Abuse of Power Report: Persecution of Christians fueled by Obama Vote meddling; Opioid Epidemic fueled by Fraud; Clinton Corruption

Abuse of Power Report:

Illegal Immigrant report

Persecution of Christians fueled by Obama Vote meddling

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Foreign leader: Obama guilty of ‘facilitating’ persecution of Christians

Ex-Nigerian president documents how Barack prodded voters to choose Muslim-led government

The former president of Nigeria, a Christian, is charging in his new book that President Obama was involved in “facilitating” the persecution of Christians by prodding voters there to adopt a Muslim-led government.

The Muslim, Muhammadu Buhari, was, in fact, elected, and he is being blamed for allowing “the persecution of Christians,” reports Breaking Israel News.

He noted two questions, is there corroboration for the claims, and is Buhari facilitating jihad on Christians.

Actually, the claims “appear to correspond with the former U.S. administration’s policy concerning Muslims and Christians in Nigeria,” he said.

Ibrahim explained, “The Obama administration insisted that violence and bloodshed in Nigeria – almost all of which was committed by Muslims against Christians – had nothing to do with religion. This despite the fact that Boko Haram – which was engaging in ISIS type of atrocities: slaughter, kidnap, rape, plunder, slavery, torture before ISIS was even born – presented its terrorism as a jihad. In one instance it even called on President Jonathan to ‘repent and forsake Christianity’ and convert to Islam as the price for peace.

“The Obama administration, however, refused to designate Boko Haram as a foreign terrorist organization until November 2013 – years after increasing pressure from lawmakers, human rights activists, and lobbyists.”

He noted that the Obama administration only offered “generic regrets” if Christians were killed, but protested loudly, in a statement from then-Secretary of State John Kerry – when the Nigeria government killed 30 Boko Haram terrorists.



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Opioid Epidemic fueled by Fraud

Are “New American” Doctors Fueling the Opioid Crisis?

January 3, 2019

by Ann Corcoran

Surely some of the doctors who prescribe unnecessary pain medications and hook hundreds of thousands of Americans on drugs are American born and bred, but check out this story from Michigan in December.

Not only did these ‘new American’ doctors and health professionals turn unsuspecting Americans into drug addicts, but they did it by using your taxpayer dollars in multi-million dollar fraud schemes involving Medicare and Medicaid.

They got rich destroying lives!

And, when they got caught, many fled the country!

From the Detroit News:

No bond for Dr. Rajendra Bothra

Rich and on the run: Doctors flee country amid fraud, opioid crackdown

Detroit — More than a dozen doctors and medical professionals charged with federal crimes locally have fled the country in recent years amid a federal crackdown on illegal opioid use and health care fraud.

Prosecutors used the fugitive status of 16 medical professionals who have fled since 2011 to keep Dr. Rajendra Bothra jailed Wednesday while he awaits trial in a nearly $500 million conspiracy, one of the largest health care fraud cases in U.S. history.

Here is a bit more, but please read the shocking story!

The medical professionals who have fled for overseas destinations including Jordan, Pakistan and Egypt in recent years have two things in common: foreign ties and big bank accounts that have financed flights from justice. In Bothra’s case, he has eight siblings in India and amassed a $35 million fortune and vast-real estate holdings, including a $1.99 million island estate.

Are “New American” Doctors Fueling the Opioid Crisis?

Cause of Youth Suicide? It’s not what you think

Illegal Immigrant Report: 12 Murders of Americans in 2018

John Binder

Breitbart News

As illegal immigration continues soaring in the United States and the illegal alien population booms to potentially 22 million, there have been multiple Americans who have been the victims of crimes allegedly committed by illegal aliens this past year.

Here, Breitbart News remembers 12 Americans who were allegedly killed or murdered by illegal aliens this year.

Mollie Tibbetts

Police say Tibbetts was stabbed to death and then dumped in a rural Brooklyn, Iowa cornfield by Bahena-Rivera. The illegal alien has been charged with first-degree murder and his trial is set for April 2019.

Ronil Singh

Newman, California police officer Ronil Singh — a legal immigrant from Fiji — was allegedly shot and killed during a routine traffic stop the day after Christmas by illegal alien Gustavo Perez Arriaga.

Singh leaves behind a wife, Anamika, and his five-month-old son.

Logan and Jessica Wilson

Eduardo de la Lima Vargas, an illegal alien from Mexico, faces two counts of manslaughter and drunk driving charges after he allegedly crashed into Logan and Jessica Wilson as they were riding on their motorcycle. The Wilsons, 34 and 32-years-old, were killed in the crashed.

Logan and Jessica leave behind their three young children.

Lu Thi Harris

Lu Thi Harris

In March, 81-year-old Lu Thi Harris was allegedly murdered by 45-year-old illegal alien Billy Chemirmir, originally from Kenya.

Prosecutors say Chemirmir smothered Harris to death in her home before robbing her of jewelry and other items.

Since Chemirmir was charged with murder, two elderly women have come forward to tell police that the illegal alien had attempted to kill them by sitting on their chest and smothering them with a pillow.

The illegal alien is being held on a $1 million bond while authorities review more than 750 recent deaths of elderly women in the area to determine if Chemirmir was allegedly involved.

In Memoriam: 12 Americans Allegedly Killed by Illegal Aliens in 2018

Clinton Corruption

Former President Of Haitian Senate Bernard Sansaricq Exposes Clinton Corruption In Haiti In Exclusive Interview



Moral Solutions: Freedom of Religion; Stop Persecution of Christians

Moral Solutions:

Freedom of Religion; Stop Persecution of Christians

Trump reversing ‘devastating trend,’ says Christian leader

Bob Unruhobama-rejected-a

‘Destructive Obama-era policies’ on president’s chopping block

christianquote3-ten-com-lawPresident Donald Trump called for a united effort to make America better to a joint session of Congress Tuesday night, inviting all to join in restoring the nation’s economy, defense and more.

But a prominent Christian leader in attendance said what struck him was Trump’s commitment to religious freedom.

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins said, “Tonight President Trump gave encouragement to Americans of all backgrounds who have suffered the loss of their freedoms, especially religious liberty, because of destructive Obama-era policies.

Perkins said Trump “is taking his first steps to reverse the devastating trend of the government punishing those who live their life according to their deeply held beliefs.”

obama-persecute-christians“That’s why it’s no surprise that recent polling finds the most enthusiastic supporters of Trump are evangelicals, the same ones who helped deliver one of the most stunning upsets in election history,” he said. “President Trump understands that if Americans don’t have the freedom to live according to their faith – whether it’s in the home, in the workplace, or in school – then we really can’t be free. That’s why I remain confident that President Trump will sign an executive order reinstating government-wide protections for religious liberty.”

Perkins noted Trump’s comments about rebuilding the military and charged that the policies of the previous administration dealt with the troops “as a laboratory of liberal social experimentation.”

“These policies have led to chaplains being disciplined for their faith, and religious speech being censored. Religious liberty in the military needs to be reinforced with policies that reflect the law, which allows men and women to not only believe, but act on those beliefs,” he said.

“I am hopeful that tonight’s speech will provide new momentum toward fulfilling the GOP’s promise of dismantling the disastrous Obamacare law and ending the forced partnership between taxpayers and organizations like Planned Parenthood. We are committed to assisting the president and congressional leaders in repealing and replacing Obamacare with a program that is patient-centered and respects the principle that federal funding and subsidies do not go to health care plans which include abortion.

“Tonight, President Trump opened the door wider to solutions that put America back on the right track. As the president continues to fulfill his promises, I believe he will see more Americans rally to his side to join him in making freedom mean something again in America.”

The House Freedom Caucus released a statement praising Trump for laying out “a bold, forward-looking vision for the country that puts the needs of Main Street before those of Washington, D.C.”

“Since his first day in office, President Trump has worked tirelessly to keep his campaign promises: from undoing President Obama’s jobs-killing regulatory regime, to taking action to secure our nation,” the caucus said.

“As President Trump alluded to this evening, there’s much work to be done ahead. We were pleased the president reaffirmed his commitment to fully repeal Obamacare and replace it with patient-centered, market-driven policy. We share his vision and will work to develop a repeal and replace strategy that does just that.”


Protecting Christians, fighting terror? Russia’s on it

Syrian priest: ‘It is miraculous that we are still alive. We owe that to Vladimir Putin’

Aleksandar Pavic

putin-christian-orthodoxA few years ago, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, who then was Russia’s ambassador to NATO, warned that a new influence had appeared that was becoming a major threat to large segments of the world, namely, Asia, Europe and America.

“There is a new civilization emerging in the Third World that thinks that the white, Northern Hemisphere has always oppressed it and must therefore fall at its feet now. … If the northern civilization wants to protect itself, it must be united: America, the European Union and Russia. If they are not together, they will be defeated one by one,” he said.

He was primarily referring to radical Islam. And America, with its Christian foundation, Europe, with its own Judeo-Christian heritage, and even Russia, with its historic Russian Orthodox Christian church, would appear to have reason to join ranks.

So why would the American political elite be so averse to pursuing better relations with Russia, as President Donald Trump has suggested?

After all, every president in recent years has stated essentially the same goal. Remember then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s “reset” under President Obama?

But opposition to Trump’s suggestions have been loud and long, despite what some have seen as extraordinary efforts on the part of Russia to protect Christians.

It was a 76-year old Flemish priest from the sixth-century Mar Yakub monastery in the Syrian city of Qara who put the issue in the context he understood best, his own life.

protect-christians“It is miraculous that we are still alive. We owe that to the army of Assad’s government and to Vladimir Putin, because he decided to intervene when the rebels threatened to take power… Between ordinary Muslims and Christians, there is no problem. It is those radical Islamic, Western-backed rebels who want to massacre us. … Trump understands that radical Islam is a bigger threat than Russia.”

Paul Marshall, Lela Gilbert and Nina Shea have collaborated to create “Persecuted: The Global Assault on Christians,” which confirms that groups like Pew Research, Newsweek and The Economist also identify Christians as “the world’s most widely persecuted religious group.”

In Europe, many of the newly sprung nationalist, anti-globalist and anti-EU parties have expressed admiration for Russia’s defense of traditional values, along with European Christian intellectuals, who despair over Western Europe’s abandonment of its spiritual roots.

In the Balkans, Russia is the sole power standing up for Christians persecuted by Islamists and has refused to recognize the Western condoned secession of Kosovo from Serbia and the Muslim Albanians ISIS-like destruction of the millennial Christian Church heritage there.

And Archbishop Vsevovlod Chaplin declared, “Any fight against terrorism is moral; we can even call it a holy fight.”
The Kremlin said, “The two leaders emphasized that joining efforts in fighting the main threat – international terrorism – is a top priority. The presidents spoke out for establishing real coordination of actions between Russia and the U.S. aimed at defeating Islamic State and other terrorists groups in Syria.”


Geert Wilders: Islam Is Not a Religion, It’s a Totalitarian Ideology

Middle East Peace Plan: Form a Christian Nation

Dinner Topics for Thursday

Middle East Peace Plan: Form a Christian Nation

keyAfter all, if Muslims, who represent the second-largest religion in the world, are entitled to 51 countries of their own, why aren’t Christians—the largest religion in the world—entitled to one? ~Joseph Farah

Joseph Farah

Radical solution to top Middle East problems: security of Israel and persecution of Christians

Middle East Problems: Security for Israel

Israel is a tiny sliver of civilization in a vast ocean of hostile, Muslim-dominated regimes who would like to destroy the Jewish state.

israelmapThe “solution” for this problem put forward by most of the world is for Israel to give up more of its land and to create yet another hostile, Muslim-dominated regime as an immediate neighbor to Israel.

It doesn’t make any sense to me.

Personally, I don’t think Israel should give up one inch of its territory—especially land won in hard-fought, life-and-death wars it never wanted.

But here’s a compromise no one else has put forward –and the beauty of it is that it solves a humanitarian crisis few other nations, including the U.S., seem to care about.

israel_flagSo let’s first take a look at the crisis that is getting worse all the time.

For the moment, Egypt has a moderate regime in charge—offering the first real protection of 10 million Christians who have faced persecution since Muslims invaded in the 8th century.

Lebanon, once the closest thing to an Arab Christian country in the region, is now dominated by Iran-backed Hezbollah extremists. Oh, and it also faces an imminent invasion by ISIS—which wants to cut off the heads of all the Christians.

The fall of Saddam Hussein in Iraq turned into a nightmare for Christians in that country, many of whom fled Islamic extremism to Jordan and Syria.

Christians, once treated with a degree of dignity in Iran, are increasingly facing persecution under the Shiite mullah regime.

Syria, where the second-largest Christian community in the Middle East resides, is on the precipice of falling to ISIS. Christian churches, homes and businesses are being systematically burned to the ground—and the refugees have nowhere left to go.

And in the so-called Palestinian Authority, Christians have been on the run for decades.

So here’s the big idea that addresses both problems—Israel’s security and the plight of persecuted Christians.

If the world insists on creating a new Arab country called Palestine—one that has never existed in the history of the world—let it be a Christian Arab country, located between Israel and those hostile, Muslim-dominated regimes: Maronites from Lebanon, Syrian Orthodox from Damascus, Greek Orthodox from the Palestinian Authority, Catholics from Iraq and Jordan. It would serve as a refuge for Christians who want to live in peace and freedom and without the second-class citizenship of Islam-imposed dhimmitude. It would be well-armed and agree to live in peace an harmony with their Jewish neighbors—which shouldn’t be a problem.

bible-cross2It would be the one and only Christian country in the Middle East—and likely a strong ally with the one and only Jewish state.

After all, why do Muslim Arabs need another police state when they already have a dozen to choose from in the region?

Why not create a self-governing, independent, free Christian-dominated Arab state as a buffer between Israel and nearly 30 million Muslims who seem content living under various shades of Islamic authoritarianism?

Why is that the injustice perpetrated on millions of Middle East Christians is not even a consideration for the rest of the world?

Now I don’t really expect this idea to gain any currency.

But why not?

christian-persecution-syriaThe greatest terror in the Middle East today is Arab-on-Arab violence—mostly Muslim vs. Christian.

The so-called “Arab Spring” has meant nothing but horror for Arab Christians.

By the way, just as Israel provided a homeland for Jews dispersed throughout the world, this new Christian country, which I see stretching from southern Lebanon to the north of Israel, to Amman in the East and Gaza in the south, could be a place of refuge for persecuted Christians not only throughout the Middle East, but in Africa and central Asia.

In fact, I might even leave the U.S., where anti-Christian persecution is on the rise, to live in the one and only real Christian country in the world.

After all, if Muslims, who represent the second-largest religion in the world, are entitled to 51 countries of their own, why aren’t Christians—the largest religion in the world—entitled to one?

I know it will never happen because it makes too much sense. I know it will never happen because it would further inflame the Saudi-backed Muslim Brotherhood terrorists and the Iranian-backed Hezbollah terrorists.

I know it will never happen because I’m the only one even suggesting such a thing.

truth1The Truth about Middle East Muslims

It demonstrates why and how terrorism works. Middle East Christians don’t resort to terrorism. They don’t call for the destruction of their neighbors. They don’t threaten and bully and intimidate. But Middle East Muslims do. And because they control so much oil and wealth, the world backs their insane demands to create another terrorist state in the interest of furthering “peace.”

You tell me, though, whose plan makes more sense—the world’s or mine?

Clear History: Persecution of Christians, Genocide in Armenia, and Warning on Muslim Extremists

Clear History—Truth about Persecution of Christians

ISIS is real Muslim believers who like to follow the Quran and Muhammad. ~Sister Hatune

2015—100th Anniversary of the Genocide in Armenia

In 1915, the genocide of 1.5 million Christian Armenians was carried out by Muslims of the Ottoman Empire in Turkey.

Brave Nun gives Warning on Christian Persecution, Worldwide Islamic Threat to Christians

christian-persecution-hatune“ISIS is real Muslim believers who like to follow the Quran”

Leo Hohmann

Excerpts, World Net Daily, Whistleblower Magazine April 2015, 12-16

Sister Hatune Dogan arrived at the Atlanta airport for a stopover on her way beck to Europe on a cold, gray afternoon in late December. She was dressed in traditional black runic with a habit covering her hair. A simple wooden cross hung around her neck and she carried with her a well-worn copy of the Quran.

One might expect an Eastern Orthodox nun to carry a Bible, but it is the Quran which has become her constant companion wherever she travels, reaching out to Western believers who want to learn the truth about life in the Middle East as a Christian.

This is the book, she says, that has led to so many tears among religious minorities in every country where Islam dominates.


1915 Genocide by the Ottoman Empire


She grew up under what she calls the “hard persecution of Islam” in southeastern Turkey near the Syrian border, a part of the world that was once almost all Christian but over the centuries has seen its numbers whittled away.

When people ask her why ISIS is so brutal, she starts by taking them back to 1915, when her family lived under the Ottoman caliphate. The Ottoman Empire serves as the model for the Islamic State, also called ISIS. The Ottomans slaughtered 3 million Armenian, Syrian, and Greek Christians and reduced others to second-class status under subjugation, or “dhimmitude.”Armenian Christian accounted for about half of the 3 million who lost their lives in Turkey, but the other half were Christians of various ethnic backgrounds—Greek Orthodox, Syrian Orthodox and Protestants.

Her family initially lived in Turkey as Jews, but later her entire village converted to Christianity.


quranWhat the Quran says

ISIS is nothing new, she said, just the re-emergence of Islam’s dark side. It’s the Islam that many Americans have never been told of, either by their government, their schools or their churches.

“ISIS is not fanatic. ISIS is not more terrible. ISIS is real Muslim believers who like to follow the Quran and Muhammad,” said the feisty nun, who founded the Warburg, Germany-based Sister Hatune Foundation, a global relief effort that has been honored by the German government for its dedication to human rights.

There are moderate Muslims, she says, but they are not the ones reading about and trying to emulate the life of Muhammad.

‘Others say they are Muslim. They say they believe Quran, but they don’t follow it,” Sister Hatune said.

Sister Hatune believes Christians in the West should learn what is written in the Quran, as well as the hadiths, which comprise the sayings about the life of Muhammad. If they did, they would not be fooled by their leaders, such as President Obama, who famously said the Islamic State is “neither Islamic nor a state.”

ISIS, she contends, is not doing anything that hasn’t been done in the past by devout Muslims who have conquered a people they see as “infidels.”


Drawing on her own family background, Sister Hatune has recently finished work on her 13th book, “I Believe in Action”, written to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Christian genocide in Turkey. In this book she compares the life of Jesus to that of Muhammad, Islam’s prophet.

“I write not from my head. All facts,” she said. Muhammad came and he brought killing, beheading, pedophilia. He slept with a 9-year-old girl he married when she was 6 years old. We know because she says it herself in the Hadith. In Yemen today, where Shariah is the law, they have to marry the girl before her first menstruation, maximum of age 13, because it is written.”

“Twenty-five tiems in Quran it says to kill Christians because we are involved in polytheism,” she said, explaining that mUslims do not understand the concept of the Holy Tritinity. “Also, it says to not make friends with Christians.”

“A mosque is not just for prayer,” the nun said. “It is to prepare to kill the unbeliever and control the world.”

In the Quran there are 97 verses against the unbeliever, she noted.

“And there are verses against the Christians who say God is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, or that Jesus is the Son of God. They have to be beheaded, the head cut off from the neck; no other interpretation. This is what the Muslims are doing.

sharia-vs-womenNormal Muslims, who are really Muslims, have to follow this rule,” she said. “There will never be peace on Earth if theyse verses of the Quran are jnot stopped. It is in the Quran, Hadith and Sunna 36,800 times, the words ‘cut,’ ‘kill,’ or ‘attack.’ How can there be peace on Earth?’

The quran also gives Muslim men permission to rape girls and women who are held captive as slaves. (Sura 23:5-6)

Muslim apologists in the West say the verse is taken out of context by “Islamophobes,” but Sister Hatune believes otherwise. “Those of us Christians from Middle East. We know them. We know their rules,” she said.

“Education is not allowed for the girls. The women are created for the sex for the gents,” she said. If she becomes raped she has to bring four men with her as witness. Of course it is impossible, so she will be stoned. There are so many women and girls who die from stoning.”

Sister Hatune’s Life

At the age of 14, Sister Hatune left Turkey with her parents in 1985, finding refuge in Germany.

“We were a rich family. They threatened my father. He run away. He said this is enough. We must leave everything and go.”

Theodore Shoebat, son of former Palestinian militant-turned Christian Walid Shoebat, described Sister Hatune in a Dec. 30, 2013, article as a modern-day Mother Theresa.

Her righteous deeds of course receive the vociferous wrath of the jihadists; in the words of Dogan, “I get 18 death threats in seven languages.”

christian-persecution-handsA Message for America

“America is inviting its own slaughterers to its door,” she said, referring to the U.S. policy of taking in Muslims through the United Nations refugee program and other immigration programs.

The U.S. has accepted nearly 2 million from Muslim countries since 1992, and this does not even include family reunification, student visas and employer-based immigration.

[American response to her message has generally been rejection. People refuse to accept reality and truth.]

Warning: Muslim Extremism must be confronted

sharia-no-americaThe nun says The Islamic culture must be confronted. However, if there is a void or a weakness in the Christian culture, the muslims will sense that weakness and step up their efforts to intimidate and attack even more aggressively, she says. Eventually the intimidation gives way to subjugation.

“You cannot be afraid of Islam culture,” she said. “If you run, they will come after you like dog culture. You must stand your ground.

I don’t say fight. I say resist.

I say to them, ‘Stop. I don’t want you. I have my own God.’”

They come here thinking to conquer the country. If they don’t accept the American way of life, go back home. The government has to understand this.”

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How You Can Help

Financial support can be sent to the Sister Hatune Foundation, Neur Weg 2, Warburg, Germany, D-34414

While some were repelled by the stories of thousands of girls being raped and the images of Christians being crucified by ISIS, [and other atrocities too horrific to state here], others responded by coming up afterward and asking how they could get more information and possibly get involved in helping persecuted Christians.

Agencies to help you stay informed and provide needed aid to persecuted Christians

The Voice of the Martyrs Persecution.com


This is a non-profit interdenominational Christian group founded in 1967 by Pastor Richard Wurmbrand, who was imprisoned for 14 years in Communist Romania for fearlessly preaching the Gospel of Christ. His wife, Sabina, was jailed for three years. Ultimately, they and their son, Mihai, were ransomed and brought to the U.S.



BarnabasAid, also known as Barnabas Fund, works by providing aid directly to Christians, mostly in Muslim environment, using existing churches and organization in nations where support is delivered.

persecutingchristiansInternational Christian Concern Perscecution.org

ICC describes itself as a bridge between believers in free countries and believers in persecuted countries, a bridge that carries encouragement, prayers and aid in while bringing out news, requests and love. It was Founded by Steve Snyder in 1986 as part of Christian Solidarity International USA Division, later separating into an independent organization.


Open Doors was launched in 1955 by a young Dutchman who was burdened by the absence of Bibles among churches in persecuted countries. Soon Brother Andrew earned the reputation that inspired the title of a book about him, “God’s Smuggler,” for his work taking Bibles specifically behind the Iron Curtain.


China Aid was founded by Pastor Bob Fu, who fled from China’s persecution of Christians in the 1990s, to promote religious freedom in China and raise worldwide awareness of the ongoing persecution there. it seeks to address the physical needs of the abused Christians, as well as offer legal and spiritual help.



Headed by evangelist Franklin Graham, Samaritan’s Purse is gased on the new Testament story of the Good Samaritan, which “gives a clear picture of God’s desire for us to nelp those in desperate need wherever we find them.” The organization for 40 years has reached out to hurting people in countries around the world with food, medicine and other help in Jesus’ name.


Christian Solidarity International


Christian Solidarity International, founded in 1977 in Switzerland by Rev. Hans Stuckelberger,is a human rights-focused organization that campaigns for religious liberty and human dignity. One of its main focal point is the ongoing slavery to which Christians are subjected in Sudan’s divided parts. It delivers food, medicine and other supplies to victims in Iraq, Egypt, South Sudan and Pakistan.



Advocates International is a team of Christian lawyers who joined up after meeting with a Russian Orthodox lawyer, Natalya Vissotskaya, after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. Their quest is to provide help to societies suffering religious persecution with the goal of restoring and affirming religious freedom, human rights, the sanctity of human life and the rule of law.


The World Evangelical Alliance Religious Liberty Commission


The commission is a group that monitors religious liberty situations in more than 100 nations, defending persecuted Christians, informing the global church and giving all possible assistance to the suffering. It makes fact-finding trips and meets with governments and ambassadors. At the U.N., it reports on persecution.


war-on-christianityLegal Counsel in the United States

For persecution issues occurring largely inside the United States—from discriminatory practices burdening churches and Christian families to threats to freedoms of speech, religion and association—there are a number of organizations, including:


Liberty Counsel: LC.org

Thomas More Society: ThomasMoreSociety.org

obama-vs-christianityAmerican Center for Law and Justice: ACLJ.org

Pacific Justice Institute: PacificJustice.org

Liberty Institute: LibertyInstitute.org/news

Thomas More Law Center: ThomasMore.org

American Freedom Law Center: AmericanFreedomLawCenter.org

Becket Fund: BecketFund.org

Alliance Defending Freedom: AllianceDefendingFreedom.org



World Net Daily, Whistleblower Magazine April 2015, 44-45

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