Truth in Science: Biological transgender definition and transgender suicidality statistics

Heritage Foundation report

Truth in Science:

Biological transgender definition and transgender suicidality statistics

I lived the trans life for eight years.


Trump’s Proposed Rollback of Transgender Policy Is Good News for Many Who Are Suffering

Commentary By

Walt Heyer

Thank you, Mr. President, for moving to make male and female great again.

In the last few years, biological girls have seen their rights violated in school bathrooms and in sports. National confusion has ensued ever since the previous administration decided to reinterpret Title IX’s sex anti-discrimination clause to include self-proclaimed “gender identity.”

That may soon come to an end under the Trump administration.

The memo spells out the proposed definition of “sex” as applied to federal statutes as “a person’s status as male or female based on immutable biological traits identifiable by or before birth.” The proposed definition won’t include a “select a gender” option, as was offered under the Obama administration.

>>> A Former Transgender Person’s Take on Obama’s Bathroom Directive

This is simply a return to reality. Sex is an immutable biological reality, while gender identity is a social construct that can change over time. The two terms are not interchangeable. The authors of Title IX meant biological sex, not gender identity.

When individuals try to live out life in an ideology that has no basis in biological fact, the consequences are stark.

I know, because I lived the trans life for eight years.

The Alarming Findings of a New Study on Transgender Teens and Suicide

Kelsey Harkness

Daily Signal

One in every two transgender adolescents who are born female but identify as male has attempted suicide in the past year, according to a new study.

The study, “Transgender Adolescent Suicide Behavior,” was published in Pediatrics, the official peer-reviewed journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

By comparison, they found that 14 percent of all teenagers had attempted suicide at least once.

Transgender fury over reported plan to define gender…

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Scientific Facts: Truth in Science; Big Bang Theory Facts; God as Creator

Questions about Science:

Truth in Science; Big Bang Theory Facts; God as Creator

God as Creator. All things denote there is a God; yea, even the earth, and all things that are upon the face of it, yea, and its motion, yea, and also all the planets which move in their regular form do witness that there is a Supreme Creator. ~Alma 30:44

Rush Limbaugh


Many Scientists reject God as Creator

There is no God in scientific… There is no God. (interruption) Huh-uh. No, God didn’t put it there, ’cause if God put it there then it’s somewhere other than the universe, and since God is not scientific — that’s religious — the scientific community does not go there. Professor Hawking didn’t. Professor Hawking said the notion of an afterlife is a fairy tale. Professor Hawking said that the notion of a heaven or an afterlife is… He said the human brain is nothing but a computer, and it’s gonna fail and shut down when its components cease to exist.

There’s no afterlife for broken-down computers, for failed computers. This is what Professor Hawking said. So this is it. This… Do you think Stephen Hawking had every question he had answered? I guarantee you he didn’t. He died still thirsting and questing for knowledge. We all do and we all will. And remaining, there will always be questions that we can’t answer. Not on earth, anyway. Not as we exist today. We’ll never be able to ever to answer them.

Colonize . . .Where?

A guy says to me, “We’re toast in 200 years unless we figure out how to colonize X.” What? The moon? Mars? We’re gonna have to create global warming someplace, wherever we go, to be able to live there. You ever stop to think about that? I mean, and everybody swoons and thinks, “Wow, man! He’s so far ahead of all of us.” And I don’t doubt that, in his field, there’s no question he was light years ahead of everybody and there’s no way to prove it. We just all accepted it. But this colonizing someplace else?

It’s not just him. Elon Musk is on this. You know, all of these Silicon Valley brain wizards say, “The earth is gonna destroy us! Global warming, climate change are gonna destroy us. We’re gonna run out of this, run out of that.” We’re not running out of anything. Natural resources are increasing. Life expectancy is increasing. Life on earth has never been better than it is today in any statistical way that you want to measure it, and yet the doom-and-gloom crowd says, “Two hundred years! Two hundred…” That means the people who are gonna eventually colonize have not been born yet.

“How are we gonna get two billion people there? How are we gonna get 500,000 people there?” You know what Musk said? Musk said he’s gonna have a Mars trip next year, and if you sign up you’re likely to die making the trip. Well, sign me up! Put me on that first vessel. I can’t wait to die in the quest to colonize Mars. People swoon. “Oh, my!” because he can make a rocket land back on earth just as it took off. You know what? I’m going to go on Musk’s first mission to Mars. I will gladly die to facilitate this effort to colonize someplace.

Why would you go on a trip to Mars if you’re likely to die on the trip? Wouldn’t that kind of mean failure if you don’t get there and you’re not able to start…? (interruption) Yeah. Okay. Yeah, but Columbus didn’t know where he was going. We do know where we’re going. That makes us dumber than Columbus. We know we’re going to nothing! We know we’re going to where we can’t live. We know we’re going to where there isn’t a damn thing to keep us alive and we’re gonna do it anyway.

Columbus at least, you know, back then they thought the earth was flat (some idiots still do) and they feared falling off the edge of the earth. That’s the thing he faced. Columbus didn’t even know where he was when he got there, and look what they say about him now. Can you imagine the reports on Mars in 200 years about Elon Musk, what they’re gonna say about him if he does get there and colonize this place? They’re wanting to take down every Columbus statue all over the country now for racism, sexism, bigotry, homophobia, anti-Italian, whatever it is, prejudice.

Big Bang Theory Facts

I have all kinds of… You know, the Big Bang. Let’s look at the Big Bang. People accept that the Big Bang is how all of this began. Now, again, folks, I have a belief. One of the ways I have proven to myself… ‘Cause I think we’ve all tried to do this. We accept the faith, but then we still test it. As long as there are questions that we can ask… Meaning, we have been created with the intelligence to create or ask these questions, this quest for knowledge.

If there are questions we can ask to which we will never have the answers, then that gives me confidence that

there is more than just life on earth.

What is the point of creating beings who can ponder such places if they don’t exist? Certainly the Big Bang. Again, I’ll admit I’m just a college dropout radio guy, okay? I’m not a professional physicist. I’m not a professional scientist. I do not own a lab coat, white or light blue. So they tell me that the Big Bang is where everything began. Hawking says it’s the Big Bang and we’re still expanding.

The Big Bang was the size of what’s in a thimble. Massive energy we can’t even comprehend. Boom! Still expanding. But gravity and other stellar forces are going to cause the universe to contract. Once it expands, it’s gonna reach its max size and come back down to earth, so to speak, and we’re all gonna end up back in a thimble. Except you and I won’t be alive when that happens, and our sun will burn out. Now, I have what I think are common-sense questions. Okay, the Big Bang. There was this whatever-size — call it a golf ball-, tennis ball-size — piece of matter that big banged and we’re all here.

Where was it?

Where was this glob of matter that banged that created the universe?

Where was it?

No, no, no. You can’t say, “It was in the void.” You can’t say it was in another dimension, parallel or otherwise, astral plane. It had to be somewhere. Where was it? What was around it? Could you see it? Could somebody see this golf-ball-size bit of energy if they were not part of that? Could you be somewhere and see it? Could you be somewhere and witness this Big Bang instead of being a part of it? If so, where were you? Well, since nobody could see it, how the hell do they know it really happened?

But I’m not supposed to ask that. Another question. I ask scientists these questions. They cannot answer them for me. Another question I have: The universe. Well, definition of the universe is everything that is, but it has to be somewhere. Where is it? Can you get outside the universe and look at the universe as a non-part of it? If you can’t, then where is it? Space-time? What is space-time? Is that the speed the USS Enterprise moves through the galaxies with? What is space…?

My question is, “Where is it? Where is the universe?”

Big Bang Theory Facts: Theory vs. Law

Hawking’s Theory of Spontaneous Self-Assembly violates known laws of Physics

RUSH: Martin in Gainesville, Florida, you’re next. It’s great to have you, sir.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. I wanted to touch on a couple of points you made regarding Stephen Hawking and the Big Bang Theory. For all of his intellect and all of his intelligence and knowledge,

his premise about the spontaneous self-assembly of matter steps on the a priori laws — not theories, laws — of physics that says that matter and energy don’t spontaneously come from nowhere; magically, they’re there.

So your notion that this tennis ball-sized bit of matter that represents all of the universe just came from nowhere — magically, it was there (nothing put it there; it wasn’t created) and then it just all of a sudden it just exploded with no external source of energy) — defies the laws of physics. Not the theories of physics, the basic laws. When you base your premise by trampling on the underpinnings of the laws of physics, what you say holds no water. It’s a theory based on a fallacy that the basic laws are not true.

CALLER: I’m a botanist and a high school science teacher. I’ve got several degrees in botany. I love science and I read and pay attention to a lot of things that go on in the scientific community.

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