School Shooting Prevention: See Something, Say Something

School Shooting Prevention:

See Something, Say Something

Stunning list: Cops stop dozens of school attacks before they happen

Chelsea Schilling

When it comes to horrific school attacks and shootings, “See something, say something, do something” is apparently a policy that really does save innocent lives.

Police, schools and parents are stopping school attacks across America by taking the threats seriously, reporting them and quickly arresting the students before there’s ever a massacre.

In the case of Nikolas Cruz, the shooter who opened fire on students at a Florida high school on Valentine’s Day and killed 17 people, reports about his disturbing behavior apparently came flooding in to authorities. Cruz’s friends saw something. They said something. But authorities apparently didn’t do anything.

Ariana Lopez, a former friend of Cruz, said she told school authorities “multiple” times in 2016 and 2017 about Cruz’s “disturbing” behavior.

“He used to sell knives out of his lunchbox, which I thought was like insane because you can’t have knives … [in] a school,” she told ABC’s “Good Morning America” Tuesday. “He would talk about how he sympathized with Syrian terrorists and how people who opposed them should be killed.”

Lopez also said Cruz would behave violently toward his ex-girlfriend, toward her and toward her friends.

“He talked about killing our parents, our friends, boyfriends and girlfriends,she said. “He would hit [his ex-girlfriend]. He would threaten her. He would threaten her family and her friends, for talking to other guys.”

Lopez said she and her classmates weren’t surprised to learn the shooter was Cruz: “Even before they announced that he was the shooter, we all knew it was Nik. He was the only person that we could think of that would do something like this because it was obvious that he had the power to do this.”

Cruz was also reported to the FBI and police, according to reports. The FBI failed to act on a tip that Cruz sought to “kill people” and there was “potential of him conducting a school shooting.” The FBI received a phone call on Jan. 5 from a person who was seeking to report Cruz’s disturbing behavior and social media posts. The FBI admitted it didn’t follow protocols and assess the situation as a threat. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has called for an “immediate review” of the case.

“It is now clear that the warning signs were there and tips to the FBI were missed,” Sessions said Friday. “We see the tragic consequences of those failures.”

Cruz also had dozens of run-ins with police dating back to 2010. Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel told Fox News there were “20 calls for services in the last few years.” Cruz was never arrested. He had reportedly thrown things, fought with his mother, acted out in violence, talked about hurting himself and said he would buy a gun. In 2017, Cruz was expelled from school for “disciplinary problems.” One report indicated that bullets were found in his backpack.

A YouTube user in Mississippi, Ben Bennight, said he called the FBI last September to report that a person called “nikolas cruz” had written, I’m going to be a professional school shooter” in the comments section under a video. FBI agents visited Bennight following the tip, but nothing came of the report.

In just the last several days and weeks, authorities have become hyper-vigilant in responding to threats of school shootings. Now police are cracking down, arresting students who threaten the lives of other students, teachers and administrators.

Not every case involved firearms. Some students possessed knives. Others included a crossbow and machetes.

WND has compiled the following list of recent school attacks that were stopped before they ever happened – thanks to quick actions of police, school officials, concerned parents and students who are boldly speaking up and taking action to prevent the loss of another innocent life.

Rapidly growing list of recently thwarted school attacks:

The following 17 states reported school shooting preventions—in some states, prevention  of more than one school shooting.










North Carolina



South Carolina









School Shooting Facts: Mass Shootings have Prescription Mind-Altering Drugs in Common

School Shooting Facts:

Mass Shootings have Prescription Mind-Altering Drugs in Common

Be aware that most of the shooters are mentally unstable and are on drugs with dangerous side effects. As they plan their attack, they may post something on the internet or say something. IF YOU SEE OR HEAR SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING. Then, AUTHORITIES: PAY ATTENTION!

FOX News Cuts Off Reporter When She Links Psychotropic Drugs to Florida Shooter

Matt Agorist

Stephen PaddockOmar MateenGavin Long, Eric Harris, Dylan Klebold, James Holmes, and now, Nikolas Cruz all have one thing in common other than the mass murders they carried out. They were all reportedly taking prescription drugs which alter their state of mind and carry a host of negative side effects ranging from aggression and suicide to homicidal ideation.

Suicide, birth defects, heart problems, hostility, violence, aggression, hallucinations, self-harm, delusional thinking, homicidal ideation, and death are just a few of the side effects caused by the medication taken by the monsters named above, some of which are known as SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors), or antidepressants.

There have been 150 studies in 17 countries on antidepressant-induced side effects. There have been 134 drug regulatory agency warnings from 11 countries and the EU warning about the dangerous side effects of antidepressants.

Despite this deadly laundry list of potential reactions to these medications, their use has skyrocketed by 400% since 1988. Coincidentally, as antidepressant use went up, so did mass shootings.