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Welcome, Birthright Readers!


Freedom and the struggle we all go thru to keep it!

This is a great book about the struggle for freedom following two brothers and the divergent paths they take as they struggle to learn about how the world works and their place in it. The challenges they face are relevant to our day and age and the struggles our own nation is facing in the battle against our rights and freedoms the constitution affords us. I found myself captivated by the story of the two boys and the decisions they made as well as the conflicts that mirrored reality today. It is well written with believable characters that force you to think about your own life and reflect on decisions you’ve made in your life where they might lead. I strongly recommend it as a great read that will stir your emotions.~ J. Hansen

A well paced book with memorable characters and universal themes that we need to pay attention to!

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quetzal3You are now at the Nobles’ Western Culture Center. If you have read Birthright, and if you are ready to join the Crusaders’[1]  Council to help advance His cause, you have come to the right place. Here’s our Motto:

Battered but not beaten, Western Culture wins the day!

Stronger than ever, Western Culture’s here to stay!


Joshua and his Grandpa

Joshua and his Grandpa

Joshua Benamoz here, under the Ceiba tree. You may recognize me as host of the “Defining Moments” show on Dan MacRay’s Reality Worldview TV news.


300-year-old Ceiba tree

300-year-old Ceiba tree

Here we design our strategy and make preparations to overcome the dark forces of the world with the Most Powerful Weapon of all—the light of Truth!

Let’s begin by getting to know each other better.  Here is the first item on our agenda:


Who are your favorite characters, and why?


Everyone will have a different opinion. That’s what makes it interesting. You can meet up with all the characters in the Epilogue, (except Nola Stormer, who moved away from Gideon, but is still a prominent and admirable character).

But don’t skip there unless you’ve finished reading the book!

quetzal1Please enter your comments in the Comment form at the bottom of this page, then bookmark this page so you can come back and see what others have to say and add your wisdom to other questions we will discuss!

NOTE: This page is dedicated to conversation about Birthright novel only. Please do not enter comments unrelated to the conversation topic; they will not be published here.

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knightandladyOther resources for Crusaders:

Epic Heroes Quest

Epic Heroes in Training


[1] Crusades—military expeditions undertaken by Christian powers in the 11th, 12th, and 13th centuries to win back the Holy Land [from marauding dark forces] Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary, 2007


One comment on “Western Culture Center

  1. Grateful for the picture of the Ceiba tree. Having read your great novel, the picture of the tree makes it even more meaningful! And your book is definitely a book for our time. We certainly need to know what the history of that day foretold regarding our great American Culture and how it is being decimated by false prophets and tyrants whose only desire is to gain total power over others. God bless you for all of the effort and research it must have taken to write this epic story.

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