics as Barack Obama’s boondoggle: gigantic sums of money wasted, endless lies foisted upon the public, and nobody held accountable by Obama.  Unless the President is dragged kicking and screaming into cleaning house by his frightened Party, Eric Shinseki will hang on until he gets the same fond farewell the monstrously incompetent and deceitful HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius enjoyed.

The strongest indication Shinseki might be in real trouble is that Democrats clearly weren’t buying what he was selling at Thursday’s Senate hearing, as related by CNN, which has been doing very good work on the VA scandal:

At his first congressional hearing since the CNN reports drew national attention to the issue, Shinseki told the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee that he was reviewing all VA operations and also cooperating fully with the independent inspector general’s investigation.

“Any allegation, any adverse incident like this makes me mad as hell,” he said, urging the legislators to wait for the investigation’s finding before trying to resolve a complex set of problems.

His assurance that “we will act” on any substantiated allegation angered senators from both parties who insisted the problems are real and need immediate action.

Some pointed to a policy implemented by Shinseki that set a 14-day limit to provide care for veterans applying for the first time, saying a deadline they labeled as unworkable resulted in VA administrators devising ways to cover up months-long delays.

Republican Sen. Richard Burr of North Carolina questioned why Shinseki, who has been Obama’s only veterans affairs secretary, failed to act sooner on problems long cited by veterans, the U.S. Government Accountability Office and others.

“With the numerous GAO, IG and Office of Medical Inspector reports that have been released, VA senior leadership, including the secretary, should have been aware that VA was facing a national scheduling crisis,” Burr said. “VA’s leadership has either failed to connect the dots or failed to address this ongoing crisis, which has resulted in patient harm and patient death.”

When Shinseki kept referring to the whole story as a series of unproven “allegations,” it was Democrat Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut who reminded him the secret waiting lists and falsified records in Phoenix are a matter of documented fact, not an allegation.  Following the Senate hearing, it was announced that the VA inspector general would be working with criminal investigators, federal prosecutors from Arizona, and the Public Integrity section of the Justice Department to determine if criminal prosecutions are warranted.

Here’s the part of the CNN report that shows us just how personally outraged Barack Obama is:

Asked at one point if he should resign, Shinseki said caring for fellow American veterans was a mission, not a job, and he intended to continue working until he achieves his goal of improved care “or I am told by my commander in chief that my time has been served.”

In appointing White House Deputy Chief of Staff Rob Nabors to assist Shinseki in reviewing what happened, Obama said he asked Shinseki to review “practices to ensure better access to care.”

“While we get to the bottom of what happened in Phoenix, it’s clear the VA needs to do more to ensure quality care for our veterans,” Obama said.

The totality of the Secretary’s remarks before the committee Thursday were not only deceptive, they were detached, defensive, and unbefitting a leader who, by now, should be fighting mad about the scandals engulfing VA, firing those responsible, and fundamentally challenging every assumption he has about the manner in which care is provided to our veterans.

Instead, Shinseki played the role of aloof bureaucrat, reading dispassionately from his prepared remarks in a monotone voice, as if this was a run-of-the-mill budget hearing. Shinseki’s comments were spot on in that respect—a perfect personification of VA’s indifferent and unaccountable bureaucracy.

As my organization Concerned Veterans for America has been saying for years—and Fox News has been reporting aggressively—the VA is an infected bureaucracy, incapable of delivering timely care to veterans; instead, the VA has been cooking the books to preserve the jobs and bonuses of senior officials.


History: American Business and Enterprise

Dinner Topics for Thursday

Business and Enterprise in American History


keyThe opportunities for people with ideas and a willingness to take risks are plentiful in America.

“Reprinted by permission from Imprimis, a publication of Hillsdale College.”

John Steele Gordon
Author, An Empire of Wealth: The Epic History of American Economic Power
John Steele Gordon was educated at Millbrook School and Vanderbilt University. His articles have appeared in numerous publications, including Forbes, National Review, Commentary, the New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal. He is a contributing editor at American Heritage, where he wrote the “Business of America” column for many years, and currently writes “The Long View” column for Barron’s. He is the author of several books, including Hamilton’s Blessing: The Extraordinary Life and Times of Our National Debt, The Great Game: The Emergence of Wall Street as a World Power, and An Empire of Wealth: The Epic History of American Economic Power.
The following is adapted from a speech delivered in San Diego, California, on November 15, 2013, at a Hillsdale College Free Market Forum on the topic “Markets, Government, and the Common Good.”

The word “entrepreneur”—

one who undertakes, manages, and assumes the risk of a new enterprise—comes from the French, where it literally means “undertaker.” The word was borrowed into English in the mid-19th century¬—perhaps the golden age of the entrepreneur—when the number of new economic niches was exploding and the hand of government was at its lightest in history. The activity of entrepreneurship, of course, is much older, going back to ancient times. As for America, our nation was founded, quite literally, by entrepreneurs.

Early Entrepreneurs

In 1607 the Virginia Company sent three ships across the Atlantic and unloaded 109 passengers at what became Jamestown, Virginia. They were embarked on a new business enterprise that they hoped would be profitable—American plantations. The Virginia Company was a joint-stock company, a relatively new invention that allowed people to invest in enterprises without running the risk of losing everything if the business did not succeed. By limiting liability, corporations greatly increased the number of people who could dare to become entrepreneurs by pooling their resources while avoiding the possibility of ruin. Thus the corporation was one of the great inventions of the Renaissance, along with printing, double-entry bookkeeping, and the full-rigged ship.
Allowing incorporation as a matter of law, rather than requiring an act of the executive or of the legislature, began in the United States as early as 1811, when New York State passed a general incorporation law for certain businesses, including anchor makers—I suspect an anchor manufacturer had a friend in Albany. Soon enlarged in scope, the ability to incorporate simply by filling out the right forms freed the process from politics, and the number of corporations exploded. There had been only seven companies incorporated in British North America, but the state of Pennsylvania alone incorporated more than 2,000 between 1800 and 1860.
Unfortunately for the stockholders of the Virginia Company, the business of American plantations was a very new one and had a steep learning curve—a curve that would be encountered again and again as the American economy developed and new industries were born. It is a curve all would-be entrepreneurs must climb to be successful. The Virginia Company did not climb that curve quickly enough, and made just about every mistake that it could make: It tried to run Jamestown as a company town; it searched for gold, of which Virginia has none, instead of planting crops; and it failed at establishing a glass-making industry. Eventually Jamestown was nearly abandoned. Only when John Rolfe introduced West Indian tobacco in 1612 did Virginia find an export that had a market in Europe—indeed a market that grew explosively and made Virginia rich. But by that time it was far too late for the Virginia Company, which went broke.
In fact, of course, most entrepreneurs do fail.
It has not been nearly well enough noted that the American colonies, while many ended up in royal hands, were not founded by the English state. Several, such as Massachusetts Bay, Plymouth, and Virginia, were founded by profit-seeking corporations. Others, such as Pennsylvania and Maryland, were founded by proprietors. To be sure, many of these enterprises had non-entrepreneurial motives, such as providing a refuge for religious dissenters. John Winthrop wanted the Puritans to establish a “shining city on a hill”; William Penn thought of Pennsylvania as a “Holy Experiment” where Quakers could live in peace. But Plymouth, Massachusetts Bay, and Pennsylvania were also expected to show a profit. “Though I desire to extend religious freedom,” said Penn, “yet I want some recompense for my troubles.”
New York, of course, was founded by the Dutch, not the English, and profit was the sole reason for settling on Manhattan. Indeed, so bent on money making were the Dutch that they did not get around to building a church for 17 years, worshiping instead in the fort. When they did finally build a church, they named it for St. Nicholas, and Santa Claus has been the patron saint of New York ever since.
Even after the British took the colony in 1664, the Dutch devotion to commerce remained. Harking back to the early source of its economic success, the fur trade, the city’s seal remains a beaver surrounded by wampum. Even today, that little hustly-bustly Dutch village lies at the heart of the world’s most important and powerful city, and making money is still New York’s chief business.

Even in the theocracy that was early New England, the entrepreneurial spirit burned bright.

newenglandcolonistsUnlike the colonies on the Chesapeake, there was no cash crop that could be grown in New England’s stony soil and short growing season. Perhaps the closest thing to a cash crop was that singular beast, the Atlantic cod. Pulled from the great fishing waters off New England in prodigious numbers, it was salted, dried, and shipped to Europe to provide cheap protein for the masses. Even today, there is a carving of a codfish hanging in the Massachusetts State House. Perhaps because New England lacked a true cash crop, its economy became much more diverse than those of the Southern colonies. Shipping and shipbuilding, lumber, fishing, slaving, and rum distilling became mainstays of the New England economy and produced its earliest fortunes.
Also very important to the evolving New England economy was iron, a commodity that had by then been indispensable for 3,000 years. At first this iron had to be imported at vast expense from foundries in England. John Winthrop the younger—son of the man who coined the phrase “shining city on a hill”—saw opportunity and, a born entrepreneur, he seized it. There was plenty of iron ore available, but to make iron he needed something America did not then have—capital. So he sailed to England in 1641 to get it. Why, one might well wonder, would English capitalists invest in a major industrial enterprise located in a wilderness 3,000 miles away? The answer lay in something America did have in indescribable abundance—wood. Charcoal was as indispensable as ore to iron smelting, and whereas England’s forests were being rapidly cut down, America had well over a million square miles of forest. So Winthrop was able to argue that combining America’s cheap raw materials with England’s capital would produce a product that could be sold at a profit, not only in Massachusetts but in England as well.
Winthrop called the new company the Company of Undertakers—note the word, the literal translation of “entrepreneur”—to which the government of Massachusetts granted a 21-year monopoly on iron production, an exemption from taxation, and the right to export iron once local demand was met. (Obviously, cozy relations between government and industry is not wholly a recent phenomenon.) The Saugus Iron Works, as it is known, was a financial failure, as so many first attempts are. But it is now a national historic site—and well it should be, for it was the start of a great American industry.

Inventors and Captains of Industry

CarnegieBy the end of the colonial era, the colonies were producing one-seventh of the world’s pig iron. A little over 100 years later, the U.S. was producing more iron and steel than Britain and Germany combined, and producing them so efficiently that we were an exporter to those countries. Much of that iron and steel was manufactured by Andrew Carnegie, who had arrived in America a penniless immigrant from Scotland in the 1840s. When he sold out to J. P. Morgan in 1901, Morgan congratulated him on becoming “the richest man in the world.”
The Saugus Iron Works was contemporaneous with the beginning of one of the handmaidens of American entrepreneurship, American invention. The first patent awarded to an American resident was given to Joseph Jenks in 1646 for a device that improved the manufacture of edged tools, such as sickles.

It was the beginning of the “Yankee ingenuity” that has characterized America’s economy ever since

Vanderbilt_(steamboat)It was the beginning of the “Yankee ingenuity” that has characterized America’s economy ever since, from that first machine tool to bifocal glasses, the cotton gin, automated flour mills, the high-pressure steam engine, interchangeable parts, the McCormick reaper, the oil industry, the airplane, Coca-Cola, the affordable automobile, the digital computer, and Twitter. For an example of how great a synergistic effect entrepreneurship and invention have had on each other, consider that when Twitter went public last year, the stock offering produced no fewer than 1,600 newly-minted millionaires.

By the time the 13 colonies declared independence, they were, after only 169 years, the richest place on earth per capita.

No wonder the British fought so hard to suppress the rebellion. While statistics from the late 18th century can be scarce—the very word “statistics” wouldn’t be coined until the early 19th century—there is one powerful statistic indicating just how much better off Americans were than their British cousins: Soldiers in the Continental Army were, on average, a full two inches taller than their British counterparts.

Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations

adamsmithwlthofnationsAdam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations was published the same year as independence was declared. Being very young, America did not have the burden of hundreds of years of economic cronyism. There were no aristocrats, no guilds, no ancient monopolies or hereditary tariffs as there were in continental Europe. And therefore Karl Marx was wrong, at least about America, when he wrote, “Men make their own history, but they do not make it as they please; they do not make it under circumstances chosen by themselves, but under circumstances directly encountered and transmitted from the past.” We had less past than any other country, and therefore we could make our own history, creating the most Smithian economy in the western world. To be sure, it was not purely Smithian. People in government will always try to help those who are powerful at the expense of those who might become so. But the U.S. has consistently come closer to the Smithian ideal, over a longer period of time, than any other major nation.

Nothing encourages entrepreneurial activity more than the freedom to take risk.

Consider one of my favorite early American entrepreneurs, Frederic Tudor. In 1806, he decided to sell ice. He wanted to get it where it was cheap, New England, and sell it where it was dear, the Southern states and the West Indies. Everyone laughed. But his secret was a waste product that a great New England industry was more than happy to supply him with for free—sawdust, an excellent insulator. So Tudor combined two cheap things and made them valuable simply by moving their location. By 1820 he was shipping 2,000 tons of ice a year to as far away as Calcutta, getting as much as 25 cents a pound. By 1850, ice was one of New England’s largest exports. By 1900, of course, the trade was dead, thanks to the invention of refrigeration. We call that creative destruction.

A second great spur to entrepreneurship is the freedom to fail. And no country in the world has been as consistently tolerant of economic failure as the United States.

While bankruptcy in Europe has always been regarded as a moral as well as a financial failure, this has not been the case here—possibly because we are descendants of people who sought a second chance by immigrating. There were, to be sure, debtors prisons in colonial and early America, and some very distinguished people spent time in them—including James Wilson, one of the first justices of the Supreme Court. But debtors prison, a remarkably counter-productive institution—after all, how do you pay off your debts while you’re cooling your heels in jail?—was abandoned in the U.S. earlier than elsewhere. It ended under federal law in 1833, and most states had followed suit by 1850. Great Britain wouldn’t abolish debtors prison until 1869.

Standard Oil

As a result of this freedom to fail without suffering social opprobrium, many entrepreneurs were able on their second or third try to strike it rich.

Rockefeller-senConsider Henry Flagler, who began his business career in the wholesale commodity business and prospered so well that he was making a then vast income of about $50,000 a year by the time of the Civil War. When the war drove the price of salt through the roof, Flagler invested heavily in a salt company in Michigan. When the war ended, however, the price of salt collapsed, as did the business. Flagler, who had risen from the son of an itinerant preacher to the “one percent,” was broke. He had to borrow money from his father-in-law—at ten percent interest, no less—in order to feed and house his family. But only five years later, Flagler was a founding partner of Standard Oil, with one-sixth of the company. Later, after running Standard Oil became a matter of management rather than entrepreneurship, Flagler used his Standard Oil millions to create the modern state of Florida, turning it from a semi-tropical wilderness into a tourist mecca and agricultural powerhouse. No American had as much influence on the shaping of a state as Henry Flagler had on Florida, except perhaps Brigham Young in Utah.

Singer Sewing Machine

Or consider Isaac Merritt Singer. He was on his own by the time he was 12, and only basically literate—a character straight out of Dickens. At 19 he obtained an apprenticeship in a machine shop and soon demonstrated a marked talent for mechanics. Unfortunately for Singer, he wanted to be an actor—a profession for which he had little talent. Singer tinkered on the side and invented a rock drill, but he was so desperate for money that he sold the patent for a mere $2,000. Only when he gave up acting in middle age did he turn his attention full time to mechanics, and soon after that he invented a new kind of sewing machine that had a great advantage over previous kinds: It actually worked. Once the patent situation was settled—it was the first use of what is now a standard model for dealing with complex inventions to which many people contribute pieces, the patent pool—he made a vast fortune, as the sewing machine revolutionized, and industrialized, the clothing industry.
It’s not hard to see why: A shirt that took a seamstress 14 hours to sew by hand could now be produced in an hour-and-a-quarter. Many clothing workers feared for their livelihoods. But of course the effect of the sewing machine was to enlarge their business, not destroy it.

capitalismAs the price of ready-made clothes dropped, the increasing market for them made up for the lower price many times over. This is one of the fundamental means by which capitalism has made the world a richer place for everyone.

By the time of Isaac Singer’s death in 1875, the American economy was being transformed by the emergence of giant corporations, with tens of thousands of employees and thousands of stockholders. Lagging far behind were the rules needed for such an economy to operate for the benefit of all. Many thought a plutocracy threatened, and plutocracy threatens a country’s entrepreneurial spirit quite as much as an overbearing government—especially if the plutocrats and politicians get together, as they are wont to do in their mutual, if short-term, self-interest. This, of course, is the very essence of crony capitalism that has kept so many countries poor and could threaten this country’s prosperity.
Standard Oil was able to muscle many small operators into selling out by threatening ruin if they did not. Standard’s relationship with the railroads allowed them to ship much more cheaply than the smaller refiners, and it often received an under-the-table kickback on the oil the small operators did ship. Standard would always offer what it regarded as a fair price, but it was “take it or leave it”—and leaving it was usually not an option.
The lack of rules sometimes led to theft of the stockholders’ investments in all but name. In earlier times, an organization’s managers were almost always owners as well, and thus had an identity of interest with the owners. But as capital requirements rose, managers often came to be, at best, small shareholders. So the self-interest of management and that of shareholders diverged.

Federal Government Tries the Railroad, and Fails

VanderbilttrainsThe Union Pacific Railroad, for instance, was chartered by the federal government to build part of the transcontinental railroad. The newly installed management organized a construction company owned by themselves, gave it a fancy French name, Crédit Mobilier, and hired themselves to build the railroad. And guess what? They overcharged. To make sure Congress didn’t make trouble, they cut key members in on the deal, allowing them to pay for Crédit Mobilier stock using the enormous quarterly dividends—often 100 percent of par value—that they were paid. The result was a bankrupt railroad that had been shoddily constructed.

Wall Street Reforms

wallstreetManagers also did not have to make regular reports to their stockholders in most cases and, even when they did, could keep the books as they pleased. Wall Street, with a powerful interest in knowing the truth about the corporations whose securities were traded and underwritten there, began imposing regular accounting rules and quarterly, audited reports. The result was a far more honest capital market, where entrepreneurs could come in search of financing with the certainty that they would be treated fairly and have their risk-taking properly rewarded if the idea was a success. That was a huge spur to entrepreneurship.

Government Regulations

Government also sought to police the marketplace, but with far less success than Wall Street. Railroads were brought under a federal regulatory regime that quickly evolved into a cartel called the Interstate Commerce Commission. Trucking came under its control in the 1930s and airlines were regulated by their own cartel, the Civil Aeronautics Board. Cartels and monopolies, of course, prevent competition and thus entrepreneurship. That, in turn, prevents the creative destruction that is so vital to capitalism.
After the ICC and CAB lost their rate-setting and route-allocating powers in the late 1970s, transportation costs—a transaction cost—dropped from 15 percent of GDP to only ten percent, allowing lower prices for almost all goods. At the same time, innovation flourished. Old legacy airlines, unable to compete in the new environment, disappeared. New airlines with new strategies, such as Southwest and Jet Blue, emerged. Entrepreneurship returned to transportation from where it had long been absent.

With the birth of the digital age, there has been a new golden age of entrepreneurship.

Thousands of new niches have become available to exploit, many of which can be exploited very cheaply. The result has been the greatest inflorescence of fortune-making—and fortune-making usually implies entrepreneurship—in human history. In 1982 it took $82 million to have a place on the Forbes list. Today it takes over $1.3 billion.

The opportunities for people with ideas and a willingness to take risks are plentiful in America.

wealthprivatesectorThe opportunities for people with ideas and a willingness to take risks are plentiful in America, and there is plenty of capital available to bring those ideas to life. On top of that, mechanisms to bring ideas and capital together are more robust than they have been in the past. So the future of entrepreneurship in this most entrepreneurial of countries remains bright. The only fear is that an overbearing government, bent on managing the American economy—supposedly for the good of all, but actually for the benefit of bureaucrats and politicians—will strangle the goose that has laid so many golden eggs. That is always a danger, for government is just as subject to the law of self-interest as the marketplace. Unfortunately, the process of creative destruction is far less vigorous in government, which is a monopoly by its nature.
On the other hand, government regularly displays an incompetence so extraordinary that reform becomes possible.
We are witnessing such a display now with the launch of Obamacare. Obamacare, of course, seeks to rid one-sixth of the American economy of even a vestige of entrepreneurship and turn it over to the public sector.
I’m always an optimist, so I think good things will come out of this. Let us hope so.

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History: Government, Character, and Economics

Dinner Topics for Wednesday

History Time Line: Economy without Character


keyWhat is the missing factor in each of these economic “equations?” Character.

“It’s the Economy, Stupid.” The now trite phrase from the Clinton Era still doesn’t answer some nagging questions. Exactly what is “stupid”? And, is the economy only about money?

The answer to the multi-trillion dollar question of what is “stupid” is obvious. But what happens when the economy is only about money?

History gives us many examples, for which there is room here to give a few.


Unlike the American Revolution, which was about liberty, the French revolution, put simply, was about vengeance of poverty against wealth. Certainly, not all the “noble” class had noble character. On the other hand, a small but sufficient number of the peasant class possessed so little good character that they became mass murderers. The result was the death of thousands of innocent people, including children, and destruction of a huge portion of the French culture. Why? For money.


Hitlerjugend.svgIn addition to the obviously racially and politically motivated Holocaust, Hitler and his regime had thousands of elderly people and birth-defective babies murdered. Why? The State did not want to allocate necessary money to keep them alive.

obamadoctorChristmas Eve, 2009

The Obama administration, together with a spineless Congress forced the first phases of Obamacare into law, using un-Constitutional means. Why? Money, and power. The result: destruction of the Constitution and people’s liberty.

March 7, 2011

Dr. Daphne Austin, British socialist health care official, said that 23-week premature babies should be left to die. Why? “We’re spending an awful lot of money on treatments” for them. (Blaze.com)

March, 2011

Madison, Wisconsin. Governor Scott Walker, manifesting the restraint of frugal character, tried to increase responsibility in the management of his state’s budget. Some of the changes affected unionized public-sector jobs, only to place some features on a more equal scale with those jobs in the private sector, held by taxpayers. Union mobs, surely not representing all union members, issued death threats, verbal abuse, and injury to persons who disagreed with them, and stormed the state capitol, leaving a wake of filth, trash, and destruction costing millions of dollars to repair or clean up. Why? Money, and greed.

What is the missing factor in each of the above economic “equations?” Character. The list of examples would fill volumes. It is an unalterable lesson of history: a national economy without character ends in destruction.

WalkerFor a powerful example of economics with good character, see

State Government: Character, Tax, and Wisconsin

Copyright © 2011 by C.A. Davidson

History: Liberty and the Tea Party Patriot

Dinner Topics for Tuesday

Patriot or Politician?

keyThe original Boston Tea Party was not a political stunt. It was a genuine, grass roots expression of outrage against tyranny, and against taxation without representation.

Hillsdale College: The Tea Party, Conservatism, and the Constitution

Charles R. Kesler
Editor, Claremont Review of Books

Charles R. Kesler is the Dengler-Dykema Distinguished Professor of Government at Claremont McKenna College and editor of the Claremont Review of Books. He received his A.B., his A.M., and his Ph.D. in government from Harvard University. He is editor of the Signet Classic edition of The Federalist Papers; editor of and a contributor to Saving the Revolution: The Federalist Papers and the American Founding; co-editor, with William F. Buckley, Jr., of Keeping the Tablets: Modern American Conservative Thought; and author of I Am the Change: Barack Obama and the Future of Liberalism.

bostonteaparty2The Tea Party movement is named, of course, for the famous event in late 1773 when cases of tea were dumped unceremoniously into the Boston harbor. The Boston Tea Party—a carefully orchestrated strike against a commodity that was being taxed and sold by a monopoly provider—was intended as a one-time thing, though it ended up being an important link in the chain of events that led to the American Revolution. Today’s Tea Party, on the other hand, has ambitions to become an ongoing force—maybe even the major force—in American conservatism. And it strives for a revolution of its own, a return to a more limited, more constitutional form of government. If I had to judge its performance so far, I would say that it has been courageous and right in its diagnosis of the problems facing American politics, but somewhat off in its prescriptions.

When I say the Tea Party is correct in its diagnosis, I mean it is correct in its very clear sense that Obamacare is not just another costly, bureaucratic, top-down, regulatory scheme, of which we have, alas, so many. There is something genuinely tyrannical (despite the good intentions of many of its supporters) about Obamacare. It threatens not only to ruin our medical care system, but indirectly and directly—and sooner as well as later—to subvert our form of government and our way of life, fundamentally changing the relation between citizens and government.

Grass Roots Effort— not more Politics— is the Answer

By C.A. Davidson

Dr. Kesler proposes as the solution that the Tea Party should be more political in their opposition to Obamacare. He disapproved of the government shutdown. I respectfully disagree with his analysis. It is precisely because of self-serving politicians and anti-American policies that we are in this fix. The Tea Party is using the Constitution to oppose tyranny. If the Tea Party simply employed political tactics, they would betray their very identity. The original Boston Tea Party was not a political stunt. It was a genuine, grass roots expression of outrage against tyranny, and against taxation without representation. We were not hurt by the shutdown as much as we are hurt by the monolithic government’s starting back up again. For more information about the Tea Party’s Grass Roots activities, see:

Compact for America: Grass Roots Effort


Obama Health Insurance Death Panel vs. American Citizen

The Obamacare Death Panels Have Arrived

obamapinocchioObama promised over and over that People could Keep their Doctors. The Truth Is …He Lied.

What Happens when People Start Dying Because They Can’t Get Health Care? What Have We Become?

Jane asks the President if her 100 year old mother (now 105) would have gotten a pacemaker under his plan. Well now that’s a tough one … that costs a lot and maybe we will have to say, just take a pill. Priceless.

Obama’s answer: Just Take a Pill—See video

“This is becoming so ridiculous, that even the biggest liar can’t top himself,” Mason, 82, told host Aaron Klein on WABC in New York City. “He looks at you straight in the face, and tells you that if you want your plan, you got your plan, you keep your plan. Now, a month-and-a-half later, you got no plan, you lost your plan, and he tells you still got a plan.”

The stand-up comic, who calls himself “The Ultimate Jew,” continued on Obama: “He has a whole country walking around dizzy wondering who we’re listening to. If this is a president of a country, how come he’s the only one in America who doesn’t seem to know what’s going on here?

“Never did I expect a guy like this, the head of a country, to blatantly lie to your face, and then not only lie to your face, then lie about the fact that he never lied. Then lie again about the next lie he told. There used to be a time when you would worship the president, even if you didn’t like him. You knew he told the truth because he’s the president of a country. Now, he’s the only guy in America who would have the nerve to lie this much.

“The latest is that it’s only 5 percent of the people, only 15 [or] 20 million people who are going to lose their plan. …  What if you shoot a guy? He’s only one person out of 300 million. How come it’s in the paper that you shot an innocent person and you go to jail for it? … Since when do you destroy people and it doesn’t count because it’s too small a percentage?” ~Jackie Mason

From Rush Limbaugh

Ninety million that are not working, and over there is the individual mandate that requires them to get insurance. However, over there is a little piece of the law that says the IRS can’t collect money unless you have a refund coming. So there really isn’t a mandate, but they don’t want anybody to know that. So the bottom line is, folks, if you don’t have insurance, it means you don’t have an employer plan. If you’re without insurance right now, that’s what it means. So the only option you have is an individual plan, and that’s what people are encountering.

All of these horrors stories of premiums going up and deductibles going up, out of pocket going up. Those are individuals trying to follow the law, and they are finding that they can’t afford it, because Obamacare is destroying the individual insurance market, not the evil insurance companies. They simply are complying with the law as well.

Cancer Patient Can’t Keep Plan or Doctor

obamacaresocialismAn example. Wall Street Journal by Edie Littlefield Sundby. “You Also Can’t Keep Your Doctor.” And this tells the story. And, by the way, do you know what this story is? This is the story that Sarah Palin told us all those months ago about death panels, and people laughed. People started insulting her, laughing at her, impugning her. People started saying, “There she goes again. This absolute lunatic broad doesn’t know what she’s talking about.” And she nailed it.

If this isn’t a quasi-death panel, I don’t know what is. This article is a gut punch to Obamacare. “I had great cancer doctors and health insurance. My plan was cancelled. Now I worry how long I’ll live,” by Edie Littlefield Sundby. “Everyone now is clamoring about Affordable Care Act winners and losers. I am one of the losers.

“My grievance is not political; all my energies are directed to enjoying life and staying alive, and I have no time for politics. For almost seven years I have fought and survived stage-4 gallbladder cancer, with a five-year survival rate of less than 2% after diagnosis. I am a determined fighter and extremely lucky. But this luck may have just run out: My affordable, lifesaving medical insurance policy has been canceled effective Dec. 31.

“My choice is to get coverage through the government health exchange and lose access to my cancer doctors, or pay much more for insurance outside the exchange (the quotes average 40% to 50% more) for the privilege of starting over with an unfamiliar insurance company and impaired benefits. Countless hours –” and this, by the way, this describes so many people. “Countless hours searching for non-exchange plans have uncovered nothing that compares well with my existing coverage. But the greatest source of frustration is Covered California, the state’s Affordable Care Act health-insurance exchange and, by some reports, one of the best such exchanges in the country. After four weeks of researching plans on the website, talking directly to government exchange counselors, insurance companies and medical providers, my insurance broker and I are as confused as ever. Time is running out and we still don’t have a clue how to best proceed.”

She says that her grievance isn’t political. It is. She just doesn’t know it. That’s another story, though, and I will leave it aside for the moment.

“Two things have been essential in my fight to survive stage-4 cancer. The first are doctors and health teams in California and Texas: at the medical center of the University of California, San Diego, and its Moores Cancer Center; Stanford University’s Cancer Institute; and the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. The second element essential to my fight is a United Healthcare PPO (preferred provider organization) health-insurance policy.

“Since March 2007 United Healthcare has paid $1.2 million to help keep me alive, and it has never once questioned any treatment or procedure recommended by my medical team. The company pays a fair price to the doctors and hospitals, on time, and is responsive to the emergency treatment requirements of late-stage cancer. Its caring people in the claims office have been readily available to talk to me and my providers. But in January, United Healthcare sent me a letter announcing that they were pulling out of the individual California market. The company suggested I look to Covered California starting in October.”

“The company suggested I look to Covered California starting in October. You would think it would be simple to find a health-exchange plan that allows me, living in San Diego, to continue to see my primary oncologist at Stanford University and my primary care doctors at the University of California, San Diego. Not so. UCSD has agreed to accept only one Covered California plan — a very restrictive Anthem EPO Plan. EPO stands for exclusive provider organization, which means the plan has a small network of doctors and facilities and no out-of-network coverage.”

We talked about this last week. You go to the Cleveland Clinic, and if one doctor there is out-of-network, meaning not covered by Obamacare, you could end up going bankrupt. And this is what Edie Littlefield Sundby found out. “Anthem EPO, exclusive provider organization, which means the plan has a small network of doctors and facilities and no out-of-network coverage.” So the doctors and everybody that she was using to treat her stage-4 gallbladder cancer are not in this network. She doesn’t get to keep her plan. She doesn’t get to keep her doctors.

She says, “So if I go with a health-exchange plan, I must choose between Stanford and UCSD. Stanford has kept me alive — but UCSD has provided emergency and local treatment support during wretched periods of this disease, and it is where my primary-care doctors are. Before the Affordable Care Act, health-insurance policies could not be sold across state lines; now policies sold on the Affordable Care Act exchanges may not be offered across county lines.”

Did you know that? Before Obamacare, “health-insurance policies could not be sold across state lines; now policies sold on the Affordable Care Act exchanges may not be offered across county lines.” Well, Stanford and San Diego are not in the same county in California. Then she writes, “What happened to the president’s promise, ‘You can keep your health plan’? Or to the promise that ‘You can keep your doctor’? Thanks to the law, I have been forced to give up a world-class health plan. The exchange would force me to give up a world-class physician. For a cancer patient, medical coverage is a matter of life and death. Take away people’s ability to control their medical-coverage choices and they may die. I guess that’s a highly effective way to control medical costs. Perhaps that’s the point.”

Hello, Sarah Palin!

Hello, death panels!

And may I make one more point here, folks? Yes, I can, because this is my show. I want to take you back (I don’t need the audio, Cookie) to that ABC primetime special. A woman stood up — I’ve never forgotten this, and I never will — and asked the president of the United States if her 93-year-old mother could get a pacemaker because of her will to live, her spirit. Obama said, “Nah, we can’t calculate spirit and will to live into these kinds of decisions.

“At some point we’re all gonna have to realize that maybe the answer is give them a pain pill and forgo any more surgery and just ease them for the rest of their lives.” And that’s what Edie Sundby is facing. She may as well have been told that. She can’t keep her doctor, a specialized oncologist. She’s faced stage-four gallbladder cancer, and can’t keep her insurance, all because of Obamacare.

The private insurance market policy that she has is gone. It’s not permitted anymore. She’s gotta go through an exchange, and the exchange can’t help her. Whatever replaces what she’s got is far more expensive than she can afford. It’s not coordinated. She doesn’t get to keep her doctor. There’s another similar story to this from Seattle that I’ve got backing this one up. It sounds like Edie Littlefield Sundby wants to live.

It sounds to me like she has no desire to give up.

But Obama once told a woman asking about her mother getting a pacemaker operation, “Well, no. We can’t factor those kinds of things into our medical decisions — will to live, the spirit. No, we got to maybe just give ’em a pill.” So Ted Cruz: Validated, right on the money. Sarah Palin: Validated, right on the money. Barack Obama: Discredited like no president in my lifetime, including Nixon. This is huge, folks. This is absolutely huge. Do you realize all of these people reelected Obama on the basis of these two promises?

That’s how much they meant to them.

RUSH: The companion story to Edie Sundby in the Wall Street Journal is in the Seattle Times. “Canceled Health Insurance Plans Add to Angst at Change,” and it’s about a guy named Bill Fullner, who’s reached his breaking point, and here’s the pull quote. “‘This whole experience has converted a lifelong Democrat into a foot soldier for the Republican Party,’ Fullner said.” This guy has had it. He bought it. He bought Obama’s promise. A lot of people did. A lot of people did.

Health Insurance Update: Obama vs. Heritage, Marriage, Truth

Ted Cruz: “I think he has absolutely been abusing his power and when you have a president who says ‘regardless of whether Congress acts I’m going to force my agenda on the American people,’ that’s wrong, that’s not consistent with our constitutional protections,” Cruz said.
MikeLeeonstandfortherightOver the last few months, Senator Lee stood up for the American people by fighting Obamacare. Now the media is in full attack mode.

Facts about Obamacare

1. Socialized medicine is the keystone to the arch of the Socialist State. ~ Vladimir Lenin (FYI, Lenin was a Russian Communist tyrant.)

2. Death rate in countries with socialized medicine is higher because people have to wait so long to get life-saving treatments. For example, in the following countries, which have socialized medicine:

  • In Germany, the death rate for breast cancer is 52% higher than in America

  • In Great Britain, the death rate for breast cancer is 88% higher than in America

3.  Pharmaceutical companies are now stopping research and development on life-saving formulas and moving to cosmetics, etc., which are not so heavily regulated.

4. Red Ink.

Obamacare is turning out to be 10 times more costly than the Obama administration promised.


Tea Party Update:

They’re stopping at nothing to fulfill their twisted agenda. Obamacare is downright dangerous (and broken) yet the bully at the Washington pulpit continues to force it on us.

Now it’s harming our elderly—they’re our parents, friends and neighbors. Insurance companies are booting their doctors out of Medicare leaving them without the critical care they require. Millions with people with individual plans are getting cancelled…forced into new plans with ghastly premiums.

Millions can’t get on the failed website yet they’ll be slapped with a fine for not having coverage. People will lose their jobs and homes as Obama siphons every last penny from their pockets to pay for his monstrosity.

Hannity puts his money where his mouth is …after

Operator fired for Telling the Truth about Obamacare

hannitydavisAn on-air call from Fox News and radio host Sean Hannity to the Obamacare hotline on Monday led to a world of hurt — followed by a life-altering offer — for the operator who answered the call.

Hannity — an outspoken opponent of Obamacare — dialed up the phone number and was connected to a woman named Earline Davis, a mother of two working for a private contractor.

Hannity proceeded to quiz Davis about technical issues facing the glitch-filled federal health-care website, while also engaging in some casual conversation during the 10-minute call.

The talkative operator filled Hannity in on the problems with the Healthcare.gov rollout and the hotline. She answered all of Hannity’s questions — none of which put a positive spin on Obamacare.

And now, as a result of the negative publicity surrounding her high-profile chat with Hannity, Davis has been fired.

“They fired me from my job,” she told Hannity while being interviewed on his radio program Thursday.

For his part, Hannity told his radio listeners he would compensate Davis for her expected year’s salary of $26,000 and help her find a new job.

Here’s more of Hannity’s conversation on Thursday with Davis:

DAVIS: “So, the next day I came back and they had, like, two people escort me upstairs to HR. And then it was three head people and me, we sat down, and so I’m like, ‘Why am I up here?’ I figured, OK, they want to talk about the phone call incident.”

HANNITY: “I’m very sorry that you had to go through that. I don’t want you to have to pay a price just for taking our call. So I want to help you out here.”

DAVIS: “I remember her saying, ‘We can’t have this type of stuff going on here, so we have to release you.’ They said that no contact with the media. No type of media whatsoever. We’re not allowed to do that at that company.”

HANNITY: “It’s not your fault I called.”
Hannity told Davis he would “gift” the money to her so she won’t have to pay taxes on it.

And now the polite, composed and patient working mom joins the ranks of millions of other employment-seeking Americans.

If you can help Earline Davis find a new job, Sean Hannity wants you to email him at jobs@hannity.com.
Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2013/10/sean-hannity-puts-his-money-where-his-mouth-is/#cXHwp1C2ADj21tVt.99


How Obamacare Threatens Marriage

Lindsey Martin

marriageObamacare’s consequences go well beyond all the website malfunctions.

For example, Obamacare will tax marriage — another blow to the institution that lies at the heart of our society.

A tax on married couples will effectively fund couples who cohabitate, divorce, or never marry, The Heritage Foundation’s Collette Caprara explains. This strain will put a burden on married couples at all income brackets. Under Obamacare, couples would be better off financially to separate or never commit to marriage.

Keeping traditional marriages and families intact was already an uphill battle as both government policies like welfare and social changes have reduced marriage and increased cohabitation. Not only does marriage provide positive effects for the husband and wife, their children reap benefits as well because they are less likely to experience issues with health, education, and poverty.

Caprara elaborates:

Without the benefits of an intact family, children are 82 percent more likely to live in poverty and tend to fare worse on a wide range of economic measures. In their teens, they are more likely to engage in high-risk behaviors such as sexual activity, substance abuse, and anti-social behavior. They also tend to fare worse on emotional and psychological outcomes and have lower levels of academic achievement and educational attainment.

Do you think married couples should be taxed to provide Obamacare benefits to cohabiting and unmarried couples?