Obama Agenda vs. Liberty, American Citizen

Obama’s Liberal Democrat Agenda Creates Tyranny in Senate, Robs Liberty from American Citizens


Sen. Mike Lee R-Utah called it an attack on the Senate itself and a move toward one-party rule.

Lee told WND, “Today’s decision by the Democrats to break the rules of the Senate are a partisan attack on the very purpose of this institution. The Senate protects the American people from authoritarian one-party rule by requiring at least some consensus to move anything through this body. The Democrats have just done great damage to this principle by putting politics and partisanship ahead of the interests of the American people.”

iobamadictatorThe Washington Post said it “reverses nearly 225 years of precedent and dramatically alters the landscape for both Democratic and Republican presidents.”

The paper also said it would lead to “severely curtailing the political leverage of the Republican minority in the Senate and assuring an escalation of partisan warfare.”

Under the new rules, it only takes a majority of senators, or 51 votes, for confirmation of federal judge nominees and presidential appointments. That replaces the 60-vote super-majority that has been required for more than 200 years. The new rule does not apply to Supreme Court nominations.

The measure passed by a vote of 52-48. (3 Democrats sided with Republicans against this power grab.)


 Rush Limbaugh

In the five years that Barack Obama has been president, he has nominated genuinely extreme people who are out of the American mainstream, to sit on courts, to be cabinet secretaries, to sit over at the EPA, you name it, really genuinely radical leftist extremes who are not part of the American mainstream.  The Republicans have filibustered a number of these nominees in order to keep genuine radical leftists out.  The Democrats are fit to be tied over this because their view is Obama won and he should be able to nominate whoever he wants. 

The rule now is, the practical meaning of the rule is that there are no rules, and the Republicans’ votes mean nothing.  Whatever is proposed, the Republicans, if they stay unified, 45 votes against it means nothing.  There’s nothing they can do unless they can convince some Democrats to join ’em and deny the Democrats 51 votes.  If that happens, Dingy Harry might change the rule again to say all we need 50 on this particular issue.  Once you start changing the rules as the majority — the Founders were terrified of the tyranny of the majority.  One of the reasons that the Senate was structured and founded the way it is, as opposed to the House, it was designed for gridlock.  It was designed to stop massive new laws being passed and voted on daily.  It was designed to stop the growth of government. 

I Think This Behavior Will Come Back and Bite the Democrats

RUSH: I want to tell you something else.  This is going to incur the wrath of several of my friends who are gonna accuse me of having my head in the sand.  All I can do is share with you what’s in my heart.  This stuff that the Democrats are pulling here, all of it, the filibuster, Obamacare, all of this stuff, I have to tell you, I’m an optimistic person and I have faith, and I may even be a little Pollyannish at times, and I understand that you have to make things happen.  You just can’t sit around and wait for ’em to happen, but I’m telling you, I think all of this is gonna come back and haunt these people.

This is Really Evil Behavior

I think it’s gonna bite them.  They may temporarily get away with some of this stuff, but this is evil stuff that they’re doing.  This is really evil behavior. They’re just making a mockery of the way this country was founded, making a mockery of the Constitution, laughing at spending taxpayer money on their own health care or on vacation trips to the Caribbean with prostitutes and whores that they’re hiring.  And it gets known, they get caught and they don’t care. They just keep doing it.

ObamacareCapitol3RangelCharlie Rangel doesn’t pay his taxes. He’s living a lifestyle of somebody who makes 10 times what he earns, and he gets away with it.  There’s no problem whatsoever.  And if you call him on it, you’re a racist.  And I’m just telling you know, I sit here, the first half hour of this program, if you just look at it in a self-contained way, it’s depressing as hell.  The filibuster alone, 45 Republican votes now don’t matter, and the people who elected those 45 have no voice.  This is not Venezuela.  It’s still the United States of America.

Now, the cut-and-dried, dispassionate way of telling you that, it sounds desperate, it sounds horrible, what are we gonna do?  Especially when we have a party that’s unwilling to fight back.  We have a party that seems more interested in wiping out its own base than taking out their real enemy.  But I still think — and it’s not blind faith.  It’s actually faith in the majority of people in the country.  I still have that.  I know we’re plagued by a bunch of ignorant low-information people that the Democrat Party have created and continue to cultivate.  I understand all that and I know the media is what it is.  I know all that. I just have — call it naivete — I have this sense that justice happens at some point.  It all evens out.

They’re going to pay for this, and I don’t know how, and it may not even be in my lifetime, but they’re not going to get away with this.  They are the majority, they changed the rules whenever they want?  There aren’t any rules.  That can’t go on.  I mean, the country can’t survive as it is.  The Senate cannot function.

ObamacareSocialismdictatorWhen there are no rules whenever whatever Barack Obama and Harry Reid want ’em to be day to day.  You look at public opinion, Democrats are not overwhelmingly popular.  This country’s not in love with these people.  Obamacare’s hated.  Obamacare’s despised.  Obama himself, the bloom is off that rose. 

He is not the messiah any longer.  He is now your standard, ordinary, everyday politician who lies, who breaks promises, who’s in it for himself, who can’t do anything on his own.  He’s not qualified.  All of this is becoming known, sadly, too late.  The media has not been able to protect him from this, ultimately.  They did for a number of years, but this is my point.  For five years, Obama was able to keep the truth about himself hidden.  It’s now out there.

Despite the media, despite every cover-up effort that they have engaged in, despite every ounce of energy they have expended to portray Obama as a messiah, the truth has surfaced.  I understand the linkage that leftists have to the Democrat Party and how they hate us and so forth. I understand all of that, and I know that it’s gonna sound… Because a lot of people on our side are fatalists and a lot of people on our side are trying to make money off the fatalism, to tell you the truth — which is not uncommon, by the way.

People that have financial newsletters will tell you that their subscriptions skyrocket the more they predict a crash.  So there are a lot of people wrapped up in negativity and trying to profit from it.  I understand all that, and there are a lot of people who have given up, and there are a lot of people who think there’s no recovering from this, and that may be.  I am just telling you that I have faith. I can’t even tell you why I’ve got the faith, other than I have faith in the country. I have faith in the people that live here.

I have faith in the people who actually make this country work — and in my life, in a personal sense, people who have behaved in reprehensible ways have always gotten theirs. At some point, somehow.  Not that I ever had anything to do with it.  It just happens.  Now, bad things happen to good people, too.  I don’t want, in any way here, to be thought naive.  But I have faith, folks. I have faith in this.  This is so evil and reprehensible, what is happening here, and there’s not ultimately going to be a reward for it.

Just mark my words.  People engaging in all this are going to pay a massive price someday.  I don’t know how or when, but I know human nature — and I also know that no matter what they do, the left, and no matter how much they win, they’re never going to be happy.  They’re never satisfied.  They could get everything in the world they want and they would not be happy.  If they were able to totally exterminate every single person who opposed them, they still wouldn’t be happy.  They’re not capable of it.  They’ll never be satisfied.

CALLER:  I wonder how much of that is even being helped by, you know, Colonel Allen West and Dr. Carson in not being afraid to speak out, either.  I mean, perhaps, you know, having eloquent gentlemen like them speaking out against it, and the race card really can’t be pulled on them, although they try —

RUSH:  Oh, but it is.

CALLER:  — to encourage people.  I know.  They keep getting called racists as well.  But neither one —

RUSH:  No.  They’re called Uncle Toms and traitors and — —

CALLER:  Right.

RUSH:  — the IRS was sicked on Dr. Carson.

CALLER:  Oh, absolutely, I heard that.

RUSH:  And they took Allen West out. They’ve found some way to get him out of office.

CALLER:  But these two gentlemen still have the strength of character to not be afraid.  They still stand up every day.  I’m so encouraged by their courage that it helps me to get up every day just to hear that —

RUSH:  Oh, okay, I misunderstood what you were saying.  I thought you were asking them to speak up.

CALLER:  No, they do, and I think that is courageous.

RUSH:  It is.  There’s no question.  But a lot of people have been speaking up for five years, not many, but a lot of people have, and look what happens to ’em.

CALLER:  I know.  I know.  But every day more and more folks are standing up and I think now that even Hollywood is starting to get on ’em a little bit. Keep doing what you do, Rush, because perhaps the tide is beginning it turn.

RUSH:  Well, it’s like I said earlier.  And I know this sounds kind of dissatisfying and empty because I can’t provide any specifics, and I admit that this is rooted in faith.  I have no problem admitting that.  I’m gonna sound like a first-grader in civics class here, folks, but I really do,

I believe bad people end up getting theirs in the end.  I just do.  Some seem to always get away with it, but most don’t, and I don’t know when are how, but this is not gonna be ultimately rewarded. 

Government Education Agenda vs. American Parents

“ObamaEd” Government Education Agenda is Coming to a School Near You

It’s enough that we have Obamacare.  Now we’re getting ObamaEd

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No Longer Absolute Truths

Common-Core-Math “The math standard focuses on investigative math, which has been shown to be a disaster… With the new math standard in the Common Core, there are no longer absolute truths. So 3 times 4 can now equal 11 so long as a student can effectively explain how they reached that answer.”

Common Core is, undeniably, the regime’s baby. Obama’s regime has turned everything it has nationalized into a hot mess. Now leftist takeover of indoctrination has officially come out of the closet.

Do you know what the Common Core Curriculum is? Whether you have children or not, unless you live in Alaska, Texas, Nebraska or Virginia, it behooves you to become familiar with it before it kicks in, full-bore, in 2014.

Forty five states have adopted the entire Common Core Curriculum. One might ask why that is so dangerous. After all, Federal standards have been around since Jimmy Carter made the Department of Education a bona fide arm of the federal government in the 1970s. Simply put, Common Core is the federal government’s takeover of education.

It means the federal government now decides what children learn. Neither parents nor local school districts will have any say in what is being taught. Education is being nationalized.

Take, for example, the mathematics component of the program. Glyn Wright, Executive Director of Eagle Forum told Fox News: “The math standard focuses on investigative math, which has been shown to be a disaster… With the new math standard in the Common Core, there are no longer absolute truths. So 3 times 4 can now equal 11 so long as a student can effectively explain how they reached that answer.”

Professor James Milgram of Stanford University is the only mathematician on the Common Core Validation Committee. Fox News reports that he refused to validate the math standards. The whole thing is “in large measure a political document.” He advised the state of Texas not to adopt the Common Core standards.

Texas took Professor Milgram’s advice. Early adherents, such as high rent district Fairfield, Connecticut, instituted Common Core mathematics last year. Their students’ test scores plummeted. Destroying mathematical certainties in favor of experimental clap-trap doesn’t raise mathematical aptitude in American students. The playing field is not being made level. It is being buried.

schoolindoctrinationTampering with the English program is even more chilling. Who decides what is appropriate to be taught and what is considered PC to read is now in the hands of the federal government, affecting every aspect of every subject.

Joy Pullman of The Heartland Institute spoke to Breitbart at length. She argued that proponents of Common Core are, as always, trying to fabricate value out of garbage: “(T)he standards (that) are being used to write the tables of contents for all the textbooks used in K-12 math and English classes . . . may not technically constitute a curriculum, but it certainly defines what children will be taught, especially when they and their teachers will be judged by performance on national tests that are aligned with these standards.”

College acceptance will be based on test results of what the government dictates will be taught. SAT and ACT testing will be revised based upon Common Core. And because of that, home-schooled students are not exempt.

Advocates of the Common Core program are eager to place responsibility for the Common Core Curriculum entirely with the National Governors Association and the Council of Chief State School. But Common Core is, undeniably, the regime’s baby.

Obama’s regime has turned everything it has nationalized into a hot mess. Now leftist takeover of indoctrination has officially come out of the closet. Joy Pullman cuts through the fertilizer: “People who characterize Common Core as anything other than a national takeover of schooling are either unaware of these sweeping implications or are deliberately hiding this information from the public.”

It’s no wonder that there is a marked increase of parents pulling their children out of government schools.
Read more at http://politicaloutcast.com/2013/09/obamaed-coming-school-near/#ihAh2SOAXPprh43x.99

Obama Health Insurance Death Panel vs. American Citizen

The Obamacare Death Panels Have Arrived

obamapinocchioObama promised over and over that People could Keep their Doctors. The Truth Is …He Lied.

What Happens when People Start Dying Because They Can’t Get Health Care? What Have We Become?

Jane asks the President if her 100 year old mother (now 105) would have gotten a pacemaker under his plan. Well now that’s a tough one … that costs a lot and maybe we will have to say, just take a pill. Priceless.

Obama’s answer: Just Take a Pill—See video

“This is becoming so ridiculous, that even the biggest liar can’t top himself,” Mason, 82, told host Aaron Klein on WABC in New York City. “He looks at you straight in the face, and tells you that if you want your plan, you got your plan, you keep your plan. Now, a month-and-a-half later, you got no plan, you lost your plan, and he tells you still got a plan.”

The stand-up comic, who calls himself “The Ultimate Jew,” continued on Obama: “He has a whole country walking around dizzy wondering who we’re listening to. If this is a president of a country, how come he’s the only one in America who doesn’t seem to know what’s going on here?

“Never did I expect a guy like this, the head of a country, to blatantly lie to your face, and then not only lie to your face, then lie about the fact that he never lied. Then lie again about the next lie he told. There used to be a time when you would worship the president, even if you didn’t like him. You knew he told the truth because he’s the president of a country. Now, he’s the only guy in America who would have the nerve to lie this much.

“The latest is that it’s only 5 percent of the people, only 15 [or] 20 million people who are going to lose their plan. …  What if you shoot a guy? He’s only one person out of 300 million. How come it’s in the paper that you shot an innocent person and you go to jail for it? … Since when do you destroy people and it doesn’t count because it’s too small a percentage?” ~Jackie Mason

From Rush Limbaugh

Ninety million that are not working, and over there is the individual mandate that requires them to get insurance. However, over there is a little piece of the law that says the IRS can’t collect money unless you have a refund coming. So there really isn’t a mandate, but they don’t want anybody to know that. So the bottom line is, folks, if you don’t have insurance, it means you don’t have an employer plan. If you’re without insurance right now, that’s what it means. So the only option you have is an individual plan, and that’s what people are encountering.

All of these horrors stories of premiums going up and deductibles going up, out of pocket going up. Those are individuals trying to follow the law, and they are finding that they can’t afford it, because Obamacare is destroying the individual insurance market, not the evil insurance companies. They simply are complying with the law as well.

Cancer Patient Can’t Keep Plan or Doctor

obamacaresocialismAn example. Wall Street Journal by Edie Littlefield Sundby. “You Also Can’t Keep Your Doctor.” And this tells the story. And, by the way, do you know what this story is? This is the story that Sarah Palin told us all those months ago about death panels, and people laughed. People started insulting her, laughing at her, impugning her. People started saying, “There she goes again. This absolute lunatic broad doesn’t know what she’s talking about.” And she nailed it.

If this isn’t a quasi-death panel, I don’t know what is. This article is a gut punch to Obamacare. “I had great cancer doctors and health insurance. My plan was cancelled. Now I worry how long I’ll live,” by Edie Littlefield Sundby. “Everyone now is clamoring about Affordable Care Act winners and losers. I am one of the losers.

“My grievance is not political; all my energies are directed to enjoying life and staying alive, and I have no time for politics. For almost seven years I have fought and survived stage-4 gallbladder cancer, with a five-year survival rate of less than 2% after diagnosis. I am a determined fighter and extremely lucky. But this luck may have just run out: My affordable, lifesaving medical insurance policy has been canceled effective Dec. 31.

“My choice is to get coverage through the government health exchange and lose access to my cancer doctors, or pay much more for insurance outside the exchange (the quotes average 40% to 50% more) for the privilege of starting over with an unfamiliar insurance company and impaired benefits. Countless hours –” and this, by the way, this describes so many people. “Countless hours searching for non-exchange plans have uncovered nothing that compares well with my existing coverage. But the greatest source of frustration is Covered California, the state’s Affordable Care Act health-insurance exchange and, by some reports, one of the best such exchanges in the country. After four weeks of researching plans on the website, talking directly to government exchange counselors, insurance companies and medical providers, my insurance broker and I are as confused as ever. Time is running out and we still don’t have a clue how to best proceed.”

She says that her grievance isn’t political. It is. She just doesn’t know it. That’s another story, though, and I will leave it aside for the moment.

“Two things have been essential in my fight to survive stage-4 cancer. The first are doctors and health teams in California and Texas: at the medical center of the University of California, San Diego, and its Moores Cancer Center; Stanford University’s Cancer Institute; and the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. The second element essential to my fight is a United Healthcare PPO (preferred provider organization) health-insurance policy.

“Since March 2007 United Healthcare has paid $1.2 million to help keep me alive, and it has never once questioned any treatment or procedure recommended by my medical team. The company pays a fair price to the doctors and hospitals, on time, and is responsive to the emergency treatment requirements of late-stage cancer. Its caring people in the claims office have been readily available to talk to me and my providers. But in January, United Healthcare sent me a letter announcing that they were pulling out of the individual California market. The company suggested I look to Covered California starting in October.”

“The company suggested I look to Covered California starting in October. You would think it would be simple to find a health-exchange plan that allows me, living in San Diego, to continue to see my primary oncologist at Stanford University and my primary care doctors at the University of California, San Diego. Not so. UCSD has agreed to accept only one Covered California plan — a very restrictive Anthem EPO Plan. EPO stands for exclusive provider organization, which means the plan has a small network of doctors and facilities and no out-of-network coverage.”

We talked about this last week. You go to the Cleveland Clinic, and if one doctor there is out-of-network, meaning not covered by Obamacare, you could end up going bankrupt. And this is what Edie Littlefield Sundby found out. “Anthem EPO, exclusive provider organization, which means the plan has a small network of doctors and facilities and no out-of-network coverage.” So the doctors and everybody that she was using to treat her stage-4 gallbladder cancer are not in this network. She doesn’t get to keep her plan. She doesn’t get to keep her doctors.

She says, “So if I go with a health-exchange plan, I must choose between Stanford and UCSD. Stanford has kept me alive — but UCSD has provided emergency and local treatment support during wretched periods of this disease, and it is where my primary-care doctors are. Before the Affordable Care Act, health-insurance policies could not be sold across state lines; now policies sold on the Affordable Care Act exchanges may not be offered across county lines.”

Did you know that? Before Obamacare, “health-insurance policies could not be sold across state lines; now policies sold on the Affordable Care Act exchanges may not be offered across county lines.” Well, Stanford and San Diego are not in the same county in California. Then she writes, “What happened to the president’s promise, ‘You can keep your health plan’? Or to the promise that ‘You can keep your doctor’? Thanks to the law, I have been forced to give up a world-class health plan. The exchange would force me to give up a world-class physician. For a cancer patient, medical coverage is a matter of life and death. Take away people’s ability to control their medical-coverage choices and they may die. I guess that’s a highly effective way to control medical costs. Perhaps that’s the point.”

Hello, Sarah Palin!

Hello, death panels!

And may I make one more point here, folks? Yes, I can, because this is my show. I want to take you back (I don’t need the audio, Cookie) to that ABC primetime special. A woman stood up — I’ve never forgotten this, and I never will — and asked the president of the United States if her 93-year-old mother could get a pacemaker because of her will to live, her spirit. Obama said, “Nah, we can’t calculate spirit and will to live into these kinds of decisions.

“At some point we’re all gonna have to realize that maybe the answer is give them a pain pill and forgo any more surgery and just ease them for the rest of their lives.” And that’s what Edie Sundby is facing. She may as well have been told that. She can’t keep her doctor, a specialized oncologist. She’s faced stage-four gallbladder cancer, and can’t keep her insurance, all because of Obamacare.

The private insurance market policy that she has is gone. It’s not permitted anymore. She’s gotta go through an exchange, and the exchange can’t help her. Whatever replaces what she’s got is far more expensive than she can afford. It’s not coordinated. She doesn’t get to keep her doctor. There’s another similar story to this from Seattle that I’ve got backing this one up. It sounds like Edie Littlefield Sundby wants to live.

It sounds to me like she has no desire to give up.

But Obama once told a woman asking about her mother getting a pacemaker operation, “Well, no. We can’t factor those kinds of things into our medical decisions — will to live, the spirit. No, we got to maybe just give ’em a pill.” So Ted Cruz: Validated, right on the money. Sarah Palin: Validated, right on the money. Barack Obama: Discredited like no president in my lifetime, including Nixon. This is huge, folks. This is absolutely huge. Do you realize all of these people reelected Obama on the basis of these two promises?

That’s how much they meant to them.

RUSH: The companion story to Edie Sundby in the Wall Street Journal is in the Seattle Times. “Canceled Health Insurance Plans Add to Angst at Change,” and it’s about a guy named Bill Fullner, who’s reached his breaking point, and here’s the pull quote. “‘This whole experience has converted a lifelong Democrat into a foot soldier for the Republican Party,’ Fullner said.” This guy has had it. He bought it. He bought Obama’s promise. A lot of people did. A lot of people did.

Health Insurance Update: Obama vs. Heritage, Marriage, Truth

Ted Cruz: “I think he has absolutely been abusing his power and when you have a president who says ‘regardless of whether Congress acts I’m going to force my agenda on the American people,’ that’s wrong, that’s not consistent with our constitutional protections,” Cruz said.
MikeLeeonstandfortherightOver the last few months, Senator Lee stood up for the American people by fighting Obamacare. Now the media is in full attack mode.

Facts about Obamacare

1. Socialized medicine is the keystone to the arch of the Socialist State. ~ Vladimir Lenin (FYI, Lenin was a Russian Communist tyrant.)

2. Death rate in countries with socialized medicine is higher because people have to wait so long to get life-saving treatments. For example, in the following countries, which have socialized medicine:

  • In Germany, the death rate for breast cancer is 52% higher than in America

  • In Great Britain, the death rate for breast cancer is 88% higher than in America

3.  Pharmaceutical companies are now stopping research and development on life-saving formulas and moving to cosmetics, etc., which are not so heavily regulated.

4. Red Ink.

Obamacare is turning out to be 10 times more costly than the Obama administration promised.


Tea Party Update:

They’re stopping at nothing to fulfill their twisted agenda. Obamacare is downright dangerous (and broken) yet the bully at the Washington pulpit continues to force it on us.

Now it’s harming our elderly—they’re our parents, friends and neighbors. Insurance companies are booting their doctors out of Medicare leaving them without the critical care they require. Millions with people with individual plans are getting cancelled…forced into new plans with ghastly premiums.

Millions can’t get on the failed website yet they’ll be slapped with a fine for not having coverage. People will lose their jobs and homes as Obama siphons every last penny from their pockets to pay for his monstrosity.

Hannity puts his money where his mouth is …after

Operator fired for Telling the Truth about Obamacare

hannitydavisAn on-air call from Fox News and radio host Sean Hannity to the Obamacare hotline on Monday led to a world of hurt — followed by a life-altering offer — for the operator who answered the call.

Hannity — an outspoken opponent of Obamacare — dialed up the phone number and was connected to a woman named Earline Davis, a mother of two working for a private contractor.

Hannity proceeded to quiz Davis about technical issues facing the glitch-filled federal health-care website, while also engaging in some casual conversation during the 10-minute call.

The talkative operator filled Hannity in on the problems with the Healthcare.gov rollout and the hotline. She answered all of Hannity’s questions — none of which put a positive spin on Obamacare.

And now, as a result of the negative publicity surrounding her high-profile chat with Hannity, Davis has been fired.

“They fired me from my job,” she told Hannity while being interviewed on his radio program Thursday.

For his part, Hannity told his radio listeners he would compensate Davis for her expected year’s salary of $26,000 and help her find a new job.

Here’s more of Hannity’s conversation on Thursday with Davis:

DAVIS: “So, the next day I came back and they had, like, two people escort me upstairs to HR. And then it was three head people and me, we sat down, and so I’m like, ‘Why am I up here?’ I figured, OK, they want to talk about the phone call incident.”

HANNITY: “I’m very sorry that you had to go through that. I don’t want you to have to pay a price just for taking our call. So I want to help you out here.”

DAVIS: “I remember her saying, ‘We can’t have this type of stuff going on here, so we have to release you.’ They said that no contact with the media. No type of media whatsoever. We’re not allowed to do that at that company.”

HANNITY: “It’s not your fault I called.”
Hannity told Davis he would “gift” the money to her so she won’t have to pay taxes on it.

And now the polite, composed and patient working mom joins the ranks of millions of other employment-seeking Americans.

If you can help Earline Davis find a new job, Sean Hannity wants you to email him at jobs@hannity.com.
Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2013/10/sean-hannity-puts-his-money-where-his-mouth-is/#cXHwp1C2ADj21tVt.99


How Obamacare Threatens Marriage

Lindsey Martin

marriageObamacare’s consequences go well beyond all the website malfunctions.

For example, Obamacare will tax marriage — another blow to the institution that lies at the heart of our society.

A tax on married couples will effectively fund couples who cohabitate, divorce, or never marry, The Heritage Foundation’s Collette Caprara explains. This strain will put a burden on married couples at all income brackets. Under Obamacare, couples would be better off financially to separate or never commit to marriage.

Keeping traditional marriages and families intact was already an uphill battle as both government policies like welfare and social changes have reduced marriage and increased cohabitation. Not only does marriage provide positive effects for the husband and wife, their children reap benefits as well because they are less likely to experience issues with health, education, and poverty.

Caprara elaborates:

Without the benefits of an intact family, children are 82 percent more likely to live in poverty and tend to fare worse on a wide range of economic measures. In their teens, they are more likely to engage in high-risk behaviors such as sexual activity, substance abuse, and anti-social behavior. They also tend to fare worse on emotional and psychological outcomes and have lower levels of academic achievement and educational attainment.

Do you think married couples should be taxed to provide Obamacare benefits to cohabiting and unmarried couples?

American Character and Truth vs. Obama, Scandal, and Corruption

Wanted: Truth and Good Character

Many Americans are fed up with the lies, scandal, and corruption of the Obama administration, and are weary of the missing character both in the President and in Congress.  The following pictures, circulating throughout the Internet, reflect their frustration.










Obama Fear of Default is Fake

President Obama is raving that this government shutdown will force us to default. This is utterly false—a lie. He is trying to get his way by raising fake fear. Below is a list of the facts.



emperornoclothesBy Steve Elliott

It seems we have met the enemy — and he has no clothes.

I’m talking about Emperor Obama specifically, and more generally the very concept of Big Government. Consider what has happened in recent months to expose Big Government as a naked tyrant.

1. The Sequester. Can you recall the “doom and gloom” predictions that came from Obama and the Left if even a modest cutback in government spending actually took place? Well, we survived the sequester just fine. The sky didn’t fall.

2. Government Shutdown. Then this month, it was the need for a “clean CR” and Harry Reid’s government shutdown. Nine days into the partial shutdown, society marches on despite all the despicable efforts by Team Obama to make us feel the pain. Again, the sky didn’t fall.

3. Debt Ceiling And Default! Now, we’re being told that the world will end if we don’t raise the debt limit byOctober 17 because America will default on its debts. Here are a few words lifted from Obama’s press conference on Tuesday. Again, these are words from the mouth of the President of the United States:

“… economic chaos … cause a recession … crash the global economy … possibility of default … cause economic chaos … dramatically worse … insane … catastrophic … chaos … a nuclear bomb … disrupt markets … economic shutdown … very deep recession … economic catastrophe …”

These doom-and-gloom remarks all come from one speech — yesterday’s press conference. Emperor Obama says, once again, the sky is falling.

iemperorclothesEmperor Obama has no clothes.

+ + Why America Will Not Default …

Obama’s scare tactics are simply not true. Even if the debt ceiling is not raised next week, the sky will not fall and we will not default on our debt.

The fact is, there’s plenty of money coming in to pay our debt servicing. The debt-ceiling issue only means the government will have to live within a balanced budget.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) told FOX News yesterday that President Obama is using the threat of default to scare Americans “to death.” As reported in The New York Times, Paul said:

“If you don’t raise your debt ceiling, all you’re saying is, ‘We’re going to be balancing our budget.’ So if you put it in those terms, all these scary terms of, ‘Oh my goodness, the world’s going to end’ — if we balance the budget, the world’s going to end? Why don’t we spend what comes in?”

Sen. Paul is not alone. Many members of Congress are joining with him to reject Obama’s catastrophic threats. Economists are also dismissing the fear. And Moody’s Investor Services said this week:

“We believe the government would continue to pay interest and principal on its debt even in the event that the debt limit is not raised, leaving its creditworthiness intact. … There is no direct connection between the debt limit … and a default.”

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Americans have been sold a lie — that we cannot live without Big Government or ANY cutbacks. Obama and the Left want us to believe the consequences of not raising the debt ceiling will be “catastrophic” and cause “economic chaos,” the likes of which we’ve never seen.


As a true Alinsky disciple, Obama is bluffing and bullying. “We the People” must call his bluff and show America once-for-all that the Emperor of Big Government has no clothes!

Obama doesn’t get a blank check. And the time is now to reign in the “Emperor-in-Chief.” As soon as 100,000 petitions are gathered, Grassfire representatives will present them to those members in the House and Senate who are fighting Emperor Obama and his desire to raise the debt ceiling.

The Petition States:

Whereas politicians have amassed an unsustainable public debt of more nearly $17 trillion and the Obama administration has shown no capacity to significantly reduce spending and debt, I am signing this citizen petition opposing ANY increase in the legal federal debt limit. It’s time for Congress and the President to get serious about cutting spending. Do Not Increase The Debt Ceiling! Cut Spending!

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America, Heritage vs. Obama Abuse

Action Big Alert

actionalertThere have been many government shutdowns in the past, we lived through them…didn’t even know they happened. Heritage Foundation history notes that this is the first time in history that government has exhibited so much hatred and abuse against American citizens.~C.A. Davidson


How you can join the fight for a principled solution

By signing our open letter, you have demonstrated your commitment to the principles of limited government, fiscal restraint, and free enterprise.

You have joined the fight to reopen the government and defund Obamacare.

That’s because you know Obamacare is unfair, unworkable, and unaffordable.

But Washington liberals cling so resolutely to this bad bill that they have allowed the government to shut down — despite conservative efforts to reopen it.

The Heritage Foundation is taking a stand against the liberal machine

We are standing up to those in Washington who are so dedicated to Obamacare that they won’t fund our veterans.

And we are giving lawmakers the intellectual ammunition they need to stand firm for the conservative beliefs you hold.

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Obama Abuse vs. American Citizen

Obama Abuse against America’s Citizens continues

Whoa! See what’s shut down and what’s not

From World Net Daily

Bizarre, growing list of things Obama is closing to American public
WASHINGTON – A growing chorus of critics is accusing the Obama administration of creating a long, strange list of unnecessary problems to make sure the government shutdown looks as bad as possible.

According to reports from across the country, the National Park Service has closed privately run restaurants, inns and marinas, claiming it doesn’t have the resources to let them stay open.

And now, farce has become reality in the government shutdown.

The website “i Own the World” posted a doctored photo to joke that the administration was trying to block the view of Mount Rushmore.


It’s not a joke anymore.

The government is not using helicopters to hold up a screen, but it appears to be doing what it can to block the view.







The Sioux Falls Business Journal reports, “The National Park Service placed cones along highway viewing areas outside Mount Rushmore this week, barring visitors from pulling over and taking pictures of the famed monument.”

rushmoreconesAfter the cones appeared on their state road, South Dakota officials asked federal officials to remove them. Some were removed, according to Dusty Johnson, chief of staff for Gov. Dennis Daugaard, R-S.D.
Federal officials claimed the cones were a safety precaution, meant to channel cars into viewing areas, not prevent their entrance.

But Johnson wasn’t buying that.

“I think reasonable people can disagree about that,” he said.

The cones were removed to make way for plows when a blizzard struck Friday. Johnson said the state is watching to be sure the cones reappear.

The Buffalo News reported that a tour group from western New York was unable to take pictures of Mount Rushmore because highway viewing areas were coned off.

“It’s all closed up,” a tourist told the Buffalo News.

“They won’t even let you stop and take a picture. You can only drive by,” complained Hilde Wernet.

“They won’t even let you pull off on the side of the road,” said Jim Hagen, secretary of the South Dakota Department of Tourism. “I just don’t know what they’re trying to accomplish.”

“It disgusts me that taxpayer resources were used on this act of stupidity,” Rep. Kristi Noem, R-S.D., told the Sioux Falls paper.“This is federal government arrogance at its worst.”

Sen. John Thune, R-S.D., said it’s “outrageous,” and it seems to him, “[T]he administration wants to make this as painful as possible.”

Thune blamed Senate Democrats, saying they could easily pass spending bills to fund parks, and anything else.

“They, obviously, prefer to have the issue and not the solution,” he said.

Johnson said the governor even offered to use state funds to keep Mount Rushmore open, but the National Park Service turned him down.

“I can’t even believe we’re having this conversation,” he said.

Amber Alert Backfire

One closure apparently backfired so quickly, the federal government moved to immediately to reverse it.

Visitors to the federal Amber Alert website were greeted Monday morning with an announcement: “Due to the lapse in federal funding, this Office of Justice Programs (OJP) website is unavailable.”

The Amber Alert website issues information about abducted children.

“The Amber Alert system was never interrupted, but to eliminate any confusion, the informational site maintained by the Justice Department has been restored,” a Justice Department explained to CNN.

(Meanwhile, first lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” website remained operational.)

See what “national security” spending is still flowing and to whom, despite the shutdown, in Doug Wead’s new column

Part of a pattern

The Mount Rushmore incident is just one of a series of shutdown-related moves by the National Park Service that, instead of saving money, would seem to be costing more money to enforce.

National Park Service employees tried to erect barricades surrounding parking lots at Mount Vernon, which has been privately funded for 150 years.

But the staff at George Washington’s estate turned the government employees away and removed the barricades.

The owner of the Pisgah Inn on the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina said he tried to defy Park Service and stay open,  but park rangers blocked his driveway to prevent customers from entering.

Bruce O’Connell told the Washington Times he isn’t draining any federal funds because his workers are not employed by the government, and his fire and police services are supplied by the county.

He said it probably cost the federal government more money to post the rangers in his driveway.

The Times also reports, “Americans across the country have embraced the chance to flout the closures as a defiant act of civil disobedience.”

“The Internet has been flooded with photos of people going around traffic cones and vehicle barricades to get to parking lots, bicycle paths and hiking trails.”

Seniors kicked out of their home

The National Park Service has also gotten into the eviction business.

Eighty-year-old Ralph Spencer and his 77-year-old wife, Joyce, say the government has kicked them out of the home they own because it sits on federal land at Lake Mead, Nev.

The Spencers said a park ranger told them Thursday they had 24 hours to get out of the cabin they’ve owned since the 1970s.

The federal government apparently did not consider it necessary to evict the Spencers during any of the 17 other shutdowns since 1976.

Joyce told a local television station they are OK, but the move was a lot to handle for the pair of senior citizens.

As difficult as possible

A National Park Service employee also revealed, “We’ve been told to make life as difficult for people as we can. It’s disgusting.”

Several congressional committees have begun looking into whether the administration is, indeed, using the Park Service to try to make the shutdown as painful as possible for Americans and to increase political pressure on Republicans.

But the White House apparently believes playing hardball is a winning tactic.

The End Justifies the Means

A senior administration official told the Wall Street Journal, “We are winning. … It doesn’t really matter to us” how long the shutdown lasts, “because what matters is the end result.”

As WND has reported, that includes the Obama administration allowing the suspension of experimental treatments for children with terminal cancer during the shutdown.

The president threatened to veto a measure offered by Republicans to keep the National Institutes of Health funded.

When a reporter asked Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., why the Senate wouldn’t try to help “one child who has cancer” by approving such a bill, he retorted, “Why would we want to do that?”

Feds try to close the ocean

Just as the National Park Service apparently had no problem trying to close the airspace in front of Mount Rushmore, is didn’t flinch at trying to shut down “1,100 square miles of open ocean” to fishing boats.

Breitbart reported the Park Service informed charter boat captains the Florida Bay and Biscayne National Park were “closed” due to the shutdown, and rangers will be patrolling to enforce the ban.

Monumental skirmishes

The flap over actions by the Park Service began Oct. 1, the very first day of the shutdown, when it appeared to go out of its way to try to keep veterans out of the World War II memorial.

Members of Congress intervened and escorted the vets around barricades that had appeared overnight.

No funding exists to keep the World War II Memorial open, but the administration found funding to erect a barricade.

Also closed to the public were the memorials for World War I, the Korean and and Vietnam Wars, as well as the Washington Monument and the Jefferson and Lincoln Memorials.

Video by WND’s Jeremy Murray showed two tourists at the top of the steps being confronted by a park officer and escorted off the site. When the second one reached the top, however, the crowd below cheered.

War on the military?

The administration’s reach has even extended across the Atlantic Ocean, shutting down the Normandy American Cemetery in France.

The Armed Forces Network has been prevented from broadcasting sports programming to American troops overseas.

Military priests face arrest ministering on military bases during the shutdown, “and they risk being arrested if they attempt to do so,” wrote John Schlageter, the general counsel for the Archdiocese for the Military Services USA, in an op-ed.

“With the government shutdown, many [government service] and contract priests who minister to Catholics on military bases worldwide are not permitted to work – not even to volunteer,” he added.

Golf but no groceries

However, the president’s little-used retreat at Camp David will stay open.

Most Camp David employees are still on the job, including chefs, gardeners, electricians.

More than 250 staffers are still getting paid to run the 180-acre vacation compound in Catoctin Mountain Park, Md., designed specifically as a presidential getaway and equipped with a pool, tennis courts, a skeet range, bathhouse, bowling alley and a horseshoe pit.

However, it has no golf, and President Obama has spent only 78 days there in his five years in office, preferring to spend his weekends hitting the links at military golf links, which have been kept open during the shutdown.

While golf courses at military installations remain open, commissaries at those sites have been shut down.

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2013/10/whoa-see-whats-shut-down-and-whats-not/#PFGhQYfqTKOZs4ML.99


America, Citizens’ Voice vs. Obama

Truckers roar to D.C. with impeachment movement

‘The goal is to wake up the sleeping giant, the people of America’

Michael Carl

truck_convoy-300x150In a few days, thousands of truckers will descend on Washington, D.C., driving their big-rigs and calling for the restoration of a constitutional republic – but now their plan has taken a new twist: Their friends and families will simultaneously join other Americans rallying on overpasses across the nation for Obama’s impeachment.

The Truckers’ Ride for the Constitution movement has a new ally in their protest against what organizers say is corruption in government and a trashing of the Constitution. The group is teaming up with Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment to line the routes into Washington with flags during the Oct. 11-13 event.

Both Houses of Congress are tentatively scheduled to be in session Oct. 11.
flagsTruckers Ride for the Constitution leader and organizer Zeeda Andrews, a country singer and former truck driver, said Overpasses Founder James Neighbors reached out to her, suggesting the two groups form an alliance. Neighbors said the partnership is a “natural” merger for a common cause.

“Thousands of truckers have seen us across America,” he said. “We’ve gotten emails from them, thanking us for waking them up. The biker ride in D.C. happened. Then, the next thing you know, the trucker thing did, and we got even more emails from truckers across the country, thanking us.”

He added, “We are going to be out on the overpasses and at truck stops, encouraging the truckers to head to D.C., to join in with the others. They, in exchange, are encouraging their families who are at home to join us on the overpasses.”

Read the details of Obama’s actions and how they don’t align with the Constitution, in “Impeachable Offenses,” by Aaron Klein and Brenda J. Elliott.

Facebook tries to shut truckers down

On Sept. 22, Facebook removed the truckers’ Facebook page, “Truckers to Shutdown America,” which had accumulated 86,000 “likes” within days of its launch.

“Political opponents attacked the Truckers to Shutdown America page within days, and they exploited a little known (to the public) feature on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter called ‘community standards’ flagging, which allows them to instantaneously shut down an account on these social media platforms,” the truckers group explained in a press release.

“[A]n administrator of the page offended someone by saying, ‘God bless you, and God bless America.”
According to the group, radio talk-host Pete Santelli, of “The Pete Santelli Show,” has indicated that he “intends to take legal action against YouTube and Twitter on behalf of all truckers, their supporters, as well as other members of the public who are similarly harmed by these unconstitutional ‘community standards.’”

While the truckers’ group says it has made numerous attempts to appeal Facebook’s decision, the page remains unpublished.

Now the group is planning a special delivery to Facebook’s corporate headquarters in Menlo Park, Calif., on the same day of the Washington, D.C., convoy.

“Ride for the Constitution will now organize a convoy to Facebook corporate headquarters … to coincide with the ride to Washington, D.C.,” the group explained. “We fully intend to arrive on corporate America’s doorstep with our original ‘community standards’ guideline in hand – the U.S. Constitution.”

The truckers also launched their website, RideForTheConstitution.org, and created a second Facebook page called, “Truckers Ride for the Constitution.”

‘Wake up the sleeping giant’

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2013/09/truckers-roar-to-d-c-with-impeachment-movement/#lrvV1o1qgmqr2QIc.99

Obama Fake Health Insurance: a Computer Hacker Dream

If NSA spies don’t get you, Obama Care web site hackers will!

Brendan Mahoney, college student, supposedly got into the system and came out not having to pay a penny. He told the Hartford Courant, “‘Once it got running, it was fast.” Hmm, what if this site that made him a ward of the State was fake, a fraud, created by a hacker …a hacker’s dream? I wonder. Hmm? Just think of all the fun these hackers can have with your social security number, courtesy of the Obama administration. ~C.A. Davidson

Rush Limbaugh

computerhackerQuote-10.3.13“Can you even imagine the hacker creativity there’s gonna be with Obamacare? This has the potential to be really, really bad.”

“How long is it going to be before fake health care sign-up websites appear promising you cheap premiums? How many people are gonna end up being defrauded? This could end up being the single biggest threat to individual security and identity security that we have in this country, and it could be brought to you by the Obama administration.”

“The Tea Party is not going away. The Tea Party’s hanging in, and, if anything, the Tea Party is getting stronger. There is no sign of a cave anywhere out there.”

“I think Harry Reid proves exactly why the government should not have so much control over people’s health care. No government should ever have that much power over its citizens, but particularly ours, which is a constitutional republic.”

“I do not remember a president of the United States talking down the stock market and the world economy like Obama did. It is unprecedented.”

“Would somebody explain to me what the hell Obama’s been doing with his own health care plan? He’s been cherry-picking who gets a waiver and who doesn’t. He’s been cherry-picking who’s subject to it and who isn’t. He’s been cherry-picking laws that he doesn’t like left and right, DOMA, gay marriage, you name it, Obama cherry-picks, and if he doesn’t like a law, he just ignores it. But his own health care plan, he decides what will be delayed and what won’t be delayed.”

“The Republicans are not playing games. It’s Obama and Harry Reid who’ve shut down the government.”

“No government should ever have that much power over its citizens, but particularly ours, which is a constitutional republic.”